The Demonstealer has left the building, or so we’re told to believe. It’s been 18 years of Demonic Resurrection – Sahil candidly talks about his sense of disillusionment with metal, the declining state of affairs with music dependent on social media, maintaining one’s sanity through it all.

Recorded at Demonic Studios, we discuss the highlights of his career so far – playing Bloodstock to the best UK crowd ever, the journey both Headbanger’s Kitchen & DR have had over the years, the themes & how he embraced myths from our own land to represent Indian metal globally.

Like him or hate him, his legacy is here to stay. This is Episode 05 with Sahil Makhija.

Featured track on this episode is UAE’s Private Government.

Tune in, #StayHaramcore!

Demonstealer Interview at Demonic Studios

‘Dashavatar’ releases worldwide!

Thank you to all the people who contributed to making this album and to all our fans who have supported us and picked up a copy.

Please share this and spread the music. The power lies in you hands 🙂

Cheers & Stay Demonic!!

Demonic Resurrection – Kurma – The Tortoise (Official Lyric Video)


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Demonic Resurrections ‘Dashavatar’ releases worldwide