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On this day in history, 4/22/1999, I was back at Market Square Arena in Indy once again for a Marilyn Manson show.

I had been really excited about the lineup of this one, but by the time of the actual concert it had changed considerably. The original tour lineup was Manson, Hole and Monster Magnet, but Hole (I said butthole…heh heh heh…cheap Beavis & Butthead reference, but I digress) had a dispute with the Manson camp and exited the tour near the beginning of the tour cycle.


I was bummed by that, but figured I’d get a longer set from Monster Magnet and I love that band, so all was still good. Then Monster Magnet left the tour and we got Nashville Pussy.

I had never heard them before, but loved the name and knew it referenced a notorious remark Ted Nugent made on the Double Live Gonzo album. Needless to say, I became a Nashville Pussy fan that night. They had such attitude and played such balls to the wall, AC/DC filtered through a whisky soaked redneck perspective, hard rock, that I nearly forgot all about my disappointment over Hole and Monster Magnet!


The main attraction was Manson, and he was in prime diabolical form that night. He had recently upgraded his guitar player to the supremely bad ass John 5 and the difference was monumental.

The Antichrist Superstar and his band blazed through all the best songs and as always, it was difficult to take one’s eyes off the charismatic Mr. Manson. Sometimes the show you expect isn’t the one you end up with and this one turned disappointment to triumph.

Written By Braddon S. Williams aka The Concert Critic




Marilyn Manson LIVE Minneapolis, MN, USA – 1999-04-27


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