Tommy Lee Breaks Ribs Once Again

In a new press statement from Mötley Crüe, the band’s management revealed that Tommy Lee has once again broken his ribs, and has been strongly advised by his doctors not to perform at the upcoming European leg of the band’s “Staidum Tour” with Def Leppard, given his injuries from the previous year.

The statement also explains while Mick Mars retired from touring last October, he nevertheless maintains a hold on royalties and decision-making within the band and demands that Carmine Appice be recruited as a replacement.

The statement reads:

“It is with great regret that we have to inform you that Tommy Lee has once again fractured his ribs and that he will be unable to take part in Mötley Crüe’s upcoming European tour.

“Even though Tommy would love nothing more than to perform for European Crüeheads, he is strongly advised against it by the medical staff given his previous injures.

“The tour will still take place as scheduled, and the drumming legend Carmine Appice will be standing in for Tommy for the duration of the tour leg.

“We know that there has been some bad blood between Nikki Sixx and Carmine lately, but it was Mick Mars’ expressed wish that no other drummer is to be chosen for the role.

“Every decision in Mötley Crüe has to be made unanimously, and while he no longer tours with the band, Mick still enjoys all the rights of a full member.”

Moreover, the statement also adds that the first of the upcoming tour dates will also feature a jam-off between Nikki and Carmine, as per the drummer’s recent invitation:

“We are aware that Carmine Appice has invited Nikki to a jam-off after certain things were said.

“In order to prevent any bad blood from spoiling future shows, the two musicians will be throwing down with their instruments during the first European tour date, scheduled to take place on May 22nd at the Bramall Lane in Sheffield, UK.

“May the best rocker win!”

The statement also included a short quote from Carmine himself, who added:

“I am looking forward to playing with my friend Mick’s band, even though he won’t be present for the occasion. This ‘washed-up drummer’ still has a trick or three up his sleeve, as I’m sure Nikki Sixx will be finding out shortly.”

No specific comment was given on Nikki’s behalf.

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