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Note* This was written for Loudwire 2 years ago and is being reposted on Vinyl Lair on the 15th anniversary of Dimebag Darrells death in remembrance.

The metal community was turned upside-down on Dec. 8, 2004. On the twenty fourth anniversary of the assassination of John Lennon, music fans across the globe were bombarded by instant messages, emails and phone calls from friends and family informing them or wanting to know if the rumors that Pantera and Damageplan guitarist Dimebag Darrell had really been killed onstage. Was his brother and drummer Vinnie Paul still alive, and what happened to everyone else?

As the hours passed, the horrible truth was revealed and the metal scene was irrevocably altered. Dimebag had indeed been shot and killed while performing onstage with his band Damaegplan. Not only had the world lose a charismatic wildman, a generous soul and a stellar musician, the game instantly changed for nearly every other musician. No longer were fans rushing the stage viewed as welcome participants; they became potential assailants.

“After something like that happens to one of your best friends, how could you ever feel safe, anywhere, ever?” said Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian. “The few times that kids have made it up onto the stage during our show, no matter how friendly the scenario, the first thing I think is, ‘Dude, you should not be on this f—ing stage. You should know better.’ To me, everything changed after Dime was killed. The stage became off-limits for everyone but musicians. I don’t give a f–k how much fun you’re having. Stay the f–k off the stage.”

At the time of the tragedy, Damageplan were two shows away from the end of a tour to support their debut album, New Found Power, and Dime and his brother drummer Vinnie Paul were looking forward to celebrating the holidays and then getting and getting back into the studio to work on a follow-up record.

The afternoon of the shooting, the band arrived at the Alrosa Villa club in Columbus, Ohio. Soundcheck went without incident and then Dimebag, who remembered playing the place in Pantera’s early days, thanked the club owner for booking Damageplan, the group he and his brother formed when they put Pantera on hold. After soundcheck, Dime went back to the band’s bus to get ready for the show. Then the two brothers stood by the side of the stage to watch the opening band.

“They were doing Parliament songs heavy metal style and they were all dressed up like G.I. Joes,” Vinnie Paul told me in 2006. “We were catching such a nut on them. We were back there doing shots and peeking out and cracking up about the whole thing. So, we were all in a good mood and we had a full house that night and went up on the deck and right before we went on Dime was warming up his hand and putting his lip gloss on. The last thing I ever said to him was ‘Van Halen?’ And he gives me five and says, ‘Van f–in’ Halen!’ That was our code word for letting it all hang out and having a good time. And that’s the last thing he ever said to me, man. It’s insane.”

Just a few bars into the opening song “Breathing New Life,” a six-foot-five inch former marine, Nathan Gale, burst out from behind a seven-and-a-half foot-high wall of amps and ran across the stage with a Beretta 9mm handgun. He stopped directly in front of Dime and fired three shots at the back of the guitarist’s head and one that hit his hand. Gale kept firing as members of the crew charged him. The gunman killed four and injured two before putting Paul’s drum tech, John “Kat” Brooks” in a headlock and taking him hostage. That’s when officer James Niggemeyer, responding to a 911 call less than three minutes after it was made, arrived on the scene without backup and shot Gale dead with a single well-placed shot from 12-guage Remington 870 shotgun. Gale had 35 rounds of ammunition left when he was killed. “I knew from that distance I could shoot the suspect, as long as I aimed high enough and wouldn’t hurt the hostage,” Niggemeyer told MTV News in 2005. “At that point, almost immediately, I fired.”

While he was proclaimed a hero, Niggemeyer suffered from severe post-traumatic stress disorder and severe anxiety and eventually quit the police force. In 2011 he got a civilian job and was still seeing a counselor because of the emotional distress he suffered in 2004.

At first, the police thought Gale shot Dimebag because the he was convinced the guitarist was responsible for breaking up Pantera, his favorite band. The news widened the already huge gulf between Vinnie Paul and Pantera vocalist Philip Anselmo, whose continuous pursuit of side projects and lack of communication with the other members of Pantera contributed to the Abbotts’ decision to stop trying to get Pantera back together. During that time, Anselmo and the Abbott brothers exchanged verbal barbs in the press and Vinnie Paul was especially miffed by a comment Anselmo made to UK magazine Metal Hammer that Dime “deserves to be beaten severely.”

“There’s no doubt the guy who did this was out of his f—in’ mind,” Vinnie Paul told me. “He’s somebody that should have been incarcerated. When you’ve got somebody with obvious mental problems, it’s not a great idea for his mother to go get him a gun that’s used for killing people in the military. And obviously, he knew how to use it. He wasn’t just some ragtime dude who grabbed a gun. I saw what happened, and I knew exactly that the dude was on a mission, man, for whatever reason. And the kind of s— [Philip] said [to Metal Hammer] is the kind of s— that might incite the guy that did this to do the kind of things that he did.”

A thorough police investigation following the shooting determined that Gale was a troubled schizophrenic who believed that the members of Pantera were stealing his thoughts. Although Anselmo hasn’t spoken with Vinnie Paul since before the shooting and was told he wasn’t welcome at Dime’s funeral, the vocalist continues to speak highly of his former close friend Dimebag and insists “it just keeps getting tougher and tougher” every year without him. In addition, he continues to extend an olive branch to Vinnie Paul.

“He can come through that door with fifths, a handshake — any of the above — just as long as he comes because I love the guy,” Anselmo told me in 2010. “I love him. I love Vince. He’s a big part of my life, man. I just want to say on my end, I am an open door. I am an open door.”

As the first decade since Dime’s death passed in 2014 it became clear that Vinnie Paul isn’t ready to welcome Anselmo back into his life and he may never be. “It’s just not important to me,” Vinnie said during a Hellyeahinterview. “If you had an ex-wife and it was a pretty bitter split, you might not ever want to talk to her again. Who cares if everybody in the family and your friends want you to say hello again. It’s your choice whether you want to do it or not.”

While time has helped heal the wounds of seeing his brother and bandmate killed in front of him, whenever he stops and thinks about Dime, Vinnie starts to get depressed. That’s the main reason he bought a house in Las Vegas, where he spends much of his time.

“Texas will always be my home, but me and my brother used to go to Vegas all the time to escape,” Paul said. “When my brother was taken from us, there were so many ‘I’m sorrys.’ In Dallas that never stopped. It’s always a reminder of what happened when it comes up. People don’t understand that. They mean well, but I could be out somewhere watching a show, having a good time and I’ll hear, ‘Hey, sorry about your brother, man,’ and I’m right back to thinking about that night and him. It was hard to deal with. So I started going to Vegas for a few weeks at a time and I didn’t hear that as much. Then I found out you could buy houses for nothing because the housing market crashed. So I got a really nice house and now I really enjoy spending time in both places.”


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New Soilwork To Be Released January 11th 2019

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America’s list of weird buildings shaped like other things is about to get a striking new entry. Florida’s Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino has started building an addition shaped like the body of a guitar. When completed in 2020, the 450-foot-tall structure will be the largest guitar-like building in the world (because that’s a thing, apparently).

“It’s not just an exterior façade,” said Hard Rock International Chairman James Allen. “The curving of the building will be identical to an authentic guitar.”

The $1.5 billion construction project kicked off with a “guitar smashing” ceremony characteristic of large Hard Rock events. The giant guitar building will contain 638 hotel rooms and suites—doubling the Seminole Hard Rock’s total number of rooms—in addition to a 41,000-square-foot spa, and several restaurants.

The hotel’s existing performance venue will also be replaced by a new 7,000-seat theater. The new buildings will also be surrounded by a 10-acre campus of waterfalls, plunge pools, eateries, and ponds accommodating canoes and paddle boats.

Florida Hard Rock hotel will be shaped like a guitar

Wann wart ihr eigentlich das letzte Mal im Kino und habt euch auf großer Leinwand einen Musikfilm reingezogen? Okay, mit dem aktuell laufenden Queen Epos Bohemian Rhapsody sollte die Frage nicht allzu schwer zu beantworten sein. Das es aber ein Metal Movie mal wieder in die Säle schafft, ist schon ein Weilchen her.

Allerdings passiert genau das vom 10. bis 12. Januar 2019 in ausgewählten Kinos in Deutschland, wenn , wenn die Ascot Elite Entertainment den Streifen Heavy Trip in Special Screening Events flimmern lassen wird.

Die Musik des auf dem Fantasy Filmfest 2018 mit dem Publikumspreis ausgezeichnete Streifen stammt von Lauri Porra, seines Zeichens Bassist der finnischen Power Metaller von Stratovarius.

“Sie heißen Impaled Rektum und sie spielen „Symphonic-Post-Apocalyptic-Reindeer-Grinding-Christ-Abusing-Extreme-War-Pagan-Fennoscandian-Metal“. Fuck yeah!”
Die Spielzeiten im Berliner Cinemaxx:

Donnerstag, 10.01.19 – 20 Uhr

Freitag, 11.01.19 – 22:30 Uhr

Die Spielzeiten im Potsdamer UCI:

Donnerstag, 10.01.19 – 20 Uhr

Freitag, 11.01.19 – 23 Uhr


Heavy Trip – Vorverkauf für das Kino Event gestartet

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A lángok mély, bársonyos árnyékában alakok pörögnek és forognak, az érzékelés határán, rémisztően, de mégis vonzóan. Egy lágy, buja hang hív, hogy átlépj a lángokon a mögöttük lévő csábító bűnbe. Az ígéret és a rituálé szavai csavarodnak keresztül az éjszakai levegőn, hangok ezüstfonalán utazva, zenén, mely valami mély, ősi és elfeledett dologról mesél. A zene kapcsolatot kínál a rég ismert igazságokhoz, értelmen túli szenvedélyt és titkok feltárását ígéri. Tudás és gyönyör, erő és kinyilatkoztatás, transzcendencia az öröm által.

A zene, ami a lángok mögül szól, a The Concept Of Self, a Tor Marrock mestereinek, a szörnyű varázslóknak harmadik kollekciója. Ezek a hipnotikus dalok lángra gyújtják a véred és a hálójukba kerítenek, amint még a szívverésed fölött is átveszik a kontrollt. Aztán a kegyetlen riffek elkezdenek boncolni téged, mint egy selyemköpenyből előhúzott fogazott penge. Borzongj meg Liv Free vendégénekes elsuttogott ígéreteitől a ‘(Let’s Make) Love In The Dark’-ban, érezz félelmet, amint rájössz, hogy nem találod a hazavezető ösvényt, míg a ‘The Dark In Your Eyes’ még beljebb ránt téged a feketeségbe. Végül emelkedj ki, véresen és újszülötten, örökre megváltozva, a ‘The Concept Of Self’-be, az album epikus lezárásába.

1 – The Belonging
2 – Sacrifice The Flesh
3 – Angel (The Second Beast)
4 – (Let’s Make) Love In The Dark
5 – The Dark In Your Eyes
6 – Sultress
7 – Summer In Italy
8 – The Concept Of Self

A 2005-ben alakult Tor Marrock a nyugat-walesi hegyekből származik, első demójuk a The Death Of Summer volt, mellyel az első pillantást vetették a vágytól vezérelt boszorkányság világába. Ezt két album követte újabb, a sötétségbe tett lépésként: A Gothic Romance (2007) és Destroy The Soul (2013). Most, hogy hosszabbak az éjszakák és újra itt a tél, a Black Vulture Records kész ismét meggyújtani a lángot és a The Concept Of Self-hez hívni mindenkit. December 13-tól a Tor Marrock új örömökkel hív titeket a lángokon túlról. Csatlakozz a tánchoz.

Tor Marrock – gitár, vokál
Dio Davies – dobok
Dean Vaughan – basszusgitár
Liv Free vendégszereplésével – vokál a ‘(Let’s Make) Love In The Dark’-ban

További információ: www.facebook.com/TOR-MARROCK-161843921361/

“őszinte, ugyanakkor titokzatos; éteri, mégis az élet kifinomultságával van tele”

Ezt a cikket eddig 167 alkalommal tekintették meg.

Tor Marrock – “The Belonging” (Official video)

Swedish doom metal legends CANDLEMASS will release their 12th album, “The Door To Doom”, on February 22, 2019 via Napalm Records. The disc unsurprisingly follows the plotline mastermind, songwriter and bass player Leif Edling established in the past years: epic world-class doom metal that relies on slow mammoth riffing. 

“The Door To Doom” features newly returned singer Johan Längqvist, who recently replaced CANDLEMASS‘s frontman of the past six years, Mats Levén. Also appearing on the record is none other than BLACK SABBATH‘s Tony Iommi, who contributes a guest solo to “Astorolus – The Great Octopus”.

Commented Iommi: “CANDLEMASS are a major force in Scandinavian heavy rock and have always acknowledged the influence we had on their music. They asked if I’d contribute to a track which sounded pretty good so I thought, ‘Why not?'”

Added Edling: “We feel very honoured that Tony Iommisaid yes to play the solo on ‘Astorolus’. The song was sent to the management and amazingly enough, the master agreed to let his mighty SG sing on the track! For me personally, this is a dream come true. Tony Iommihas always been my hero and guiding light when it comes to heavy music, so to hear that he likes the song and also would like to play on it gave me chills down the spine! I’m still in shock! But kudos to him to be so cool to even listen to it. Hats off! Tony Iommi is and will always be God!”

“The Door To Doom” track listing:

01. Splendor Demon Majesty 
02. Under The Ocean 
03. Astorolus – The Great Octopus (feat. Tony Iommi) 
04. Bridge Of The Blind 

05. Death’s Wheel 
06. Black Trinity 
07. House Of Doom 
08. The Omega Circle 

Längqvist sang on CANDLEMASS‘s debut album, 1986’s “Epicus Doomicus Metallicus”, before exiting the group and being replaced by Messiah Marcolin.

CANDLEMASS‘s most recent full-length album, “Psalms For The Dead”, came out in 2012 via Napalm Records. It was the last CANDLEMASS album recorded with singer Robert Lowe, who left the band just days before its release.


Leif Edling: Bass 
Mats “Mappe” Björkman: Guitars 
Jan Lindh: Drums 
Lars “Lasse” Johansson: Guitars  
Johan Längqvist: Vocals

CANDLEMASS band photo by Anders Pålsson


Written By Robert Ham

The estate of Dimebag Darrell and Dean Guitars have won a lawsuit filed against them by a man who alleged that he hadn’t been compensated for the sale of replicas of the late Pantera co-founder’s “Dean From Hell” guitar.

Buddy Webster, aka Buddy Blaze, brought the copyright suit against the estate as well as Armadillo Enterprises, the parent company of Dean Guitars, which made the original instrument and has sold replicas of the Dean ML guitar used by Darrell.

The crux of Webster’s claim, according to the suit, which was filed first at the U.S. District Court in Central California before being transferred to the Middle District of Florida, is that he was responsible for the design of the “visual look for the guitar… a unique blue background with lightning emanating from the center of the guitar body.”

Webster alleges that he and the guitarist were friends when Pantera was getting their start in the ‘80s and that, after Darrell had sold the guitar, he purchased it secretly and “modified the neck of the guitar, changed some of the hardware and stripped the paint” as well as adding the new artwork. He then gifted the new Dean ML to his friend, which, according to the lawsuit, quickly “became his signature guitar.”

After Darrell’s murder in 2004, Webster apparently worked with Dean Guitars to produce a similar instrument, sold as the “Buddy Blaze Signature Model.” According to the suit, the manufacturer went on to sell further reissues without giving Webster credit or money for his work.

In a motion filed in June of this year, Darrell’s estate and Armadillo Enterprises countered that Webster had no claim to the graphic on the guitar, stating that it was really the work of artist Craig Patchin who painted the design after receiving instructions from Webster. And because Webster wasn’t even around for the painting of the design, he can’t be considered owner of the copyright. The motion also states that Patchin recently signed over the rights to the lightning graphic to Darrell’s estate, making it the sole owner.

According to Law 360 [via BraveWords], a judgement in favor of the defendants was handed down on Monday (December 3rd) by a Middle District court in Florida.

While Darrell’s estate hasn’t commented on the ruling of the District Court, Evan Rubinson, President and CEO of Dean Guitars, took to Facebook to post his relief at the results.

“After a long-fought battle to defend the legacy that is #DimebagDarrell, we emerged victorious on summary judgment on every single claim by Buddy Blaze (Webster). Dean Guitars & the Dimebag Darrell Estate are pleased to announce that we are back & better than ever!”

Dimebag Darrell estate and Dean Guitars win lawsuit over “Dean From Hell” guitar