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Cattle Decapitation Talk the Environmentally Friendly ‘Monolith of Inhumanity’

San Diego death-grind masters Cattle Decapitation have returned after a three-year break with their latest album, Monolith of Inhumanity, their follow-up to 2009’s The Harvest Floor. The album continues Cattle Decapitation’s socially conscious lyrical themes that feature pro-animal/anti-human sentiments; however, the record’s concept is much more environmentally focussed than the band’s previous releases, frontman Travis Ryan tells Exclaim! in a recent interview.

“It’s not like there’s songs about staying green or anything like that, but it more so deals with where we’re headed as a society,” Ryan says. “That’s the same thing, I guess, that a lot of socio-political bands would talk about, but we just use a slightly different angle, a very misanthropic angle. It’s depressing and kind of one-sided and cruel and unfair. I don’t have the answers, I can only propose the problems.”

Although Cattle Decapitation’s lyrics can be viewed as advocating animal rights, which has been a theme the band have maintained throughout their seven-album career, Ryan explains that the concept is not that simple. 

“To me it’s almost like animals don’t have rights. There are laws that are put in place to protect animals, but with us being a dominating species, animals don’t have rights, not as long as there’s fur trade and not as long as there’s factory farming.

“It’s just how it is, there are laws that try to protect them, that are very rarely enforced, but that’s it. That finds its way into the lyrics of our band a lot because we deal with a lot of environmental topics and social topics, stuff that doesn’t really get talked about a lot in metal, or death metal for sure.”

Cattle Decapitation’s misanthropic views complement their ever-evolving aggressive sound that combines grindcore’s fast, frenzied guitar work and machinegun drumming with death metal’s intense grooves and grotesque, guttural vocals. Monolith of Inhumanity is also their most musically diverse album, with many different elements coming together to form a cohesive sound.

“[We’ve spent] years touring and honing our sound into what we want, but maintaining the Cattle Decapitation vibe that we’ve had since the very beginning; that really intense, sort of frantic, sort of uncomfortable vibe that we’ve tried to keep,” Ryan says.

“We’ve just added little flavours and gone, ‘Let’s try this’ a lot. It’s a very experimental band when it comes to that. We do a lot of going out on a limb and seeing if something will work and pushing the boundaries a little further each time, partly out of curiosity and partly it’s just us trying to do what we want to hear.”

Rapper Uses Cattle Decapitation’s Album Cover Art For Mixed Tape & The Band Turns It Into A Shirt

Cattle Decapitation Instagram

Rapper uses Cattle Decapitations cover art for new up-coming album “Death Atlas” for his mixed tape and doesn’t even bother removing their logo so the band took to social media and decided to create a teeshirt out of the whole situation available for only 24 hours on their website. See below.


Recently, a rapper took the cover of our new album “Death Atlas” and used it for his mixtape. Here’s a one-time-only T-Shirt available for the next 24 hrs ONLY! ORDER HERE DURING THE NEXT 24 HRS ONLY AND THEN ITS GONE FOREVER:

Their long awaited 9th studio album, “Death Atlas” is due out November 29th 2019.

Death Atlas

Cattle Decapitation have never shied away from confronting the awfulness wrought upon the natural world by the human race, and Death Atlas is their bleakest offering to date. The cover art says it all: a stooped, skeletal Grim Reaper carrying the burnt-out husk of our planet on his back. “The core concept of this record is humanity’s insignificance despite what we’ve convinced ourselves,” explains vocalist Travis Ryan. “That’s kind of why this album cover takes place in space, to remind you that ‘the universe always finds a way to purge’. In the grand scheme of things, our species is merely a fleeting thought.” This imagery is backed up with a ferocious soundtrack, which includes elements of death metal, grindcore, black metal, sludge, doom, drone – with Ryan’s vocals broader and more fully realized than ever before.

Produced once again by Dave Otero (, Death Atlas also features a number of guests: Laure Le Prunenec (Igorrr, Ricinn), Riccardo Conforti (Void of Silence), Dis Pater (Midnight Odyssey), Jon Fishman (Phish) – plus, brass instrumentalists from Ottone Pesante. The end result of these experimentations and collaborations is one of the most devastating records of 2019, and it demands an emotional response.

As the band prepares to tour and hopefully reach places they have yet play, what Ryan wants listeners to take away from Death Atlas is clear: “I want people to be shocked into thinking more about their futures, their loved ones, the pain they’re potentially subjecting their future generations to. Everyone just seems to live in the now with no care for tomorrow, and that’s incorrect thinking, as far as today goes. Don’t make tomorrow a cancelled check.”

Tour Dates:

Nov. 22 — Austin, Texas @ Empire Control Room
Nov. 23 — Dallas, Texas @ Gas Monkey Bar & Grill
Nov. 24 — Houston, Texas @ White Oak Music Hall
Nov. 25 — New Orleans, La. @ The Parish @ House Of Blues
Nov. 26 — Orlando, Fla. @ The Abbey
Nov. 27 — Fort Lauderdale, Fla. @ Culture Room +
Nov. 29 — Atlanta, Ga. @ Hell @ Masquerade +
Nov. 30 — Richmond, Va. @ Canal Club
Dec. 01 — New York, N.Y. @ Le Poisson Rouge
Dec. 02 — Boston, Mass. @ Brighton Music Hall
Dec. 03 — Philadelphia, Pa. @ The Foundry @ The Fillmore
Dec. 04 — Toronto, Ontario @ Opera House
Dec. 05 — Chicago, Ill. @ Metro
w/ Atheist, Primitive Man, Author & Punisher, Vitriol
Dec. 06 — Lawrence, Kan. @ Granada Theater
Dec. 07 — Denver, Colo. @ The Oriental
Dec. 08 — Grand Junction, Colo. @ Mesa Theater
Dec. 10 — Albuquerque, N.M. @ El Rey Theater
Dec. 11 — Mesa, Ariz. @ Club Red
Dec. 12 — Los Angeles, Calif. @ Decibel Pre-Party @ The Regent
Dec. 13 — Las Vegas, Nev. @ Fremont Country Club
Dec. 14 — Fresno, Calif. @ Strummers
Dec. 15 — Berkeley, Calif. @ UC Theatre
Dec. 17 — Seattle, Wash. @ The Showbox
Dec. 18 — Portland, Ore. @ Bossanova Ballroom
Dec. 19 — Sacramento, Calif. @ Holy Diver
Dec. 20 — Pomona, Calif. @ The Glass House
Dec. 22 — San Diego, Calif. @ Brick By Brick
+ No Author & Punisher

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