Written By Braddon S. Williams

Boston: Boston

Back in 1976, the band Boston, from Boston, released Boston, Boston’s debut album.

Did I mention the word Boston? Yeah, it was that pervasive at that time, too. Everywhere you went, every time you turned on a radio, there they were.

Corporate rock at its finest.

Boston (the album) is immaculately constructed and produced, and the louder you play it, the better it sounds.

Tom Scholz and John Boylan crafted this massive collage of guitars and vocals, just layers and layers of them, and songs like More Than A Feeling, Peace Of Mind, Foreplay/Long Time, and most of the rest of the album are still in heavy rotation on classic rock stations to the present day.

In my opinion they never recreated the magic they achieved on their debut, but it put them on the map…listed as Boston!


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