Awaken The Misogynist release the challenging brutality of Descended From Vast Dimensions through Comatose Music on September 9th

In 2020 international brutal death metal collective Awaken The Misogynist announced themselves to the world in suitably violent and abrasive fashion with the three track Abuse Of ConsumptionEP – a release which set out the concept behind their challenging name, that of mankind destroying the earth, Mother Nature, with their endless obsession with the advancement of technology. As vocalist Jameson Blomgren put it, this band are here to “shed light on the atrociousness of man through talking about the uncomfortable things that we continue to ignore”. Well things are about to get a hell of a lot more uncomfortable with the release of new full length debut album, Descended From Vast Dimensions

Including the three bursts of rage that made up Abuse Of Consumption, along with nine brand new wicked nail bombs of slamming brutality, black humor and an even blacker vision of the future, Descended From Vast Dimensions is an explosion of obscene power. Ugly tracks like ‘Crimson Horror’ and ‘Infinite Regression’ grind the listener’s face into the sordid reality of modern society, delivering venomous justice with spine-splitting savagery. This is a punishing ride through depravity and darkness, but one that hits you with an adrenaline high as it empties a full magazine into your guts. The level of focused ferocity might seem insane for such a new band, but then the members of Awaken The Misogynist are all battle hardened troops from death metal’s front lines, with tours of duty with CrepitationEnigmatikSlamentationFacelift DeformationBodysnatch and more under their belts. They know just how to deliver a barrage of brutality with maximum deadly effect.

With Comatose Music’s undisputed muscle behind them, Awaken The Misogynist are prepared to spread their vision of disgrace and disgust throughout the world – a rude awakening for the blind and ignorant sleep walking to their doom and dragging the planet with them. The fuse will be lit on September 9th and the furious artillery of Descended From Vast Dimensions will discharge its payload of death.

Feel the fury of Awaken The Misogynist now at the Comatose Music YouTube channel – where first single ‘The Cleansing Of Ignorance’ is streaming now!

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Thailand’s Intricated unleash the complex brutality of Apocalyptic Metamorphosis through Comatose Music

The plague that has infected this planet for seemingly endless months may have extended the incubation period for Intricated’s new album, but at long last the monstrosity is ready to hatch. A true onslaught of unbridled ferocity, chaos made manifest and death metal delivered as only Intricated can, Apocalyptic Metamorphosis will wipe away the memories of a troubled year…and replace them with an array of unforgettable horrors!Their debut album, The Vortex Of Fatal Depravity, which emerged some five years ago now, gave an insight into the potency of Intricated’s wicked alchemical blend of unfathomable song craft and sheer brute force. Now, with Apocalyptic Metamorphosis, every death-scented, rotten flower has bloomed and the true reality warping power of Intricated has been revealed. These songs twist themselves through impossible grotesque contortions, shifting state from the thick fluidity of blood to the darting, jagged thrusts of broken bone. A sense of threat and menace hangs heavy between the thunderous riffs and one wrong step will leave the listener lost in a labyrinth of terror. Ten intimidating tracks delivered with merciless intent – Apocalyptic Metamorphosis is an assault on the very pinnacle of the brutal death metal genre.

No band of such accomplished brutality could escape the all-seeing gaze of Comatose Music and Intricated have joined the ever growing ranks of death. With Apocalyptic Metamorphosis swathed in the artwork of Toshihiro Egawa (Abigail Williams, Defeated Sanity, Krisiun etc) and blessed with the immaculate mastering of Alan Douches (Atheist, Cannibal Corpse, Death etc), all the pieces of the puzzle are in place. On December 10th the beast is unleashed, straight from the sin swamped streets of Bangkok to the frenzied furnace of your nightmares – Intricated are coming for you!

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In Asymmetry – Ashes Of Dead Worlds [Brutal Technical Death Metal on Comatose Music]

The race is on. The shadowed passages of the labyrinth stretch before you – corner after corner, steps down into impenetrable black, a thousand identical doors, walls that shift behind you creating new corridors and sealing off routes that were once options of escape. The grotesque faces in the walls watch with laughing eyes as your breath becomes ragged and your lungs burn in your chest. They whisper of all the things they would love to do to you, of all the things they have done to other hapless creatures that have passed this way. And behind in the darkness you hear the steady, relentless tread of the hunter and the unmistakeable sound of the lock and load…

To enter the sonic kingdom of In Asymmetry is to walk into a world of bewildering complexity and staggering power. On the surface the onslaught that confronts you is one of pure, unadulterated chaos but within the raging maelstrom is a precisely engineered order; a gleaming, oiled, infernal machine whose parts operate in devilish harmony, slotting into place and igniting, turning the air you breathe to fire. Their full length debut album, Ashes Of Dead Worlds, is a masterful display of technical, brutal death metal that challenges the listener on every level. The band dispense overwhelming track after overwhelming track with imperious ease, a bombardment beyond comprehension. From the ominous tones that summon in the full frontal assault of ‘Whom Prey On The Weak’ to the cataclysmic ending of the bonus track, a cover of the Deeds Of Flesh classic ‘Sense Of The Diabolic’ there is no escape. The path back to the light has been sealed and your time in the maze ends when In Asymmetry say it does.

Featuring the insane drumming dexterity of Darren Cesca (Deeds Of Flesh) and the vicious vocalisations of Taylor Wientjes (ex-The Faceless, ex-The Kennedy Veil, ex-Inanimate Existence) In Asymmetry are a unit with the experience to match their magnificent abilities. Now allied with Comatose Music everything has fallen into place for this most formidable of bands. The global assault begins on May 7th when Ashes Of Dead Worlds detonates and the extreme music scene explodes. Be prepared for the ride of your life! 

Darren Cesca – Drums
Darren Joy – Bass
Taylor Wientjes – Vocals
Victor Araneda – Guitars

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Focal Dystonia – brutal death metal group with an international cast of vocalists – unleash debut, Descending (in)Human Flesh on Comatose Music!

New exponents of brutality Focal Dystonia will release their debut album Descending (In)Human Flesh through Comatose Music on December 11th.

From out of nowhere comes one of the most devastating brutal death metal assaults you will ever hear! Focal Dystonia’s debut album, Descending (In)Human Flesh is a terrifying tsunami of raging riffs and an unrelenting drum battery of staggering speed and heaviness. This is the sound of rage beyond control, of vengeance unleashed and opposition pulverised into non-existence. No more holding back in the face of slights and disrespect, just absolute bloody and beautiful annihilation!Focal Dystonia was created by multi-instrumentalist Floor van Kuijk (Korpse/Carnifloor) and drummer Florent Duployer (Anachronism/Kakothanasy) in early 2020. Due to their innate understanding of the essence of brutal death metal, the project progressed at hellish speed. Soon they had ten songs that epitomised the genre, in all its gaudy, violent extremes and next set about assembling an incredible line-up of international vocalists to give voice to their macabre creations. In total, twelve of the underground’s most renowned proponents of throat-ruining vocal savagery contributed to the recording of Descending (In)Human Flesh – an unprecedented collective of demonic vocalizing. For now these bestial names are being kept secret, to be revealed as the days and weeks pass and the December 11th release of Descending (In)Human Flesh grows nearer.

It is, of course, Comatose Music that will be responsible for spreading the plague of Focal Dystonia worldwide – no other label being equipped to handle such a diabolical expulsion of frenzied barbarity. Descending (In)Human Flesh is not just a masterful display of domineering power, it is also a horrifying love letter to the brutal death metal scene; everything that a dedicated fan could wish for in their warped dreams. Expect no mercy when this beast is unleashed!

You can experience the first explosive outpourings of Focal Dystonia at SLAM WORLDWIDE, where an exclusive premiere of the track ‘Pinnacle Of Deranged Euphoria‘ is available now:

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COMATOSE MUSIC sign Houston’s most brutal band – ARCHITECTURAL GENOCIDE!


Today we are delighted to announce that our partners at Comatose Music have added Houston, Texas heavyweights Architectural Genocide to their already unfathomably heavy roster. The band caught the ear of the world’s premier brutal death metal label with their grotesquely brutal 2018 demo, featuring the gut-churning tracks ‘Force Fed Fecal Fodder‘ and ‘Void Of Atrocity‘. Work is well underway on Architectural Genocide’s full length debut album and you can expect the skullcrushing assault to be launched by Comatose in early 2020.

Taking a break from the studio, the band will be jumping on the Houston date of the Bloodletting North America XIII tour, featuring Disentomb and Visceral Disgorgeon October 8th. Then on November 16th, they’ll be joining Primordius and Demonseedfor a night of destruction in Arlington.

To get just a hint of the utter annihilation that Architectural Genocide will be bringing your way with Comatose Music in 2020, you can check out their 2018 demo right here
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Four massive campaigns drawing to a close: thrash, death and grind from SOLITARY, STRAPPADO, HORRIFIC DEMISE and GREVIA!

No fewer than four of our recent campaigns are now drawing to a close, offering the very best in thrash metal, death metal and grindcore, so we wanted to offer you a last chance to check them out, if you haven’t already done so. First of all we have Solitary‘s celebratory XXV EP…

A twenty fifth anniversary is a milestone that cannot be left unnoticed or allowed to pass uncelebrated, so Solitary hit the studio to re-record three classicsongs from their illustrious back catalogue – ‘Requiem‘, ‘Within Temptation‘ and ‘Keep Your Enemies Closer’. As well as injecting these much loved monsters with a fresh venom and energy, the band captured two songs from a London show, at the Camden Underworld with Darkane.

“… a release that any self respecting thrash fan needs in their collection. …”  9/10 – PHOENIX RISING

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The next album that will soon be leaving us is the sickening, violent slab of death metal torture that is Exigit Sincerae Devotionis Affectus, from Comatose Music artists Strappado

Born from a ghoulish fascination with the inhumanity of man, Strappado celebrate the unconscionable, the brutality that lurks beyond the shadowy borders of the imagination. ‘The Rack‘, ‘Death By Sawing‘, ‘Dislocated By The Rope‘; each Frankenstein’s monster of riffs and blast beats, sewn together with vicious precision, is a glorification of the most base depravity.

“… an amazing fucking release…” 9.5/10 – SICK REVIEWS

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Also bidding us a fond farewell this week is the gargantuan death metal masterpiece from another Comatose band, Horrific DemiseExcruciating Extermination

From the breathtaking initial attack of ‘Born From Brutality‘ Excruciating Extermination carries you on a wild ride through Hell’s chambers of despair. Riff is piled upon monstrous riff and razor-wire solos slice, gleaming, through the crimson filth. This is not just another album of brutality; this is the stunning product of years of experience and musical aptitude, the realisation of dark dreams and long held ambition.

“… If you love underground death metal, you NEED a copy of this record.” 10/10 – BETWEEN THE LINES MEDIA

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Finally we’d like to remind you of the wild death metal grindcore hybrid that is Grevia‘s debut EP for Lethal Scissor Records – Misophonic

Grevia’s Misophonic represents one of the most potent extreme music releases this year. Featuring guest drumming from Davide Billia(BeheadedAntropofagusHour Of Penanceetc) these incendiary songs sweep across your senses like a firestorm.

” Potential like this doesn’t come around that often…” 8/10 – METAL TEMPLE

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On November 1st Comatose Music will unleash one of the most rabid, brutal death metal albums ever – Cadaverized Humanity from PURULENT NECROSIS!

Rebranded to reflect the increasingly disturbing and disgustingly heavy nature of their music, Cranial Bleeding have now morphed into the twisted Purulent Necrosis – and Purulent Necrosis are ready to unveil their terrifying debut album, Cadaverized Humanity, an unrelenting assault on the senses.

The standard terms for defining extreme music are simply inadequate to describe the horrific onslaught of tracks like ‘Throne Of Carnage’. These blood-chilling outbursts of inhuman depravity go beyond the normal barriers of acceptability even for brutal death metal. Purulent Necrosis are beyond ‘heavy’, beyond ‘extreme’ and Cadaverized Humanity attacks like a hammer-wielding lunatic from start to finish. The rusted riffs that form the warped exoskeleton of ‘Calculated Acts Of Retribution’ must surely be the product of warped minds and the bestial vocals of Justin Downs are barely recognisable as human. This is not a listening experience; it’s a test of your endurance and your sanity, a trip into the abyss, the foulest recesses of human depravity.

Justin Downs – Vocals
Blake Scott – Guitars
Steve Green – Guitars
Matthew Green – Drums
Jason Keating – Bass

Like handing knives to monstrous predators, Comatose Music have recklessly agreed to release Purulent Necrosis’ insane violence into the world on November 1st. From that date Cadaverized Humanity will be lurking in the cellars and alleyways of your town, waiting hungrily for blood. Indiscriminate killing on an unprecedented scale is sure to follow.

Genre: Brutal Death Metal
For fans of: Devourment | Skinless | Internal Bleeding | Guttural Secrete

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Horrific Demise have released a second video from their Excruciating Extermination debut album. ‘Apogee Of Blasphemy’ premieres at Slam Worldwide.


Horrific Demise feature members and ex-members of Lividity, Gorgasm, Sarcophagy, Necrotic Disgorgement and more and their debut album Excruciating Extermination was years in the making. The album will be released on September 6th through Comatose Music and already the press are starting to recognise that this is one very special album...

" all the last Deicide albums but with balls..." - ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE

"...this is perfect, I can't fault it..." - THE METAL WANDERLUST

"...complete chaos is unleashed..." - THE MEDIAN MAN
There will be no resisting the overwhelming power of Horrific Demise. The beast has well and truly come of age and it's ready to start killing - until only it remains. This album, this band, this label - they are undeniable. Nothing will stand in their way. Prepare to be exterminated!

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Horrific Demise – Excruciating Extermination raging death metal on Comatose Music


In the boundless kingdom of hell there are featureless corridors that run from sunrise to sunset, lined with doorways beyond counting. Each corridor is the same and each doorway identical, but those indistinguishable doors all open upon endlessly unique expressions of torment; myriad agonies beyond comprehension and eternal punishments to baffle the mind. Behind the obsidian gates lurk atrocities beyond the wildest dreams of evil men; the limitless exploration of the possibilities of pain, the numberless ways to dissect, reconstruct and tear apart… the eternal refinement of the art of excruciating extermination!

The debut album from Horrific Demise, Excruciating Extermination, has been long years in the making. The band has lived in the mind of guitarist/vocalist Matt Bishop since 2005, squirming and fermenting in the charnel pits of his subconscious, hunting and feeding in the labyrinth of his fantasies. While Horrific Demise grew in the darkness Matt made his name in the brutal death metal scene, spending ten years carving out the blood-soaked riffs for Lividity. But Horrific Demise could not be kept constrained forever… A meeting with guitarist Tony Tipton (Necrotic Disgorgement, Regurgitation) in 2013 breathed new life into the beast and the first Horrific Demise songs began to form. Over the next five years more darkly creative souls were drawn into the shadowy world of Horrific Demise: drummer Kyle Christman (Gorgasm, Sarcophagy) and bassist Phil Good (Necrotic Disgorgement, Created To Kill etc) adding their considerable talents. The search for the perfect voice to articulate the horrors of the band’s songs proved harder though, with several brutal vocalists trying out for the position, but somehow not capturing that perfect nightmarish vibe. Then, when Anthony Voight (Gorgasm, Sarcophagy) grabbed the mic and unleashed his inhuman roar the elite team was instantly complete. Now their work is done and the time has come for Excruciating Extermination to be unleashed! From the breathtaking initial attack of ‘Born From Brutality’ Excruciating Extermination carries you on a wild ride through Hell’s chambers of despair. Riff is piled upon monstrous riff and razor-wire solos slice, gleaming, through the crimson filth. This is not just another album of brutality; this is the stunning product of years of experience and musical aptitude, the realisation of dark dreams and long held ambition. 

“If anyone can say they’ve done their Reign In Blood, this is mine. If I didn’t do one more album after this, I’d be cool with that.” – Matt Bishop on the Murder Metal Mayhem Podcast

With the power of Comatose Music behind them Horrific Demise will spread their tales of Excruciating Extermination to every corner of the metal world. This album, this band, this label – they are all undeniable. Nothing will stand in their way. Prepare to be exterminated!

Matt Bishop – Guitars
Anthony Voight – Vocals
Tony Tipton – Guitars
Kyle Christman – Drums
Phil Good – Bass

Genre: Death Metal
For fans of: Incantation | Immolation | Suffocation | Lividity

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