The Seventh Sign

A brilliant cover of an Yngwie Malmsteen song has recently entered my stratosphere and I want to share it with you.

The Seventh Sign is the seventh studio album written by guitarist Yngwie Malmsteen, released on May 9th 1994.

After watching the video I reached out to the guys who collaborated on this project and asked them some questions and this is what they had to say.

Brian E Auer on guitar:

As I sit back and think about all of the musical inspiration I have had over the years, nothing tops the life-changing experience of Yngwie Malmsteen. A lot of people talk about writing your own music and being your own artist, however I believe that is a key desire for me. I also desire to play the music I enjoy listening to. After all, I didn’t get into guitar by just listening to myself play the guitar. (Laughs)

Every once in a while I get an urge to record myself playing some of my favorite artists just to see if I can do it any justice or add my own thing to it. When covering somebody like Malmsteen the instrumentation is virtuosic and exceptionally disciplined. Therefore if I was going to choose to cover one of his songs, I would have to choose the best musicians I know capable. That is why I selected Pablo Sanchez to do the vocals, and Joe Evin to do the drums, mixing mastering, and back up vocals. These two are some of the most talented people I know musically and if anyone can do the job, it’s them.

I was in a band with Pablo when I was in my early 20s, he’s a phenomenal drummer and vocalist. One of the most talented guys and great friend of mine for nearly 20 years now. Oddly, I have never met Joe in person, but have been writing music with him for the past 15 years across the US.

I was listening to this song the seventh sign thinking wow, how fitting are these lyrics to what’s going on today? When I select a song to play, I look for people that naturally have the ability to execute the sound I would like to achieve. When listening to the seventh sign I couldn’t help but think to myself, Pablo kind of sounds like this guy when he sings, I wonder if he would be interested in covering this? I reached out to him and he said absolutely, he would be honored. The next step was finding somebody that could cover the drums and a good engineer. Luckily for me I already know a guy that could cover both of those aspects. That is why I hit my musical comrade Joe Evin up. He also said he would be happy to do a project like this with me. The rest is history. While making the tracks I recorded my guitar on my computer to a midi backing track that I created. Then I sent the DI (Direct input) tracks to joe so he could re-amp my sound and record it live in the studio. Then Pablo sent me his vocal tracks dry so I could send them to joe to mix. Once the track was in place, joe recorded his drums to the track. Unfortunately this all happened right in the middle of my moving from one house to another so the project got put on hold for quite a few months until I got settled in. Now the video recording began. Pablo recorded himself in front of a beautiful church in Argentina. Both Joe and I were thinking, how the hell are we gonna compete with that? Ha!

We pretty much just did the best we could in our studios to try to fit the video in context. Since it had been so long, we both had to relearn the entire piece of music with all of the improvisation we added in order to play an accurate video to the track. I personally think it came out great. Joe is so talented at taking what little video editing I did and making it all look professional. All of the video Pablo added was absolutely incredible and added a lot to the video. Then of course, there’s me just jamming and having fun with these two monster musicians.

I will add that I have been playing Yngwie since I was a child. But I had never learned this song. Most of his songs come pretty natural for me so I didn’t think it would be much of a challenge but damn, that arpeggio section in the first part of the solo took me like 40 takes to learn. It probably took me 30 minutes to learn the entire song and two takes to finish all of the tracks except for that damn arpeggio part. Overall, I feel like we did a great justice to the song. We all added a little bit of our own touch to it without disrupting the integrity of the original piece. It was a great pleasure and honor to work with joe and Pablo on one of my most inspiring musician’s song.

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Pablo Sanchez on Vocals:

Last year I got a message from my good friend and great guitar player Brian Auer asking me if I would like to record my voice for a Yngwie Malmsteen cover video.
I immediately said yes to this project and I was honored to record one of my favorite Malmsteen songs sung by one of my favorite vocalists, Michael Vescera.
I thought about the lyrics of this song and decided to record the video on location at a famous Catholic church here Mendoza Argentina called Iglesia San Vicente Ferrer. I thought that this old church was the perfect place for the song.
Recording and filming this song was a great experience for me and I was very happy to make music again with such a great guitar player like Brian Auer once again after all these years.
I would like to mention that Joe Evin besides been a great drummer did an awesome job mixing and mastering the song.
The video has made a great impact here in the metal community in Latin America.

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Joe Evin on drums:

Brian reached out to me August of last year and told me he was working on an Yngwie cover song. Since Brian and I have been collaborating since 2013, it was a given that I would say yes. I have always enjoyed working with Brian, he is extremely talented and we have always communicated very well when it comes to our music.

Initially I offered to mix and master it for him but after listening to it I offered to record real drums because I thought it would sound more natural and he was thrilled at the idea.

I’m very pleased with how it turned out. We kept the song true to its original format but added a bit of our own flair to it and it turned into something special.

” I would also like to add that both Pablo and Brian are tremendous musicians and I’m honored to have worked with both of them.”

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