Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams

St. Vincent: Actor

Of any new musical artists I have grown attached to in the past 5 years, St. Vincent is near the top of the list.

St. Vincent (Annie Clark) released Actor in 2009, and it is a work of genius. I love her quirkiness, her courage, her individuality, her brilliant song arrangements, her subtle and subversive guitar work, her voice (both vocal and spiritual), but mostly I love St. Vincent because she sounds original…and in this day and age that is a remarkable achievement.

Actor contains quite possibly the best song she has ever written, Black Rainbows, a work of absolutely mesmerizing beauty.

Marrow is another slice of perfection, juxtaposing jarring rhythms with lush keyboard swirls and a melody that worms itself into your psyche and sticks around for eons.

Actor Out Of Work, Laughing With A Mouth Of Blood, The Strangers, The Party, The Sequel, Save Me From What I Want, and Just The Same But Brand New are all delicious tracks, too. If you haven’t discovered St. Vincent yet, why are you still reading this? Go find some of her music and prepare to fall in love!

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