Bryson’s Picks

“Ivory Tower” by Meshuggah

“Why mourn this travesty

Hide this slow degradation

Claw and compete mindlessly

All things undone too late

Craving our waking sleep

Is binding us to this ivory tower

Serves to complete the truth that we cling onto”


Bryson’s Picks

This Spiteful Snake by Meshuggah

“Reality, this spiteful snake,

Rearing its ugly head

Venom dripping from its grin

As it tosses yet another obstacle in our way

If given a thousand years to collect,

To process, to portray

We could never encompass the voracity

Of one single day”


Bryson’s Picks

“Elastic” by Meshuggah

“Defying the mould of human flesh Smashing the wall of beliefs

A sight to bring in sanity to a one dimensional reality”

Bryson Hubbard

Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Extreme metal titans Meshuggah released the crushing obZen in 2008, raising the bar for drummers everywhere with the insane attack of Bleed, an Olympic feat of double kick precision brutality. Some other prime cuts include Combustion, Electric Red, Pravus, and Dancers To A Discordant System. This album contains elements of their earlier, more straightforward thrash style, coupled with the experimental stuff from the previous couple of projects. Meshuggah isn’t for the masses, which is one of the reasons I love them so much. No chance of hearing this stuff unless you actually pursue it. You won’t get burned out from hearing it on the radio or at the club, or on the jukebox at your favorite bar…you have to be in the mood for the complex polyrhythms, atonal jazz from hell solos, and Jen Kidman’s roaring vocals. In short, you have to be a true metalhead. If you are, then check out Meshuggah and be prepared to be impressed.

Written By Braddon S. Williams

On This Day in History


On this date in history, 9/8/2001, Tool and Meshuggah brought scorched earth, “take no prisoners” Math Metal to my favorite outdoor venue, Deer Creek. Meshuggah began the proceedings with a relentless display of their perfected brand of tricky time signatures with punishing precision.  Jens Kidman howled and barked out his impassioned vocals over a variety of battering ram rhythms, while Fredrik Thordendal executed scalpel sharp lead guitar work like a homicidal, über-angry Allan Holdsworth.


Tool proved to be the perfect counterpart to Meshuggah’s brutal devastation, providing a more artistic template to lacerate the willing and devoted fans on multiple levels of sight and sound.

Tool were supporting their Lateralus album, only their third full length record, but due to the abnormally long period of time between their releases, it had hit the top of the charts upon release.


This was a visually impressive experience, complete with acrobatic performers suspended high above the stage, disturbing and provocative rear screen projections, and an innovative light show that was almost a fifth member of the band. Singer Maynard James Keenan never appeared directly on stage, instead showing up as a silhouette created by the impressive lighting. His vocals were fantastic and made up for his lack of physical presence.

Danny Carey’s drumming was simply phenomenal, propelling the music through all the nuances and harrowing intensity that are Tool trademarks. This show was a pairing of 2 titans of progressive metal at its finest.

Written By Braddon S. Williams aka The Concert Critic


On This Day in History

On this date in history, 8/13/2002, Ozzfest made the annual tour stop at Deer Creek. This time around the metal smorgasbord featured Ozzy Osbourne, System Of A Down, Rob Zombie, P.O.D., Drowning Pool, Adema, Black Label Society, Ill Nino, Down, Hatebreed, Meshuggah, Lost Prophets, Chevelle, The Apex Theory, Neurotica, The Used, Mushroomhead, Seether, Glassjaw, Switched, Otep, and Pulse Ultra.

This show ended up being sort of bizarre for me. First of all, I went alone, because my son went with a bunch of his friends, so I was on my own. No problem there.

A few days prior to the show I had accidentally washed one of my contact lenses down the sink, so I wore my glasses. Again, no problem. I just determined to stay out of the mosh pits and everything would be just fine!

I enjoyed some killer sets by Otep, Meshuggah (unbelievably brutal and fantastic!) and Hatebreed, along with okay sets by Neurotica (who did a pretty cool cover of “I Am The Walrus” by The Beatles, The Apex Theory (who actually benefited from a brief rain storm that united the crowd in an act of drenched solidarity) and Mushroomhead (who suffered from technical issues that were probably out of their control).

Phil Anselmo and the mighty Down were the headliners of the second stage and I had managed to maneuver my way to the very front of the stage. The first two songs were crazy good, and then the unthinkable happened!  A crowd surfer’s foot made contact with my head, and my glasses fell to the ground, instantly trampled and destroyed! I blindly pushed back through the crowd and found a payphone and called my roommate who was coming to the show later to see Ozzy and System Of A Down.

I luckily got her to bring my one remaining contact to me. While I waited, blind as a bat, I at least got to listen to Black Label Society and Drowning Pool (coincidentally, their lead singer’s last performance before he was found dead on his tour bus the next day) and finally my contact was delivered just in time for me to see Rob Zombie’s final song!

System and Ozzy finished in stellar form and that is my report for Ozzfest 2002. Moral of the story…be careful when rinsing contact lenses!

Written By Braddon S. Williams aka The Concert Critic


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