Feel The Power of Shred! Canadian Thrashers TYMO Unveil New Guitar Playthrough “Estrogenocide” Off Album “The Art of A Maniac”

Edmonton thrash attack TYMO their latest album “The Art Of A Maniac” on February 5th for North America and Europe along with its Japanese release on February 16th via Spiritual Beast. Today, in support of the full-length, the band is sharing their latest guitar playthrough for their track “Estrogenocide” via TheCirclePit

One of the groovier and gallopy tracks on the album! Lyrically it tells the story of women taking over the Earth and slaughtering all of the men to create a Utopia! Surviving men are enslaved for their seed to continue the human race! This track was inspired by the Rick & Morty Episode “Gazorpazorp.” adds the band.

TYMO‘s latest album “The Art Of A Maniac”follows 2017’s “Purge & Reset”, which had a more of a melodic thrash/heavy metal sound, whereas this new record is higher energy; the songs are faster, the riffs are heavier, and overall the music is much more technical. Very true to the thrash metal genre, excitedly, vocalist/guitarist Tim Tymo explains further:

“This record is a great representation of where we are at now! Playing live with other thrash bands such as Hazzerd and WMD have definitely influenced this record! It feels good to have finally written a full-on thrash album and it was good to take the extra time over the pandemic and make sure we were satisfied with everything! We pushed our speed and playing boundaries on this record, it’s really different from our last album. Any fans of thrash metal will definitely appreciate this record and we hope it’s added to their collection. It’s definitely our most aggressive and most focused record yet!”

Throughout “The Art Of A Maniac”, listeners will find a common theme of destruction and chaos, lyrically and musically as the album moves through very fast riffs, shreddy solos and thick angry vocals. TYMO touches on subjects of mental illness, alien invasion, civil conflicts, social media, substance abuse and the comedy of Rick & Morty. They are recommended for fans of Lich King, Municipal Waste and Exodus.

“The Art Of A Maniac” was mixed and mastered by Graham Smith at Atreus XO Studios along with the amazing album artwork created by Andrei Bouzikov (Vektor, Municipal Waste, Skeletonwitch, Toxic Holocaust). 

“The Art Of A Maniac” is available in North America and Europe at https://tymoband.bandcamp.com

The Japanese edition featuring two exclusive tracks is available via Spiritual Beast at the following links:
World – https://spiritual-beast.shop/items/61d41e8581dbb5381f5bfe9c
Japan – https://shop.spiritual-beast.com/items/57488986


Upcoming Show Dates:
May 14 – Edmonton, AB – Rendezvous Pub – (CD Release Show) w/ Rising Sun, Naitaka and KILL WITCH

Track Listing:
1. Tymonicide (2:55)
2. Sanity Clause (2:54)
3. Mars Attacks (3:44)
4. Estrogenocide (4:11)
5. Age Of Deception (2:42)
6. The Roy Parson Project (3:10)
7. War Beneath The Skull (4:12)
8. The Art Of A Maniac (3:41)
9. Alcoholocaust (4:32)
Album Length: (32:01)
Japanese Edition Only Tracks:
10. Killer Krom (Green Room Rehearsal 2021)
11. Mars Attacks (Green Room Rehearsal 2021)

For more info:

“A golden shower of thrash metal!” Six words to sum up Tymo! A band whose attitude lives up to the title of their debut album “Purge & Reset”. Lead guitarist and vocalist Tim Tymo explains that the origin of the title is more than words; it is a statement of lost faith in humanity. “Let’s just say we have a creator or superior being. If this god gave up everything we needed to flourish and returned to see all the wars and corruption, it would want to wipe the slate clean and start over. Hence…PURGE AND RESET!

Formed in Edmonton in 2015, Tymo is comprised of Tim Tymo as the lead guitarist and vocalist, Nick Schwartz on rhythm guitar, Harlen Jacobs on bass, and Marc Durie on drums.

Tim Tymo describes the band’s sounds as “loud, angry, and explosive thrash”. Tymo has a serious mission to entertain their fans. “We love writing and performing, and we all share a common passion for thrash metal. We wanted to reference our heroes and mix up that inspiration with our own brew and see what we came up with, and here we are. We want to give people a source of inspiration and excitement!

Tymo’s debut album “Purge & Reset” was released in August of 2017 and Tymo performed shows in support of the album throughout 2018. The band returned to the studio in early 2019 to record a single entitled “Sanity Clause.” It was released in late 2019 with very positive reviews and sold-out shows! Due to Covid 19, the band spent much of 2020 in the studio recording their follow-up album to Purge & Reset!

As of 2021, Tymo performed at the Loud As Hell Festival 2021 and has finished recording their next full-on thrash album! Much faster and more aggressive than Purge & Reset. The album entitled “The Art of A Maniac” is planned to be released in 2022 and Tymo has a mission to expand its audience and dominate the world! Planning to tour Europe and many other countries.


“THE ART OF A MANIAC is probably one of the best thrash releases of the month!” – Metal Hammer Germany – February 2022

“Both of this Canadian band’s two first albums were solid thrash outings but nothing prepares you for the absolute mauling and downright punishing assault this third one subjects you to. Every tune here is a thrasher’s delight, the blistering and wholly savage intent being there for all to hear, as opening instrumental ‘Tymonicide’ proves, and then some. What gets your attention is the wicked production, giving this one of the most vicious guitar sounds you’ll hear in 2022… Relentless. energised and thoroughly riveting, this is a thrasher’s dream. Play loud and it’s guaranteed to piss your neighbours off, or have them join the pit. 9/10” – Powerplay Magazine

“a thunderous cacophony of thrash, fuelled by aggression and menace, ‘The Art Of A Maniac’ is terrific. 10/10” – Metal Gods TV

“Why I like it: Heavy, frantic thrash metal.” – AlanCross.ca

“another kick ass Canadian thrash act I will need to add to the ever expanding library of metal.” – Apoch’s Metal Reviews

“TYMO are an enrichment for the thrash scene. Tempo, joy of playing, song hosting – a whole lot fits together wonderfully. I’m excited to see what’s to come.” – My Revelations

“The Short List: 6 Titles You Want to Hear. these are the albums I’ll be spinning – TYMO” – Tinnitist

“My puny gripes about the lightning velocity aside, this record has won me over after multiple listens thanks to its frenzied riff work, hilarious themes & hooks, brilliant cover art, and sheer stubbornness. It definitely will take a few repeats to reveal all the enjoyable bits and bobs it has to offer, because it will inevitably whizz through your ears in a blinding flurry of shredding at first. The Art Of A Maniac will, quite simply, grab you by the face and keep hammering your skull into a wall at mach-speed until you’re forced to admit that you’re actually having a fantastic time. That’s what the ‘war beneath the skull’ was for me, anyway… 8.5/10” – Metal-Observer

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