Swedish Melodic Black Metal Combo EOSPHORUS Return With Their New EP “From Fire Into Birth”

Swedish Melodic Black Metal Combo EOSPHORUS re-newed their collaboration with Wormholedeath for the release of their EP “From Fire Into Birth”, which will be available on July 29th, 2022.

The band speaking of the album stated: After almost 8 years of working on other projects and records, new material has surfaced from Eosphorus! This new EP saw the beginning of its creation shortly after the release of Winds of Apep but we just didn’t have the time to complete it until now. We think it will be worth the wait for those who want to hear a more developed, more sinister Eosphorus.
With this release we are sparking yet another rebirth of this band, with more material already on hold and waiting to take form it’s only a matter of sorting out logistics and time to have it manifest into something great. Still breathing, still brewing…
A big thanks to Wormholedeath for wanting to work with us again, and believing in our music. They are a rare breed in this industry and it shows in their devotion and care for their bands.

Eosphorus is a band from Stockholm, Sweden founded in 2006-2008 by Markus Svantesson(Bödel) on lead guitar and Oliver Spetse (ex-Bödel) on guitars and vocals. While in the early years of the band, members have come and gone with only Oliver and Markus still remaining as original members and founders. The core line-up of Eosphorus was established when Joel Haegerström(Purified By Pain, Bödel) joined on bass guitar and Victor Parri(Desolator, Hadriel, Isole, Neuronaut, The Curse, Valkyrja) joined on drums in 2010. There have been no line-up changes since then.
With their first album “We who’ve seen the darkness”, which reminisces of Dissection, Watain, and older black metal with melodic passages, they set their sights on making the album in a way that best embodies the band, an album that would later be called “Winds of Apep”. Released by WormholeDeath in 2014 it received critical acclaim by journalists and listeners alike for its melodic nature and shifting between fast and slow passages and variety in tracks.

Band members
Oliver Spetse (Lead vocals, guitar,)
Markus Svantesson (Clean vocals, lead guitars, backup bass)
Joel Haegerström (Main Bass)
Victor Parri (Drums)

“From Fire Into Birth” Cover & Tracklist

1. From Fire Into Birth
2. Charnel Ground
3. They Fall
4. Behold The Pyre

“From Fire Into Birth” Teaser


Now Streaming! CELESTIAL WIZARD Blurs The Line Between Power And Death Metal With “Winds Of The Cosmos”

The second release from Denver, USA’s Celestial Wizard is a veritable blend of power metal and death metal. “Winds Of The Cosmos” is nine tracks of crushing and aggressive vocals with thrash and melodic style of guitar playing. The drums are clear, and punchy to give a solid foundation and framework for the music to thrive. All these elements together create something new and unique in its own right, blazing a new trail of melodic heavy metal.

The lyrics guide the listener through a choice mix of fantasy and sci-fi themes, ranging from frosty Dungeons and Dragons excitement to space travelers and black holes. The lyrics also delve into personal struggle and growth, allowing fans to connect with the music on a deeper level. The band shares their thoughts on the release:

“We’re over the moon to finally be releasing ‘Winds Of The Cosmos’ to everyone. We’re all so incredibly proud of what we’ve made. We worked so hard on this record and pushed ourselves to outperform anything we’ve done previously, and I think we’ve achieved that. We made a point to record everything with the most passion and conviction we could and to give our absolute best from start to finish. We’re so thankful for everyone that’s stuck with us since the beginning and especially thankful for everyone who had a hand in seeing this album to completion.”

Celestial Wizard wanted every song on this album to be able to stand on its own, giving the fans a different experience with each track. At the same time, they wanted there to be a flow and connection from song to song, allowing listeners to sit down with the album and enjoy the ride from beginning to end. Those wanting more from the band won’t be disappointed, as they have already started the writing process on new material.

Melodic, and high energy, “Winds Of The Cosmos” is recommended for fans of Amon Amarth, Arch Enemy, and Galaktikon.

The album “Winds Of The Cosmos”comes out on July 15, 2022 and can be heard in full via its premiere on Bravewords HERE

Music Video – Ice Realm

Album pre-order at https://celestialwizard.bandcamp.com.

Spotify – https://spoti.fi/3IQUtFB

Track Listing:
1. Andromeda (2:25)
2. Revenant (5:30)
3. Ice Realm (4:08)
4. Powerthrone (4:30)
5. Eternal Scourge (5:32)
6. Steel Chrysalis (4:26)
7. Undead Renegade (5:04)
8. Cyberhawk (4:26)
9. Winds Of The Cosmos (7:44)
Album Length: 42:45

Album Band Line Up:
Nick Daggers – Guitar, Vocals
Guillermo Jurado – Guitar, Bass
Tim Gillman – Drums
Amethyst Noir – Vocals

Live Band Line Up:
Nick Daggers – Guitar, Vocals
Dahlia McAluney – Bass
Tim Gillman – Drums
Amethyst Noir – Vocals

For more info:
EPK – https://wp.me/pciNW-hMK

Celestial Wizard is a fantasy-inspired heavy metal band based out of Denver, Colorado. Formed in 2018, this heavy metal quartet delivers crushing riffs and grand stories of dragons and wizards. Seeking to stand out among the others, Celestial Wizard combines the best elements of death metal with symphonic and synthwave elements creating a unique and engaging sound.

In the beginning, they carried a symphonic, fantasy sound dousing every song with a healthy dose of strings, choirs, synthesizers, and the like. This vibe can be heard on their debut album “A Sinister Awakening” (2018). Intended to be a concept album, they marketed some of the limited edition tapes and mini VHS tapes as though the album was a movie, thus The tapes ended up getting put in the soundtrack section of record stores.

The next year, drummer Tim Gillman joined Nick Daggers (guitar/vocals), Guillermo Jurado (guitar/bass), and Amethyst Noir (vocals) and they slashed most of the unnecessary backing tracks and refocused the music on the riffs and the core elements of the band. The evolution is reflected in the second album “Winds Of The Cosmos” (2022) (Release Date July 15th).

They deliver an energetic and engaging performance while keeping the sound tight. They make an effort each night to make their songs come alive and immerse the audience in their love for playing. They have played with bands including Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Insomnium, Nekrogoblikon, and Unleash The Archers. Combining their passions of Dungeons and Dragons, space adventure, and fantasy, Celestial Wizard takes influences like Arch Enemy, Metallica, Firewind, and Turisas and forge a path all their own!

Awaken The Misogynist release the challenging brutality of Descended From Vast Dimensions through Comatose Music on September 9th

In 2020 international brutal death metal collective Awaken The Misogynist announced themselves to the world in suitably violent and abrasive fashion with the three track Abuse Of ConsumptionEP – a release which set out the concept behind their challenging name, that of mankind destroying the earth, Mother Nature, with their endless obsession with the advancement of technology. As vocalist Jameson Blomgren put it, this band are here to “shed light on the atrociousness of man through talking about the uncomfortable things that we continue to ignore”. Well things are about to get a hell of a lot more uncomfortable with the release of new full length debut album, Descended From Vast Dimensions

Including the three bursts of rage that made up Abuse Of Consumption, along with nine brand new wicked nail bombs of slamming brutality, black humor and an even blacker vision of the future, Descended From Vast Dimensions is an explosion of obscene power. Ugly tracks like ‘Crimson Horror’ and ‘Infinite Regression’ grind the listener’s face into the sordid reality of modern society, delivering venomous justice with spine-splitting savagery. This is a punishing ride through depravity and darkness, but one that hits you with an adrenaline high as it empties a full magazine into your guts. The level of focused ferocity might seem insane for such a new band, but then the members of Awaken The Misogynist are all battle hardened troops from death metal’s front lines, with tours of duty with CrepitationEnigmatikSlamentationFacelift DeformationBodysnatch and more under their belts. They know just how to deliver a barrage of brutality with maximum deadly effect.

With Comatose Music’s undisputed muscle behind them, Awaken The Misogynist are prepared to spread their vision of disgrace and disgust throughout the world – a rude awakening for the blind and ignorant sleep walking to their doom and dragging the planet with them. The fuse will be lit on September 9th and the furious artillery of Descended From Vast Dimensions will discharge its payload of death.

Feel the fury of Awaken The Misogynist now at the Comatose Music YouTube channel – where first single ‘The Cleansing Of Ignorance’ is streaming now!

Visit Awaken The Misogynist on Facebook
For more information on Awaken The Misogynist click here
Head to the Comatose Music Bandcamp page
Visit Comatose Music here

A Pantera Reunion 2023 is Happening

Image credit: Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Its interesting that Pantera are touring again without the Abbott brothers. Could you do The Beatles without John and George or Motörhead without Lemmy?
I’ve always liked the idea of Zakk Wylde doing a tour with Pantera, but now that there’s no Vinnie Paul it’s an even bigger ask of the fanbase to support this.
Personally, I feel that it’s only fitting that Terry Glaze is somehow involved but that’s just my personal preference.
I won’t shit on this, as those great songs deserve to be played live.

Surviving members of Arlington metal band Pantera are reuniting for 2023 tour. Guitarist Zakk Wylde and drummer Charlie Benante will be joining them in place of the late Dimebag Darell and Vinnie Paul, who died in 2004 and 2018 respectively. This would serve as the metal legends’ first time playing under the Pantera name since 2001.

Metal social media was blown up yesterday by the news that a Pantera reunion is happening. The news was received both positively and negatively by fans. Some excited to hear Pantera songs played live again while many have expressed hesitation at the thought of a Pantera tour without the Abbott brothers. Others pointed out Anselmo’s white power outburst in 2016, suggesting that it has tainted Pantera’s legacy.

Several fans have taken to Twitter to share their sentiments about the news. While some are ecstatic, others seem a bit torn over the idea of a tour taking place with only half of the surviving members.

“Pantera tour 2023. I will be in that fucking pit,” one user wrote.

“Pantera reunion tour is a thing… man, I love that band with my whole heart, but without Dime and Vinnie I don’t know,” remarked another.

On This Day in History

Written By Braddon S. Williams aka “The Concert Critic”

On this date in history, 4/4/2022. Hi-Fi in
Indianapolis hosted an evening of pure brutality as Obituary, Gruesome, 200 Stab Wounds, and Cadaverous combined forces to bring a smorgasbord of extreme death metal flavors to the table.

Indy’s own Cadaverous opened the show with an efficiency and ferocity that set the template for all that would follow. The power trio is not the preferred format for a death metal band, but Cadaverous made it work.

200 Stab Wounds followed up with a much more thrash-oriented variant of the death metal style. Similar to the “fast” zombies in horror films, this style of death guarantees the band will catch and kill the listener at a much quicker pace. In the months following this show 200 Stab Wounds have generated a lot of buzz in the metal community.

Both Cadaverous and 200 Stab Wounds are relatively new bands and welcome additions to the scene, always a good circumstance. Gruesome have been around a bit longer, and the self-proclaimed tribute to Death (the seminal band that influenced myriad fans of the genre that bears their name) took things to the next level with their ferocious twin lead guitar onslaught.

At this point I have to reiterate what I had previously said about the Hi-Fi’s superior sound and staging; every band I have seen at Hi-Fi has benefitted from the excellence of this club. I’m sure these opening bands would have been fine at a lesser venue, but Hi-Fi complimented everything that was good about them and elevated them beyond what they are accustomed to.

My previous experience with Obituary was at another fine club, Bogart’s in Cincinnati, but they were a support act for that show (and a killer one for certain) and as the headliner at an arguably superior venue, Obituary brought their “A” game as always. I was both amused and thrilled to see the band hit the stage for a buildup riff that went on for several minutes before singer John Tardy made his entrance. This was a technique famously utilized by James Brown in his heyday and it was proven to be a fine entrance for a death metal legend in a completely different musical universe. Tardy even borrowed deceased comedy icon Sam Kinison’s signature move of emitting a mighty primal scream away from the microphone. Luckily my wife and I were in the front row (again!) and Tardy basically yelled right in our faces! Throughout the set, Tardy tirelessly prowled the stage and acted as hype man for his bandmates and showed the appreciative crowd his enormous grin repeatedly. Donald Tardy’s drums were bestial and perfectly crushing, as was Terry Butler’s glorious bass tone. The guitars of Trevor Peres (rhythm) and Ken Andrews (lead) were ferocious, chunky, and lethal, and Obituary delivered a monstrous set of death metal elite tunes. The band seemed relaxed and fully aware of the pristine sound, lights, and stage setup. It seems that Hi-Fi will be a club I will eagerly attend for a variety of musical styles. If they can make death metal sound that surgically clean, I can only imagine what they can do for more subtle styles of music.

I Met the legendary Bob Seger at a wedding, 10/10 experience!

Im a regular visitor of r/classicrock which is my favorite subreddit on the Reddit social media platform. Im always searching for great music content and I contribute from time to time as well. This subreddit is, in my opinion a great place for classic rock content. I came across this very cool story told by (we shall call him Willy) that was posted last night about legendary classic rock musician Bob Seger and I felt it should be shared.

The overwhelming love and positive response to the story says it all about how much Seger’s music has influenced people over the years. His fan base is massive.

Alright so my mother’s best friend got married last night and her “Uncle Bob” decided to come out and celebrate. I was in charge of watching the Bride and Grooms two bulldog puppies and Mr. Seger actually came up to me and started to pet the pups and ask some questions about them. We made some small talk about the dogs for a minute (while I was literally shaking and voice quivering from being star struck) and I finally worked up the nerve to say

“I’m really sorry to bother you but I’ll kick myself in the ass for the rest of my life if I don’t say something, I’m a huge fan of your work and it’s genuinely an honor to meet you” 

he was so friendly and started beaming a smile when I said that. He thanked me, and he was actually the one who asked if I’d like to get a picture, I would have completely never thought to ask in the state I was in!! After we took the picture I said to him 

“I understand it’s a lot more difficult to tour and perform live now a days, but with how creative you are I’ve got to ask, do you still write lyrics and songs for yourself to keep from going stir crazy”

His face absolutely lit up and he proceeded to tell me,

“Actually, recently I’ve been working on a lot of old unreleased music of mine” 

I was just in shock and said “no way man, you’re not kidding me?” 

And he said “no seriously I’d like to get it all put together and hopefully release another project whenever I can get it done” 

I was just blown away and at this point a couple other people came around and noticed who it was, I thanked him for the picture and the chat, and he said it was his pleasure, and he left the venue soon after, absolute class act!

Out Now! Rockshots Records – Finnish Rockers SERPICO’s New Album “The Chosen Four”

Finnish rockers Serpico are proud to release their latest album “The Chosen Four” this July 1st, 2022 via Rockshots Records. The album was produced by platinum-selling Finnish record producer Anssi Kippo (Children of Bodom, Hanna Pakarinen, Teräsbetoni).

“Warmth of full analog sound is the key word on this particular record. There are many things you have been missing out on in music and in the listening experience, I think. We hope fans will pay full attention to the album and go along with the music. I must say there is no way back from the world of analog recording once you step into it. This is the way we are going to do it from this moment on.”adds vocalist Vee Dour.

“People will definitely notice its high quality in songs, production, the sound & versatility if comparing to nowadays, dull sound world n’ song arrangements. Also, there’s a big difference when doing it all by full analog session, which we did. So, it’s gonna stand out pretty easily from the masses, I think. Although I hope so.” also adds drummer Jani Serpico.

Album pre-order links:
Vinyl – https://bit.ly/TheChosenFourVINYL
CD – https://bit.ly/TheChosenFourCD

Since Serpico‘s inception in 2005, they have released two full-lengths “Rose Tattoo” (2018), ‘Shallow Mistress” (2014), and an EP “Bad Commercial” (2011) along with touring all over Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and England. The band is genuine and unique Rock n’ Roll with big respect for the classic titans. 

Previous Videos:

Dark Energy: https://youtu.be/QGrafd0gm4M

Midnight Cowboyhttps://youtu.be/UoOphQWuAhM

I Am a Rockethttps://youtu.be/SpnqxVLkqXo

Track Listing:
1. Riverbanks
2. Midnight Cowboy
3. Rock Your Brain
4. I Am A Rocker
5. Dark Energy
6. Silent Love
7. Smokin’ Hot Mama
8. Holy Rocks Outta Body
9. The Last Days Of Monopoly

For more info:

Asher Media Relations

Rockshots Records Eu

Austrian Dark Metal Phenomenon KRANKHEIT Sign With Wormholedeath

We are honored to announce that Austrian Dark Metal outfit KRANKHEIT have signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for their album “Gargantua”, which will be released on September 30th, 2022.

After four years, two of them dominated by a pandemic and a challenging anniversary, with internal band restructuring, KRANKHEIT are back with a new album. “Gargantua”, the successor to the third work “Zerberus”, sings about the dark sides and abysses in a typical KRANKHEIT manner and forms a mirror of the current events of our contemporary history. 
It is named after the character Gargantua from the novels by François Rabelais. An insatiable giant who vomits in greed and gluttony on the people and depicts a pastiche of them. KRANKHEIT manage to stay true to their trademarks and at the same time venture into new musical realms. Martially driving guitar riffs as in “Kommunikation” reflect the usual catchy level of hardness of the band. Lyrically, the most important and most burning topic of all at the moment is put to the test here in the programmatically titled piece. Songs like “Gargantua” and “Müll” show that it’s becoming even more aggressive in general, which are interspersed with blast beats and shredding guitars.With “Bett des Prokrustes” and “Ave Maria” KRANKHEIT show again that they are masters of their craft and plant themselves excellently in well-known classical compositions. The symbiosis between classic and dark metal is extensively celebrated and driven to extremes by “Neid” with its brutal ending. There are bluesy touches in “Exorzist”to which Andres Vargas, singer of the black metal band “Thy Antichrist”, lends his haunting voice. The limits of the interpersonal relationship demons get a new face here. “Gargantua” takes the creation of KRANKHEIT to the next level and prepares the ground for an eventful and complex future.

To fans who pre-order the whole album, the single for “Kommunikation” become available!!

Download “Kommunikation”’s MP3 HERE (for Radios)

Founded in 2011, the Austrian dark metal band KRANKHEIT are gradually working their way into the metal/goth scene. It is characteristic of the band’s style to resurrect old pieces and melodies from bygone eras (e.g. Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, etc.) and to combine them with the very own KRANKHEIT sound.
Earlier press comment on the band’s sound:
“…this results in completely independent songs that break all categorization boundaries and give birth to something unique…” Orkus Magazin (GER)
After the first three albums “Sanatorium” (2013), “Saat des Bösen” (2016), and “Zerberus” (2018), they take the next hit into the abyss of humanity with “Gargantua” (2022). 
The grotesque and highly acclaimed live performances with bands such as Nachtblut, Ost+Front, and Megaherz, as well as numerous festivals such as “Nova Rock”, “Hexentanz Festival”, “Die Elbe brennt” and many more also give them a solid reputation brought in as a band that not only delivers show after show, but also a band whose stage performance resonates long after a concert is over.
Earlier press comment on the band’s live performances:
“The abstract, zombie-like performance and the scary, menacing appearance of the musicians immediately create a very unique atmosphere.” Musikmag.de (GER)

Current line up
Chris Präauer, Vocals
Tony Gassner, Drums

“Gargantua” cover & tracklist

1. Gargantua
2. Kommunikation
3. Bett des Prokrustes
4. Des Kaisers neue Kleider
5. Neid
6. Müll
7. Ave Maria
8. Exorzist (feat. Thy Antichrist)
9. Narr
10. Endlich

Watch “Kommunikation” Video




See Eddie Munson, a metalhead character on ‘STRANGER THINGS’ Fight Demons With METALLICA’S “MASTER OF PUPPETS”

Popular streaming service Netflix’s most popular show ”Stranger Things” season 4 part 2 has landed with our favorite monster hunters. Eddie Munson played by Joseph Quinn who was introduced in the beginning of season 4 as the ringleader of The Hellfire Club, Hawkins High’s premiere Dungeons & Dragons society. Eddie is an intense character who soon finds himself involved in the latest chaos from the Upside Down.

Eddie is an avid guitarist and heavy metal enthusiast in the series garnering a large following in the metal community.

Netflix teased: “Hated by those who don’t understand him — and beloved by those who do — Eddie will find himself at the terrifying epicentre of this season’s mystery.”

In this clip Eddie plays Metallica’s Master of Puppets to fight demons. Even if you dont like Stranger Things or haven’t seen it you’ll want to see this.

A Journey into Another Realm. An Interview With Nikolette Olsson of After Evolution

I recently had the pleasure of talking with Nikolette Olsson, composer, singer, pianist and founder of the band After Evolution. We discussed the bands new album, her writing technique and I discovered she has a book in the works.

The band hails from the Czech Republic, their genre is symphonic metal and upon initially listening to their new single “War of The Worlds” I discovered Nikolette’s voice is on point, velvety smooth, powerful and very melodic. The band began its formation after Nikolette met Michael in 2013, the rest of the band followed soon after and from there After Evolution was born.

After Evolution’s new album “War of The Worlds” is a concept album. It tells a story about the artist’s carrying a bond between themselves, melodies of the dark, light, life, death, hope and despair. Piece by piece the band has interconnected each single memory into one and they have been written as melody and poetry weaved with ancient stories of other worlds.

Vinyl Lair: What bands/musicians did you listen to as a kid?

Nikolette: For most of us it was Nightwish but for me personally Nightwish, Evanescence and classical music.

Vinyl Lair: What accomplishments do you see the band achieving in the next 5 to 10 years?

Nikolette: Oh we would love to play in the Wacken open air and some other great festivals like that! To have our own rehearsal room like a garage or something. Also we would love to be on the same level of fame as the big metal bands. Thats how we would love to see us in 5 years to 10 years!

Vinyl Lair: What’s the best piece of advice another musician gave to you?

Nikolette: “Never give up, believe in yourself” That’s the best one! 😀

Vinyl Lair: When writing music do you write the lyrics first or the music first?

Nikolette: The music is first. I mean I have already written a story so I know the mood of the songs, but I write the music and the melodies first and then I match the lyrics to the music.

Vinyl Lair: Tell me about your new album?

Nikolette: Our new album has a whole story, each song is a part of the story and it is about a world far far away, about apocalypse, demons and magic…I also wanted to combine epic orchestras, metal, growls and female vocals. We have heavy guitars together and are making something a little bit different even if it is symphonic metal, but more epic.

Vinyl Lair: What kind of food does the band eat while on tour?

Nikolette: Everyone of us prefer different cuisine, but when we were on tour and got hungry we ordered a big pizza 😀

Vinyl Lair: Who would you like to go on tour with?

Nikolette: Oh, one day we would love to tour with bands like Amaranthe, Epica, Nightwish…We do not have some exact wish but it would be great to play with big bands like that. My dream is to go on a tour with Evanescence because Amy inspired me to compose and sing. So that would be very cool.

Vinyl Lair: What hobbies do you like to do on your off time?

Nikolette: I love digital art, so I draw. I love video games. I grew up playing a lot of video because its something I used to do with my father. I also like watching movies and new series, I love reading conspiracy theories, and other books. I am also writing a book in my free time.

Vinyl Lair: You’re writing a book? Thats interesting! Can you tell me what its about?

Nikolette: Of course. It is connected to the story of the band. I created the story a long time ago to give my band some depth and meaning and I wrote it into the lyrics. But then I realized that I wanted to get into more detail and in the songs there is not enough space to get into such detail so I began writing the book. The book (as well as the lyrics) is about a girl who is supposed to connect to the Earth and the underground together because a long time ago there was an apocalypse, a war between two worlds , the demon world and the world of humankind. People wanted more and more power so thats the reason the war began. The story is about a journey of a girl who meets 3 demons on her way who help her to bring balance and restore life. The rest is in the songs, how her journey is going, what she’s learned etc. and the book is much more detailed about the life of her sister, parents, and the underground as well.

Vinyl Lair: That sounds really deep. I look forward to reading it! Is there anything else you would like to say to your fans?

Nikolette: Thank you so much for your support and time you are giving to us! It means a lot to me and to the band. We appreciate it a lot! We are looking forward to seeing all of you soon! Love you all!

Vinyl Lair: Its been a real pleasure talking with you and getting to know more about you Nikolette. Your music is great and you are such a beautiful singer. I wish you the best of luck with your music career!

Nikolette: Thank you so much! I really appreciate it!

You can purchase “War of The Worlds” on all digital platforms. Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Tidal and YouTube

Follow After Evolution on Social Media:

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