Welcome to our “Psychedelic Lunch” series “Spooktober Edition,” where we find out how deep the rabbit hole really goes and explore tunes from the 60’s to today. Enjoy the trip! 🎃

My Dying Bride are an English doom metal band formed in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Forming in 1990, they are known for their slow yet extremely heavy riffs and remarkably morose poetic lyrics. Along with former Peaceville labelmates Anathema and Paradise Lost, My Dying Bride is one of the pioneering acts of the death doom metal movement in the early 1990s, labeled as one of the “Peaceville Three”. However unlike their peers, My Dying Bride would remain on Peaceville from their signing in 1992 to their departure in 2017, making them one of the longest tenured bands on the label.

This band makes some of the best gothic metal ever recorded, and its completely saturated with raw horrific emotion.

Like Gods of the Sun is the fourth album by My Dying Bride released in 1996, and the last album by the band to feature Rick Miah, who left the band in 1997, on drums and Martin Powell on keyboards and violins.

My Dying Bride: Here in The Throat, Album: Like Gods Of The Sun Released October 7th 1996

Psychedelic Lunch

L-R – Dave Sheldon – Guitar, James Arsenian – Vocals, Aaron Spink – Drums, Graham Porter – Bass – Photo by Jason Spun

As people across the northern hemisphere brace for winter, Canada’s Exes For Eyes are releasing a new single, the aptly named “The End Of Summer”. This will be the first music released from the band since 2019, and they are eager to get back into the ears of fans. Featuring Björn Strid of Soilwork, the idea behind the single was to question our integrity as a species. “Do we as western humans have the ability to toughen up? Or are we basically just fucked on a biblical scale?” Exes For Eyes continue to explain the track:

“It can be heavy, it can be subdued, it has tension and release, and a few good old-fashioned earworms. Having Björn onboard has only solidified that this is a song with something special. When we sent him the pre-production, he instantly knew this was a song that had substance. “Your best work” he called it. It has the ability to uplift you to euphoria, and the bottom will instantly drop out, leaving you wondering what exactly happened and looking for a repeat play.”

Essentially a metaphor for the amazing quality of life we take for granted, the song explores the notion that without facing true adversity in life, we are becoming soft and approaching the end of that golden era. This single is the first of four, which will make up an internet fourth release, due to the global situation, the band is taking the time to perfect this next offering and give it the revel it deserves when the time is right. 

Exes For Eyes has been going for almost ten years, during which they released three albums, toured heavily, and shared the stage with an impressive list of metal titans. They have a level of cohesion that only comes with that much experience. 

Melodic, with plenty of low-end grooves, Exes For Eyes is recommended for fans of Lamb of God, Slipknot, Soilwork.The music video for “The End of Summer” ft. Björn Strid of Soilwork can be seen and heard via its premiere onTheCirclePit YouTube channel

Digital stream and download at Exesforeyes.com/merch | Spotify

For more info:

EXES FOR EYES is a project born of an overwhelming amount of mutual respect and admiration between two men. A respect for one another’s work ethic, musical proficiency, stylistic taste and of course, for each other as people. The concept of blindness, be it willing, involuntary, inherent or otherwise is so foreign and far removed from anything within the realm of experience for these men.

However as the process has begun to create this music, it has become apparent how limited one’s own vision can be when staring at the broad side of limitless potential and ambition. With the musical vision of Dave Sheldon (ex-Annihilator, Man With Target) and the lyrical conception of vocalist and frontman Big James (Endast, Authors) the project is very quickly taking shape into something more than either anticipated. The hope is to see the world of metal in a new light, with EXES FOR EYES.

2021 – The End Of Summer (single)
2019 – Of Strength And Sorrow – LP
2014 – Tongues Like Figure Eights – LP
2011 – The Ampler Grid – LP

Exes For Eyes Delivers New Video “The End Of Summer” ft. SOILWORK’s Björn Strid

HOLLOW, lead by Andreas Stoltz (ex-Binary Creed) will be releasing the new album “Tower” on November 26th via Rockshots Records. The fourth full-length from the Swedish power prog act follows 2019’s “Between Eternities of Darkness”, which marked the band’s return after a 20-year hiatus since unleashing the 1999 album “Architects of The Mind” via Nuclear Blast Records.

Today, HOLLOW presents their second single “Every Drop of My Blood”, a fast-paced track about social isolation. Stoltz explains further: 

“This one has been re-written a few times before reaching completion. I couldn’t figure out what to do with the vocals on the chorus, to begin with. There’s this simple, straightforward guitar melody that I wanted to keep, but it kind of collided with most of my vocal ideas. But finally, it clicked with the turn-taking of the lead and the backing vocals.”

Digital Stream – https://spoti.fi/3aC7OCN 

Featuring 10 tracks, “Tower” is a story album best listened to as a whole, which tells a tale of transformation with its blend of progressive metal/rock, power, melodic death and thrash elements. Andrea Stoltz is accompanied by drummer Stalder Zantos who also appeared on “Between Eternities of Darkness”.

“Working with Stalder Zantos has been a more continuous element in writing the material for Tower than on Between Eternities of Darkness and this has definitely influenced the outcome as has contributed more on this album than on the previous one, adds Stoltz.

On HOLLOW‘s “Architect of the Mind” artificial intelligence and creation was the topic, on “Between Eternities of Darkness” parenthood and tragedy and for “Tower” the concept of inner and outer freedom is explored. It’s also about belonging and transcendence and Stoltz hopes these are things that most people can relate to. 

“The relating bit is important, since art – regardless of form – is a meeting of emotions and ideas. It needs to find something to resonate within the person who takes part in it. When asked, I find it hard to describe the music, but it’s metal. It has distorted guitars, double bass drums and harks back to bands like Judas Priest and Queensryche. But there is also quite a bit of contemporary metal on Tower. Since this is a concept album with the ambition of conveying a story, listening to it as a whole is encouraged. I hope you can find something that resonates with you on it. Hopefully, HOLLOW’s fans will be able to trace today’s music back to Modern Cathedral and Architect of the Mind. I’ve made an effort to keep it as straightforward and simple as possible. I think most fans will have no trouble recognizing it as HOLLOW.” comments Stoltz.

“Tower” is due out November 26th, 2021 via Rockshots Records.

Album Pre-save – https://bfan.link/the-tower
CD pre-order – https://bit.ly/hollow_cd

Track Listing:

1. Birth (3:45)
2. The Tower (3:25)
3. Guardian (3:49)
4. The Waiting Is Over (3:26)
5. Destroyer of Worlds (3:38)
6. Every Drop of My Blood (3:58)
7. Sunrise (3:29)
8. A Home Forgotten (3:30)
9. Nation of Man (3:42)
10. Wander On (3:39)
Album Length: 36:24

For more info:

Rockshots Records – HOLLOW New Video “Every Drop of My Blood” Off Upcoming Album “Tower”

L-R – Nicolas Dumais (Bass/BackVocal) | Julien De Carufel (Drums) | Dany Duplessis (Singer/Screamer)
Stéphane Filion (Lead Guitarist) | Dany Soucy (Rhythm Guitarist/Ambiant Lead)
Photo Credit – Claude Prud’Homme – Studio-017

Nova Spei has a second single “Assez” coming out, complete with a new music video. This is following the first unveiled track Qui Sème Le Vent”, which was well-received by fans and media. Having been out of the scene for many years, Nova Spei came together to fill the gap with their unique blend of groovy, djenty and progressive metal.

With each of the twelve songs on the album, Nova Spei tries to give the listener something to reflect on, basing their lyrics on common events that people experience throughout their lives. The songs are high-energy and ready for live performance as soon as it is possible to do so. They explain the single and the album in their own words:

“Assez denounces those who use a cause to embellish their images but who do not do what they advocate. The first album didn’t have the cohesion that this one has. For “Sequentis” we really work together, combine all our influences, and give our best to each part of the song.”

Nova Spei was started by Dany Soucy who is the main songwriter for the band, with Dany Duplessis doing the majority of lyric writing, they ultimately work together collaboratively with each member adding their own touch on the final product.

Those who are intrigued by this release won’t have to wait too long for a follow-up, as the band is already talking about the next album. 

Accessible and thoughtful, Nova Spei caters to a wide assortment of listeners, especially fans of Gojira, Deftones, and Tesseract.

“Sequentis” is due out November 12, 2021 via Quebec label Bam&Co-Heavy. The album was written and produced by Nova Spei plus mixed and mastered by Anthony Chognard along with the album artwork done by Filip Ivanovic.

Album pre-order – https://novaspei.bandcamp.com/album/sequentis

Track Listing:
1. Animal (3:36)
2. Génération Perdue (3:55)
3. Assez (3:25)
4. La Proie (5:07)
5. Sorcière (3:40)
6. Digitalisé (3:50)
7. Nouvel Espoir (4:07)
8. Damné (3:32)
9. Qui Sème Le Vent (3:40)
10. Tête Dure (3:26)
11. Mal Incarné (4:26)
12. Démocratie Bafouée (3:39)
Album Length: 46:26

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Dany Soucy (Rhythm Guitarist / Founder)
Dany Duplessis (Singer/Screamer)
Julien De Carufel (Drums)
Nicolas Dumais (Bass/Back Vocal)
Stéphane Filion (Lead Guitarist)

For more info:

NOVA SPEI, is a Francophone progressive metal band from Montreal Quebec. They were formed in 2012 by Dany Soucy (guitar) (Dook, Legion) and in 2014, Nicolas Dumais (bass) and Dany Duplessis (vocals) joined the lineup. Stéphane Filion (guitar) joined the band in August 2018 while Julien De Carufel (drums) arrived in August 2021.

In 2014, Nicolas Dumais (bass) and Dany Duplessis (vocals. Stéphane Filion (guitar) joined the formation in August 2018 while Julien De Carufel (drums) arrived in August 2021.  

The band is a heavy sound coming from the guitar and the drums reminiscent of Deftones, Meshuggah and Tesseract. Vocals are influenced by Killswitch Engage, Staind, and Breaking Benjamin. The progressive side on the bass is inspired by Dream Theater and Porcupine Tree.

Their rhythms depict texts that leave room for reflection. A reflective metal with a Djent flavor.

They presented their first album “Éponyme” 2017. In 2019, they were tour support for Anonmyus’ 30th anniversary Quebec tour of the same group, which added to their 50 date tour to promote the debut album.

The production and direction of their first full length were done in the band’s home studio in Champlain, QC, and it was mixed/produced/mastered in France by Anthony Chognard (Smash Hit Combo, CHSprod). Their lead single “The Man with 1000 Smiles” is in constant rotation on Quebec RadioX 98.1FM and their song “Ma Muse” can be heard during the Canadiens hockey games at the Centre Bell in Montreal.

2019 marked the beginning of the recording of their second album, which is entitled “Sequentis”, which will be released on November 12, 2021 via label Bam & Co Heavy.

“Une pièce qui a tout ce qui faut pour devenir un classique du métal québécois. Des phrases percutantes et pleine de sens sur une musique lourde à souhait.” – Ondes Chocs

“Nova Spei : Nouvel espoir sur la scène métallique au Québec” – Voir

Montreal’s NOVA SPEI New Music Video “Assez” Off Upcoming Album “Sequentis”


Words can limit and restrictively define. They place boundaries and borders upon expression. We all know the sensations, emotions and experiences which are simply indescribable, beyond the tools of language to express; the connected gaze, the taste of mountain air, the spell that bird song weaves around the heart. These wordless moments elevate us beyond the need to record or explain. And there is the shadow side of these unarticulated gifts; the unique pain as a heart breaks, the all-enveloping darkness of grief and loss, the inexplicable terror of a nightmare without reason or structure. The most vivid, vital, desperate moments of our existence are found…in the absence of words.

In The Absence Of Words was brought into existence in Stockholm, Sweden in 2017, with the purpose of expressing moods and experiences that lie beyond the remit of speech. The music created wanders freely through different styles and approaches, always striving to capture the essence of a moment, the spirit of a story or the resonance of an emotion. Throughout 2017 one piece, one chapter of sound was released every month and further recordings emerged, like unexpected soft showers of rain, over the subsequent years. Then, in 2021, it was decided that the work of In The Absence Of Words would be brought together in two compilations, two expansive tomes of sound. In April, A Collection I was released, featuring six deeply immersive pieces of dark ambience that captured the hearts and imaginations of all those who slipped beneath its tranquil waters. Now it is time to step across the threshold of A Collection II, which highlights the most lyrical yet wordless of In The Absence Of Words’ compositions. This is your chance to bask in the radiance of ‘An Emergence Of A Feeling Feared Lost’, to feel memories stirred by ‘Rites Of Passage’, to grasp an unsuspected connection with ‘Of Times Passed’ and to float on the soft clouds of understanding that drift through ‘This Is All There Is’…

Released on Spotify on September 1st, for those who are unfamiliar with the work of In The Absence Of Words, A Collection II will be a revelation. Each piece of music carries within it an elixir of experience that echoes the secret memories of our own lives. These are sounds that speak to the heart in a language without words that we have all known since our birth, an essential part of our souls.

“The project’s anonymous identity is not an attempt to be secretive; rather, identification and personification are considered inconsequential to the music.”

Genre: Ambient
For fans of: Dead Melodies | Flowers For Bodysnatchers | Pink Floyd | Tiamat

Further Information:

“…soft, cloud-like, with sonorous, billowing drones changing shape and form…”

In The Absence Of Words – A Collection II

Photo by: Jessy Dwyer (Beyond the Pit)
Nick Boudreault (Vocals) – Maxime Rondeau (Lead Guitar) – Maurice Emond Jr. (Bass) – Mathieu Fréchette (Drums) – Eric Desormeaux (Rhythm Guitar)

It’s been a tough year for many bands during the age of Covid, but it has also been a source of inspiration for artistic expression. From lockdowns to friends and family unable to see one other, Gatineau, QC’s FRACTURES & OUTLINES are showcasing their disappointment with the world by sharing their take on the current events with their new single and music video “Vultures”.

The track is a hard-hitting mosh anthem that fulminates the band’s frustration towards the current state of the world and their anger concerning seeing people around them falling for misinformation and conspiracies. As you listen, you can hear a blend of musical elements similar to early Silverstein and heavy-riffing like A Day to Remember. The band explains the track in further detail:

“Vultures is our first step into the world of modern metal. We’re transitioning from our post-hardcore sound to a more polished version of ourselves, delivering our frustration through what we believe is one of our best tracks yet. However, we do want to mention that Vultures is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to our musical future, and we’ve been stepping into new and unknown territory for us.”

The music video for “Vultures” directed by Jessy Dwyer (Beyond the Pit) can be seen and heard via its premiere on YouTube channel.

During the recording of “Vultures“, vocalist Nick Boudreault passed out after delivering the long scream during its breakdown after running out of air. “Vultures” was produced by guitarist Eric Desormeaux to follow the band’s 2020 single “Kerosene” and 2019 debut album “Defenseless”. The comic book theme for the single’s artwork created by vocalist Nick Boudreault was drawn to represents his inner demons along with allowing it to tell its own story.

For more info:

Ripping out of Gatineau, Canada, Fractures & Outlines is a post-hardcore band with influences ranging from Silverstein, No Use For A Name and Killswitch Engage.

The band came together in 2014 and work tirelessly planting their feet in the local underground music scene. Intrepidly, they created their first EP ‘Checkmate’ in 2017, which was met with solid acclaim from various publications.

As a team, the band works on each song together crafting heavy hooks, catchy choruses, and brutal breakdowns with lyrical themes about internal struggle and having to fight your own demons. Working to further develop a sound that is their own, they hit the studio in 2018 to start work on their 10 track full-length ‘Defenseless’ released in May 2019.

In 2020, a year after the release of their debut album, the band returned with their follow-up single “Kerosene”. The band teamed up once again with producer Joe Lyko (Dark Moon Productions).

Now in 2021, Fractures & Outlines return with their next single “Vultures”. The track was written amidst a band hiatus in the middle of the Covid pandemic. It’s a hard-hitting mosh anthem that fulminates their band’s frustration towards the current state of the world and their anger concerning seeing people around them falling for misinformation and conspiracies. As you listen, you can hear a blend of musical elements similar to early Silverstein and heavy-riffing like A Day to Remember.

“Vultures” is out on all digital platforms.

FRACTURES & OUTLINES Despise Covid Times In New Music Video “Vultures”

Welcome to our “Psychedelic Lunch” series “Spooktober Edition,” where we find out how deep the rabbit hole really goes and explore tunes from the 60’s to today. Enjoy the trip!

Metal, punk and rock songs are Halloween-appropriate – both genres revel in not just horror and morbid subject matters, but also that Addams Family-ish enjoyment of outsider status and freaking out the normies. But when it comes to writing songs specifically about the day, very few bands have written incredibly memorable tracks. It’s hard to lock down that exact giddy, autumnal atmosphere that only Halloween provides, and pen a track that’s both as spooky and celebratory as the day itself.

But a handful of bands and artists have answered the call with flying colors. Whether with ambient soundtracks to trick-or-treating or raucous anthems to the Druidic celebration of Samhain, these songs pay worthy tribute to the holiest day of the year for all creeps, weirdos, and monsters.

Wednesday 13 – Halloween 13-13 (2012)

The Duke Of Spook writing a Halloween song is like Santa writing a Christmas carol, and thankfully the result is exactly what you’d expect it to be. Halloween 13 – 13 is a big, fun, hands-in-the-air holiday anthem, honoring ‘the dead on holiday’ with a finger-snapping rhythm and giant woah-full choruses. What the song lacks in the folk traditions of Samhain, it makes up for in complete dedication to the latex-covered cavity-inducing top-hatted spirit of the season. Sometimes, you’ve just got to put on a rubber mask and dance like you’ll be dead by dawn.

Spook & Destroy is the third extended play by American horror punk musician Wednesday 13. It was released on 9 October 2012.

Psychedelic Lunch

Welcome to our “Psychedelic Lunch” series “Spooktober Edition,” where we find out how deep the rabbit hole really goes and explore tunes from the 60’s to today. Enjoy the trip!

Photo Credit Christy Lee



Morningrise is the second studio album by Swedish progressive metal/rock band Opeth. It was released on 24 June 1996 in Europe by Candlelight Records and on 24 June 1997 in the United States by Century Black. The recording sessions took place at Unisound studio, in Örebro, during March and April 1996, and once more the band used producer Dan Swanö. Morningrise was the last Opeth album produced by Swanö. It was also the last Opeth release with drummer Anders Nordin and bassist Johan De Farfalla.

Morningrise showcases Opeth’s signature style, exploring the dynamics between the combination of black metal and death metal vocals, and guitar parts with lighter progressive and acoustic elements.

Who is Opeth? Opeth is a Swedish band which could be described as a progressive metal, death metal, band prog rock band but this description wouldn’t really do any justice to the special kind of music that they play: their music transcends categorization. For they blend elements from 70’s progressive rock with elements from the 80’s traditional heavy rock, jazz, classical music (mainly from the Baroque era), and 90’s death and black metal.

Their compositions are usually very long (for example, every track from the “Morningrise” album is above the 10 minute mark, with one song even clocking in at over 20 minutes), and they usually let the listener experience many mood changes, in what could be described as true “journeys” of many discoveries.

While their newer material is extremely polarizing, you can’t go wrong with Opeth’s back catalogue of brilliant song writing.

Psychedelic Lunch

Welcome to our “Psychedelic Lunch” series “Spooktober Edition,” where we find out how deep the rabbit hole really goes and explore tunes from the 60’s to today. Enjoy the trip!


Zombi: L’Alba Dei Morti Viventi

Anything Goblin will do here since they have scored some of the most memorable horror movies of all time.

Goblin is an Italian progressive rock band known for their soundtrack work. They frequently collaborate with Dario Argento, most notably creating soundtracks for Profondo Rosso in 1975 and Suspiria in 1977. CD re-releases of their soundtracks have performed well, especially in Germany and Japan.

Psychedelic Lunch

Welcome to our “Psychedelic Lunch” series “Spooktober Edition,” where we find out how deep the rabbit hole really goes and explore tunes from the 60’s to today. Enjoy the trip!


Spellbound (by the Devil)

Leave it to the Norwegian black metal musicians to churn up some diabolical devil chants.

Enthrone Darkness Triumphant is the third studio album by Norwegian symphonic black metal band Dimmu Borgir, released on 30 May 1997 through Nuclear Blast. It was the band’s first release through Nuclear Blast. This is the last release to feature keyboardist Stian Aarstad and the first with bassist Nagash.

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