For the last two years Foul Body Autopsy has been walking the dusty roads of a world in the rotting grip of the undead. Inspired by the classic zombie films of George E. Romero Tom Reynoldsbrought us the This Machine Kills Zombies album and follow up EP The Unquiet Dead, riff driven masterpieces of melodic death that took us from the first broken casket, through the screams and bloodshed , to the endless silence of a planet devoid of life. Now we reach the final page of this epic story, the concluding words before this volume of the Foul Body Autopsy saga is over.

Purified Ready To Reclaim originally appeared on the This Machine Kills Zombies album, but it has now been completely reworked and reimagined to create the perfect coda to Foul Body Autopsy’s years amongst the dead. This new single version features real drums, courtesy of Alex Micklewright, along with keyboards, synths, acoustic guitar and a wonderfully atmospheric final touch of piano from Aaron Bright. Tom Reynolds has also re-recorded all his vocals and guitar parts – the guitars benefitting from the added power of Blackstar amplification who now endorse Tom. Bringing that finishing touch of magic to this new single is Russ Russell, the noted producer applying his mixing and mastering skills to this lavish rebirth.

Purified Ready To Reclaim will be released on May 20th, a date that just so happens to coincide with Tom Reynolds birthday; a fitting gift to himself from the man labelled “a fucking riff machine” by Angry Metal Guy. So join us for a last walk through the kingdom of the dead, before we turn out the lights forever.

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Foul Body Autopsy conclude their tales of the undead with new single Purified Ready To Reclaim 2020


After battling the elements to win over the crowds with a savage set at Bloodstock Open Air last weekend, Tom Reynolds has announced that his Foul Body Autopsy one man death machine will be appearing at the Uprising festival in Leicester on September 14th. After the rain and wind made Bloodstock such a challenging – if still superb – event, this is a chance to see Tom bring The Unquiet Dead EP to life in warmer, drier conditions. Uprising is held over the three days of September 13th – 15th at the Firebug and O2 Academy in Leicester, with Foul Body Autopsy appearing on the second stage at the Academy on Saturday the 14th.

There are already a host of other top bands joining Foul Body Autopsy at Uprising, including headliners Napalm Death, Memoriam and Acid Reign, along with NWOBHM legends Vardis, the magical Alunah and many more. For full details of the line-up head to the Uprising Facebook event page – here

Tickets for Uprising are available NOW from Gigantic

“… a musician hell bent on creating an ever-evolving sound…” 9/10  METAL TEMPLE

“…riffing tornado…” 8/10 – POWERPLAY ROCK AND METAL MAGAZINE

“… will gnaw its way into my top 5 by the end of the year.” 5/5 RICK EAGLESTONE

“… intricately thrashed melodeath…” 4/5 GRIZZLY BUTTS

Don’t miss The Unquiet Dead and don’t miss out on Uprising IV!

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Foul Body Autopsy join the Uprising Festival bill with Napalm Death, Memoriam and Acid Reign!