Iggy Pop is one of the godfathers of punk rock, and Raw Power is one of the greatest albums of all time…end of story! Released in 1973, Raw Power is one of the best named recordings ever released, at the very least it is the most accurately named. Iggy somehow managed to distill every ounce of his manic (maniacal) stage presence and inhabit 8 nearly perfect songs with his fierce aura. Add in some kamikaze lead guitar work by James Williamson and the primal thud rhythm assault of the Asheton brothers (Ron on bass and Scott on drums), with a dash of David Bowie’s keyboards, percussion, and mixing, and you have Raw Power, an album that has influenced countless bands and artists in its wake. With songs like Search And Destroy, Raw Power, I Need Somebody, Gimme Danger, and Death Trip, Iggy And The Stooges created a masterpiece and set the stage for all the glorious punk rock to follow.

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind