Written By Braddon S. Williams

B.B. King: Live at The Regal

Live At The Regal (1965) by B.B. King, is regarded as one of the greatest blues albums ever recorded.

Preserved in the Library Of Congress in the National Recording Registry, Live At The Regal captures B.B. King in his absolute prime, singing in his unmistakable voice and playing his trusty Lucille with that golden touch that was his trademark.

B.B. could say more with one note than most guitarists could in an entire show.

His vibrato and phrasing were on another level of beauty, and he knew just where to place each note for maximum effect.

Live At The Regal features such King classics as How Blue Can You Get, Every Day I Have The Blues, Woke Up This Mornin’, Please Love Me, Sweet Little Angel, and It’s My Own Fault.

The band is exceptional, too…horn section included! B.B. King earned his title of “King Of The Blues” and if you have any doubts, just check out this legendary recording.


Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams

James Brown: live at The Apollo

James Brown was rightfully known by the monikers “The Godfather Of Soul” and “The Hardest Working Man In Show Business.”

Brown released Live At The Apollo in 1963 and financed its recording the previous year with his own money.

His record company opposed its release at the time, but Brown believed in it and fought for it becoming a reality.

Brown’s instincts proved equal to his talent, as Live At The Apollo has attained legendary status over the years. It ranked 24th in a 2012 Rolling Stone list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

It has been added to the National Recording Registry in the Library Of Congress.

In 1998 it was inducted into the Grammy Hall Of Fame.

Basically, what Live At The Apollo represents is a time capsule of when James Brown and his vocal backing group The Famous Flames, were an untouchable live act.

Of course, the band was insanely tight and the entire unit just drove audiences wild.

The whole album is only a half hour, but stands as a textbook example of how to play molten hot R & B and soul music at its absolute finest.

Hail James Brown!


Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind