Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Mercyful Fate: Don’t Break The Path

Mercyful Fate was where King Diamond made his mark on the metal world, and in 1984, the Danish metal masters unleashed Don’t Break The Oath.

This was Mercyful Fate’s second full length recording, and served as a primer course in black metal lyrical inspiration, but retained a more traditional style of heavy metal music with flashes of progressive rock blended in the mix.

Of course, King Diamond provided his eerie falsetto and blended harmonies, along with keyboards and harpsichord to enhance the occult vibe.

The diabolical duo of Hank Shermann and Michael Denner weaved tons of riffage and ripping lead work, ultimately earning the album the honor of greatest extreme metal album of all time from

With songs like Nightmare, The Oath, Desecration Of Souls, Welcome Princes Of Hell, and Come To The Sabbath, Mercyful Fate set the bar pretty high for Black Metal bands to follow.

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