Space Garage Rock Specialist DUST MICE Present “Choom Wagon” Official Video

“Choom Wagon” Official Video

“20XX. Earth. The embers of the great galactic war still burn. The Lizard Masters have retreated to the hollow earth. Dust Mice band together, Rolling like thunder, their Choom Wagon brings Space Magick wherever they plug in. Music flows with the light speed of love. The stars will never fade again.”

That’s DUST MICE’s official video for “Choom Wagon”, another cosmic rock track from the band’s album “Earth III”, out via Wormholedeath worldwide.


EARTH III- Buy/Stream Links

Dust Mice is a 5 piece Space-Garage band from the Pacific Northwest. Analog synths, distorted saxophone, and raw guitar combine with a driving rhythm section to deliver spaced-out garage rock with influences from New Wave Sci-Fi, post-punk, and classic metal. Previous work includes 2 EPs and a digital single, which are all available (including bonus live tracks) on the Super Moon Fetus compilation.

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