30 immolated; 16 returned’s New Video “The Antechamber of Hell” Reimagines Paulo Passolini’s Infamous Film “Saló or 120 Days of Sodom”

Hamilton, ON, Canada’s obscene and brutal avant-garde quartet 30 immolated; 16 returned have a new music video inspired by the terrifying reimagining of Paulo Passolini’s infamous film Saló or 120 Days of Sodom based on The Marquis de Sade’s novel of the same name. “The Antechamber of Hell”, which is a track off the band’s 2019 self-titled debut album, is a video that might be too gruesome to watch and the band is giving a warning that it might be NSFW for some, so make sure you’re in a safe space when viewing.

Dr. Death (garotte and vomit) adds:

“The video encapsulates imagery from the entire story including the abduction, torture, and eventual murder of a chosen victim portrayed by actress Xena T. With the aid of make-up artist Stacy Vervaecke, Duane Lyons of Bangover Media storyboarded, planned, filmed, and edited the video himself proving himself to be a force to be reckoned with in the metal video genre. The video perfectly reflects the band’s sexually sadistic lyrics and aesthetic appearance in the debut self-titled album.”

Watch “The Antechamber of Hell” via its premiere on TheCirclePit – https://youtu.be/VeHbrCAyAeo

30 immolated; 16 returned are one of Canada’s most despicable extreme metal bands. Developed through intense and abstract systematic theories of chaos and transgression – 30 immolated depicts the sexual taboos found in the Marquis de Sade’s 120 Days of Sodom, through a non-stop battery of screaming guitars, punishing drums, and thundering bass accompanied by the cries of torture and violence. In addition, Madame Champville often brings her favourite pet(s) / slave(s) along, who under threat of further violence, distribute gifts of Shit Cookies and Blood to the band’s spectators.

30 immolated; 16 returned began their sadistic journey in Edmonton, Alberta, but have since moved to southern Ontario in search of new willing victims! They have since performed several concert dates in Toronto and Hamilton, most notably at the Hamilton Death Fest for Neurotic Entertainment and as openers for Toronto’s own Arcanevil, and for Mexican death metal outfits Darkside Ritual and Disrupted.

30 immolated; 16 returned ’s sonic violence has been exported internationally with physical and digital sales in China, the United States, and Slovenia. Their goal is to continue to expand their terror throughout southern Ontario, Canada, and beyond to the rest of the world!

They have unleashed two albums, their latest offering was released in 2021, “The Burial of the Dead”, an arrangement of Igor Stravinsky’s controversial 1913 ballet “The Rite of Spring”, which followed the band’s 2019 self-titled debut.

Both albums can be found on 30immolated16returned.bandcamp.com, Spotify.

Show Date:
June 18 – Doors Pub – Hamilton, ON w/ HEXIS, Cryophilic, Svneatr

More Info:

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