In an age of chaos, an age of grief, the lost and the broken remnants of humanity swarm beneath the condemning gaze of dark gods. A thousand individual tragedies are played out unseen in the mass of screaming, bleeding, desperate souls; each one insignificant to those who have come to judge and dispense justice. Collectively mankind has been found wanting and the sentence is annihilation. An unspoken moment arrives and the vast tableau falls silent, the last second of existence for a doomed species and then unimaginable power is unleashed…the purification has begun.

Those steps towards destruction, that last held breath and then the explosion of a soul-scorching firestorm is encapsulated perfectly in the opening two tracks of Tyrmfar’s gargantuan Renewal Through Purification. The grandiose, portentous notes of ‘The Arrival…’ bring the promise of stories to be told, of vast, black clouds gathering and filling the endless skies – and then, after a fraction of a second where utter terror floods the mind, ‘…Of The Legions Of Eternity’ is upon you! The endless thunder of the drums obliterates the silence and black majesty, wild power held within a steel grip, descends. Yet Tyrmfar are about so much more than simple domination, as remarkable emotion burns between the towering ramparts of brute force riffs. Melodies steeped in loss and pain weave their way through the overwhelming avalanche of destruction – holding you hypnotised, captivated even as your inevitable doom crashes towards you.  

Hailing from the mountains of Switzerland, Tyrmfar’s story began in 2013 and their ascent has been a rapid one. Their first release was the 2015 EP, In The Depths Of A Dark Spirit which was followed in 2017 by the superb Human Abomination album – hailed by Daily Rock as “bloody and invigorating”. The band were soon playing major European festivals like the massive Metal Days event and performing with giants of extreme music like Krisiun; nor were they out of place on such bills with Daily Rock naming them “artists who can shake the most seasoned headliners of extreme music festivals.” All that experience has now been poured into the creation of their game-changing second album, Renewal Through Purification. This collection of breathtaking songs, due out in June through MTAF Records is a magnificent fusion of the atmosphere of black metal and the power of death metal. This is Tyrmfar announcing themselves as true contenders on the world stage, ready to carve their bloody path to the throne.

Tyrmfar are coming…prepare to be judged. 

Robin – Vocals
Mickael – Guitar
Kévin – Guitar
Julien – Bass
Quentin – Drums

Genre: Melodic Black/Death Metal
For fans of: Kataklysm | Immortal | God Seed | Nile
Further Information: https://tyrmfar.com

“…melodious, deadly black metal…” – METAL INSIDE

Tyrmfar – Renewal Through Purification

Written By Kimi Hall

Heres a list of favourite metal picks by yours truly.

This showed up in the mail and I have forgotten that I ordered it. One of the best demo’s of 2018. It makes me that much more excited for full lengths and has solidified pre-orders.

Cerebral Rot: Cessation Of Life


Stygian Obsession: Form Is Void



Necrot: Blood Offerings

Just like a lot of riffs

Pure Wrath: Ascetic Eventide

Sad black metal time.


Malthusiam: Across Deaths


Misþyrming: Söngvar elds og óreiðu


Ripped To Shreds: 埋葬

I somehow missed this last year but this album gets it the fuck on. I had no idea it was a one man project which is even more dope. Its mutilatedmarvel. I utilize the genre tabs feature on Spotify and find a lot.

Acathexis: Self Titled Album

Its Beautiful, its heavy, its dark, its better than anything I could ever need or want from a black metal album.


Convulsing: Siberian Hellhounds

This just might be my favourite.


First album of the year to grab my attention. Blackened, Atmospheric and really good.

Molested Divinity: Desilated Realms Through Iniquity

Missed this last year somehow. Irresponsibly heavy.

Haven’t done one of these in a while, its a weird one.

Rendered Helpless: Suffer Saraphim

I didn’t know this happened. Already iff to a bad start with releases this year.

Ossauriam: Living Tomb

Never got around to posting this one, but if anyone hasn’t listened to this yet its an absolute must. 20 Buck Spin bringing the heat 🔥

Imha Tarikat: Kara Ihlas

Fucking with this one heavily

Guðveiki: Vængför

This weeks “I forgot to post the new records I got” post. Surprise variants are my favourite, its even more gorgeous in person.

Abyssal: Denouement

Abyssal and chill

Lvcifyre: Svneater

Friday night riffs

Suffering Hour: In Passing Ascension

Current jams because SH is dope and I cant wait for more!

Swallowed: Lunarterial

This one has been getting a lot of attention lately.

Auroch: Mute Books

Also this one lately.

Ellende: Lebansnehmer

Most anticipated release of 2019 currently.

Mušmaḫḫū: Reign Of The Odius

Errand jams. Not even going to call them Aoty anymore.

Svartidauði: Flesh Cathedral

Morning commute jams

Ceremony Of Silence: Outis

Shaping up to be a favourite this year.

Outre: Hallow Earth

Late to the party on this but its a good one!

Army Of The Pharaohs: In Death Reborn

Friday gym jams.

Convulsing: Errata
Stoked to have these in my collection. 10/10 perfect split, 10/10 label line-up, 10/10 perfect album.


Abyssal: A Beacon In The Husk

New Abyssal is sexy! Stoked!


Kaleikr: Heart Of Lead

Another one of my favourite releases so far this year.

The Metal Guru

“Harvest Pyre”, the new video from ABBATH, the solo project of former IMMORTAL frontman Abbath (real name Olve Eikemo), can be seen below. The song is taken from ABBATH‘s second album, “Outstrider”, which will be released on July 5 via Season Of Mist. The disc was recorded at Dub Studios in Kristiansand, Norway with producer Endre Kirkesola, who has previously worked with BLOOD RED THRONE, GREEN CARNATION, SIRENIA and IN VAIN, among others.

Track listing: 

01. Calm In Ire (Of Hurricane) 
02. Bridge Of Spasms 
03. The Artifex 
04. Harvest Pyre 
05. Land Of Khem 
06. Outstrider 
07. Scythewinder 
08. Hecate 
09. Pace Till Death (BATHORY cover)

The artwork was created by Kim Holm and Olav Iversen.

When Abbath announced that he had left IMMORTAL, it sent massive shockwaves through the metal scene. The iconic frontman had long become the “face” of the Norwegian black scene, his image synonymous with the genre. Upon releasing his debut album with his eponymous new band, ABBATH, in 2016, trve fans were satiated with a dose of icy, blackened fury.

ABBATH 2019 is:

Abbath – Vocals, Guitar 
Ole Andre Farstad – Guitar 
Ukri Suviletho – Drums 
Mia Wallace – Bass

Video Premiere: ABBATH’s ‘Harvest Pyre’

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Behemoth: The Satanist

This one comes with a disclaimer, or an explanation, perhaps would be the better term. I don’t listen to music because of an artist’s religious or political views. I listen to what I like.

I have a pretty simple system regarding musical genres and sub-genres: there are only 2 kinds of music in my universe…good and bad. It is up to the individual to sort them out. Having said all that, The Satanist (2014) by Behemoth, is a work of art.

The art in question is most often labeled Blackened Death Metal, but Behemoth’s leader, Nergal, has gone on record stating that Behemoth should not be labeled. Fair enough. Behemoth hail from Poland and have sustained a long and successful career, beginning in 1991.

For a band that has existed that long to put out a record as outstanding as The Satanist 23 years into their career is impressive, to say the least.

From the opening of Blow Your Trumpets Gabriel to the final notes of O Father O Satan O Sun!, Behemoth have poured their collective hearts and souls into something they believe in, and the proof is in every beat, every note, every riff, and every word of lyrical intent.

I don’t expect this review to generate as many “likes” as Dokken or Def Leppard, but it doesn’t really matter to me.

Music is not about competition to me…it is about conviction, passion, integrity, soul, creativity…it is about spirit.

Behemoth has that in abundance. The Satanist is a great album, maybe the best thing they will ever create together.


Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

MARDUK hanno annunciato le seguenti date europee. Di supporto suoneranno VALKYRJA e una seconda band  ancora da annunciare.

Apr 13 POL Zabrze @ Wiatrak
Apr 14 CZE Ostrava @ Barrack
Apr 16 CZE Brno @ Melodka
Apr 17 AUT Wien @ Viper Room
Apr 18 SVK Bratislava @ Randal
Apr 19 ROU Cluj Napoca @ /Form Space
Apr 20 ROU Bucarest @ Quantic
Apr 21 BUL Sofia @ Mixtape 5
Apr 23 MKD Skopje @ MKC
Apr 24 SRB Beograd @ Dom Omladine
Apr 25 CRO Zagreb @ Vintage Industrial Bar
Apr 26 ITA Milan @ Legend
Apr 27 SUI Luzern @ Konzerthaus Schuur
Apr 28 FRA Lyon @ CCO Villeurbanne
Apr 30 FRA Toulouse @ Metronum
May 01 ESP Barcelona @ Boveda
May 02 SP Madrid @ Caracol
May 03 POR Lisbon @ RCA Club
May 04 POR Porto @ Hard Club
May 05 SP Pamplona @ Totem
May 07 FR Colmar @ Le Grillen
May 08 HOL Helmond @ Cacao Fabriek
May 09 GER Munster @ Sputnikhalle
May 10 FR Nilvange @ Le Gueulard Plus
May 11 HOL Hoogeven @ Graveland Festival

Marduk 2019 Tourdates

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Behemoth: The Apostasy

I discovered Polish extreme/blackened death metal monsters Behemoth at the 2007 Ozzfest, where they literally turned the second stage area into a cyclone of dust.

Behemoth released The Apostasy that same year and it is a multi-dimensional album that incorporates elements not usually associated with music that is so massively heavy.

Choirs, horn sections, and pianos weave into the maelstrom of sound that Behemoth summons to produce the dark themes of The Apostasy.

Nergal, lead vocals/guitars, is the creative force of Behemoth, but the blast beats and inhuman battering ram drumming of Inferno, and the grinding bass onslaught of Orion drive the machine forward.

Behemoth have recently released a new album and I plan to acquire it soon, having heard excellent praise of it from several reliable sources.

Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Rich Deckard

Wolves in The Throne Room: Thrice Woven

Wolves In The Throne Room have one of the coolest names in modern metal. Theyre also, I think, the best American Black Metal band.

Now, before all the kvlt, trve guys who wear corpsepaint even when they shop at Wal Mart cry “POSER!!!” and throw flaming bibles at me, let me explain…

Black Metal truly started, not with Venom, but in the grim, frostbitten Scandanavian snowscapes with bands like Bathory, Mayhem, Darkthrone, etc…and their music FELT like it was grim and frostbitten….So it is with Wolves, but from their geographical perspective.

Wolves sounds like an interminable rainy day; a day of grayness, damp, with smoky fires fighting the wet to call out to ancient forest gods long forgotten. Its a feeling, which Black Metal is, instead of mere rhythm and lyrics.

And so it is with their latest record, Thrice Woven. There are guitars, and blast beats and harsh vocals, of course. But there are slow moods, beautiful female vocals and all the ingredients that make them a band thats genuinely unique in this subgenre.

The Pacific Northwest is not the ice and snow of Norway. And the forest there does not call out to Odin….

It calls out to something Other…

This is a great record….and its been raining all day as I post this.

How fitting.

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