While the world awaits the new full length studio album from Consecration, which will blight the spring of 2022 with its rotten horrors, released from the clutches of Redefining Darkness Records, the band have dug deep into their crypt of dead songs and torn three mouldering corpses from their caskets. Three ancient tracks have had their bones broken and reassembled and new life breathed into their hollow chest cavities. They have been brought back from the dead…reimagined and reanimated!Consecration’s unholy elixir of decaying death metal and decomposing doom has grown darker and heavier over the years of their shadowy existence. Their earlier compositions have been transformed into terrifying, monstrous versions of their original incarnations and the band decided that the time had come for the results of that alchemical process to be captured and preserved for posterity. On one cold autumn night they entered their rehearsal studio and thundered through three prime examples of their new necromantic rituals, recording them raw and live, freezing their intimidating, overwhelming presence for eternity. ‘Cast Down For The Burning MMXXI’ and ‘Gut The Priest MMXXI’ are black abominations, warped children of tracks that appeared on the band’s 2010 debut EP, Gut The Priest while ‘Domain Of Despair’ grew from the diseased seeds of an incomplete 2011 demo, never made available before in any format. Together these haunted, hellish entities form a new EP, Reanimated, that reveals the new putrescent, perished heart of Consecration.

Reanimated will be released on November 19th by Cavernous Records, complete with stunning artwork from band vocalist and lyricist Daniel Bollans. It is a look back to the past through a lens of nightmares and a warning of what the future holds. For you dwellers in twilight and haunters of the burial grounds, this is an underground treasure to feed your ravenous souls.

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Consecration present Reanimated, a new EP of horrors on Cavernous Records!

We are proud to announce that Consecration have been invited to perform at this year’s Under The Doom festival in LisbonPortugal. The festival runs from December 6th – 8th and features a wonderful array of dark metal talent, including AlcestParadise LostSolstice and Darkher. Consecration will be appearing on the second day of the festival, along with Alcest, Solstice, Daylight DiesWells Valleyand Petrichor.

For further information please head to the Facebook event page at https://www.facebook.com/events/618199718647366/

Before heading for Portugal Consecration will also be playing a rare hometown show in their native NorwichOn November 23rd they will be joining Gevauden and Tellus Effluentia for ‘A Night Of Doom‘ at the B2 venue. Full details, including ticketing information can be found here:

In further news, today Consecration are celebrating the 9th anniversary of the release of their fearsome debut EP, Gut The Priest. This was the release that first announced Consecration to the metal underground and it achieved some superb reviews back in 2010.

“… a band on the verge of hitting the nail very firmly on the head.”  – ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE

“I’m not sure exactly where the squalid hellhole was that Consecration put together this satanic piece of work but I’m sure as hell glad they did…”  – DESTRUCTIVE MUSIC

“A band that should delight anyone longing for a revival of this kind of sound.” – DOOM METAL.COM

To say thank you to the fans who have supported them over the last nine years Consecration are offering a 10% discount on EVERYTHING at their bandcamp store – including new album Fragilium! Simply head to www.consecration666.bandcamp.com and enter the discount code CONSECRATION10on checkout.

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Consecration announce festival appearance and celebrate 9 years of Gut The Priest!

Consecration reveal live shows, exclusive bundles for new album Fragilium and news of a full album premiere with label, Solitude Productions

Consecration have announced two UK shows with their friends in Godthrymm – one in London and one in Nottingham

July 27th – The Unicorn, Camden, London – w/Godthrymm and Elder Seer
Full details

August 31st  Metal In The Foundry – The Tap ‘N’ Tumbler, Nottingham – w/Battalions, Godthrymm, Sin Theta, Sour Tusk and At Dawn We Attack
Full details

Meanwhile the band have unveiled a range of exclusive album and merch bundles at their bandcamp shop:
The ‘Loss‘ bundle, including Fragilium CD and T-shirt
The ‘Grief‘ bundle, including Fragilium CD and T-shirt, logo patch and Purity Through Pain guitar plectrum
The limited edition ‘Despair‘ mega-bundle, including Fragilium CD and T-shirt, logo patch and Purity Through Pain guitar plectrum, artwork sticker, artwork cards, signed band photo and a download code for the band’s digital compilation, Remembrance.
*the artwork stickers, cards and signed band phots are available exclusively with the ‘Despair’ mega-bundle and will not be sold seperately*

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Consecration reveal live shows


If you walk into the fenlands at sunset, leaving the last house at your back, you will follow a road that slowly dwindles to a footpath as the sky darkens and the shadows lengthen. With a cutting wind always in your face, bringing tears to your eyes, you’ll reach a place where the path finally peters out to nothing. There is no light but the stars and the horizon is as empty and distant as it was many cold miles ago. The only discernible features of this desolate landscape are the gnarled, stunted, wind sculpted trees that skulk like warped spiders, poised to attack when you turn your back. It’s a place with no name but loneliness, where all the sorrows in the world gather to cry their laments to the endless sky; and the sound of their song is the sound of Consecration…

Blending the decaying grandeur of epic doom, with the visceral power of primal death and the taste of memories so sharply poignant they draw blood and tears in equal measure, Consecration have summoned into being Fragilium – a towering album that stands like a pitch black monolith against the night sky, casting shadows so deep they swallow the darkness. The currents of aching melancholy that sweep through these songs are so deeply powerful that they threaten to consume the unwary listener. The guitar melodies sing like sirens to the lost while the obsidian riffs devastate all that stand in the path of their inexorable, measured progress. Mastered to perfection by Markus Stock of The Vision Bleakand Empyrium, whose deft touch has polished the twilight sounds of Ahab, Winterfylleth and Secrets Of The Moon, Fragilium walks paths of unprecedented musical and emotional depth. 

Respected guardians of doom, Solitude Productions, whose hallowed halls also provide shelter to the brooding mourners of HellLight, Ea and Doomed, will draw back the veil and reveal this masterpiece of misery on June 28th, bringing black clouds to the summer skies. While debut album Ephemerality and recent gargantuan compilation Remembrance offered glimpses of the potent power of Consecration, nothing could adequately prepare you for the soul crushing magic of Fragilium…the path to loneliness will soon be revealed to all who would walk its solitary way into the darkness…

Daniel Bollans – Vocals 
Shane Amies – Bass
Liam Houseago – Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
Jorge Figueiredo- Drums and Percussion
Additional guitars by Jordan Grant

Genre: Doom/Death Metal
For fans of: My Dying Bride | Novembers Doom | Evoken | My Silent Wake

Further Information: https://www.facebook.com/Consecration666 | https://solitude-prod.com/?sl=en

“…slow, powerful, bleak, desolate…” – METAL TEMPLE

Consecration sign to Solitude Productions and unveil their new doom/death masterpiece, Fragilium