I Met the legendary Bob Seger at a wedding, 10/10 experience!

Im a regular visitor of r/classicrock which is my favorite subreddit on the Reddit social media platform. Im always searching for great music content and I contribute from time to time as well. This subreddit is, in my opinion a great place for classic rock content. I came across this very cool story told by (we shall call him Willy) that was posted last night about legendary classic rock musician Bob Seger and I felt it should be shared.

The overwhelming love and positive response to the story says it all about how much Seger’s music has influenced people over the years. His fan base is massive.

Alright so my mother’s best friend got married last night and her “Uncle Bob” decided to come out and celebrate. I was in charge of watching the Bride and Grooms two bulldog puppies and Mr. Seger actually came up to me and started to pet the pups and ask some questions about them. We made some small talk about the dogs for a minute (while I was literally shaking and voice quivering from being star struck) and I finally worked up the nerve to say

“I’m really sorry to bother you but I’ll kick myself in the ass for the rest of my life if I don’t say something, I’m a huge fan of your work and it’s genuinely an honor to meet you” 

he was so friendly and started beaming a smile when I said that. He thanked me, and he was actually the one who asked if I’d like to get a picture, I would have completely never thought to ask in the state I was in!! After we took the picture I said to him 

“I understand it’s a lot more difficult to tour and perform live now a days, but with how creative you are I’ve got to ask, do you still write lyrics and songs for yourself to keep from going stir crazy”

His face absolutely lit up and he proceeded to tell me,

“Actually, recently I’ve been working on a lot of old unreleased music of mine” 

I was just in shock and said “no way man, you’re not kidding me?” 

And he said “no seriously I’d like to get it all put together and hopefully release another project whenever I can get it done” 

I was just blown away and at this point a couple other people came around and noticed who it was, I thanked him for the picture and the chat, and he said it was his pleasure, and he left the venue soon after, absolute class act!

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