May 12th 1988 #Megadeth released the single “Mary Jane” #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

“Mary Jane” tells a story about a young witch buried alive by her father near the Loon Lake cemetery in Minnesota. According to legend, anyone who dared to disturb her grave was doomed to death.

May 12th 1979 #JudasPriest released the single “Evening Star” #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The single reached number 53 on the #OfficialCharts

May 12th 1986 #HolyMoses released their debut album “Queen of Siam” #Necropolis #BurstingRest #Roadcrew #ThrashMetal

Did you know…

They are well noted for being fronted by Sabina Classen and for being one of the first German thrash metal bands.

May 12th 1995 #Meshuggah released the album “Destroy Erase Improve” #Vanished #SufferInTruth #SoulBurn #Beneath #ProgressiveMetal

Did you know…

This was their first studio album to feature rhythm guitarist Mårten Hagström and the final to feature bassist Peter Nordin.

May 12th 1994 #MotleyCrue released the power ballad “Misunderstood” #HardRock

Did you know…

The video for the song was banned from #MTV because there was a suicide reference in the lyrics and a man putting a pistol in his mouth in one of the scenes.

May 12th 2017 #KobraAndTheLotus released the album “Prevail I” #HellOnEarth #LightMeUp #Victim #YouDontKnow #TriggerPulse #Gotham #HardRock

Did you know…

The band is from Calgary, Alberta and formed in 2009 by lead vocalist and songwriter Kobra Paige.

May 12th 2017 #Warrant released the album “Louder Harder Faster” #MusicMan #Faded #ChooseYourFate #LetItGo #Perfect #HardRock

Did you know…

This was the second Warrant album to feature Robert Mason on vocals.

May 12th 2008 #IronMaiden released the Greatest Hits album “Somewhere Back In Time – The Best Of: 1980 – 1989” #TheTrooper #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The cover artwork by Derek Riggs features the Pharaoh Eddie monument from Powerslave and Cyborg Eddie from Somewhere in Time.

May 12th 1992 #MercyfulFate released compilation album “Return of the Vampire” #BurningTheCross #DeathKiss #YouAskedForIt #CurseOfThePharaohs #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

It contains rare demo tracks by them, recorded before their first official release in 1982.

May 12th 2017 #SacredOath released the album “Twelve Bells” #Bionic #TheLastWord #WellOfSouls #NewReligion #ThrashMetal

Did you know…

The band originally formed in 1985 by Rob Thorne and Pete Altieri while the two were classmates at Bethel High School.

May 12th 2007 #Trouble released the album “Simple Mind Condition” #MindBender #Seven #DoomMetal

Did you know…

This was Trouble’s last release with vocalist Eric Wagner and drummer Jeff Olson, who both left in 2008.

The album is dedicated to former drummer Barry Stern.

May 12th 2003 #Helloween released the album “Rabbit Don’t Come Easy” #JustALittleSign #Liar #TheTune #DoYouFeelGood #PowerMetal

Did you know…

The Japanese version contains a cover of Accept’s “Fast as a Shark,” with the band’s new drummer, Stefan Schwarzmann.

‪May 12th 1989 #MorbidAngel released their debut album “Altars of Madness” #Suffocation #ImmortalRites #DeathMetal @THE_DVincent‬

‪Did you know…‬

‪The overtly Satanic and occult lyrical themes were a significant influence on the early Norwegian black metal scene.‬

May 12th 1958 #EricSinger drummer with #KISS and former with #BlackSabbath and #AliceCooper was born!! #HappyBirthday #HardRock

Did you know….

In his career, Singer has appeared on over 75 albums.

May 13th 1967 #ChuckSchuldiner guitarist and founder with #Death was born!! #RIP #TheFatherOfDeathMetal

Did you know…

He was ranked No. 20 in March 2004 #GuitarWorld’s “The 100 Greatest Metal Guitarists”.

May 13th 2016 #Destruction released the album “Under Attack” #ElegantPigs #Dethroned #Pathogenic #GenerationNevermore #ThrashMetal

Did you know…

The limited edition bonus track was a cover of Venom’s “Black Metal”.

May 13th 2002 #Rage released the album “Unity” #LivingMyDream #Down #Insanity #SetThisWorldOnFire #PowerMetal

Did you know…

Originally the band’s name was to be Furious Rage, but it was eventually shortened to just Rage.

May 13th 2002 #Sentenced released the album “The Cold White Light” #Neverlasting #NoOneThere #GuiltAndRegret #GothicMetal

Did you know….

Limited copies contain the video for the song “Killing Me Killing You” from the previous album Crimson, plus a free Sentenced sticker.

May 14th 1988 #LedZeppelin reunited for the #AtlanticRecords 40th anniversary party at #TheGarden in #NewYorkCity

At this rate…. could we possibly see another reunion. SAY… 2030?

Don’t let those NEW bands steal your THUNDER!! There’s only one LED ZEPPELIN!!

May 14th 1991 #ArmoredSaint released the album “Symbol Of Salvation” #ReignOfFire #TheTruthAlwaysHurts #TribalDance #AnotherDay #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The songs on this album were written and demoed between 1988 and 1990 with original guitarist Dave Prichard.

May 14th 1996 #Amorphis released the album “Elegy” #BetterUnborn #Cares #TheOrphan #Relief #ProgressiveMetal

Did you know…

It was the band’s first album with vocalist Pasi Koskinen.

May 15th 1987 #MotleyCrue released the album “Girls, Girls, Girls” #DancingOnGlass #WildSide #BadBoyBoogie #FiveYearsDead #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The album reached number 2 on the #Billboard chart.

The band did a cover of the Elvis song “Jailhouse Rock” for this album.

May 15th 1990 #SacredReich released the album “The American Way” #TheWayItIs #IDontKnow #WhosToBlame #CrimesAgainstHumanity #ThrashMetal

Did you know…

The video for “The American Way” was used in the 1992 film Encino Man.

May 15th 1992 #Testament released the GREAT album “The Ritual” #ReturnToSerenity #ElectricCrown #SoManyLies #TheSermon #Agony #ThrashMetal

Did you know….

The album reached number 55 on the #Billboard 200 chart.

It was their last album to include drummer Louie Clemente.

May 15th 2001 #Megadeth released the album “The World Needs A Hero” #MotoPsycho #DreadAndTheFugitiveMind #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The album peaked at number 16 on the #Billboard chart.

It was their last album with drummer Jimmy DeGrasso and their only one with Al Pitrelli.

May 15th 1984 #KickAxe released their debut album “Vices” #StayOnTop #Maneater #CauseForAlarm #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The album was produced by Spencer Proffer, who was notable for producing Quiet Riot’s multi-million selling 1983 album Metal Health.

May 15th 1990 #Dio released the album “Lock Up The Wolves” #HeyAngel #Twisted #WildOne #EvilOnQueenStreet #NightMusic #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The album reached number 61 on the #Billboard chart.

May 15th 2009 #Stratovarius released the album “Polaris” #DeepUnknown #KingOfNothing #Blind #HigherWeGo #PowerMetal

Did you know…

It was their first album to feature bassist Lauri Porra and guitarist Matias Kupiainen

May 15th 2001 #SteelProphet released the album “Book Of The Dead” #TragicFlaws #Escaped #ChurchOfMind #Phobia #PowerMetal

Did you know…

The band re-recorded the instrumental song “Ruby Dreams (Fear And Hope)” from their debut album on this album.

May 15th 2012 #ShadowsFall released the album “Fire from the Sky” #TheUnknown #SaveYourSoul #NothingRemains #BlindFaith #ThrashMetal

Did you know…

The album debuted at number 38 on the #Billboard 200 chart.

May 15th 1984 #CorrosionOfConformity released their debut album “Eye For An Eye” #RabidDogs #PositiveOutlook #TellMe #Indifferent #HardcorePunk

Did you know…

The band started out as a Hardcore Punk band.

The band did a cover of the Fleetwood Mac song “The Green Manalishi “ on this album.

May 15th 1990 #LitaFord released the album “Stiletto” #Dedication #Hungry #BigGun #BadBoy #Lisa #GlamMetal

Did you know…

The album reached number 52 on the #Billboard chart.

She did a cover of the classic #AliceCooper song “Only Women Bleed” on this album.

May 15th 2007 #Megadeth released the album “United Abominations” #Sleepwalker #PlayForBlood #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The song “À Tout le Monde” was re-recorded for this album and featured Cristina Scabbia.

It was well received and debuted at number 8 on the #Billboard chart.

May 15th 1995 #Opeth released the debut album “Orchid” #ForestOfOctober #TheApostleInTriumph #ProgressiveMetal

Did you know..

It was reissued in 2000 with one bonus track called “Into the Frost of Winter”, an early unproduced rehearsal recording by the band.

May 15th 2009 @TimRipperOwens released his debut album “Play My Game” #StartingOver #Believe #TheCoverUp #NoGoodGoodbyes #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The album features such guests as Doug Aldrich, Billy Sheehan, Bruce Kulick, Jeff Loomis and Michael Wilton.

May 15th 1898 #Sabbat released the album “Dreamweaver” #TheBestOfEnemies #TheClericalConspiracy #Wildfire #ThrashMetal

Did you know…

It’s a concept album based on the 1983 book by British psychologist Brian Bates – The Way of Wyrd: Tales of an Anglo-Saxon Sorcerer.

May 15th 1990 #Cancer released their debut album “To the Gory End” #WitchHunt #BloodBath #DieDie #BodyCount #DeathMetal

Did you know…

The image is a painting based on a still from the 1978 horror film, Dawn of the Dead.

May 15th 1995 #Immortal released the album “Battles in the North” #ThronedByBlackstorms #MoonriseFieldsOfSorrow #ThroughTheHallsOfEternity #BlackMetal

Did you know…

It was the band’s last album to feature Abbath on drums.

May 16th 1983 #IronMaiden released the GREAT album “Piece Of Mind” #TheTrooper #FlightOfIcarus #Revelations #WhereEaglesDare #DieWithYourBootsOn #HeavyMetal

Did you know..

The album reached number 14 on the #Billboard chart.

It was their first album with drummer Nicko McBrain.

May 25th 1983 #Dio released his GREAT debut album “Holy Diver” #RainbowInTheDark #DontTalkToStrangers #StandUpAndShout #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

In 2017, it was ranked 16th on #RollingStone’s list of “100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time”.

‪May 16th 2000 #Motorhead released the album “We Are Motörhead” #WakeTheDead #OneMoreFuckingTime #SlowDance #StayOutOfJail #HeavyMetal ‬

‪Did you know…‬

‪The album contains a cover of the punk band The Sex Pistols’ song “God Save the Queen”.‬

‪Bob Kulick produced the album.‬

May 16th 1989 #Obituary released the album “Slowly We Rot” #GatesToHell #InternalBleeding #Suffocation #Intoxicated #Bloodsoaked #DeathMetal

Did you know….

It was their only album to feature bassist Daniel Tucker.

May 16th 2014 #Sabaton released the album “Heroes” #NightWitches #ToHellAndBack #ResistAndBite #SmokingSnakes #PowerMetal

Did you know…

The album reached number 99 on the #Billboard chart.

It was their first album to feature Chris Rörland, Thobbe Englund and Hannes van Dahl.

May 16th 2010 #RonnieJamesDio singer with #BlackSabbath and his band #Dio died after a battle with cancer. #RIP #HeavyMetal

Did you know….

He is credited with popularizing the “metal horns” hand gesture in metal culture and was known for his medieval-themed lyrics.

‪May 16th 2005 #Meshuggah released the album “Catch Thirtythree” #Shed #MindsMirrors #TheParadoxicalSpiral #Dehumanization #HeavyMetal ‬

‪Did you know…‬

‪ The song “Shed” is featured on the Saw III soundtrack. ‬

May 17th 1976 #Rainbow released the album “Rising” #Stargazer #Starstruck #ALightInTheBlack #TarotWoman #RitchieBlackmore #CozyPowell #HardRock #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

In issue 4 of #KerrangMagazine “Rising” was voted the GREATEST HEAVY METAL album of all time!!!

May 17th 1988 #VinnieVincentInvasion released the album “All Systems Go” #ThatTimeOfYear #Burn #LoveKills #LetFreedomRock #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

It featured vocalist Mark Slaughter, who replaced Robert Fleischman.

The album reached number 64 on the #Billboard chart.

May 17th 1988 #JudasPriest released the album “Ram It Down” #MonstersOfRock #ComeAndGetIt #BloodRedSkies #HardAsIron #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The album reached number 31 on the #Billboard chart.

The band did a cover of the Chuck Berry song “Johnny B. Goode” for this album.

May 17th 2010 #Annihilator released the album “Annihilator” #Coward #NowhereToGo #TheOtherSide #Payback #ThrashMetal

Did you know…

The band did a cover of the Van Halen song “Romeo Delight” on this album.

The band is from Canada 🇨🇦 so they must be good right?

May 17th 2019 #CrazyLixx release NEW album “Forever Wild” #Wicked #Eagle #TerminalVelocity #BreakOut #HardRock

Did you know…

Anybody have some did you know stuff about the band?

May 17th 2019 #SavageMessiah release NEW album “Demons” #DownAndOut #Parachute #TheBitterTruth #VirtueSignal #PowerMetal

Did you know…

The band was formed by vocalist Dave Silver and also consists of guitarist David Hruska, bassist Míra Sláma and drummer Charly Carretón.

May 17th 1958 #PaulDiAnno former singer with #IronMaiden was born!!!#HappyBirthday #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

He was the singer for Maiden from 1977-1981.

He appeared on the albums Iron Maiden and Killers.

‪May 18th 1993 #Suffocation released the album “Breeding the Spawn” #IgnorantDeprivation #MaritalDecimation #TechnicalDeathMetal‬

‪Did you know…‬

‪They formed in 1988 on Long Island, by vocalist Frank Mullen, guitarists Todd German, bassist Josh Barohn, and an unknown drummer. ‬

May 18th 1992 #Saxon released the album “Forever Free” #HoleInTheSky #GetDownAndDirty #Grind #IronWheels #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The band did a cover of the Muddy Waters song “Just Wanna Make Love To You” on this album.

May 18th 1999 #WASP released the album “Helldorado” #DirtyBalls #HighOnTheFlames #CantDieTonight #CocaineCowboys #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The limited first edition had a 3D cover.

May 18th 2007 #UDO released the album “Mastercutor” #WalkerOfTheDark #OneLoneVoice #CrashBangCrash #TearsOfAClown #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The album title, according to Udo Dirkschneider, is a shortened version of “master executor”.

May 18th 1998 #GraveDigger released the album “Knights of the Cross” #Lionheart #HeroesOfThisTime #OverTheSea #PowerMetal

Did you know…

The bonus track was a cover of the Black Sabbath song “Children of the Grave”.

It was also the second album of the Middle Ages Trilogy.

May 18th 1993 #Winger released the album “Pull” #BlindRevolutionMad #DownIncognito #InForTheKill #WhosTheOne #HardRock

Did you know…

Pull was recorded as a trio, as guitarist/keyboardist Paul Taylor left the band after the In the Heart of the Young tour in 1992.

May 18th 1999 #StormtroopersOfDeath released the album “Bigger Than The Devil” #Shenanigans #MakeRoomMakeRoom #CrossoverThrash

Did you know…

The cover design is based on Iron Maiden’s “The Number of the Beast” album.

Oct 19th 1992 #Metallica released the single “Wherever I May Roam” #HeavyMetal

Did you know….

The single reached number 82 on the #Billboard singles chart.

This Week in Rock & Metal

Mother Puncher,” Mastodon from Live at the Aragon

The meaning of this song is in the ear of the beholder, but since everyone knows Mastodon is hiding tons of estrogen under their beards, lets just agree that this could be a love song to the womb, and “a life love unconditional.” Happy hairy mother’s day.

“Mother North,” Satyricon from Nemesis Divina

Though metal love songs about mothers are somewhat rare, Satyricon delivered a great one with this potent hymn to the all-encompassing winter forest goddesses that propelled Norway’s black metal scene in the 1990s. For headbangers too dense to grasp the concept, lovely Monica Bråten appears au naturel as the bewitching spirit of feminine power. Mama mia!

“Mother Night,” Samael from Lux Mundi

Switzerland’s early black metal pioneers Samaelcrossed over into industrial terrain during the 2000s, putting their Swiss precision to work and with this song venturing to dispense some motherly support and advice. Give your mom a five-minute break and listen to Samael’s message.

“Mother War,” Decapitated from Nihility

The harsh reality of so-called civilization is that entire generations are born into strife, conflict, and violence. Fortunately, we have crushing death metal songs like this that sort everything out for us.

“Rebirth of the Nemesis,” Melechesh from Emissaries

Woe to the poor woman who has to give birth to the nemesis not once, but twice.

“Integral Birth,” Cynic from Traced In Air

Listening to Cynic is like participating in a mental yoga wellness program. In this example, a million doves orbit the Earth, and some kind of higher-level understanding is achieved through a birth metaphor. Notably, there is now at least one birthing center and parenting clinic in the U.S. called Integral Birth. Way to go, metal band.

“The Birthing,” Baroness from Red Album

Another group with boatloads of estrogen sacked away behind burly riffs, Baroness has neverending flow and we’re taking comments below from all mothers who listened to The Red Album in the delivery room.

“Earth Mother,” Samson from Shock Tactics

During the early years of heavy metal, most long-haired ruffians were too busy rebelling against their parents to bother making any mention of mothers whatsoever. Enter the relative maturity of Bruce Dickinson, Thunderstick, and company, hurling themselves into this bawdy pit of S&M-tinged love.

“Mother Earth Father Thunder,” Bathory from Nordland I

The late Quorthon and Bathory defined black metal in the early 1980s, then went on to develop the Viking mythos, warrior themes, and Earth worship that remain hallmarks of the genre. A more full-throated and soulful version of the sentiments expressed by Satyricon, “Mother Earth Father Thunder” is a massive Mother’s Day card to the center of all creation, our planet.

“I Saw Your Mommy,” Suicidal Tendencies from Suicidal Tendencies

Championing motherhood is a noble thing, and then there’s mocking the mother of your hated enemies. It’s mean, spiteful, incendiary, and just plain funny.

“Mother 93,” Danzig from Thrall: Demonsweatlive

When underground stalwart Glenn Danzig left behind the subterranean realms he ruled in the Misfits and Samhain, his Rick Rubin-produced band Danzig immediately scored a hit with “Mother.” Reborn as a metal god in the 1990s, Danzig led stadiums of rebellious teenagers in this singalong. Meanwhile, plenty of oblivious moms were waiting outside in the parking lot. Mothers are great.

“Mommy Can I Go Out & Kill Tonight?,” Misfits from Die, Die My Darling

In the end, there’s no louder love than what comes from the bond between an aggressive, frenetic child and the loving mother who understands such unusual needs. It’s just a metaphor… right?

Heavy Metal Playlist For Mothers Day

Written By Kimi Hall

Heres a list of favourite metal picks by yours truly.

This showed up in the mail and I have forgotten that I ordered it. One of the best demo’s of 2018. It makes me that much more excited for full lengths and has solidified pre-orders.

Cerebral Rot: Cessation Of Life

Stygian Obsession: Form Is Void


Necrot: Blood Offerings

Just like a lot of riffs

Pure Wrath: Ascetic Eventide

Sad black metal time.

Malthusiam: Across Deaths

Misþyrming: Söngvar elds og óreiðu

Ripped To Shreds: 埋葬

I somehow missed this last year but this album gets it the fuck on. I had no idea it was a one man project which is even more dope. Its mutilatedmarvel. I utilize the genre tabs feature on Spotify and find a lot.

Acathexis: Self Titled Album

Its Beautiful, its heavy, its dark, its better than anything I could ever need or want from a black metal album.

Convulsing: Siberian Hellhounds

This just might be my favourite.


First album of the year to grab my attention. Blackened, Atmospheric and really good.

Molested Divinity: Desilated Realms Through Iniquity

Missed this last year somehow. Irresponsibly heavy.

Haven’t done one of these in a while, its a weird one.

Rendered Helpless: Suffer Saraphim

I didn’t know this happened. Already iff to a bad start with releases this year.

Ossauriam: Living Tomb

Never got around to posting this one, but if anyone hasn’t listened to this yet its an absolute must. 20 Buck Spin bringing the heat 🔥

Imha Tarikat: Kara Ihlas

Fucking with this one heavily

Guðveiki: Vængför

This weeks “I forgot to post the new records I got” post. Surprise variants are my favourite, its even more gorgeous in person.

Abyssal: Denouement

Abyssal and chill

Lvcifyre: Svneater

Friday night riffs

Suffering Hour: In Passing Ascension

Current jams because SH is dope and I cant wait for more!

Swallowed: Lunarterial

This one has been getting a lot of attention lately.

Auroch: Mute Books

Also this one lately.

Ellende: Lebansnehmer

Most anticipated release of 2019 currently.

Mušmaḫḫū: Reign Of The Odius

Errand jams. Not even going to call them Aoty anymore.

Svartidauði: Flesh Cathedral

Morning commute jams

Ceremony Of Silence: Outis

Shaping up to be a favourite this year.

Outre: Hallow Earth

Late to the party on this but its a good one!

Army Of The Pharaohs: In Death Reborn

Friday gym jams.

Convulsing: Errata
Stoked to have these in my collection. 10/10 perfect split, 10/10 label line-up, 10/10 perfect album.

Abyssal: A Beacon In The Husk

New Abyssal is sexy! Stoked!

Kaleikr: Heart Of Lead

Another one of my favourite releases so far this year.

The Metal Guru

‪Apr 27th 1985 #ManillaRoad released the album “Open The Gates.”

Fun Fact:

‪The album was dedicated to Al Arnold.‬

Apr 28th 2015 #Raven released the album “ExtermiNation.”

Fun Fact:

Raven was formed in 1974 in Newcastle, England, by brothers John and Mark Gallagher, and Paul Bowden.

Apr 28th 1997 #Stratovarius released the album “Visions.”

Fun Fact:

The album reached number 4 on the Finnish albums chart and remained on that chart for 23 weeks.

Apr 28th 1998 #Incantation released the album “Diabolical Conquest.”

Fun Fact:

It was their only album to feature Daniel Corchado of The Chasm on vocals.

Apr 28th 1998 #Nile released the album “Amongst the Catacombs of Nephren-Ka.”

Fun Fact:

The title of the album is a reference to the H. P. Lovecraft story “The Outsider”.

Apr 28th 2003 #Enslaved released the album “Below the Lights.”

Fun Fact:

This would be the last album Enslaved recorded with Dirge Rep on drums (he also co-wrote two songs).

Apr 28th 2008 #Deicide released the album “Till Death Do Us Part.”

Fun Fact:

Initial copies of the album included a sew-on patch with an image of vocalist Glen Benton and the phrase “Glen Benton for President”.

Apr 28th 2009 #HeavenAndHell released their debut album “The Devil You Know.”

Fun Fact:

The album debuted at number 8 on the #Billboard charts.

Sadly, it was the last album Ronnie James Dio ever did.

Apr 28th 2014 #JudasPriest released the single “Redeemer Of Souls.”

Fun Fact:

It was the band’s first single with new guitarist Richie Faulkner.

Apr 28th 1986 #Metallica opened for #OzzyOsbourne at the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, New York.

Damage, Inc. Tour

Here’s the band playing “Creeping Death” from that night.

Apr 29th 1997 #WASP released the album “Kill.Fuck.Die.”

Fun Fact:

The album featured the return of guitarist Chris Holmes.

Apr 29th 2008 #Testament released album “The Formation Of Damnation.”

Fun Fact:

The album peaked at number 59 on the #Billboard charts.

It was the band’s only studio album recorded with drummer Paul Bostaph.

Apr 29th 1996 #MANOWAR released the album “Louder Than Hell.”

Fun Fact:

It was their first album to feature guitarist Karl Logan, as well as the return of drummer Scott Columbus.

Apr 29th 2002 #PrimalFear released the album “Black Sun.”

Fun Fact:

“Metal” Mike Chlasciak provides additional guitar on “Fear” and “Controlled”.

Apr 29th 1981 #VanHalen released the album “Fair Warning”

Fun Fact:

The album was listed by Esquire as one of the 75 Albums Every Man Should Own.

Apr 30th 1984 #MotleyCrue released the single “Too Young To Fall In Love.”

Fun Fact:

This tune appeared in the 2002 video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice Cityon the fictional in-game radio station “V-Rock”.

Apr 30th 2013 #Amorphis released the album “Circle.”

Fun Fact:

The band chose a “peaceful place” in the countryside to record, which, Koivusaari felt, led to the distinctive atmosphere.

‪May 1st 1976 #IronMaiden played their first gig ever at St. Nicholas Hall in Poplar, London‬.

Fun Fact:

‪At the time the band featured Terry Rance (guitar), Ron Matthews (drums), Paul Day (vocals), Dave Sullivan (guitar) and Steve Harris (guitar)‬

May 1st 1990 #FlotsamAndJetsam released the album “When The Storm Comes Down.”

Fun Fact:

It was their last album with Troy Gregory on bass guitar, as he left in 1991 to join Prong.

May 1st 1985 #Avenger released their debut “Prayers Of Steel.”

Fun Fact:

It was the only album released from the band before they changed their name to Rage.

May 1st 1987 #HEATHEN released their debut album “Breaking The Silence.”

Fun Fact:

The band did a cover of the Sweet song “Set Me Free” for this album.

‪May 1st 1983 #LitaFord released her debut album “Out For Blood.”

Fun Fact:

‪The track “Die for Me Only (Black Widow)” is not to be confused for the track “Black Widow” from her 1991 album Dangerous Curves.‬

‪May 1st 1991 #Meshuggah released their debut album “Contradictions Collapse.”

Fun Fact:

‪The album was originally titled (All This Because of) Greed.‬

May 1st 1989 #Victory released the album “Culture Killed The Native.”

Fun Fact:

The band’s guitarist is Herman Frank, who also plays with Accept.

May 1st 1995 #Suffocation released the album “Pierced from Within.”

Fun Fact:

It was the band’s last album with guitarist Doug Cerrito and bassist Chris Richards, and the only with drummer Doug Bohn.

May 1st 1990 #HolyMoses released the album “World Chaos.”

Fun Fact:

They are well noted for being fronted by Sabina Classen and for being one of the first German thrash metal bands.

May 1st 1992 #Grave released the album “You’ll Never See.”

Fun Fact:

The band formed originally as Rising Power but changed their name to Grave in 1988.

‪May 1st 1991 #Unleashed released their debut album “Where No Life Dwells.”

Fun Fact:

‪Unleashed (along with Dismember, Entombed and Grave) is considered one of the “Big Four” of Swedish death metal.‬

May 2nd 2013 #JeffHanneman legendary guitarist and founding member of #Slayer passed away. #RIP #ThrashMetal

Fun Fact:

He had his own signature guitar, the ESP Jeff Hanneman Signature model.

‪May 3rd 1988 #Queensryche released the album “Operation: Mindcrime.”

Fun Fact:

The song “I Don’t Believe in Love” was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1990 in the category “Best Metal Performance“.

May 3rd 2019 #Ruthless release NEW album “Evil Within”

Fun Fact:

The band was formed in 1982 by vocalist Sammy DeJohn and guitarist Kenny McGee.

May 3rd 1985 #GrimReaper released the album “Fear No Evil”

Fun Fact:

The album peaked at number 111 on the #Billboard chart.

May 3, 1988

Poison released their second studio album, Open Up and Say….Ahh!, 31 years ago today. The album reached #2 on the U.S Billboard 200. It was the band’s most successful release and spawned four hit singles, “Nothin’ but a Good Time”, “Fallen Angel”, “Your Mama Don’t Dance” (a Loggins and Messina cover) and their only #1 single to date, “Every Rose Has Its Thorn”. The original front cover of the album, which featured model Bambi, dressed as a luminous red demon with a protruding tongue, caused controversy among parental groups. The band apologized and changed the cover so that only the model’s eyes were visible. Open Up And Say Ahh was certified platinum in 1988 and 5x platinum in 1991 by the RIAA. It also has been certified 4x platinum in Canada and gold by the BPI.

May 3rd 2019 #AmonAmarth release NEW album “Berserker”

Fun Fact:

Their sound was described by music critics as emphasizing strong, triumphant riffage and bombastic songwriting” and was stated that the album “features some of their strongest material”

May 3rd 1976 #Aerosmith released the GREAT album “Rocks”

Fun Fact:

Aerosmith began indulging in the rick and roll lifestyle around the time “Rocks” was released but the hedonistic lifestyle proved to not hinder the band creatively.

May 3rd 1993 #Pestilence released the album “Spheres”

Fun Fact:

It was their final album before a 14-year hiatus from 1994 to 2008. On this album, the band experimented with a more progressive sound

May 3rd 1959 Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth singer with #Overkill was born!! #HappyBirthday #HeavyMetal

Fun Fact:

Bobby and bassist D.D. Verni have been the only constant members of Overkill.

‪May 4th 2017 #Prismind released their debut album “Disciples By Design”

Fun Fact:

‪The band is from Hamilton, Ontario and formed in 2013.‬

May 4, 1959 – The first Grammy Awards ceremony is held in Los Angeles with Mort Sahl as host. Domenico Modugno’s “Volare (Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu)” wins Record of the Year. The Music from Peter Gunn wins Album of the Year.

May 4, 1951 – Born on this day, Bruce Day, Santana, (1970 US No.4 single ‘Black Magic Woman’, 1977 UK No.11 single ‘She’s Not There’), Pablo Cruise

May 4, 1972 Michael Ryan Pritchard, (Mike Durnt)American musician, bassist (Green Day), born in Berkeley, California

May 4, 2012 Adam Yauch, vocalist of The Beastie Boys dies of cancer.

On this day, 4 May 1951, Mick Mars guitarist with Motley Crue was born!!!

According to an interview published in September 2009, Mars’ main stage guitars at that time were Fender Stratocasters with a single-coil pickup between neck and bridge humbucking pickups. He frequently used a Stratocaster pieced together from components of 1963, 1964 and 1965 models with J.M. Rolph pickups and a Floyd Rose vibrato.

This Week In Rock & Metal

Apr 20th 1992 Metallica released the power ballad “Nothing Else Matters.”

Fun Fact: The hit song Nothing Else Matters from rock legends Metallica originated from a phone call lead singer James Hetfield had with his girlfriend in 1990. However, since his love for her proved to be a fleeting occurrence, the band decided to dedicate this classic to their devotees. In other words, in the eyes of the band, nothing else matters to them but their fans. 

Apr 20th 2018 Stripier released the album “God Damn Evil.”

Fun Fact: The first single from God Damn Evil, “Take It To The Cross,” threw fans for a loop at first, as it features extreme “death growl” backing vocals by Matt Bachand of the thrash metal band Shadows Fall.

Apr 20th 1998 UDO released the album “No Limits.”

Fun Fact: “Love Machine” is a cover version of a song by Supermax. “Azrael” was written by the German musician Albert Böhne in connection with a book by the German horror writer Wolfgang Hohlbein.

Apr 20th 1987 PrettyMaids released the album “Future World.”

Fun Fact: It too three years, four recording studios and eight engineers ti make this album.

Apr 20th 1993 Aerosmith released the album “Get A Grip.”

Fun Fact:

Along side Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, Get a Grip was again a collaborative effort. Co-writers included Night Ranger‘s Jack Blades and Styx‘s Tommy Shaw (on the leering hard-rock strut “Shut Up and Dance”), Desmond Child (“Flesh” and the harmonica-driven lovelorn ballad “Crazy”) and Jim Vallance (“Eat the Rich” and the title track).

Apr 20th 2010 RATT released the album “Infestation.”

Fun Fact: Almost a decade after it was first released, Ratt’s 2010 album Infestation still ranks as one of the most pleasant surprises in a VERY long time. 

Apr 20th 2012 RunningWild released the album “Shadowmaker.”

Fun Fact:

The bass and drums were recorded by anonymous guests that did not want to be identified.

Apr 20th 2012 CrazyLixx released the album “Riot Avenue.@

Fun Fact: Crazy Lixx went back to their roots and added a second guitarist and some dirt making Riot Avenue their best studio album.

Apr 20th 2004 DrowningPool released the album “Desensitized.”

Fun Fact: Desensitized was Drowning Pools first album since the death of vocalist Dave Williams as well as the only album to feature replacement vocalist Jason Jones. The album debuted at number 17 on the Billboard 200 chart. The album cover features porn star Jesse Jane.

Apr 20th 1981 Girlschool released the album “Hit and Run.”

Fun Fact: Hit and Run is the most successful Girlschool album, having reached No. 5 in the UK albums chart.

Apr 20th 1988 Sabbat released their debut album “History of a Time to come.”

Fun Fact:

The band Sabbat formed in 1985 and was originally called Hydra.

Apr 20th 1999 Kreator released the album Endorama.

Fun Fact:

This was the last Kreator album to feature guitarist Tommy Vetterli.

‪Apr 21st 1987 Testament released their debut album “The Legacy.”

Fun Fact:

Testament are now considered to be part of the “big eight” of thrash metal,

Apr 21st 1992 Obituary released the album “The End Complete.”

Fun Fact:

Obituary is one of the pioneering bands of the death metal genre.

Apr 21st 1986 Accept released the album “Russian Roulette.”

Fun Facts:

In the second season of Justified, the character Coover is frequently seen with an Accept shirt on.

Apr 21st 1998 CannibalCorpse released the album “Gallery Of Suicide.”

Fun Fact:

Current vocalist George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher, who replaced current Six Feet Under singer Chris Barnes in 1995, has a recurring role on Adult Swin’s Metalocalypse. This proves the band have a sense of humour, rather than a serious case of sociopathy. Or perhaps it just means they’ll laugh harder when the fill your chest cavity with vermin.

Apr 21st 1997 DarkTranquility released the album “The Mind’s I.”

Fun Fact:

Perhaps the biggest moment for Dark Tranquility was being christened “the Gothenburg fathers” by “Out of Nothing: A DT Documentary,” a Century Media released in Sweden back in 2009.

Apr 21st 1998 Soulfly released their self-titled debut album “Soulfly.”

Fun Fact:

The single “Eye for an Eye” featured Fear Factory members Dino Cazares and Burton C. Bell.

‪Apr 22nd 2014 SebastianBach released the album “Give ‘Em Hell.

Fun Fact:

Before Fame Sebastian Bach was discovered by Skid Row while singing at a local wedding.

Apr 22nd 2016 DiamondHead released the album “Diamond Head.”

Fun Fact:

Geoff Barton once remarked that “there are more good riffs in your average single Diamond Head song than there are in the first four Black Sabbath albums”; and Iron Maidenleader Steve Harris weighed in that Diamond Head “looked like they were going to be the next Led Zeppelin for a while.

Apr 22nd 1997 FatesWarning released the album “A Pleasant Shade of Gray.”

Fun Fact:

This album contains one song divided into twelve chapters. After the last song, there is 20 seconds of bell ringing.

It was the band’s first album with bassist Joey Vera.

Apr 22nd 2003 BlackLabelSociety released the album “The Blessed Hellride.”

Fun Fact:

Ozzy Osbourne appears on the first single “Stillborn”, though his name was not used to promote the track.

Apr 22nd 1996 Stratovarius released the album “Episode.”

Fun Fact:

It was their first album to feature keyboardist Jens Johansson and drummer Jörg Michael.

Apr 22nd 2003 Opeth released the album “Damnation.”

Fun Fact:

Deliverance and Damnation were both very contrasting albums that were recorded at the same time but released separately, one heavy and one soft…  “Damnation was an experiment that ended up changing the band drastically in every way. 

Apr 22nd 2016 Aborted released the album “Retrogore.”

Fun Fact:

It was their first album with guitarist Ian Jekelis, and the last with bassist JB van der Wal.

Apr 22nd 2003 Aborted released the album “Goremageddon: The Saw and the Carnage Done.”

Fun Fact:

The title of the album and the title track are references to the title of a song by Neil Young, “The Needle and the Damage Done”.

Apr 22nd 2016 INCITE released the album “Oppression.”

Fun Fact:

The song “I Want It All” featured Jose Mangin.

Apr 22nd 1991 Autopsy released the album “Mental Funeral.”

Fun Fact:

Autopsy was originally formed in 1987 by Chris Reifertand Eric Cutler, shortly after Reifert left the legendary band, Death.

Apr 22nd 1996 Satyricon released the album “Nemesis Divina.”

Fun Fact:

A music video was released for “Mother North”, which was generally uncommon within the black metal scene at the time.

Apr 23rd 1987 DeathAngel released their debut album “The Ultra-Violence.”

Fun Fact:

Drummer Andy Galeon just 14 years old when the album was recorded.

Apr 24th 1989 BlackSabbath released the album “Headless Cross.”

Fun Fact:

Fun fact: A U.S. psychedelic rock band called Coven released a song called “Black Sabbath” in 1969 (prior to Earth’s name change) and their bassist was named Oz Osborne. Coven later went on to record “One Tin Soldier” for the hit movie Billy Jack.

Apr 24th 1991 MalevolentCreation released their debut album “The Ten Commandments.”

Fun Fact:

This album became a big influence in the death metal underground, expanding on the early work of bands such as Slayer and Kreator.

Apr 24th 1989 Autopsy released their debut album “Severed Survival.”

Fun Fact:

One of the pioneering bands in Death Metal, Autopsy was formed by Chris Reifert, the former drummer for Death. 

Apr 24th 1991 Morgoth released the album “Cursed” #SoldBaptism.”

Fun Fact:

The song “Body Count” was used in the shock documentary “Traces of Death” it’s the first song that plays in the movie.

Apr 24th 1994 Ghost released their debut album “The Lost Of Mercy.”

Fun Fact:

The band is from Gdańsk, Poland and formed in 1988.

Apr 24th 1987 Artillery released the album “Terror Squad.”

Fun Fact:

The band got their name Artillery from the track “Heavy Artillery” from Tank’s album “Filth Hounds of Hades”. 

Apr 24th 2015 Nightrage released the album “ The Puritan.”

Fun Fact:

Nightrage was founded by Marios Iliopoulos and his close friend Gus G in June 2000. 

Apr 24th 2001 FearFactory released the album “Digimortal.”

Fun Fact:

Digimortal is a concept album and a sequel to Obsolete, their previous album (which was a continuation to Demanufacture) and the final part of a trilogy. 

Apr 24th 1995 Trouble released the album “Plastic Green Head.”

Fun Fact:

The band is also noted for the spiritual nature of their early lyrics; their first record label, Metal Blade Records, marketed the band as “white metal” (in contrast to the rising black metalmovement) in the 1980s.

Apr 25th 1980 BlackSabbath released the GREAT album “Heaven And Hell.”

Fun Fact:

The initial sessions for what became the Heaven and Hell album actually began with Ozzy Osbourne. Iommi revealed that he still has a tape featuring Osbourne singing an early version of what would become the song “Children of the Sea.”

Apr 25th 1985 Exodus released their GREAT debut album “Bonded By Blood.”

Fun Fact:

Bonded by Blood was originally titled A Lesson in Violence, but had its name changed when a suitable cover idea could not be found. 

Apr 25th 2000 Destruction released the album “All Hell Breaks Loose.”

Fun Fact:

The album includes a cover of the Metallica song “Whiplash”.

Apr 25th 1995 FlotsamAndJetsam released the album “Drift.”

Fun Fact:

The 2008 re-release bonus tracks included a cover of the Black Sabbath song “Fairies wear Boots”

Apr 25th 1983 Krokus released the album “Headhunter.”

Fun Fact:

Headhunter is the only Krokus album to feature Steve Pace on drums, and includes the Bachman–Turner Overdrivecover “Stayed Awake All Night”.

Apr 25th 2014 MeliahRage released the album “Warrior.”

Fun Fact:

They at one time featured Godsmack front man Sully Erna on drums, who appeared on the Unfinished Business LP.

Apr 25th 1989 Leatherwolf released the album “Street Ready.”

Fun Facts:

Leatherwolf is nicknamed the “Triple Axe Attack” for pioneering the use of a 3-guitar line-up in heavy metal.

Apr 25th 2005 Metalium released the album “Demons of Insanity – Chapter Five.”

Fun Fact:

The band at one time featured guitarist Chris Caffery.

Apr 25th 2011 Wolf released the album “Legions Of Bastards”

Fun Fact:

It was the band’s last album featuring guitarist Johannes Axeman Losbäck, who was replaced by Simon Johansson.

Apr 25th 2001 ArchEnemy released the album “Wages Of Sin’l

Fun Fact:

It was the first Arch Enemy album to feature the vocals of Angela Gossow.

Apr 25th 2014 Helstar released the album “This Wicked Nest.”

Fun Fact:

The instrumental song “Isla de las Muñecas” featured Jeff Loomis.

Apr 25th 1989 BlueMurder released their debut album “Blue Murder.”

Fun Fact:

The album is dedicated to Phil Lynott. John Sykes had played with Thin Lizzy in the past, and often credits Lynott with being a huge inspiration.

Apr 26th 1982 IronMaiden released the single “The Number Of The Beast.”

Fun Fact:

The album was strongly opposed by social conservatives, especially in the United States where Iron Maiden were accused of being Satanists. Public burnings of the band’s catalogue were organised, although some religious groups smashed the records with hammers, for fear of inhaling fumes from burning vinyl.

Apr 26th 2013 Sodom released the album “Epitome Of Torture.”

Fun Fact:

The song “Katjuscha” contains melody from song “Katyusha“, a World War II Soviet Russian folk song originally composed by Matvei Blanter in 1938.

Birthday April, 27th 1951 Paul “Ace” Frehley, American heavy metal guitarist (Kiss; Frehley’s Comet), born in The Bronx, New York.

Apr 27th 1993 #Vince Neil Released a solo album, “Exposed.”

Fun Fact:

Vince titled the album, “Exposed” because he thought of the album as his moment in the spotlight no longer being a member of Mötley Crüe.

Apr 27th, 1998 Blind Guardian released “Nightfall In Middle-Earth.”

Fun Fact:

Nightfall In Middle-Earth is a concept album based upon J. R. R. Tolkien‘s The Silmarillion, a book of tales from the First Age of Middle-earth.

Apr 27th, 2000 Immortal Released “Damned In Black.”

Fun Fact:

The musical style started to embrace a more blackened thrash metal sound, a style that would be as prevalent on their next album, Sons of Northern Darkness.

This Week In Metal

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