Since their inception back in 1998 The Meads Of Asphodel have danced, like a drunken, trickster god, through the fields of human ignorance. With no consideration, no concerns and no fucks given they have prodded and provoked the stupid, with the sharp stick of their independent thinking. They have walked hand in hand with the truth across the broken glass of controversy and stood tall for the right to live free from the dogmas of faith and the oppression of unquestioned authority. Their music has remained as unfettered as their thinking and they now return with another barbed attack upon the idiocy of humanity, another goblet of soul-cheering elixir for those free from chains…

Running Out Of Time Doing Nothing is an album of wild diversity that somehow hangs together in a perfectly seamless whole; an unbroken flow of shining creativity. Opening with the jagged shapes of ‘Bug Splat’ the album whisks us through folk, punk, dance, ambient, metal…so many genres that they all become one; one multifaceted, liberated explosion of music. From the gently swinging piano entwined in menace of ‘Like Blood Shaped Flakes Of Snow’ to the stirring melodies of ‘The Broken Wings Of Hud Hud’ and harsh, encrusted extremity of ‘Souvenir Of Death’, Running Out Of Time… is free above all else. After the painstakingly researched and conceptually focussed previous albums, The Murder Of Jesus The Jew and Sonderkommando, The Meads decided, in their own words, to “unshackle the muse, so to speak, and let what will be…be.”  

With an array of guests, including Alan Davey (Hawkwind, Gunslinger), adding their unique talents to its incomparable blend of magics, Running Out Of Time… is an album of passion, drama, dark humour and uncompromising views. It spits venom at the bloated bodies of religion, conformity and control, revels in teasing and taunting the blinkered and foolish and sings long and loud with the free of spirit. This is The Meads Of Asphodel as they have always been – and yet as they have never been before.

Metatron – Vocals
J.D Tait – Guitars, Vocals, Keys & Bass
André Kjelbergvik Thung – Drums & Percussion
Alan Davey – Bass – Tracks 1, 3, 5 & 9
Iain Smith – Keyboards – Track 1
Christina Padovano – Vocals – Tracks 7 & 11 (Backing on 8)
Will Banyard – Vocals & Violin – Tracks 3 & 8 (Violin on 7)
Christina Poupoutsi – Vocals – Tracks 2 & 4
Charlie Noakes – Bass – Track 4
Malcolm Tait – Saxophone – Track 10
Steve Wallace – Guitar Solo – Track 10

Genre: Experimental Extreme Metal
For fans of: Hawkwind | Arcturus | Skyclad | Robert Calvert
Further Information:

The Meads Of Asphodel have proven themselves to be the future of black metal…” 

The Meads Of Asphodel – Running Out Of Time Doing Nothing


In an age of chaos, an age of grief, the lost and the broken remnants of humanity swarm beneath the condemning gaze of dark gods. A thousand individual tragedies are played out unseen in the mass of screaming, bleeding, desperate souls; each one insignificant to those who have come to judge and dispense justice. Collectively mankind has been found wanting and the sentence is annihilation. An unspoken moment arrives and the vast tableau falls silent, the last second of existence for a doomed species and then unimaginable power is unleashed…the purification has begun.

Those steps towards destruction, that last held breath and then the explosion of a soul-scorching firestorm is encapsulated perfectly in the opening two tracks of Tyrmfar’s gargantuan Renewal Through Purification. The grandiose, portentous notes of ‘The Arrival…’ bring the promise of stories to be told, of vast, black clouds gathering and filling the endless skies – and then, after a fraction of a second where utter terror floods the mind, ‘…Of The Legions Of Eternity’ is upon you! The endless thunder of the drums obliterates the silence and black majesty, wild power held within a steel grip, descends. Yet Tyrmfar are about so much more than simple domination, as remarkable emotion burns between the towering ramparts of brute force riffs. Melodies steeped in loss and pain weave their way through the overwhelming avalanche of destruction – holding you hypnotised, captivated even as your inevitable doom crashes towards you.  

Hailing from the mountains of Switzerland, Tyrmfar’s story began in 2013 and their ascent has been a rapid one. Their first release was the 2015 EP, In The Depths Of A Dark Spirit which was followed in 2017 by the superb Human Abomination album – hailed by Daily Rock as “bloody and invigorating”. The band were soon playing major European festivals like the massive Metal Days event and performing with giants of extreme music like Krisiun; nor were they out of place on such bills with Daily Rock naming them “artists who can shake the most seasoned headliners of extreme music festivals.” All that experience has now been poured into the creation of their game-changing second album, Renewal Through Purification. This collection of breathtaking songs, due out in June through MTAF Records is a magnificent fusion of the atmosphere of black metal and the power of death metal. This is Tyrmfar announcing themselves as true contenders on the world stage, ready to carve their bloody path to the throne.

Tyrmfar are coming…prepare to be judged. 

Robin – Vocals
Mickael – Guitar
Kévin – Guitar
Julien – Bass
Quentin – Drums

Genre: Melodic Black/Death Metal
For fans of: Kataklysm | Immortal | God Seed | Nile
Further Information:

“…melodious, deadly black metal…” – METAL INSIDE

NEW PROMO: Tyrmfar – Renewal Through Purification [black/death metal on MTAF Records]

PARALLEL MINDS join forces with DISTORTED SOUND MAGAZINE to premiere their fantastic new video ‘On Your Own’.

Parallel Minds have unveiled a brand new video for the track ‘On Your Own‘, taken from their critically acclaimed album, Every Hour Wounds…The Last One Kills. The video, which eschews the typical ‘band playing in an industrial wasteland’ approach, in favour of an ambitious mini-movie which explores the concepts of solitude and loneliness, is premiering exclusively with Distorted Sound Magazine


The band spoke to Distorted Sound, explaining some of the themes within the song and how they strove to interpret these visually…

“The lyrical theme is solitude and the idea is that, no matter how surrounded you might be, there will always be moments in your life when you feel desperately lonely. It’s a feeling shared by everyone in the world, but from a personal point of view it’s very autobiographical as well. The melancholic vibe of the music portrays that feeling, although it’s not really a ballad as it’s still very heavy and dark.
As a band we don’t particularly like to show our faces and we’re all kind of bored of the classic metal video, showing some guys with angry faces playing in a hangar, so we went for a very different approach. We tried to bring the song’s themes to life in a short movie – in our own humble way. Being an independent, DIY band, all the shots were filmed and edited by our vocalist, Steph, with the help of his friends and family. Even the baby shots are completely authentic as that’s Steph’s kid!
What we have created is a very personal song and video for the band. We hope that we will be able to evoke equally personal emotions in those who hear the song and watch this new video.”

As mentioned above, ‘On Your Own’ is taken from Parallel Minds second album, Every Hour Wounds…The Last One Kills which has been stunning reviewers around the metal world with its incredible blend of progressive and thrash metal…

“…a thunderous and very heavy ride of relentless heavy metal from a band not afraid to explore various genres of metal music.” – METAL GODS TV

“…enough variety on show to please all rock fans…” – POWERPLAY ROCK AND METAL MAGAZINE

“…well crafted, catchy and powerful modern metal.” – ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE

For more information on Parallel Mindsl click here
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Visit Parallel Mind’s label, Pitch Black Records

Parallel Minds premiere their amazing new video, ‘On Your Own’, with Distorted Sound Magazine.i

FORGED IN BLACK launch new lyric video for ‘Shadowcasters’, the latest single from their glorious Fighter Records album, Descent Of The Serpent.


Forged In Black unveil a new lyric video for the track ‘Shadowcasters‘, taken from their latest and greatest album, Descent Of The Serpent. The video brings to life the stunning album artwork created for the band by Dan Goldsworthy (Gloryhammer, Alestorm, Accept, Hell etc), complimenting the punchy, direct metal attack of the song. The ‘Shadowcasters’ video is being hosted by Fighter Records, Forged In Black’s label and a bastion of true heavy metal.

Forged In Black have been playing a series of storming shows around the UK in recent weeks in support of the Descent Of The Serpent album, which continues to pull in adulation from all corners of the metal press…

“Forged In Black’s crusade is one in which they look destined to win.” – ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE

“…razor sharp riffage…” – POWERPLAY ROCK AND METAL MAGAZINE

“… the perfect power/thrash album …” – MUSIPEDIA OF METAL

“… nothing short of a Power Metal masterpiece …” – METAL TEMPLE

For more information on Forged In Black click here
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Visit Forged In Black’s label, Fighter Records

Forged In Black unveil a new lyric video for the track ‘Shadowcasters

Symphonic metallers Pythia have released their new album The Solace Of Ancient Earth.

The press reaction so far to The Solace Of Ancient Earth has been outstanding, with Independent Music Showcase awarding the album 10/10 and declaring it “an absolute gem”.

For more information on Pythia click here
Visit Pythia on Facebook
If you can’t make it to the Big Red, pre-order your copy of The Solace Of Ancient Earth here

Pythia announce The release of Solace Of Ancient Earth album

We know Jason Momoa is a diehard metalhead. He’s previously said a Tool song inspired his performance in Aquaman and he’s showed up to Metallica gigs representing, saying his favorite bands are Metallica and Pantera.

Momoa was in full fanboy mode when attending a European gig for thrashers Slayer and Anthrax in Budapest, Hungary. On Instagram, Momoa wrote “love metal, so much fire, it was one of the greatest shows of my life. childhood dream @slayerbandofficial @anthrax my mind was blown Meeting your idols and they’re fucking amazing So thankful so grateful. Aloha”

The feelings were mutual as the members of Anthrax and Slayer were just excited to take photos with the Khal Drogo from Game of Thrones.

Actor Jason Momoa Poses For Photos with SLAYER, ANTHRAX Members Backstage

Written By Braddon S. Williams AKA “The Concert Critic”

On this date in history, 5/16/2019, I witnessed the end of an era. Specifically the Slayer era. I will say arguably (for the sake of argument), because in this contentious time we live in everything is up for debate, but for me personally, Slayer are the greatest Thrash Metal band to ever walk the Earth.

I was lucky to get the chance to see them twice on this final world tour they are currently staging; last year in Ohio and this time in Noblesville, IN at Deer Creek (yeah, I’m not going to use the new stupid name!).

Foul weather threatened to spoil our good time. Indeed, we were denied a performance by the mighty Cannibal Corpse due to the delayed start time.

Amon Amarth and Lamb Of God delivered suitably crushing warmup sets, but this night was all about Slayer for me, and the titans delivered the goods just as they had every other time I was privileged to witness their ferocious live attack.

Over the course of my 8 times seeing Slayer I have seen nearly every lineup they have put on a stage (never saw them with Jon Dette on drums or when Phil Demmel subbed for Gary Holt for a few shows recently), and in my opinion as long as Tom Araya was singing and Kerry King was playing those crushing Slayer riffs, it was always pure Slayer. Of course Jeff Hanneman will be forever missed and idolized, but Mr. Gary Holt has done a miraculous job of not only replicating Hanneman’s playing style, but also shining his own immense talent and charisma into the band.

Likewise, Dave Lombardo’s drumming was undoubtedly the best the genre ever produced, but Paul Bostaph is a beast in his own right, and has kept the pummeling brutality of Slayer spot on throughout his tenure with the band. On this final go around, all the expected songs were delivered in larger than life technicolor, flame enhanced glory.

The lights and sound were perfection, and South Of Heaven, Chemical Warfare, Angel Of Death, Seasons In The Abyss, War Ensemble, Disciple, Dead Skin Mask, and Raining Blood (among many others) were magical metal moments.

At the end, Tom Araya walked the stage, soaking in the adoration of his people, clearly savoring the 5 minute roaring ovation. Finally he walked to the microphone at center stage, proclaimed that there would be no speech, then simply told us he will miss us…

I think I can speak for a lot of us…we’re certainly going to miss him…and Slayer.

On This Date in History May 16, 2019 Slayer Farewell Tour