Written By Kimi Hall

Heres a list of favourite metal picks by yours truly.

This showed up in the mail and I have forgotten that I ordered it. One of the best demo’s of 2018. It makes me that much more excited for full lengths and has solidified pre-orders.

Cerebral Rot: Cessation Of Life


Stygian Obsession: Form Is Void



Necrot: Blood Offerings

Just like a lot of riffs

Pure Wrath: Ascetic Eventide

Sad black metal time.


Malthusiam: Across Deaths


Misþyrming: Söngvar elds og óreiðu


Ripped To Shreds: 埋葬

I somehow missed this last year but this album gets it the fuck on. I had no idea it was a one man project which is even more dope. Its mutilatedmarvel. I utilize the genre tabs feature on Spotify and find a lot.

Acathexis: Self Titled Album

Its Beautiful, its heavy, its dark, its better than anything I could ever need or want from a black metal album.


Convulsing: Siberian Hellhounds

This just might be my favourite.


First album of the year to grab my attention. Blackened, Atmospheric and really good.

Molested Divinity: Desilated Realms Through Iniquity

Missed this last year somehow. Irresponsibly heavy.

Haven’t done one of these in a while, its a weird one.

Rendered Helpless: Suffer Saraphim

I didn’t know this happened. Already iff to a bad start with releases this year.

Ossauriam: Living Tomb

Never got around to posting this one, but if anyone hasn’t listened to this yet its an absolute must. 20 Buck Spin bringing the heat 🔥

Imha Tarikat: Kara Ihlas

Fucking with this one heavily

Guðveiki: Vængför

This weeks “I forgot to post the new records I got” post. Surprise variants are my favourite, its even more gorgeous in person.

Abyssal: Denouement

Abyssal and chill

Lvcifyre: Svneater

Friday night riffs

Suffering Hour: In Passing Ascension

Current jams because SH is dope and I cant wait for more!

Swallowed: Lunarterial

This one has been getting a lot of attention lately.

Auroch: Mute Books

Also this one lately.

Ellende: Lebansnehmer

Most anticipated release of 2019 currently.

Mušmaḫḫū: Reign Of The Odius

Errand jams. Not even going to call them Aoty anymore.

Svartidauði: Flesh Cathedral

Morning commute jams

Ceremony Of Silence: Outis

Shaping up to be a favourite this year.

Outre: Hallow Earth

Late to the party on this but its a good one!

Army Of The Pharaohs: In Death Reborn

Friday gym jams.

Convulsing: Errata
Stoked to have these in my collection. 10/10 perfect split, 10/10 label line-up, 10/10 perfect album.


Abyssal: A Beacon In The Husk

New Abyssal is sexy! Stoked!


Kaleikr: Heart Of Lead

Another one of my favourite releases so far this year.

The Metal Guru

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Death- Individual Thought Patterns

Today’s album pick is Individual Thought Patterns (1993) by Death. This one has caused me to do some deep thinking about what “influence” truly means. In most cases, I would consider the term to be an artist who has influenced my style of playing music, or who inspires me to play music in general. In the case of Death, I am influenced by Chuck Schuldiner, who was a pioneer in the genre of extreme music that just so happens to share the name of his band.

Chuck set out to create something in memory of a brother who passed away and to make it a positive thing. I find this to be massively inspirational.

Against astronomical odds, Schuldiner navigated his muse with an ever changing cast of musicians in pursuit of his personal mission, never compromising his integrity, and leaving behind a powerful legacy that has guided countless musicians and bands over the years.

On Individual Thought Patterns, Schuldiner shared guitar duties with Andy LaRocque from King Diamond’s band, and had the impossibly ferocious rhythm section of Steve DiGiorgio on bass and Gene Hoglan on drums.

I am embarrassed that I am just now really acquainting myself with Death, but everything I have heard is just phenomenal and I believe that is one of the beautiful things about music…the discovery.

Whether it is a new release or an old gem awaiting new sets of ears, music can always be brand new for someone searching for that ever elusive “influence.”

I salute the life of Chuck Schuldiner and thank him for his creative fearlessness and imagination. I look forward to delving deep into his catalog of treasures from this moment forward!

Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind