Although Legend has met with some criticism for being a “safe” collection of Bob Marley’s music, it is still the album that introduced me to the legendary reggae king. It is also the best selling reggae album of all-time, so I feel pretty vindicated including it in my list. Bob Marley is synonymous with reggae to most people for good reason. He achieved legendary status in his home country during his lifetime for his political activism, his charitable work, and of course, his music. That his legend grew astronomically following his death is indisputable, but a lot of that was the simple fact of the rest of the world catching up to what he had already accomplished. I used to listen to this album on the way home from metal shows. It became sort of a ritual for me to follow up all that energy and aggression and the catharsis of releasing all that stuff and then switch gears to this peaceful, uplifting, joyful music. Bob Marley’s music always takes me to a happy place and probably always will. No Woman, No Cry, Exodus, Jammin’, I Shot The Sheriff, Buffalo Soldier, Waiting In Vain, Get Up Stand Up, and the sublime Redemption Song…just wonderful feelings emanating through all of it.

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind