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Jizzlobber” is the 12th track on Faith No More’s fourth studio album Angel Dust. Its one of the bands most frightening and disturbing pieces.

From a literary perspective, the song is ambiguous. Beneath the cultural allusions and apparent themes within the song (shame, anger, violence, sexual compulsion) there is some faint story about someone with an aggressive and unhealthy sexual nature who is supremely disgusted with himself but remains incontinent and powerless against his ravaging addiction (“I am what I’ve done, I’m sorry, I’m sorry”). A sexual deviant or rapist perhaps would be apt roles for this character. The song’s title combines the word “jizz” (a crude word for semen), and the verb “lob” (to propel in a high arc). “Jizzlobber”, therefore, can be understood as “Ejaculator”.

The track begins with the sounds of a swamp, and segues into a metered minor chord played on keyboards in an extremely discordant and creepy fashion. This is coupled with a complex drum part, arranged in a form that’s quite conducive to syncopation. Heavily distorted guitars and vocals kick in and at once the song acquires traction. The main body of “Jizzlobber” is raucous and boiling with rage, bloated and over the top. It eventually reaches an unlikely climax with an epic organ and choir ensemble.

According to vocalist Mike Patton, the song is about his fear of going to jail. “I know it’s gonna happen someday,” he told Hot Metal. “I’ve been there once, but I have a feeling I’m gonna go some day for a very long time.”

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