Just a year on from their warmly received debut album, Worldwide DesolationBrotality are back with a new entry in the chronicle of their remarkable rise through the ranks of the metal underground. The Maopolski brothers have crafted an album of accomplished skill and captivating imagination, drawing on the influence of heavy metal’s revered legends, its groundbreaking contemporary pioneers and their own unique and powerful vision. Journey with them into forbidden territories and discover the magic and the terror beneath the trees. Prepare yourself for the musical revelations of The Woods Will End You.

Since Brotality began in 2016 the band have developed at incredible speed. From the unbridled energy and enthusiasm of their first EP, Hypernova, Brotality have morphed into a formidable proposition that couples the hard hitting riff attack of thrash with the adventurous, expressive dexterity of progressive metal. Most tellingly this band have now mastered the art of song writing, crafting dynamic pieces that challenge and entice, drawing listeners into the embrace of their hooks, melodies and exhilarating power. From rigorous, imposing heaviness to passages of uplifting beauty, Brotality have woven it all into the fabric of the tale that is The Woods Will End You.

Now with drummer John Haring firmly ensconced in the ranks Brotality are better equipped than ever before to continue their mission of spreading positivity through the power of metal. This young band have already opened for the likes of Deep Purple and Judas Priest, picking up numerous awards and radio chart recognition along the way. With the June 3rd release of The Woods Will End You through Rottweiler Records, word of Brotality will spread further and faster around the world. Driven to succeed, there is nothing that Brotality cannot achieve.Visit Brotality on Facebook
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Brotality return with the progressive thrash of The Woods Will End You on Rottweiler Records!

Launching Underground Kvlt Records, the new subsidiary of renowned black metal label, Odium Records, are Likheim– a chilling distillation of the essence of harsh, atmospheric Norwegian black metal – with their debut EP, Alt Skal Svinne Hen…, meaning ‘all shall disappear’. With Underground Kvlt being created to help unearth the dark treasures of the black metal underground, there couldn’t be a more fitting first release than Alt Skal Svinne Hen… with its ice storm of unrelenting riffs and enthralling atmosphere of isolation and solitude.

Originally formed by vocalist Gretn, who still shapes the band’s vision to this day, Likheim summon the mesmerising intensity of black metal’s frozen heart. Assisted by guitarist Umarlak(Eradication) and bassist Gamle Erik(Carpathian ForestSvarttjern) Gretn has brought his dreams to life and made Alt Skal Svinne Hen… a formidable, elemental force of nature’s cruellest aspects. The experience begins with the sky-borne charge of the title track, rampaging through portentous storm clouds, on into the raw wickedness of ‘Smerte’ and the cold embrace of ‘Taakens Kall’ before the overwhelming magnificence of ‘Stormen’ provides the perfect climactic conclusion. Equal parts harsh, skin-flaying ferocity and haunting, all encompassing atmosphere Alt Skal Svinne Hen… is a staggering start for both band and label.

Underground Kvlt will unleash the tempest of Alt Skal Svinne Hen… on May 30th, bringing a new and endless winter to the world. Likheim will thunder across the frozen landscape, a bone-shattering howl of triumph and vengeance echoing in their wake. And already they plot to plunge the world into even deeper darkness, as a full length album and new label are stirring in the shadows. There is no end in sight…

Hear the title track of Alt Skal Svinne Hen… now at the Odium Records YouTube channel…

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Likheim unleash their debut EP of fierce, atmospheric Norwegian black metal – Alt Skal Svinne Hen… – through Underground Kvlt Records

Redouane Aouameur is one of Algeria’s longest-standing and most celebrated metal musicians, known to extreme metal fans worldwide for his work with the acclaimed death metal band, Metal Age Productions recording artists, Lelahell. Before the advent of Lelahall Redouane was part of bands like Carnavage, Litham, Devast and Neanderthalia – all of whom played their part in the growth and development of the Algerian metal scene. As well as his own personal musical endeavours, Redouane’s charismatic and powerful vocals have made him much in demand as a guest or session vocalist, with the likes of Death Throne, Kalmhain, Silent Obsession, Aash and many more calling upon his diverse and dynamic tones. As his reputation as a extreme metal vocalist of the highest calibre has grown Redouane has also begun teaching the principles of performing extreme metal vocals and has students from Switzerland, Greece, the United States, Sweden, Germany…everywhere where there is a desire to learn formidable metal vocals from the best!

If your band or project is looking to add a top class vocal performance to your next recording, Redouane Aouameur is proficient in a wide range of extreme vocal techniques – from classic death metal roars to ripping grindcore screams and ultra guttural, brutal death metal pig squeals. He is also able to perform in any language and can write lyrics in English, French and Arabic. All recordings are made using professional studio equipment and delivered quickly in high quality .wav file format. With three decades of experience and having performed on critically acclaimed and commercially successful albums Redouane can bring that touch of terror, that imposing vocal presence, the dark magic to your songs. Passionate about every recording he contributes to Redouane comments:
“There’s nothing I love more than helping other artists succeed. So when you book with me you’re not just getting great vocals. You’re hiring a lifelong supporter of your music that will go to immense lengths to create something that not only sounds great but sells more records.”
For more information about working with Redouane visit his website at https://www.redouaneaouameur.com/

Most people now understand that extreme metal vocals are a skilled art form and if approached incorrectly the results will either be weak and ineffective or cause serious damage to the throat and vocal chords. If you are looking to refine your technique, or to take your first steps as an extreme metal vocalist, then lessons with Redouane Aouameur will prove to be invaluable. Lessons start from as little as $30 and the feedback from students to Redouane’s work has been exceptional:
“Excellent teacher, explaining everything in detail and made it very easy to understand”
“He is an amazing teacher, helped me unlock many abilities”
“…months and months of youtube videos to no avail. I learned more from him in just one lesson”
To book a lesson with Redouane or to see more testimonials visit his website:

Lelahell vocalist Redouane Aouameur offers vocal tuition and guest vocal performances!

Where is your sense of superiority now? Where your ‘god given’ right to dominate, as you crawl in a spreading pool of your own blood? That arrogant facade is not so easy to assume with your legs shattered beyond repair, the jagged shards of bone jutting obscenely through your torn skin. A cut for your ignorance, a thrust for your guilt, a blow for your callous, withered heart and a long, slow bleeding for your cruelty. Your traditions will die with you and a new story, my story starts here…

Crueza Ferina, meaning ‘ferocious cruelty’, is the sixth full length album from legendary Portuguese purveyors of extremity, pioneers of brutality, Holocausto Canibal. Featuring nineteen tracks of flesh rending brutal death metal and skin flaying grind, Crueza Ferina is utterly unstoppable and completely irresistible. From the monstrous punk grooves and torturous hooks of ‘Campas Do Negro Breu’ to the gritted teeth insanity of ‘Miasmas Onanizantes’ and the boiling rage of ‘Ęxodo Mortuoso’, which is graced by an unholy solo from Immolation man Bob Vigna, this is the sound of a veteran band operating at the peak of their considerable powers. A quarter of a century into a remarkable career Holocausto Canibal are harder, heavier and better than ever before. Produced and engineered by João Ribeiro and mastered by Brad Boatright(AbstracterBlack BreathCorrosion Of Conformity etc) at Audiosiege Studios, Crueza Ferina sounds absolutely devastating – each riff with the power to punch through walls.

Eschewing their customary album artwork of gore and guts Crueza Ferina is adorned in the shocking image of a dead pig, killed in a barbaric ritual of traditional slaughter. Far from their sadistic imaginations turning to the torture of animals though, Holocausto Canibal have embraced a vegan philosophy, with bassist Z. Pedro telling Loud Magazine in a recent interview “for us, the only blood we continue to accept to see is human”. They remain as unflinching and uncompromising as ever!

Crueza Ferina will be released on May 27th through Selfmadegod Records, so brace yourselves for impact and prepare to celebrate twenty five years of utter extremity with Holocausto Canibal!

Orca – Vocals
Z. Pedro – Bass
António C. – Guitar
Diogo P. – Drums

Genre: Brutal Death Metal/Grindcore
For fans of: Haemorrhage | Nasum | Lay Down Rotten | Cliteater
Further Information:
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Legendary pioneers of brutality, Holocausto Canibal release sixth album Crueza Ferina through Selfmadegod Records!



Through bonds of blood and history they stand as one, united in purpose and vision. Fear forgotten they are secure in their knowledge and their strength. As the flames leap and dance between them their voices entwine like serpents, singing words long thought forgotten. And slowly he emerges from the fire, drawn by the invocations unspoken in long, dust covered ages. His fleshless face of bone seems to grin as it rises above the blaze and his summoners fall silent and hold out their hands in welcome. Together they will wreak such havoc, visit such torments upon this world of spiritual paupers and vacuous saints. Gods too old for names, gods of bone and fire, gods of the green, of the water and the silences…their time will come once more.

In the face of an onslaught of arrogance and violence from the massed ranks of the soulless, the walking dead, a people’s spirit and artistry survives. Hailing from the currently besieged, but defiant, nation of Ukraine, Aeternus Prophet continue to reach back through time to the old gods of death and black metal, summoning the ancient spirit and infusing it with their own unique essence, creating music that stands alone, indifferent to the passing ages and the whims of the world that change with the wind. The sound of Aeternus Prophet is eternal. In 2012 the band released their first album Безжальність – or Ruthlessness – as a raw and primitive independent release. Now in 2022, ten years on from that first exhalation of their magic, Aeternus Prophet have come together with InViMa Records to present the definitive version of Ruthlessness. The lyrics have all been translated into English, the sound has been remastered, stunning new cover art has been created by Cold Poison (Ofermod, Vassafor, Auroch etc), the album has been given stylish new digi-pack presentation and InViMa Records will make sure the whole world gets to discover the incredible art of Aeternus Prophet.

Slowly, Aeternus Prophet’s power and dedication is being recognised across Europe as they have performed alongside the likes of Possession, Malthusian and Inferno, but it’s time for their music to spread farther and faster, raging like wildfire through the global underground. On March 14th Ruthlessness will step onto the world stage in its dramatic new form and the gospel of Aeternus Prophet will be carried to every horizon. They are stewards of the old ways, guardians of the true magic and their time has come at last!

Predictor – Vocals
Oberon – Guitar
Dessident – Drums

Genre: Black/Death Metal
For fans of: Hellhammer | Varathron | Root | Nunslaughter

Further Information:

“…classical blackened death style…”



Revered practitioners of the orthodox black metal art, Ofermod, are pleased to announce the recruitment of two new members to their cult. Shadow of Black Altar will be contributing bass, while Black Altar and former Behemoth guitarist Les will be taking up second guitar duties for forthcoming Ofermod live ceremonies. Shadow and Les are the perfect match both musically and spiritually for the Ofermod coven who have strong ties to the magic order of the Dragon Rouge. Be prepared to witness acts of great draconian magic when this new line-up of Ofermod take to the stage!

Watch this space for more news as this great alliance develops…

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Ofermod recruit Black Altar members to their dark ranks for live rituals!

After an eight year leave of absence Flayed Disciple are back on the frontlines, bringing with them five new tracks of incendiary death/thrash metal! The sound of endless war and eternal conflict captured within machine gun riffs, barbed wire solos, a rhythm section like an artillery barrage and vocals to raise the dead – this is the reality of A Hell In Living Flesh!

The release of their debut album, Death Hammer, in 2012 really announced Flayed Disciple to the worldwide underground metal scene in no uncertain terms. With No Clean Singing comparing the effect of listening to Death Hammer to “injecting napalm into the bloodstream”, Flayed Disciple begin to rise through the metal ranks, performing at HammerfestBloodstock and Neurotic Deathfest. A self-titled EP in 2014 kept the momentum going, along with shows across Europe with the likes of Aborted and Vader. Then, although the band never disbanded, they stepped back from the treadmill of writing, recording and touring – until now. Now they are back with a brand new EP that utterly decimates everything that has come before. A bold claim indeed considering the poisonous potency of Death Hammer in particular, but one listen to A Hell In Living Flesh will be like a fragmentation grenade applied to your doubts. With the band now having recruited ex-Burning Skies vocalist Merv Hemborough and reunited with Death Hammer drummer Phil Tolfree, they are firing as never before.

With songs like ‘Warmaster’, ‘The Dark Other’ and ‘I Am Leviathan’ added to their arsenal the second coming of Flayed Disciple will prove unstoppable. The hooks are sharper, the solos more exhilarating and the riffs pack enough firepower to tear you in half; when this killer collection is unleashed on April 22nd you better run for cover. A Hell In Living Flesh is coming and Flayed Disciple are back – harder, faster and heavier than ever before.Visit Flayed Disciple on Facebook
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Flayed Disciple return with A Hell In Living Flesh – a brand new EP of coruscating Death/Thrash fury!

Back in the summer of 2017 Dreamfire, the grand, ambient/neoclassical creation of reclusive artist Osirion, released an epic, immersive, instrumental reimagining of ‘The Rains Of Castamere’, a song originally written for the television adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s Game Of Thronesby composer Ramin Djawadi. The song was recorded for the Season Two soundtrack of the phenomenally successful series by The National and for the Season Four soundtrack by Sigur Ros. The Dreamfire interpretation of ‘The Rains Of Castamere’ added a breathtaking depth of melancholy and an aching atmosphere of faded majesty to the originally simple and melodic refrain, going on to accrue more than 150,000 views on the Dreamfire YouTube channel.

This year Dreamfire revisited their reimagining of ‘The Rains Of Castamere’ with internationally renowned vocalist Alexa Ray. Alexa’s passion for Dreamfire’s orchestral arrangement of the simple ballad from Westeros drew Osirion from his seclusion and inspired him to once more walk the epic landscapes of the world of Game Of Thrones. This new video created by Osirion is the perfect accompaniment to the magic that the two artists created together.

Cross the threshold into a world of magic with Dreamfire and leave the worries of the mundane world behind…Visit Dreamfire on Facebook
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Dreamfire present immersive new video for their acclaimed ‘Rains Of Castamere’ collaboration with vocalist Alexa Ray

In the silence of early morning, the twilight hours, the in between times, when shadows hang like black pools in the grey light and the fire of day first flickers on the horizon, then they meet beneath the frost rimed branches. Dark shapes of claw, tooth and blade, adorned with the broken mockery of once great wings. They speak in sibilant whispers lest the earth itself betray them, with ruined voices that in times long past had brought tears to the sky with their beauty. They speak of vengeance, their smoking breath seething with hatred and malice. They plot destruction and grand endings in fire…and blackest insurrection.

Blackest Insurrection is the third album from formidable UK black metal force, Sidious and a wild, uncompromising paean to tragedy, rebellion and defiance unto death. This is the album with which Sidious realise all their promise and potential, defining their sound. A spear hurled with monstrous strength, direct and devastating, yet carrying cold ghosts of dark atmosphere and emotions darker still in its wake. Intimidating and enthralling in equal measure and forged in the flames that have burnt at the heart of black metal since its infernal birth. From the measured malevolence of ‘Hailing Shards Of Agony’ to the careering chaos of ‘Thousandfold Will’, the freezing nightmares of ‘Blood-Soaked Mist’ to the imperious domination of ‘To Know My Kingdom’, Blackest Insurrection is a magnificent, majestic outpouring of pure, unadulterated black metal that will place Sidious in the vanguard of Albion’s legions.

Since the release of their well-received second album, Temporal, Sidious have recruited drummer Valdr (Hecate Enthroned, Formicarius, Necronauticaletc), bringing increased firepower to their arsenal and for the recording of Blackest Insurrection they renewed their working relationship with producer Russ Russell(Dimmu Borgir, Napalm Death, Amorphisetc), who brought a wicked miasma to the band’s debut album, Revealed In Profane Splendour. Sidious’ new label, the bastion of UK extreme metal that is Clobber Records (Argesk, Shadowflag, Wolfbastard etc) will unleash Blackest Insurrection on CD, cassette and digital formats on March 11th – beware, the uprising has begun and the fallen will fly once more on the wings of war!

Isfeth – Vocals
Baalrath – Bass
Indomitus – Guitar
Valdr – Drums
Genre: Black Metal
For fans of: 1349 | Marduk | Dark Funeral | Enthroned

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UK black metal antiheroes Sidious return with the cold majesty of new album Blackest Insurrection!

Jonathan Huber – Vocals
Sean May – Guitars
Nikhil Talwalkar – Drums

Justice lies maimed and torn, trampled beneath the fervour of those desperate to brand themselves as faithful. Belief dismembers truth, while in the shadows sadism and perversion cloak themselves in the robes of righteousness. A spiteful hunger for blood and the primitive thrill ignited by the gleam of the axe leap from heart to heart like wildfire and they scream out for killing, for torture and destruction; howling in lawless lust for summary execution…

Born into the gore-choked slurry of the extreme metal underground in 2018, Bludgeoned were brought together by a shared dedication to sonic brutality and a determination to create music that pushed every needle deep into the red. With each song they wrote the Bludgeoned sound just became heavier, more destructive and more shockingly violent. In late November of 2021 they streamed their first collection of material on Slam Worldwide – a furious assault of blast beats and bone-crunching riffs, topped by the larynx-ripping vocals of experienced front man Jonathan Huber (I Declare War, Pathology, Whitechapel etc). That stream brought high praise from the likes of Matti Way (Abominable Putridity, Disgorge etc) and caught the ear of Constantine Chevardin from Russian slam beasts Traumatomy, who immediately offered to give a full, physical release to the Summary Execution EP on his renowned Vile Tapes label. Summary Execution is fully deserving of its worldwide release as tracks like ‘Circadian Servitude’ are daunting in their sheer velocity and power. Vast grooves collide with uncontrolled savagery and immediately memorable hooks are embedded deep into the raw flesh of each extravagantly extreme track. Thrillingly bestial, Bludgeoned’s Summary Execution is a master class in awe-inspiring devastation.

On February 10th Vile Tapes will release Summary Execution on jewel case CD, digi-pack CD and black and bronze cassettes, with an array of supporting merch and exclusive bundles. This explosive and superbly crafted outpouring of brutal death metal marks the beginning of Bludgeoned’s ascent through the ranks of the genre, but also stands as a landmark release in its own right. No trial, no debate, no reprieve – get ready to face your Summary Execution.

http://www.facebook.com/bludgeonedofficial https://www.viletapes.com

Bludgeoned – Summary Execution US Brutal Death Metal on Vile Tapes