Way back in my teenage years I was ravenous for news about new bands, upcoming albums, who was on tour…I was a sponge for anything to do with rock music. When Bad Company were set to release their debut album in 1974, all the rock publications were building up the hype machine for this new supergroup that were the first band signed to Led Zeppelin’s new record company, Swan Song. It didn’t hurt that they had a pedigree of guys who had been in killer bands previously. The best thing was that the album lived up to all the hype. Bad Company was all killer, no filler, end of story. With Paul Rodgers and his golden voice leading the way, this band hit the ground running, legendary from the get go. I don’t even need to list any favorite songs from this one; they’re all just perfect. I saw Paul Rodgers live for the very first time just a couple of weeks ago and he sounds exactly like he did in 1974, and in 1969 with Free…just astonishingly good. They don’t make bands like Bad Company anymore, and that is truly a shame!

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

On this date in history, 8/3/1990, Bad Company and Damn Yankees teamed up for a show at Deer Creek in Noblesville, IN. Radio station WFBQ sponsored the show, which was promoted as a "low dough carload show" and basically let fans pile as many people as they could into their various vehicles and get in for $5 per vehicle. This resulted in massive overcrowding for the concert, resulting in it being a one time thing. The show itself was stellar, with Damn Yankees starting the party with selections from their debut album and a few choice cuts from the all star bands main projects, Styx, NIght Ranger, and Ted Nugent's solo work. Vocally, this band was simply incredible, with Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades sharing the majority of lead vocals, and Uncle Ted being turned loose in controlled bursts of his gonzo style. Ted was utilized primarily as a lead guitarist, and he made the most of it, putting his indelible stamp all over the right places in the Damn Yankees pop metal arsenal. I particularly enjoyed seeing the Nuge in a band where he was part of a group of musicians who equaled his talent and had their own star power. A nice blend indeed! Bad Company were the headliners in name, but Damn Yankees were probably the crowd favorites on that night. Bad Company were lacking the soulful power of their original lead singer, Paul Rodgers, but Brian Howe did an admirable job of singing the classics and also the hits the band had recorded with him. Howe had spent a little time in one of Ted Nugent's bands, so that was a nice little coincidence that tied the two bands together. Despite the overcrowding (and an alleged naked guy setting a fire on the lawn area) the audience was relatively well behaved for being in such close quarters. The power of great performances and killer classic rock tunes kept everyone happy and gave those of us who were there a story to tell about our carload experiences!

Written By Braddon S Williams aka The Concert Critic

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