CroMagnum Current Line Up: L-R – Maximus Rex: Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards – Gino LaPosta: Bass

Montreal’s CroMagnum unleashed their second EP “Born Free” this past September. Coinciding with its release, band vocalist and guitarist Maximus Rex shared his written and drawn comic book “Bigg Baby: Tales From The Id” to go with the digital version of the EP. Today, he’s proud to present the third issue due out on December 2nd and is now available for pre-order as a limited run of only 75 copies.”It’s a double-sized Christmas special, it tells two stories, and it also includes some extra ”Behind the scenes” kind of stuff…” adds Maximus Rex.

The comic book is offered in one of the three packages available below:
1. THE BIGG BABY: Issue 3 comic book…10$
2. THE BIGGER BABY: Issue 3 comic+ signed in silver ink…15$
3. THE BIGGEST BABY: Issue 3 comic+ signed in silver ink + personalized sketch… 20$
Shipping is an extra 3$ within Canada, and an extra 4$ for the United States.
Add issues one and two (5$ each) to really make it worth your while, with no extra shipping costs!!!

The comic book can be pre-ordered at and for those in Montreal, QC, it can be purchased at (10035 avenue de Bruxelles, Suite 101).

The five tracks on CroMagnum‘s new EP “Born Free” take the listener on a range of musical journeys, from “End Your Slavery” encouraging you to get out of the doldrums and the despair of the prison you’ve let society put you in; to the true origin story as told in “Waterval Boven”; to the reflection of trust presented in “Congregation” with its fast and furious riffs that open up into an epic chorus. There is something for everyone on this release, as the creativity is endless, as shown in the band’s released music videos and comic books.

Music Videos:
Tunguska – 
Born Free – 

Fans who are left wanting more shouldn’t have to wait too long, CroMagnum was originally going to record a full album, but after a slight bit of turbulence among the ranks, it was decided to focus on fewer songs. The next EP, targeted for 2022, is pretty much completely written and waiting to be recorded.

Power, thunder, blood, sweat and tears, CroMagnum offers nothing less than in your face balls-out metal.

“Born Free” is available via the band’s own label King Metal Records at, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Track Listing:
1. End Your Slavery (0:53)
2. Born Free (4:14)
3. Waterval Boven (3:41)
4. Tunguska (2:31)
5. Congregation (5:26)
EP Length: 16:47

EP Band Line Up:
Maximus Rex: Guitar, vocals & keyboards
Gino LaPosta: Bass
M.A.D.: Drums

Live Band Line Up:
Maximus Rex: Guitar and vocals
Gino LaPosta: Bass
Drums (TBA)

For more info:
Born of the frosty bowels of Montreal, Quebec, Canada comes CroMagnum, heavy metal from a simpler time. Brutal and unforgiving. Thoughtful and visionary. A forced juxtaposition that leads to an intense listening experience.

CroMagnum started when Maximus Rex and the original drummer parted ways with their previous band with an aim to keep it simple, heavy as fuck and stay as a three-piece. Since then, CroMagnum has evolved into its current form as the main duo of Maximus Rex on guitar and vocals, Gino LaPosta on bass.

With two EPs under their belts, 2014’s self-titled initial release and now 2021’s “Born Free”, CroMagnum embodies the human race’s struggle to climb out of the primordial ooze toward its future ascension to godhood. Lyrical content flows from anger, frustration, history, politics, government corruption, legends, and philosophy, complete with soaring melodies and punishing riffs. 

Mythology. Tradition. Evolution. The beginning. The end. CroMagnum.

Montreal’s CroMagnum Print Third Limited Edition Comic Book For EP “Born Free”

After their successful second album “Due” (Dynamit! on Rock Hard, 12/15 on Legacy magazine, Hot album on in Feb. ‘21)Blue Hour Ghosts return with a powerful and classy cover of the dark and experimental Queen masterpiece “I’m Going Slightly Mad”. The track is once again produced by Giuseppe “Dualized” Bassi (Fear Factory) and features a guest appearance of the talented multi-instrumentalist Jørgen Munkeby of Shining on saxophone. The cover song is meant to honor the great Freddie Mercury on the 30th anniversary of his passing (Nov 24, 1991).

YouTube –
Spotify –
The band comments: 

“Despite our influences drawing from a very wide spectrum of metal, rock and pop subgenres, Queen has always been a major influence for all of us, and fully embody the spirit with which we make music: no boundaries, no clichés, total freedom, eclectic and elegant, while keeping themselves extremely effective, enjoyable and accessible. We wanted to honor the 30th anniversary of Freddie’s passing with something special, so we dared to give our take on one of the darkest, most sophisticated, and enigmatic songs of Queen’s discography. We were joined in this endeavor by none less than the great Jørgen Munkeby of Shining (Nor), who graced the song with a stellar performance on saxophone. And, more than ever before, this time our producer Giuseppe Bassi acted as our seventh Ghost and helped us give the track its unique, twisted, and modern feel. We hope that all of our fans and all Queen fans all over the world will enjoy our tribute to the One and Only.”

BLUE HOUR GHOSTS’ latest album “Due” was released on Feb 12th, 2021 and is the follow up to their 2016 self-titled debut album. Teaming up once again with Giuseppe “Dualized” Bassi (session musician for Fear Factory, Grenouer, Levania, Noveria), BHG’s“Due” is their sophomore effort continuing their blend of progressive, classic, gothic metal, and alternative rock.

Taking a fresh, powerful, and intense melodic assault, “Due” depicts a wide range of soundscapes ranging from full metal aggression to soft, acoustic atmospheres, passing through infectious and catchy hooks and refrains that will enthrall any music addict, along with sophisticated layered arrangements to satisfy the most demanding palates. Throughout the 9 songs, all the ghosts hiding in the blue hour are made alive in the deep and heartfelt narration provided by both music and lyrics, offering a unique and compelling listening experience.

CD pre-order –
Digital Album –

Walking Backwards – YouTube (Visualizer)
On Black Clouds”- YouTube (Music Video)
Shine – YouTube (Lyric Video)

Track Listing:
1. Walking Backwards (4:01)
2. On Black Clouds (3:45)
3. Dead in August (5:12)
4. Damn Wrong (4:23)
5. Shine (5:19)
6. Fearless (4:00)
7. Lower the Wires (3:57)
8. Disheartened (4:27)
9. Involved/Bored (3:52)
Album Length: 39:00

Album Credits:
Ricky DC – Vocals
Diego Angeli – Guitars
Francesco Poggi – Guitars
Simome Pedrazzi – Keyboards
Matteo Malmusi – Bass
Andrew Gunner – Drums

Produced by Giuseppe “Dualized” Bassi for dysFUNCTION Productions
Recorded and Engineered by Giuseppe Bassi
Mixed and Mastered by Giuseppe Bassi
All music and lyrics written by Blue Hour Ghosts
Additional arrangements, keyboards, sound design and programming by Giuseppe Bassi
Artwork concept and paintings by Blue Hour Ghosts
Band photos by Patrizia Cogliati – Musicphoto
Graphic layout by Francesca Dalla Costa – Secondalinea Officine Creative

Blue Hour Ghosts (Buil2Kill Records, 2016)
Do You Believe in Ghosts? (Live) (Buil2Kill Records, 2018)
Due (Rockshots Records, 2021)

More Info:

“One of the best debut albums since a while in the melodic metal world. An album complete in itself, but with every track standing strong on its own as well.” – Lords of Metal (NL), 80/100

“A damn strong output, super catchy, with cool melodies and also varied, proggy, exciting and with great vocals, and all this as the debut. All attention!” – Crossfire Metal (DE), 85/100

“This band knows how to rock in a very catchy way!” – White Room (NL)

“Blue Hour Ghosts burst upon the scene with a flaming debut album, bringing out a breath of adrenaline and a compelling mix of modern prog, classic metal, aggressive rock and spine-chilling melodic traits” – Rock Hard Italy (IT), 8/10

“This is really a cool record, nothing is missing! Blue Hour Ghosts succeed right away from their first chapter.” – Metal Hammer (IT), 82/100

Blue Hour Ghosts & Shining’s Jørgen Munkeby Honour Freddie Mercury w/ QUEEN

Now signed to Vicious Instinct Records, bruising New Hampshire deathcore outfit, Wretched Tongues, are ready to unleash the first single from their full length debut album, Ulter Praefinitum. ‘Into The Nothing‘ is a bone-breaking, brain-shaking assault of relentless savagery that sets out the Wretched Tongues manifesto in unflinching fashion. This song, this band are built to destroy! Colossal riffs and rabid vocals are driven forward by a monstrous rhythm section and this wickedly addictive song demands to be played again and again and again.

The Ulter Praefinitum album will be released on March 18th, adorned in the awesome artwork of Caelan Stokkermans(Vesperian Sorrow, Vomit The Soul, Abiotic etc) and it takes everything heard on Wretched Tongues’ previous EPs (Burial Grounds 2017, Death Eater 2018) and singles (The Absence Of Light 2019, Dismal; Eternal 2020) to the next level and beyond. This is where the pain really begins!

Watch ‘Into The Nothing’ now and be ready for Ulter Praefinitum on March 18th.
Visit Wretched Tongues on Facebook
Visit Vicious Instinct Records on Facebook
Stream ‘Into The Nothing’ here
Visit Vicious Instinct Records Bandcamp page
Visit The Wretched Tongues Bandcamp page

Wretched Tongues unleash ‘Into The Nothing’ – the first crushing single from their forthcoming Vicious Instinct Records debut album

If ya haven’t heard yet, Canadian heavy metal powerhouse STRIKER is back from the grave! 

Last month with rumours spreading of the band calling it quits after they posted an image that was titled “RIP Striker 2007-2021” on their social media, fans began speculating on their future. In the end, it was all made to prepare them for Striker‘s new single “Deathwish”, a track that has their signature sound of putting a modern twist on classic heavy metal mixed with 1980s AOR.

The single is also the band’s introductory track with new drummer Jonathan Webster and bassist Pete Klassen who joined the lineup in 2019 along with it being their first of many new recordings to come since releasing their Juno award-winning album 2018’s “Play To Win”.

“The world’s already on fire, you might as well light a smoke on it and kick back and watch. While you’re at it, feast your eyes on our new music video for Deathwish.” adds the band.

“Deathwish” can be streamed and downloaded on Spotify and Apple Music.

In additional news, Strikerwill be performing their first and only hometown show of 2021 in Edmonton, AB on November 27th at The Starlite Room with support from Riot City, Tymo and Tower Hill. Event Details can be found here.

Upcoming Show Dates:
Nov 27 – The Starlite Room – Edmonton, AB
April 17 – Rickshaw Theatre – Vancouver, BC (Hyperspace Metal Festival)

Champions in blending classic heavy metal, hard rock, and 80’s hair metal, Striker have been making shredtacular anthems since 2007. The band has toured multiple times across Europe and North America along with festival appearances at 70,000 Tons of Metal, Bang Your Head Festival (Germany), and more to add to their almost 1000 shows performed in their decade-plus career. The band has been honoured with multiple Best Album awards in their home country of Canada from the JUNO Awards, Western Canadian Music Awards, and the Edmonton Music Awards. Since their inception, Striker has released six studio albums Eyes in the Night (2010, Iron Kodex), Armed to The Teeth (2012, Napalm), City of Gold (2014, Napalm), Stand in the Fire (2016, Record Breaking), Striker (2017, Record Breaking), and Play to Win (2018, Record Breaking).

For more info:

STRIKER Unveil New Music Video “Deathwish”

L-R – Bone Tower – Sean Carroll (guitars, bass), Jonas DeViller (electronics, vocals), Michael Bowers (guitars, bass, vocals)
Photo Credit: Hayley Frail

Assaulting the masses with their debut EP “We All Will Die One Day” recently unleashed on November 5th, Halifax, Canada’s Bone Tower is sharing their latest music video for their track “Under A Veil”, which can be seen and heard via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE“This song is pissed. There is more than one meaning, but it’s really written about the perception that you are always in the wrong, that who you are is a made-up persona, you aren’t good enough, and you should be exiled from everything positive in your life. This feeling couldn’t be further from the truth, and it is simply anxiety creeping in to say hello; A flurry of notes and blast beats being thrown at you really like to drive that idea deep into your head, though. Cower away under a veil of delusion.” adds the band. 

Filthy grindcore from Atlantic Canada, Bone Tower formed earlier this year with a defined vision – to deliver an abusive and abrasive offering that would be the soundtrack for the madness that has ensued on a global level over the past year and a half during Covid times.

The trio of Jonas DeViller (vocals/electronics/lyrics), Sean Carroll (guitar/bass), and Michael Bowers (guitar/bass/vocals) are seasoned extreme musicians and were able to quickly write and produce their debut record in two weeks. Coming together very swiftly and organically, the band’s comments on the EP’s explosive earworm tendencies.

“Both sonically and lyrically, ‘We All Will Die One Day’ represents a collective status of disarray. Challenging speed and complex rhythms serve to accelerate unfavourable emotions to the forefront of your mind. A raw and unfiltered by-product of mental health in disarray and unfocused aggression, with no real direction on how to cope in a post-pandemic landscape. Basically, a big ‘f* you’ to the world we live in. While presented in an ugly package, these songs are a cathartic release with the intent of extinguishing deep feelings of depression and anger.”

With a ferocity influenced mostly by death metal, grindcore, and hardcore, Bone Tower is recommended for fans of Cryptopsy, Atka, and Trap Them.

“We All Will Die One Day” is available digitally and on cassette via No Funeral Records & Fresh Outbreak Records at the following links:,,, Spotify and Apple Music here.

Track Listing: 1. Dislodging Splinters (01:13)
2. Am I Conscious (01:16)
3. Mangled Wounds (01:15)
4. Cower Away (0:38)
5. Under A Veil (01:06)
6. Empty Cave (01:59)
7. The Sun (0:48)
8. We All Will Die One Day (0:50)
EP Length (9:09)

For more info:

Bone Tower got its start early in 2021, with the sole purpose of channeling built-up negative energy and creating a hectic, pissed-off sounding record. Hailing from Atlantic Canada they got straight to the point through pummeling angry death metal.

Bone Tower is the musical equivalent of the chaos ensuing globally since last year. An angry jab back at the universe for anyone who was angry and watched the world unfold with racial upheaval, conservatives and conspiracists coming out of the woodwork against Covid, economic regression with millions losing jobs, the entire world changing beneath our feet, and for the politicians who claimed to be on our side but continue to fight against the truth.

The trio of Jonas DeViller (vocals/electronics/lyrics), Sean Carroll (guitar/bass), and Michael Bowers (guitar/bass/vocals) is a seasoned one at that and they were able to quickly write and produce their debut EP ‘We All Will Die One Day’ in two weeks. It came together as a whole very quickly and organically.

This is just the start for Bone Tower, they already have a follow-up record in the works. As of now, they are mostly a recording project but they intend on eventually playing shows. When they do finally play live, it’s bound to be just as fucked up as the recording.

EP ‘We All Will Die One Day’ is due out November 5, 2021.

Atlantic Canada Grindcore BONE TOWER Unleash Explosive Video “Under A Veil”

Rockshots Records is proud to announce their signing of SARTORI for the release of their forthcoming debut album “Dragon’s Fire” due out on January 28, 2022.

The epic full length is nine tracks of neo-classical power metal that are melodic, technical, and progressive. Led by main composer and guitarist Andy Sartori, with vocalist Scott Board, drummer Dino Castano and bassist Rod Viquez, the band sets the mood for something more than just singing over music.

With grandiose instrumentals and heroic vocals, Sartori creates complex, melodic tunes that command attention. They are heavily influenced by classical baroque music, so the band stands as the symphony behind Andy Sartori as the ‘maestro’. What sets these guys apart from other bands is their music composition. Andy Sartori explains further:

“We use a lot of arrangements that you won’t find any other bands doing. Lots of vocals, lots of guitar quartets, duets, and harmony arrangements. My writing is based on positive vibes, positive lyric content, no criticism, no anger, and I write sometimes about spiritual content in the matter of being a better human and about life experiences, personal and in general along with influence from movies and stories I enjoy… sometimes.”

Today, in preview to the album’s release, Sartori is sharing the title track and first single “Dragon’s Fire” at the following links:Visualizer – 
Spotify – 

Album Pre-order – 
Digital pre-save –  

Band Line Up:
– Andy A Sartori: Guitars
– Scott Board: Vocals
– Rod Viquez: Bass
– Dino Castano: Drums

Track Listing:
1. Evil Hearts (3:02)
2. One Distant Heart (3:57)
3. From Hell To Heaven (4:10)
4. Little Aria In G Major (Instrumental) (0:37)
5. Devil In Disguise (3:54)
6. Through The Eyes of My Soul (3:48)
7. Castles of Lost Souls (Instrumental) (4:18)
8. Battles In The Distant Lands (3:42)
9. Dragon’s Fire (2:57)
Album Length: 30:30

Album Credits:
– Mixed and engineered by Joe Demaio at Shorefire Recording Studios, Long Branch, NJ
– Drums Recorded and Mixed by Giuseppe Di Giola and Dino Castano at Valentino Recording Studios, Puglia – Italy
– Mastered by Leon Zervos at Studio 301, Sidney – Australia.
– Art Cover by Antonella Troiano.
– All songs composed and written by Andy A. Sartori in cooperation with Dino Castano, Scott Board and Rod Viquez
– Produced by Andy A. Sartori.
– 2007/2021 All Rights Reserved.

Quick Fact:
Leadman, Andy Anderson Sartori was born in Brazil with Italian roots and has lived all over the globe, including London and now the United States. His sound is universal and has recorded music from England to Brazil. Andy Sartori’s music is also very popular in Japan. His biggest influence is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

For more info: 

Rockshots Records – SARTORI Streaming Title Track Off Upcoming Album “Dragon’s Fire”

A little more than a year has passed since Phobetor’s debut album, When Life Falls Silent announced itself with a howl of rage and defiance – and yet in the troubled months that have followed its release this band have taken gargantuan strides. Everything that was good about When Life Falls Silent is now better; the darkness is deeper, the atmosphere colder, the power more intimidating. As winter falls Phobetor invite you to turn your eyes to the hell inside, to travel with them Through Deepest Fears And Darkest Minds…Beneath the stunning cover artwork, created by Brian D’Agosta (VallenfyreGodthrymmGoatwhore) lies an album of unnerving shadows, that will sink its claws deep into your heart and mind. The journey that you take Through Deepest Fears And Darkest Minds crosses varied landscapes, populated by a bestiary of terrors. The intensity of the experience is unflagging, despite the myriad intricacies which adorn the foundations of thundering power. The sense of dread never leaves you as each song unfolds and when ‘As Dreams Decay’ finally allows the curtain to fall on this most harrowing of dramas, tendrils of fear still wind like smoke through the chambers of your mind. Devastatingly heavy and utterly consuming, Through Deepest Fears And Darkest Minds possesses a unique character, a sinister edge that will cut you to the bone.

Mixed and mastered by Neil Hudson of Krysthla the sound of this album is forceful and undeniable, blending brute strength and revealing clarity. Every wickedly alluring aspect of these incredible songs can be appreciated as Phobetor tear you open, breaking every lock, exposing every secret, unleashing every monster. On December 13th Black Jasper Records will let loose Through Deepest Fears And Darkest Minds to ravage your dreams and haunt your nightmares. One of the most powerful albums of this or any other year.

For more information on Phobetor click here
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Phobetor return with stunning second album Through Deepest Fears And Darkest Minds – a magnificent work of Blackened Death Metal.

A studio project that is a combination of musical, audiovisual and artistic experiences translated from the personality and ideas of Brazilian composer and multi-instrumentalist Lucas Barbosa, Rockshots Records releases Terra‘s debut album “Hypercube”.

“The idea of Terra was always there, I believe. I have been composing and writing songs since I was 15. I needed a platform to structure and back these songs. This platform should allow me to combine some passions of mine: folk and metal music, traveling and photography. When I was around 20, I came up with the concept of TERRA, a project that would combine all the influences that made the musician and the person I am, in an organic manner, which would allow me to tell my stories of discoveries and exploration, including my experiences traveling through Brazil and throughout the world. It took about 10 years to actually find the environment and opportunity to bring this idea to life by recording Hypercube and kick-starting this journey.” comments Barbosa.

Terra’s first record is the outcome of the combination of elements put together to tell a story of a journey of growth and self-discovery, that frankly, could be the tale of every human being at some point in their lives. Ten songs are there to paint a picture of the artist’s personality and explore each step of the way with the respective deserved depth. Although heavy metal is the glue that unites all the musical nuances presented on this album, “Hypercube” does not shy away from a rich range of influences such as American Bluegrass, Country Music, Classic Rock, Classical Music, Western Folk, traditional Brazilian, Caipira and Sertanejo music along with passages of Samba, Capoeira, Bossa Nova and many others to convey its message. Lucas Barbosa was responsible for playing almost all instruments, including rhythm and lead guitars in all their forms (electric, classical, 6 string, 12 string), bass, Brazilian guitar (or Viola Caipira), Andean guitar (or Charango), Pan flute (Andean flute), harmonica, percussions and piano, in addition to performing all of the vocals in the songs.

Terra‘s debut album “Hypercube” is now available as of November 19th at the following links:
CD Order:

Music Video -Sound of Rain –
Music Video – Let It Burn –
Lyric Video – Sign My Name –

Track Listing:
1. Let It Burn (4:18)
2. Always Resist (4:35)
3. Sign My Name (6:31)
4. Down The Road (4:03)
5. Shivers and Snow (4:56)
6. Sound of Rain (5:45)
7. Against The Wind (10:29)
8. Montaria (9:49)
9. Hypercube (8:54)
10. Our Time Is Now (6:19)
Album Length: 1:05:44

Album Credits:
All songs & Lyrics written by Lucas Barbosa
All Instruments, except drums, played by Lucas Barbosa, including Vocals, Guitars, Bass guitars, 6-string and 12-string Acoustic Guitars, Brazilian Guitar, Andean Guitar, Pan Flutes, Harmonicas, Piano and Percussions
Drums recorded by Alex Cristopher
Produced, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Thiago Bianchi at Fusão Studios in São Paulo, Brazil.
Cover art Concept by Lucas Barbosa
Art by Carlos Fidelis

More info:

Rockshots Records – Out Now! Brazilian Multi-Instrumentalist TERRA’s Debut Album “Hypercube”

L – R – Magnus Wichmann (Guitar), Francis Cassol (Drums), Jonathas Pozo (Vocals), Pedro Fauth (Bass)
Photo Credit: Tiemy Saito

Rage In My Eyes, hailing from Brazil, have an innovative new EP released this past October, “Spiral”. Now they have their new music video for the second single off the record, “Spark of Hope”.

Originally going under the band name “Scelerata”, they released a handful of records and were Paul Di’Anno’s backup band for many years. It was only recently they decided to musically change their direction and name to Rage In My Eyes. This new form took hold in 2018, and the main change to the music was stepping back from the basic traditional/power metal they were used to and showcasing their culture through the inclusion of milonga, a traditional folk music genre from southern Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina. The expand on the new musical direction:

“The most curious thing about the band is the addition of the accordion, which is not a common instrument for Heavy Metal bands. The “Gaucho” visuals and the sound of the accordion is, without a doubt, something that separates us from other bands. Plus, the powerful and beautiful vocal tone of vocalist Jonathas Pozo is always a treat to listen to live.

The single, “Spark Of Hope” is a folk song strongly influenced by the Gaucho culture from southern Brazil, musically and lyrically. It talks about a story during 19th century Southern Brazil, after a decade of war, two men duelled for a matter of honor. One is a rebel Lieutenant and the other, an indigenous tracker known as Missioneiro. Once they fought back to back, now they will cross blades with each other. Lurking their tragic demise, a Lady in white awaits to take them to a final journey as a new sun rises.

“Spiral” is Rage In My Eye’s second release under their new name, following the 2019 full-length “Ice Cell”. As Scelerata, they released 3 full-lengths “The Sniper” (2012), “Skeletons Domination” (2008), and “Darkness & Light” (2006). 

Rage in My Eyes is technical and innovative and highly recommended for fans of Helloween, Symphony X and Iron Maiden.

The new EP is available on Rageinmyeyes.bandcamp.comSpotify.

Music Video “And Then Came The Storm”

Track Listing:
1. Farewell (1:32)
2. And Then Came The Storm (5:01)
3. Dare To Defy (3:40)
4. Spark Of Hope (5:06)
5. Spiral Seasons (3:54)
EP Length: 19:20

EP Band Line Up:
Jonathas Pozo – Vocals
Magnus Wichmann – Guitar
Pedro Fauth – Bass
Francis Cassol – Drums

Live Band Line Up:
Jonathas Pozo – Vocals
Magnus Wichmann – Guitar
Pedro Fauth – Bass
Francis Cassol – Drums
Matheus Kléber – Accordion (special guest)

For more info:

RAGE IN MY EYES introduces to the world a unique kind of music. Being from southern Brazil, the band shows a side of the country most people don’t know about. Blending heavy/prog metal with elements of milonga – which is a music genre from southern Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina – the band presents new sound to the metal genre.

The band’s first album “Ice Cell” was recorded in 2017 and 2018, partially in Los Angeles due to drummer Francis Cassol’s move to the city and partially in their native Porto Alegre, Brazil.

For 16 years the band went under the name Scelerata, which had a huge history in the Brazilian heavy metal scene. The band had three albums released worldwide, including the internationally acclaimed album The Sniper – partially recorded in Germany, at the Blind Guardian studio – that featured guest appearances from Paul DiAnno (former Iron Maiden) and Andi Deris (Helloween).

Scelerata was also Paul DiAnno’s official Brazilian backing band from 2009 to 2014, playing 50+ shows with this heavy metal icon. With this huge background, the musicians are now aiming for the future.

RAGE IN MY EYES have teamed up with some of the best professionals in the heavy metal business to deliver a head-turning EP in 2021 entitled “Spiral” to follow the success of their 2019 full-length “Ice Cell”. The new EP will feature plenty of material for all different types of metal lovers. It has great guitar riffs, fast drum parts, intricate instrumental parts plus powerful yet melodic vocals.

The EP was written and made during a Covid pandemic. All band members suffered losses of loved ones during the pandemic, some directly related to Covid, some not. Also due to Covid, the band couldn’t get together in a practice room to jam the material. Each member had to work on their part separately, which was something new within the band. Plus, some songs were being written and arranged during the recording sessions, so they felt it was being made in real time. All of the above impacted the EP’s lyrics and songwriting. They like to think of this record as a way to say farewell to their dear loved ones and as a spiral of emotions that keeps coming and going during Covid times.

RAGE IN MY EYES’ new EP “Spiral” is due out October 15th, 2021.

Shared Stage with:
Iron Maiden, Deep Purple, Dream Theater, Kamelot, Gamma Ray, Angra, Edguy

Traditional Metal Meets South American Flair In Rage In My Eyes’ New Music Video “Spark Of Hope”

Fan-filmed video footage of BLACK LABEL SOCIETY‘s entire October 26 concert at Revolution Live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida can be seen below.

Featured songs:

01. Intro 00:00 
02. Bleed for Me 00:23 
03. Demise of Sanity 05:55 
04. Overlord 09:32 
05. Heart of Darkness 15:39 
06. A Love Unreal 21:06 
07. The Blessed Hellride 26:55 
08. Spoke in the Wheel 33:15 
09. In This River 39:23 
10. Trampled Down Below 44:59 
11. Destruction Overdrive 49:42 
12. Set You Free 53:09 
13. Fire It Up 57:15 
14. Guitar Solo (with “Smoke On The Water” jam) 01:02:02 
15. Suicide Messiah (with “Black Sabbath” outro 01:07:14 
16. Stillborn 01:16:29

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY‘s 11th studio album, “Doom Crew Inc.”, will be released on November 26 via MNRK Heavy(formerly eOne Music).

In a recent interview with the Morristown, New Jersey radio station 105.5 WDHA, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY leader Zakk Wylde stated about the writing process for “Doom Crew Inc.”: “The way it always goes, it’s always the music first and then a melody. And then I’ve gotta find out something I wanna sing about. So then I’ll write the lyrics. That’s usually always the way it goes. And then, when it’s all done, then the solos go on it. The painting’s all done, and the solo is the frame that goes on the thing. So you can sit back and look at the whole thing. That’s the way we pretty much always do it.

“We did the box set, and then we did videos for that, and then, after that, [my wife Barbaranne] was just, like, ‘Maybe you guys can do a record,'” he recalled. “I said, ‘All right. No problem.’ So I said, ‘How long till the guys come out?’ [She said], ‘You’ve got a month till the fellows come out.’ So I was just, like, ‘All right. Let me get started.’ So I would just have a cup of coffee and just start writing riffs. You always get inspired by — for me, it’s always Mount Riffmore, which is CREAMMOUNTAIN, [LEDZEPPELIN, [BLACKSABBATHDEEP PURPLE… If you’re not getting inspired by the riffs those guys have created, it’s just like… So I’ll just go fishing and just start writing till you get to something you like.

“What we ended up doing [was] tracking about 30 songs and then whittled it down to the 12 that we have [on the album],” Zakkexplained. “It’s funny, ’cause the ‘Farewell Ballad’ thing has been sitting around on YouTube for probably about 11 years or something like that — just that instrumental strip of music. And so I was just, like, ‘You know what? Let me just get around to finishing this thing.’ ‘Cause we had that bit of music, the chord progression that I wrote. So then I just finished it — I just wrote a melody, I wrote a song with that intro. So we finished that thing. And then ‘Love Reign Down’, the piano ballad, that was sitting around. I wrote that about my mother who passed away. That was during [the making of Ozzy Osbourne‘s] ‘No More Tears’, actually. I remember noodling on the piano at A&M and I wrote that song. So it was good to actually finally put that on an album. But the rest of it is all brand new. ‘Set You Free’ was pretty much right at the end, when we were tracking everything else. So that definitely popped in there late at the end of the whole thing. But the album’s probably almost about a year old now, since we recorded it and finished it and mastered it and everything like that. But it’s just been sitting in the can until right now.”

“Doom Crew Inc.” will be available digitally on CD and vinyl plus a deluxe edition that includes vinyl, CD longbox, cassette and more. The 12-track album is both a tribute to the band’s “first to bleed, last to leave” road crew and a salute to the legion whose support, stretching back to 1998, rivals that of the KISS Army.

The songs are odes to celebration and mourning, the soundtracks to jubilant evenings and bewildering days recorded in Wylde‘s home studio, the Black Vatican. On this album, Zakk trades solos and twin-guitar parts with Dario Lorina, backed by the rumble of longtime bassist John “J.D.” DeServio and powerhouse drummer Jeff Fabb.

BLACK LABEL SOCIETY kicked off the “Doom Trooping Over North America”tour on October 1 in Sacramento at Ace Of Spades. The trek, with openers OBITUARYand PRONG, will run through November 28, ending in Albuquerque at the Sunshine Theater. The band will then finish up the tour from December 27-31 with PRONGand ARMORED SAINT.

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