Written By Braddon S. Williams

Van Halen: Fair Warning

Aside from their debut, my favorite Van Halen album is Fair Warning (1981).

My reasoning for this decision is simple, because it is the Van Halen release where Eddie Van Halen took the time to really showcase his playing with multiple guitar parts and overdubs, and it is the darkest Van Halen album in tone and content.

Van Halen were always a party band, but Fair Warning showed what they were capable of when they got serious, and it opened a door into a nastier side of their group persona.

Some of my all time favorite VH songs reside on Fair Warning; So This Is Love?, Unchained, Mean Streets, Hear About It Later, Sinner’s Swing, and Push Comes To Shove.

Get it, crank it, learn it, love it…Fair Warning Rules!


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