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Most anticipated release of 2019.

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V Prized Mare Cognitum Represses arrived. One step closer to completing the discog.

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Commute Jams

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Errand Jams

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Morning Commute Jams

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Shaping up to be a favourite this year.

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Friday Gym Jams

#ArmyOfThePharoahs #InDeathReborn #JediMindTricks


Stoked to have these in my collection.

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New DSO Bangs

#DeathSpellOmega #TheFurnacesOfPalingenesia #DSO


Just in case anyone didn’t know there was new Tomb Mold, theres a new Tomb Mold and it slaps!

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New Crypts is sssiiiccckkkkk! Highly anticipating the rest.

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Todays Jams but like 4 hours late. #Gorement #TheEndingQuest


BDM for breakfast.

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That new Father Befouled is HOT🔥

#FatherBefouled 🔥 #HolyRottonBlood


Listened to this on the way to MDF and about to bump it again. Solid plane jams 10/10.

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This album has gotten the most plays so far, sick!

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Latest jams.

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The Metal Guru

June 9th 1992 #Deicide released the album “Legion” #InHellIBurn #HolyDeception #RepentToDie #DeadButDreaming #Trifixion #DeathMetal

Did you know…

The album was produced by legendary death metal producer Scott Burns.

June 9th 2017 #Suffocation released the album “…Of The Dark Light” #YourLastBreaths #ReturnToTheAbyss #TheViolation #TechnicalDeathMetal

Did you know…

It was their last album to feature vocalist Frank Mullen before his retirement in 2018.

June 9th 2008 #Venom released the album “Hell” #HandOfGod #EvilPerfection #KillTheMusic #BloodSky #EvilutionDevilution #ThrashMetal

Did you know…

It was their last album to feature Anthony Lant on drums.

June 9th 1997 #Testament released the album “Demonic” #MurkyWaters #TogetherAsOne #DistortedLives #TenThousandThrones #ThrashMetal

Did you know..

The album cover art for Demonic was done by Dave McKean who also did the cover art for the prior Testament studio album, Low.

June 9th 1992 #Tankard released the album “Stone Cold Sober” #BrokenImage #BehindTheBack #Mindwild #UglyBeauty #ThrashMetal

Did you know…

The band did a cover of the J. Geils Band song “Centerfold” on this album.

June 9th 1992 #TheGathering released their debut album “Always” #KingForADay #Subzero #Stonegarden #SecondSunrise #GothicMetal

Did you know..

The band was founded in 1989 by brothers Hans and René Rutten and vocalist Bart Smits in Oss, North Brabant.

June 9th 1998 #MercyfulFate released the album “Dead Again” #TheNight #SinceForever #SuckingYourBlood #Banshee #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

It marked the first album from Mercyful Fate that Michael Denner is not present on.

June 10th 1983 #Pantera released their debut album “Metal Magic” #RockOut #BiggestPartOfMe #RideMyRocket #TellMeIfYouWantIt #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The album was produced by Jerry Abbott.

June 10th 2013 #BlackSabbath released the album “13” #GodIsDead #EndOfTheBeginning #LiveForever #AgeOfReason #DamagedSoul #HeavyMetal

Did you know..

It was the only studio album released by Black Sabbath since Forbidden (1995).

The album reached number 1 on the #Billboard chart.

June 10th 1999 #PrimalFear released the album “Jaws Of Death” #IntoTheFuture #ChurchOfBlood #PlayToKill #UnderYourSpell #PowerMetal

Did you know..

The band did a cover of the Rainbow song “Kill The King” on this album.

June 10th 1996 #Carcass released the album “Swansong” #BlackStar #FirmHand #Polarized #GoToHell #ExtremeMetal

Did you know…

It was their only album to feature guitarist Carlo Regadas.

The album peaked at number 46 on the #Billboard heatseekers chart.

June 10th 1983 #Tank released the album “This Means War” #LaughingInTheFaceOfDeath #EchoesOfADistantBattle #HeavyMetal

Did you know..

On this album, the band expanded to a four-piece, with addition of second guitarist Mick Tucker, former member of the #NWOBHM band White Spirit.

June 10th 1992 #Loudness released the album “Loudness” #PrayForTheDead #BlackWidow #WakingTheDead #HeavyMetal

Did you know..

Original bass player Masayoshi Yamashita was replaced with Taiji Sawada and the American vocalist Mike Vescera with former Ezo singer Masaki Yamada.

June 10th 2016 #Rage released the album “The Devil Strikes Again” #MyWay #TheFinalCurtain #War #SpiritsOfTheNight #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The band formed in 1984 by Peter “Peavy” Wagner.

June 10th 2014 #Hellyeah released the album “Blood For Blood” #DemonsInTheDirt #SayWhen #Moth #Hush #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

Producer Kevin Churko handles the bass duties in the studio due to the departure of Bob Zilla.

The album reached number 18 on the @billboard chart.

June 10th 2014 #ArchEnemy released the album “War Eternal” #AsThePagesBurn #OnAndOn #YouWillKnowMyName #Avalanche #MelodicDeathMetal

Did you know…

This was their first album with Alissa White-Gluz on vocals.

The album reached number 44 on the #Billboard chart.

June 10th 1986 #Candlemass released debut album “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus” #Bewitched #CrystalBall #ASorcerersPledge #DoomMetal

Did you know…

This was the only Candlemass album to feature vocalist Johan Längqvist until he joined the band, officially, in 2018.

June 10th 1982 #Rainbow released the album “Straight Between The Eyes” #StoneCold #DeathAlleyDriver #RockFever #Power #EyesOfFire #HardRock

Did you know..

The album title allegedly came from a phrase from Jeff Beck, describing Jimi Hendrix to Blackmore.

June 11th 1991 #SkidRow released the GREAT album “Slave To The Grind” #WastedTime #RiotAct #MonkeyBusiness #TheThreat #HeavyMetal

Did you know..

The album debuted at number 1 on the #Billboard chart.

June 11th 2010 #OzzyOsbourne released the album “Scream” #LetItDie #LifeWontWait #LetMeHearYouScream #Fearless #Crucify #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The album reached number 4 on the #Billboard chart.

The album is the only one to feature guitarist Gus G.

June 11th 2002 #WASP released the album “Dying For The World” #HallowedGround #MyWickedHeart #TrailOfTears #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The album was dedication to all those who perished in the attacks of the 9/11 events, especially heard on the ‘Hallowed Ground’ track.

June 11th 2013 #TheBlackDahliaMurder released the album “Everblack” #GoatOfDeparture #IntoTheEverblack #MelodicDeathMetal

Did you know..

It was the first release by the band to feature drummer Alan Cassidy and bassist Max Lavelle.

The album debuted at number 32 on the #Billboard chart.

‪June 12th 1985 #Megadeth released their debut album “Killing Is My Business.. And Business Is Good” #Mechanix #Rattlehead #ChosenOnes #ThrashMetal‬

‪Did you know…‬

‪It has a version of Nancy Sinatra’s classic “These Boots Are Made for Walkin'”, with lyrics altered by Mustaine.‬

June 12th 1995 #ParadiseLost released the album “Draconian Times” #TheLastTime #ForeverFailure #Shadowkings #HallowedLand #GothicMetal

Did you know…

The album reached number 16 on the #OfficialCharts

June 12th 1989 #Lion released their last studio album “Trouble In Angel City” #ComeOn #LoveIsALie #StrangerInTheCity #HungryForLove #HardRock #GlamMetal

Did you know…

The band did a cover of the Slade song “Lock Up Your Daughters” on this album.

June 12th 2015 #Stormhammer released the album “Echoes of a Lost Paradise” #FastLife #Leaving #HolyWar #TheOcean #PowerMetal

Did you know..

The band was originally called Lizard.

June 12th 1999 #SixFeetUnder released the album “Maximum Violence” #ShortCutToHell #Brainwashed #MassMurderRampage #Bonesaw #DeathMetal

Did you know…

It was the first Six Feet Under album to feature Steve Swanson on guitars.

June 12th 2001 #AsILayDying released their debut album “Beneath The Encasing Of Ashes” #WhenThisWorldFades #ForcedToDie #TheInnocenceSpilled #Metalcore

Did you know..

The band was founded in 2000 by vocalist Tim Lambesis.

June 12th 1988 #BoltThrower released their debut album “In Battle There Is No Law!” #ForgottenExistence #NuclearAnnihilation #DeathMetal

Did you know…

German melodic death metal act Heaven Shall Burn used the same album title for their debut EP as a homage to Bolt Thrower.

June 12th 2018 #FleshConsumed released the album “Hymn for the Leeches” #BowBeforeMe #SerpentAmongstMice #AlphaOmega #TechnicalBrutalDeathMetal

Did you know..

The band is from Santa Cruz, California and formed in 2003.

June 13th 1985 #Ratt released the GREAT album “Invasion Of Your Privacy” #LayItDown #YoureInLove #GiveItAll #HardRock

Did you know…

The album reached number 7 on the #Billboard chart.

The album was produced by Beau Hill.

June 13th 1988 #NuclearAssault released the album “Survive” #FightToBeFree #RiseFromTheAshes #GreatDepression #ThrashMetal

Did you know..

The band did a cover of the Led Zeppelin song “Good Times Bad Times” on this album.

It peaked at number 145 on the #BillboardCharts

June 13th 1995 #FearFactory released the album “Demanufacture” #ZeroSignal #Replica #BodyHammer #ATherapyForPain #Flashpoint #HeavyMetal

Did you know..:

Many regard it as the band’s best album and a heavy metal classic.

June 14th 2019 #Helix release NEW album “Old School” #Closer #Cheers #SouthernComfort #TieMeDown #HardRock

Did you know…

Three of the tracks were recorded for the Back for Another Taste album but never released and have Paul Hackman playing guitar on them.


June 14th 1982 #MetalMassacre album is released from #MetalBlade

Did you know…

The first pressing featured a version with guitar solos by Lloyd Grant and Dave Mustaine.

The second pressing featured Dave Mustaine on lead guitar and Ron McGovney on bass.

June 14th 1956 Legendary #KingdDamond was born!!! #HappyBirthday #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

On stage, King Diamond uses a microphone handle consisting of a femur bone and a tibia bone in the shape of a cross.

June 15th 1981 #IronMaiden released the single “Purgatory” and would be their last with singer Paul Di’Anno. #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The track is a remake of one of the band’s earlier songs, entitled “Floating”, of which “Purgatory” is a faster re-arrangement.

June 15th 1999 #MercyfulFate released their final studio album “9” #BurnInHell #HouseOnTheHill #TheGrave #Insane #KissTheDemon #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The band formed in 1981 by vocalist King Diamond and guitarist Hank Shermann.

June 15th 1993 #Sacrifice released the album “Apocalypse Inside” #Flesh #Salvation #TheLost #Incarcerated #ThrashMetal

Did you know…

The album was produced by Razor guitarist Dave Carlo.

June 15th 2009 #Artillery released the album “When Death Comes” #RiseAboveItAll #SandboxPhilosophy #TheEnd #DamnedReligion #ThrashMetal

Did you know…

It was their first recording since their second breakup from 2000 to 2007.

June 15th 1996 #GatesOfIshtar released their debut album “A Bloodred Path” #TheSilence #Tears #TheDreamingGlade #IntoSeasonsOfFrost #MelodicDeathMetal

Did you know…

The band is from Sweden and formed in 1992.

June 15th 2018 #LizzyBorden released the album “My Midnight Things” #LongMayTheyHauntUs #RunAwayWithMe #ThePerfectPoison #ObsessedWithYou #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

It was the first album from Lizzy in over 11 years, since “Appointment with Death”.

June 15th 1997 #PaulDiAnno released the album “As Hard As Iron” #RockTheBoat #DangerLines #SearchingForYou #SheGoesDown #HeavyMetal

Did you know..

The album also featured ex Iron Maiden guitarist Dennis Stratton.

June 15th 2011 #InFlames released the album “Sounds Of A Playground Fading” #AllForMe #ThePuzzle #DarkerTimes #TheAttic #Liberation #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

This was the first album recorded by In Flames without founding guitarist Jesper Strömblad.

June 15th 2018 #TadMorose released the album “Chapter X” #Nemesis #Liar #LeviathanRise #TurnToDust #Apocalypse #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

Their style has been described as “a power/classic heavy metal hybrid with slight progressive tendencies”.

Nov 15th 2011 #WhiteWizzard released the album “Flying Tigers” #Starchild #FightToTheDeath #FallOfAtlantis #WarOfTheWorlds #HeavyMetal

Did you know….

It is the last album to feature Wyatt Anderson on vocals, released after his departure from the band in June 2011.

June 16th 1991 #TypeONegative released their debut album “Slow, Deep And Hard” #PreludeToAgony #XeroTolerance #GothicMetal

Did you know..

The album was originally titled “None More Negative” and released in 1990 under the group’s former name Repulsion.

This Week in Rock & Metal

How does the information on a disc become sweet music?

Have you ever had a close look at a record and wondered how that tiny groove can result in the sound you hear through your speakers? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

While the basic idea is around 140 years old, thanks to Edison’s phonograph the record as we now know it is more like half that age. Columbia Records launched the first 12in LP in 1948, with the first public demonstration taking place on June 20th at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel, New York. The rest, as they say, is history.

It seems impossible to kill off the vinyl format. It’s a wonderful piece of engineering which, even today, seems just a little too unlikely to actually work. But work it does – and, with the right equipment, to a fabulous level.

The groove


That record groove – and there is just one that spirals gently to the centre of the disc – is tiny, usually around 0.04-0.08mm wide (depending on the level of the signal). If you were to unravel it the groove would extend to a length of about 500 metres.

The two sides of the groove sit at right-angles to each other with the point of that angle facing down. Each side of the groove carries what can only be described as wiggles that represent the right- and left-channel audio information.

The side closest to the outside edge of the record carries the right-channel signal. This information can be stored in an area as small as a micron (one-thousandth of a millimetre), so the scale of the task to retrieve it is immense.

This also explains the sensitivity of record players to external vibrations and other disturbances.

The cartridge

It’s the job of the cartridge to track the groove. More specifically, it is the job of the stylus tip to do it.

The tip is made of a very hard substance, normally diamond. But don’t get too excited – it’s industrial diamond rather than the really valuable stuff. That means it lacks the purity of the gems you might find in jewellery.

This diamond tip is usually shaped into a small point – though there are a variety of shapes the tip can take – that sits in the record groove and follows the wiggles as the record turns.

The nature and degree of the stylus’ movement is what translates into the varying frequencies and volume that you hear through the speakers. This movement is carried through the cantilever – the shaft the stylus tip is attached to – and into the cartridge body.

There are two types of cartridge: moving magnet and moving coil. They both work on the principle of using movement to induce current thanks to magnetic fields.

But, as the names imply, in one the magnet moves to induce current while in the other the coil does so and the magnet is fixed. So, assuming we’re talking about a moving magnet cartridge, in the case of our example a tiny magnet is attached to the hidden end of the cantilever, and as the stylus tip moves around it does too.

The magnet’s varying field causes current to flow in the tiny coils positioned close by, and this is the signal that comes out the back of the cartridge to be fed into your amplifier. Or, if your amplifier is a line-level device, as many are, a dedicated phono stage.

The phono stage

What exactly does a phono stage do? The physical limitations of vinyl mean that the original signal has to be altered before it can be recorded – low frequencies are reduced in level and the highs are boosted.

The curve that governs this equalisation was set by the RIAA (Record Industry Association of America) years ago. If you’ve ever plugged a turntable directly into a line-level input you know you get a very quiet sound – and also one that is thin and bright, with no bass to speak of.

Every phono stage has the reverse response built into it – one that boosts bass and flattens treble to exactly the right degree. The result should be a tonally even presentation.

A phono stage is also an amplifier. Cartridge signals can be as low as a thousandth of a volt (CD’s output is specified at 2V) so the signal has to be amplified massively before the line-level stage of an amplifier can take over.

So rather than the witchcraft we always sort-of suspected it must be, getting a sound from a vinyl disc turns out to be nothing more than fiendishly clever. It’s worth bearing in mind the ingenuity at play when you next carefully place the tip of your stylus into the groove of a LP – but don’t dwell on it for all that long. After all, there’s music to be listened to.

How does a vinyl record make a sound?


If you walk into the fenlands at sunset, leaving the last house at your back, you will follow a road that slowly dwindles to a footpath as the sky darkens and the shadows lengthen. With a cutting wind always in your face, bringing tears to your eyes, you’ll reach a place where the path finally peters out to nothing. There is no light but the stars and the horizon is as empty and distant as it was many cold miles ago. The only discernible features of this desolate landscape are the gnarled, stunted, wind sculpted trees that skulk like warped spiders, poised to attack when you turn your back. It’s a place with no name but loneliness, where all the sorrows in the world gather to cry their laments to the endless sky; and the sound of their song is the sound of Consecration…

Blending the decaying grandeur of epic doom, with the visceral power of primal death and the taste of memories so sharply poignant they draw blood and tears in equal measure, Consecration have summoned into being Fragilium – a towering album that stands like a pitch black monolith against the night sky, casting shadows so deep they swallow the darkness. The currents of aching melancholy that sweep through these songs are so deeply powerful that they threaten to consume the unwary listener. The guitar melodies sing like sirens to the lost while the obsidian riffs devastate all that stand in the path of their inexorable, measured progress. Mastered to perfection by Markus Stock of The Vision Bleakand Empyrium, whose deft touch has polished the twilight sounds of Ahab, Winterfylleth and Secrets Of The Moon, Fragilium walks paths of unprecedented musical and emotional depth. 

Respected guardians of doom, Solitude Productions, whose hallowed halls also provide shelter to the brooding mourners of HellLight, Ea and Doomed, will draw back the veil and reveal this masterpiece of misery on June 28th, bringing black clouds to the summer skies. While debut album Ephemerality and recent gargantuan compilation Remembrance offered glimpses of the potent power of Consecration, nothing could adequately prepare you for the soul crushing magic of Fragilium…the path to loneliness will soon be revealed to all who would walk its solitary way into the darkness…

Daniel Bollans – Vocals 
Shane Amies – Bass
Liam Houseago – Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
Jorge Figueiredo- Drums and Percussion
Additional guitars by Jordan Grant

Genre: Doom/Death Metal
For fans of: My Dying Bride | Novembers Doom | Evoken | My Silent Wake

Further Information: https://www.facebook.com/Consecration666 | https://solitude-prod.com/?sl=en

“…slow, powerful, bleak, desolate…” – METAL TEMPLE

Consecration sign to Solitude Productions and unveil their new doom/death masterpiece, Fragilium


Big news from Foul Body Autopsy.

On Saturday August 10th Metal 2 The Masses winner Tom Reynolds will bring his one-man weapon of mass destruction to the Jagermeister Stage at Bloodstock Open Airfor the third time. Be prepared for a unique live experience of rapid fire, precision riffing and an onslaught of the undead! Joining a bill that also features Parkway Drive, Anthrax, Cradle Of Filth and a host of other metal legends from across the genre spectrum really underlines Foul Body Autopsy’s rapidly growing profile on the metal scene.

The Unquiet Dead EP was released earlier this year, the follow up to the rapturously received This Machine Kills Zombies album and the critical acclaim has been remarkable.

“You got me hooked!” 10/10  INDEPENDENT MUSIC SHOWCASE

“… a musician hell bent on creating an ever-evolving sound…” 9/10  METAL TEMPLE

“…riffing tornado…” 8/10  POWERPLAY ROCK AND METAL MAGAZINE

“… will gnaw its way into my top 5 by the end of the year.” 5/5 RICK EAGLESTONE

“… intricately thrashed melodeath…” 4/5 GRIZZLY BUTTS

If you’re at Bloodstock this year – and why wouldn’t you be? – don’t miss Foul Body Autopsy and if you’ve yet to hear the magnificent, melodic, razor sharp riffing of The Unquiet Dead head immediately to foulbodyautopsyofficial.bandcamp.com

For more information on Foul Body Autopsy click here
Visit Foul Body Autopsy on Facebook



On June 4th 1994, a quarter of a century ago, Solitary made their solemn pledge – to thrash forever! Exactly twenty five years on from that momentous moment the band have opened pre-orders for their new EP, XXV. XXV is a celebration of the decades of defiance; a glass raised to every triumph along the way, to every obstacle overcome and to an undying dedication to thrash metal!

XXV consists of brand new, 25th Anniversary recordings of Solitary classics, ‘Within Temptation‘, ‘Keep Your Enemies Closer’ and ‘Requiem’, alongside two raging live tracks, ‘Architects Of Shame’ and ‘The Diseased Heart Of Society’, captured at the Camden Underworld on March 23rd of this year, when Solitary played alongside Swedish melodic death metallers Darkane.

To make this EP an extra bit special, Solitary have coaxed legendary artist Koot out of retirement to create the stunning cover artwork. Koot made his name in the ’90s creating instantly recognisable artwork for the likes of Saxon, Girlschool, Slammer, The Almighty, Freak Of Nature and The Exploited. Solitary are honoured to add their name to that illustrious list of clients. The dramatic coat of arms that Koot has created for XXV is the perfect distillation of Solitary’s total dedication to the thrash cause; a powerful depiction of their unbreakable pledge of allegiance.

Reflecting on the creation of XXV and the opportunity to work with Koot, Solitary’s founder and frontman Rich Sherrington had this to say:

“When we formed in 1994, I don’t think anyone could have imagined that we’d be still playing 25 years later. We’ve created a lot of memories over the years and have had the opportunity to play with loads of great bands all over the UK and in Europe. With Gaz rejoining we thought it appropriate to celebrate our 25th birthday by releasing something. The original plan was to just go for a digital release but when Koot agreed to come out of retirement to work with us, there was no way that we couldn’t have such an iconic metal artist’s work on a physical product – hence XXV.”

Koot’s artwork will also be adorning some stunning t-shirts which will be available as part of some great pre-order bundles that the band have put together – all of which can be found here
Every fan who makes a pre-order before July 1st will have their name included inside the booklet of XXV as a valued supporter of Solitary, so this also represents a great opportunity make yourself part of Solitary history. Get your orders in now and we’ll see you down the front in your XXV shirts when Solitary descend upon the Sophie Lancaster stage at Bloodstock on August 11th!

Speaking of Bloodstock, keep following the Solitary Facebook page for a chance to win two tickets to the festival! Details coming soon!

For those of you hungry for the next Solitary album, we can also reveal that the band will be in the studio with producer Simon Efemey in December! Exciting times for those who have promised to thrash forever!

Pre-order your copy of XXV here
For more information on Solitary click here
Visit Solitary on Facebook

Solitary open pre-orders for new EP XXV, celebrating 25 years of non-stop thrash!

Civilisation lies in ruins; everything our desperately vain species has valued and striven for is in flames. The streets seethe with the monsters we have become and only one thought, beautiful in its simplicity, occupies those once busy, troubled minds – kill. Kill endlessly, kill ruthlessly, kill savagely until there is nothing left to kill. All those centuries of evolution only to topple from our lofty thrones in total and utter regression…stripped of pride and pretence mankind has only one core desire, to destroy utterly and completely. Our destiny is madness, bloodlust and death.

With their new EP, The Deep End Of Horror, Putrified J bring you the perfect soundtrack to our ultimate demise. These songs encapsulate that pure, undisguised lust for violence. Never has a release been more aptly named…there is no dipping your toe tentatively into the bloody water here, just immediate immersion in the deep end of horror! The title track drags you beneath the surface with a spoken promise of ‘absolute destruction’ and then ‘Sickening Decapitation’ sucks you into a maelstrom of murderousness. One gasp of air and then ‘Relentless’ attacks – surely one of the most intensely brutal tracks you will ever experience. There is no respite from the assault as The Deep End Of Horror progresses, no hidden, deeper meaning, no moments of tranquil reflection – nothing but death. 

Originally created by Jason Lambert in 2009 and still steered by his hand to this day, Putrified J has used up and consumed plenty of collaborators on its decade-long, gruesome journey. However, with Death Blood Destroyer guitarist Hervé Dieudonné joining the crusade of carnage Putrified J have perfected their repugnant chemistry. This band have never sounded more dangerously depraved, never come closer to defining the essence of brutality and celebrate their 10th anniversary with their finest release to date. 

When Comatose Music unleash this beast be warned, this is for die-hard death maniacs only. This is the sound of the end of the world. 

Jason Lambert – Vocals, Drum Programming
Hervé Dieudonné – Guitars

Genre: Brutal Death Metal
For fans of: Devourment | Guttural Secrete | Brain Drill | Terrordrome

Further Information: https://www.facebook.com/PutrifiedJ | https://www.comatosemusic.com/

“…perfect blend of sickness!” – BUSUK WEBZINE 

Putrified J – The Deep End Of Horror