I Met the legendary Bob Seger at a wedding, 10/10 experience!

Im a regular visitor of r/classicrock which is my favorite subreddit on the Reddit social media platform. Im always searching for great music content and I contribute from time to time as well. This subreddit is, in my opinion a great place for classic rock content. I came across this very cool story told by (we shall call him Willy) that was posted last night about legendary classic rock musician Bob Seger and I felt it should be shared.

The overwhelming love and positive response to the story says it all about how much Seger’s music has influenced people over the years. His fan base is massive.

Alright so my mother’s best friend got married last night and her “Uncle Bob” decided to come out and celebrate. I was in charge of watching the Bride and Grooms two bulldog puppies and Mr. Seger actually came up to me and started to pet the pups and ask some questions about them. We made some small talk about the dogs for a minute (while I was literally shaking and voice quivering from being star struck) and I finally worked up the nerve to say

“I’m really sorry to bother you but I’ll kick myself in the ass for the rest of my life if I don’t say something, I’m a huge fan of your work and it’s genuinely an honor to meet you” 

he was so friendly and started beaming a smile when I said that. He thanked me, and he was actually the one who asked if I’d like to get a picture, I would have completely never thought to ask in the state I was in!! After we took the picture I said to him 

“I understand it’s a lot more difficult to tour and perform live now a days, but with how creative you are I’ve got to ask, do you still write lyrics and songs for yourself to keep from going stir crazy”

His face absolutely lit up and he proceeded to tell me,

“Actually, recently I’ve been working on a lot of old unreleased music of mine” 

I was just in shock and said “no way man, you’re not kidding me?” 

And he said “no seriously I’d like to get it all put together and hopefully release another project whenever I can get it done” 

I was just blown away and at this point a couple other people came around and noticed who it was, I thanked him for the picture and the chat, and he said it was his pleasure, and he left the venue soon after, absolute class act!

Out Now! Rockshots Records – Finnish Rockers SERPICO’s New Album “The Chosen Four”

Finnish rockers Serpico are proud to release their latest album “The Chosen Four” this July 1st, 2022 via Rockshots Records. The album was produced by platinum-selling Finnish record producer Anssi Kippo (Children of Bodom, Hanna Pakarinen, Teräsbetoni).

“Warmth of full analog sound is the key word on this particular record. There are many things you have been missing out on in music and in the listening experience, I think. We hope fans will pay full attention to the album and go along with the music. I must say there is no way back from the world of analog recording once you step into it. This is the way we are going to do it from this moment on.”adds vocalist Vee Dour.

“People will definitely notice its high quality in songs, production, the sound & versatility if comparing to nowadays, dull sound world n’ song arrangements. Also, there’s a big difference when doing it all by full analog session, which we did. So, it’s gonna stand out pretty easily from the masses, I think. Although I hope so.” also adds drummer Jani Serpico.

Album pre-order links:
Vinyl – https://bit.ly/TheChosenFourVINYL
CD – https://bit.ly/TheChosenFourCD

Since Serpico‘s inception in 2005, they have released two full-lengths “Rose Tattoo” (2018), ‘Shallow Mistress” (2014), and an EP “Bad Commercial” (2011) along with touring all over Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Latvia, and England. The band is genuine and unique Rock n’ Roll with big respect for the classic titans. 

Previous Videos:

Dark Energy: https://youtu.be/QGrafd0gm4M

Midnight Cowboyhttps://youtu.be/UoOphQWuAhM

I Am a Rockethttps://youtu.be/SpnqxVLkqXo

Track Listing:
1. Riverbanks
2. Midnight Cowboy
3. Rock Your Brain
4. I Am A Rocker
5. Dark Energy
6. Silent Love
7. Smokin’ Hot Mama
8. Holy Rocks Outta Body
9. The Last Days Of Monopoly

For more info:

Asher Media Relations

Rockshots Records Eu

Austrian Dark Metal Phenomenon KRANKHEIT Sign With Wormholedeath

We are honored to announce that Austrian Dark Metal outfit KRANKHEIT have signed a licensing deal with Wormholedeath for their album “Gargantua”, which will be released on September 30th, 2022.

After four years, two of them dominated by a pandemic and a challenging anniversary, with internal band restructuring, KRANKHEIT are back with a new album. “Gargantua”, the successor to the third work “Zerberus”, sings about the dark sides and abysses in a typical KRANKHEIT manner and forms a mirror of the current events of our contemporary history. 
It is named after the character Gargantua from the novels by François Rabelais. An insatiable giant who vomits in greed and gluttony on the people and depicts a pastiche of them. KRANKHEIT manage to stay true to their trademarks and at the same time venture into new musical realms. Martially driving guitar riffs as in “Kommunikation” reflect the usual catchy level of hardness of the band. Lyrically, the most important and most burning topic of all at the moment is put to the test here in the programmatically titled piece. Songs like “Gargantua” and “Müll” show that it’s becoming even more aggressive in general, which are interspersed with blast beats and shredding guitars.With “Bett des Prokrustes” and “Ave Maria” KRANKHEIT show again that they are masters of their craft and plant themselves excellently in well-known classical compositions. The symbiosis between classic and dark metal is extensively celebrated and driven to extremes by “Neid” with its brutal ending. There are bluesy touches in “Exorzist”to which Andres Vargas, singer of the black metal band “Thy Antichrist”, lends his haunting voice. The limits of the interpersonal relationship demons get a new face here. “Gargantua” takes the creation of KRANKHEIT to the next level and prepares the ground for an eventful and complex future.

To fans who pre-order the whole album, the single for “Kommunikation” become available!!

Download “Kommunikation”’s MP3 HERE (for Radios)

Founded in 2011, the Austrian dark metal band KRANKHEIT are gradually working their way into the metal/goth scene. It is characteristic of the band’s style to resurrect old pieces and melodies from bygone eras (e.g. Mozart, Beethoven, Brahms, etc.) and to combine them with the very own KRANKHEIT sound.
Earlier press comment on the band’s sound:
“…this results in completely independent songs that break all categorization boundaries and give birth to something unique…” Orkus Magazin (GER)
After the first three albums “Sanatorium” (2013), “Saat des Bösen” (2016), and “Zerberus” (2018), they take the next hit into the abyss of humanity with “Gargantua” (2022). 
The grotesque and highly acclaimed live performances with bands such as Nachtblut, Ost+Front, and Megaherz, as well as numerous festivals such as “Nova Rock”, “Hexentanz Festival”, “Die Elbe brennt” and many more also give them a solid reputation brought in as a band that not only delivers show after show, but also a band whose stage performance resonates long after a concert is over.
Earlier press comment on the band’s live performances:
“The abstract, zombie-like performance and the scary, menacing appearance of the musicians immediately create a very unique atmosphere.” Musikmag.de (GER)

Current line up
Chris Präauer, Vocals
Tony Gassner, Drums

“Gargantua” cover & tracklist

1. Gargantua
2. Kommunikation
3. Bett des Prokrustes
4. Des Kaisers neue Kleider
5. Neid
6. Müll
7. Ave Maria
8. Exorzist (feat. Thy Antichrist)
9. Narr
10. Endlich

Watch “Kommunikation” Video




See Eddie Munson, a metalhead character on ‘STRANGER THINGS’ Fight Demons With METALLICA’S “MASTER OF PUPPETS”

Popular streaming service Netflix’s most popular show ”Stranger Things” season 4 part 2 has landed with our favorite monster hunters. Eddie Munson played by Joseph Quinn who was introduced in the beginning of season 4 as the ringleader of The Hellfire Club, Hawkins High’s premiere Dungeons & Dragons society. Eddie is an intense character who soon finds himself involved in the latest chaos from the Upside Down.

Eddie is an avid guitarist and heavy metal enthusiast in the series garnering a large following in the metal community.

Netflix teased: “Hated by those who don’t understand him — and beloved by those who do — Eddie will find himself at the terrifying epicentre of this season’s mystery.”

In this clip Eddie plays Metallica’s Master of Puppets to fight demons. Even if you dont like Stranger Things or haven’t seen it you’ll want to see this.

DALI VAN GOGH’s EP ‘New Blood, Old Wounds’ & ‘Savanna’ Official Video Out Now!

Dali Van Gogh are:
Rachelle Moreau – Lead Vocal / Keytar
Isaac Kent – Guitar
Lance Hicks – Bass
Johnny Moore – Drums

Canadian hard rock band Dali Van Gogh are pleased to present: “New Blood, OId Wounds”, out now via Wormholedeath Records.

Dali Van Gogh is a female-fronted Hard Rock band from Halifax, Nova Scotia. They are known for their showmanship, originality, and musicianship, and have performed across Canada, releasing 4 prior records over the last decade“New Blood, Old Wounds” is produced by the like of Eric Ratz (The Arkells, Billy Talent) and Rob Laidlaw (Platinum Blonde, Honeymoon Suite) and includes 5 new songs by the band, all conceived of and recorded during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

“This record is really a product of everything we have been through as a band over the last couple of years”, says Isaac Kent, guitarist and founder of the band. “The first song was written just as everything in Canada was locking down for the first time, with the final song coming together just as we were coming out of the latest, and hopefully final lock down. It reflects every emotion we felt during that time, from fear and misery to determination and even joy.”

Kent blames this largely on the united band lineup as a whole, which includes Lance Hicks on bass, Johnny Moore on drums, and Rachelle Moreau as lead vocalist.

In a time where all of our peers and friends in the industry were closing up shop and waiting for this to all blow over, we as a group came together and persevered through every day. During the worst of it, we were on regular skype meetings and live streams from our homes. When possible we would get together to practice and even managed to squeeze in a few small shows when restrictions allowed it. We recorded remotely and separately from each other, mixed with engineers and producers who we never met face to face. We created what I think is our best record to date under the worst possible circumstances purely out of sheer will to not give in and let this situation derail us. I’m very proud of everyone in the band and on our crew.”

Alongside the release, Dali Van Gogh have dropped thenew music video for “Savanna”, the 3rd single off of the new EP. Written about a past relationship gone sour, Savanna is the first song written primarily by Rachelle Moreau, who was promoted to lead vocalist in the band last summer.

“Savanna is written about an old friend of mine from years ago,” says Moreau. “She was very close with not just myself but also my whole group of friends. At some point I came to the realization of how toxic she had become, and I wanted to remove myself from the situation. I remember feeling scared that I would be left out of the group because I cut ties with her, but it instead became a domino effect of people cutting her out. Sometimes it’s hard to see how negatively someone is effecting your life until they’re gone and it feels like a weight has been lifted. For whatever reason….”

The video for “Savanna” is produced by Marquis Williams, aka Keke Beatz, a prominent Nova Scotian director known primarily for his work with hip hop artists. You can check it out here:

Dali Van Gogh will tour extensively in support of “New Blood, Old Wounds” into 2023, with plans to perform in Europe, Japan, Australia, and of course at home in North America. To enquire about upcoming shows, or to book the band in your city, please email contactus@dalivangoghmusic.com and their team will direct you to the appropriate booking/ticketing agency for your region.

Dali Van Gogh are proudly endorsed by sE Electronics, Los Cabos Drums Sticks, Soultone Cymbals, and One Bone Clothing. The band signed with Wormholedeath earlier this year. Learn more about the band at Dali Van Gogh Music.

‘New Blood, Old Wounds’

Stream/Buy HERE


Find the CD HERE


Swiss alternative/prog/psych “variété” band La Bande à Joe streamed new album ‘Chrones’ for full // Out now on LP & digital through Table Basse records

As announced a couple of days ago with the official music video of the single “Rire clavecin”, about 4 years after ‘Solstices’, Swiss alternative/prog/psych “variété” five-piece La Bande à Joe just released its third full-length record called ‘Chrones’ – inspired by the book La Horde du Contrevent d’Alain Damasio – and out now on LP & digital through Table Basse Records (Orme, Basalte, Kalkas,…) and the main legal platforms.

In addition to the official release-news, the band also shared the whole effort for FREE STREAMING on Bandcamp.

Stream/Buy The Album In LP & Digital On Bandcamp

For the record…

 Formed in 2012 in the area of Lausanne (Switzerland), La Bande à Joe is a alternative/progressive/psych “variété” band inspired by various bands and artists, from Can to Léo Ferré passing through Tame Impala or The Electruc Prunes.

In 2015, the musicians released a debut full-length effort called ‘Histoires’ through the swiss label Cheptel Records followed three years later by ‘Solstices’ still on Cheptel Recs and distributed by Irascible with massive airplays on national radio stations and a bunch of gigs on the local scene.

Since then and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the band spent a lot of time to write and record their third album called ‘Chrones’ and to be released on Spring 2022 through Table Basse Records.

Israel’s SINNERY To Perform at Rockstadt Extreme Fest (RO) + New Video “The Burning” Off Upcoming Album Out September 2022

L-R – Sinnery- Saar Tuvi (Bass), Alon Karnieli (Guitars and Vocals), Idan Kringel (Lead Guitar), Matan Carlos Mandelbaum (Drums)
Photo Credit – Or Shankerman

Israeli thrashers Sinnery will be embarking on their first performance at Rockstadt Extreme Fest in Romania on Friday, August 5th at 3 pm local time on the Brasov Stage, sharing that day’s lineup with Lamb of God, Overkill, UADA, Kataklysm, Necrophobic, In Mourning and more.

“We are beyond excited to get to play Rockstadt Extreme Fest this year! It’ll be absolutely incredible to perform on the stage with so many legends on the same bill. This will be our first show in Romania and we can’t wait to see you all there!.” adds the band

Full details on the festival and its lineup from August 3rd to 7th can be found at https://www.rockstadtextremefest.com.

Sinnery will be unleashing their much anticipated sophomore record “Black Bile”, six years after their debut. In the time since then, they have melted more influences into their sound, and morphed from a predominantly thrash sound to something darker, and heavier. Swept up with melodic breaks amidst the gutturals, they wrap their music in modern layers. The album contains ten tracks; recently they shared the first single, “The Burning” with a new music video.

Single digital pre-save – http://burning.sinneryband.com

“The Burning” is probably the most popular song with the fans even before it comes out, the fans chant “God bless the human race” on every show so it was a no-brainer picking it out to be the first single off of the album. It is an upbeat thrash song with many heavy and groovy moments. It was perfect for the beginning of the album, to start with a bang, with no introductions or orchestral intros just straight-up metal from the get-go. Lyrically the song’s full name was The Burning of Mt. Sinai and so it’s easy to know this song is an anti-religious song, coming from Israel, religion is a big part of the atmosphere where we grew up, and we are not very fond of those establishments that are more about power and money than the lessons in those books they sell.” adds the band.

Coming at the listener fast and hard is the name of the game for Sinnery. They infuse their music with real true emotions and messages, nothing about it is made up, it’s all very personal and they really dug into the deepest, darkest parts of themselves to write this album. They anticipate that it’ll be received well and expect that listeners will find that sense of realness in it amidst relentless riffs and catchy melodies.

“Black Bile” is fast and full of energy, making it the perfect record to spin when getting amped up. Whether it’s for driving fast, headbanging, or hitting the gym, this is a wickedly fun album to listen to.

Sinnery is recommended listening for fans of Gojira, Testament, and The Haunted.

“Black Bile” will be released on September 16, 2022 via Exitus Stratagem Records.

Album teaser – https://youtu.be/En2gavOKe7U

Track Listing:
1. The Burning (4:39)
2. Black Bile (4:56)
3. Who Will Be Eaten First (2:38)
4. Sever (6:03)
5. Anti Tribe (3:48)
6. Mouthful Of Nails (5:46)
7. Hanged From The Sun (5:39)
8. Bleak (4:42)
9. Here Below (4:39)
10. Holes (06:08)
Album Length: 49:07

Upcoming Show Dates:
June 25 – Gagarin Club – Tel Aviv, IL

For more info:

Forged by the love for metal and hatred for anything else, Sinnery formed in late 2012 in Herzliya, Israel. The four-piece toured Israel nonstop while entering the studio with Israeli producer Eli Pikover to record their first album “A Feast of Fools”.

In 2016, the band signed with Pitch Black Records and together released Sinnery’s debut LP “A Feast of Fools”, getting the band to play in Cyprus’s biggest metal festival “Power of The Night Fest 2017”. AFOF gained the band many new listeners receiving great praise worldwide.

In 2019, the band toured with legendary German thrashers, Tankard.

Fast forward to 2022, The band has completed production on their highly anticipated new album “Black Bile”, mixed and mastered by Matt Hyde (Machine Head, Trivium, Slipknot, Bullet For My Valentine). The album is set for release on Sept 16th via label Exitus Stratagem Records (EXSR).

Sinnery is set to conquer new grounds and get on tour starting with Romanian Festival and date in the UK in September and October.

High River, AB – Western Canada’s Decimate Metal Fest w/ Planet Eater, Arrival of Autumn, Snakepit, Caveat and more! June 24th-25th

DMF Spotify Playlist HERE

Western Canada’s Decimate Metal Fest will be hosting its two-day open-air extreme live music event on June 24th and 25th in High River, AB (45 minutes south of Calgary) on the outdoor grounds of the High River Brewing Company.

The 3rd edition of Decimate Metal Fest presented by Voxx Entertainment will witness the brute force of headliners Regina, SK loud shockers Planet Eater, and Grande Prairie, Alberta’s metalcore titans Arrival of Autumn lead the way for over 20+ acts of both local and traveling youth and adult musicians and bands performing this year. (full line up listed below with more to be announced). The 2022 festival will also be an all-ages event.

Planet Eater has been a staple source of extreme loud blasting from barren prairies, spreading their influence into Western Canada and beyond. The sound of Planet Eater is as unique as it is familiar, blending thrash and death metal with crushing grooves and devastating vocals. Fans who have yet to see them will be captivated by their live spectacle and the uncontrollable urges to eternally headbang.

Arrival of Autumn performs in support of their latest album “Harbringer” released in 2019 via Nuclear Blast. The band is a guitar-driven riff-heavy machine with fast double kick and vocal hooks to leave you humming our songs all day. Although they play fast they aren’t afraid to slow it down with beautiful atmospheric passages to add a much-needed dynamic that is missing from a lot of music today. Arrival Of Autumn is very dynamic and versatile able to please anyone from a rock fan to even the most hardcore death metal fans. They choose not to limit themselves, which allows them to be so accessible.

Decimate Metal Fest 2022 Line Up (more to be announced):

Planet Eater
Arrival of Autumn
No More Moments
Storm The Empire
Hazzardous Material
Craig Carswell
Downpour (Youth Band)
Mixed Blame (Youth Band)
Lethal Mentality (Youth Band)
Vicarious Vandalism (Youth Band)
Lightning Ant Music School (Youth Band) 

Event Details:

When? – June 24, 25, 2022

Friday – Bands from 6:00pm to 10:00pm (venue open later)

Saturday – Bands from 10:00am to 10:00pm (venue open later)

Where? – High River Brewing Company (510G 21 St SE, High River, AB T1V 2A7)


Ticket Info:

Tickets available at https://www.decimatemetalfest.com/online-store

Please Email decimatemf[@]gmail[.]com if e-transfer is not an option for you.​

Presale – Weekend Pass $50 CAD / Friday, June 24- $25 / Saturday, June 25 – $35 CAD

Walk-Up Price – Friday, June 24 – $30 CAD, Saturday, June 25 – $45 CAD

Children under the age of 10 Get In Free.

Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/368808114718544


Camping will be available off-site on a local acreage (within a 10-minute drive). $10/night per tent, $25/night RV’s (no water, power, or sewage supplied or available) e-mail decimatecamping[@]gmail[.]com for all inquiries.

In additional news, DMF will also be hosting a fundraiser for the event, details are below.

June 4th @ High River Brewing Company
4:00pm – 10:00pm
Presale Tickets – $15.00
Door – $25.00
Event Link: https://www.facebook.com/events/518084963353027
Ticket Link: https://www.decimatemetalfest.com/online-store

Decimate MetalFest is the brainchild of Sloan Voxx of Voxx Promotions, which is destined to become an annual Canadian metal pilgrimage to Alberta, Canada. With the many yearly festivals becoming part of the national metal heritage, Sloan wants Decimate MetalFest to become one of the best-known events alongside the various festivals located within Alberta, and Western Canada. With Voxx Promos booking and promotional experience, and the support of metalheads internationally, there is nothing to stop them from reaching their goal of bringing in the masses and putting on incredible metal festivals for years to come!” (writing credits: Sloan Voxx & Ingrid Newton)

Previous years of Decimate MetalFest included bands such as: Into Eternity (Regina, SK), Hammerdrone (Calgary, AB), Centuries of Decay (Toronto, ON), Tortured Saint (London, ON), Quietus (Edmonton, AB), SYRYN (Calgary, AB), KOSM (Vancouver, BC), Hazzardous Material Burlesque, (Calgary, AB), School of Rock Calgary South (Performance Band -18), Ninjaspy (Vancouver, BC), Widow’s Peak (Calgary, AB), NYLITHIA (Vancouver, BC), Blackwater Burial (Vancouver, BC), Insurrection (Gatineau, QC), Pecado (Calgary, AB), Sludgehammer (Toronto, ON), Gatekeeper (Vancouver, BC), BLQ – Benevolent Like Quietus (Calgary, AB), ODINFIST (Armstrong, BC), Tessitura Official (Edmonton, AB), Filth (Shelby, NC), Insvrgence (Austin, TX), and many more!

Decimate MetalFest is a proud member of the Western Canadian Metal Festival Alliance.

Affiliates & Partners:
Voxx Entertainment
High River Brewing Company
Prairie Fire Productions Ltd.
Long & McQuade
Asher Media Relations
Paralyzer Productions
378 Entertainment
RedBlack Recording
Rock Around Sound & Stage
Western Canadian Metal Festival Alliance
Loud As Hell Festival
Armstrong Metalfest
Metalocalypstick Fest
Hyperspace Festival

For more info:
Voxx Entertainment – Facebook.com/voxxentertainment

Space Garage Rock Specialist DUST MICE Present “Choom Wagon” Official Video

“Choom Wagon” Official Video

“20XX. Earth. The embers of the great galactic war still burn. The Lizard Masters have retreated to the hollow earth. Dust Mice band together, Rolling like thunder, their Choom Wagon brings Space Magick wherever they plug in. Music flows with the light speed of love. The stars will never fade again.”

That’s DUST MICE’s official video for “Choom Wagon”, another cosmic rock track from the band’s album “Earth III”, out via Wormholedeath worldwide.


EARTH III- Buy/Stream Links

Dust Mice is a 5 piece Space-Garage band from the Pacific Northwest. Analog synths, distorted saxophone, and raw guitar combine with a driving rhythm section to deliver spaced-out garage rock with influences from New Wave Sci-Fi, post-punk, and classic metal. Previous work includes 2 EPs and a digital single, which are all available (including bonus live tracks) on the Super Moon Fetus compilation.

Consecration’s new album, Cinis, streams exclusively with Decibel Magazine three days before its official release!

The coming of despair is upon us! This Friday Redefining Darkness Records will unchain the beast that is Consecration‘s monumental new album, Cinis! However, from today, June 14th, a full three days before its official release, Decibel Magazine will be streaming Cinis exclusively, in its entirety. Immerse yourself in the suffocating shadows and prepare for the darkness to come right here:

Daniel Bollans, Consecration’s frontman, lyricist and artist has shared his thoughts on the new album with us…

Cinis is a stark and brutal album, blending together the core elements of our sound, together with some fresh new ideas which all developed and came together very naturally – I think it perfectly shows where we are now as a band.

The title Cinis, taken from Latin; means spent love, ashes, embers and ruin – which embodies all of the different tracks on this album.

We feel that this is our strongest effort to date, incorporating old school death, our more familiar death/doom, topped off with some rather haunting melodies and emotive lead work.

The artwork I created encompasses all of the ideas running through the album, and I think it is a great statement as to what you can expect from the music. We are all very pleased and immensely proud of this album and we can’t wait for you all to hear it!

Redefining Darkness Records will engulf the world in the disturbed dreamscapes of Consecration on June 17th, when Cinis begins its majestic march of morbidity. Prepare to fall before it, crushed into the ash and mud of failed endeavour and discarded love. This summer a new dark age begins and the future is anything but bright…Consecration on the web

Visit Consecration on Facebook
For more information on Consecration click here
Visit Redefining Darkness Records here
Pre-order at the Redefining Darkness North American Store
Pre-order at the Redefining Darkness UK/Euro Store
Pre-order through Bandcamp

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