New Album “Rise of The Empire” Out November 8, 2019 via Extreme Metal Music / Rockshots Records

Extreme Metal Music and Ancient Roman metal pioneers ADE are thrilled to open the curtain to their forthcoming album “RISE OF THE EMPIRE”.

The new album’s purpose is to get the listener even more involved in the ancient history of Rome, specifically into the age of Caesar. Still connected to the traditional old-school death metal, “RISE OF THE EMPIRE” delivers a more mature yet aggressive album suitable for old and new generations of fans interested in the Ancient Rome and epic/death metal at its purest. 

The first single “Empire” is available at the following links:
Lyric Video:
Apple Music:

Pre-orders of “RISE OF THE EMPIRE” in Digipak Deluxe Edition are available at Extreme Metal Music online store:

The stunning artwork was created by Fabio Timpanaro, while the album production was handled by Stefano Morabito at ’16th Cellar Studios’ (Fleshgod Apocalypse, Hour Of Penance, etc).

Track Listing:
1. Forge the Myth
2. Empire
3. The Gallic Hourglass
4. Chains of Alesia
5. Once The Die Is Cast
6. Gold Roots of War
7. Ptolemy Has To fall
8. Suppress The Riot
9. Veni Vidi Vici
10. The Blithe Ignorance
11. Imperator

For more info:

Extreme Metal Music: ADE (Ancient Roman Death Metal) Announce New Album “Rise of The Empire”; Streaming New Single “Empire”

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Video footage has surfaced from the band’s recent Knotfest Roadshow showing a Seriously cool elderly woman rocking out complete with earplugs and cane.

She is shown here visibly having a great time enjoying the whole Knotfest experience.
Granny is a Maggot!

Granny is a Maggot! Elderly Woman Rocking Out At A Slipknot Concert

For fans of Halestorm, The Agonist, Jinjer, Evanescence, Killswitch Engage 

JULIET RUIN Premiere Full Album Stream “Old Stardust, Love, and Chaos”

“Old Stardust, Love, and Chaos” Out September 6, 2019

Western Canadian Tour Dates

Edmonton, AB’s JULIET RUIN will be unleashing their first full-length album “Old Stardust, Love and Chaos” on September 6, 2019 to follow their 2017 debut self titled EP. The release promises to be more technical with heavy instrumentation, including some dabbling in low tuned 7 string guitars to create an original sound chock full of catchy hooks that convey a fresh and emotive feel to their heavy music. Lead vocalist Jess Ruin has added more screams, but also more clean techniques with her pop-esque power vocals. Fans of forward-thinking modern metal such as Evanescence, System of a Down, and Killswitch Engage should take special note of this powerful and emotive Canadian band.

Before “Old Stardust, Love and Chaos” is officially out, the band have teamed up with for the album’s exclusive full stream HERE.

The band adds: 

“’Old Stardust, Love, and Chaos’ stays true to a lot of our root qualities in terms of catchy hooks and overall groove, but fans can expect a lot of new and even somewhat experimental things on the album as well. Lyrically speaking this album delves into a little bit deeper subject matter than the EP, focusing a lot of personal introspection and mental health, as well as general societal concerns from differing degrees of headspace; from optimism to apathy.”

Digital stream and download will be available on Spotify, Bandcamp, Apple Music, Amazon.

Music Video ‘Spite’ here.

Show Dates:
Sept 6 – Edmonton, AB  – The Starlite Room 
Sept 7 – Saskatoon, SK –  Black Cat Tavern
Sept 13 – Kelowna, BC – Fernando’s
Sept 14 – Vancouver, BC –  Pat’s Pub
Oct 4  – Red Deer, AB – The Krossing
Oct 5 – Medicine Hat, AB – Liquid Niteclub
Oct 19 – Grande Prairie, AB – Better Than Fred’s

Track Listing:
1. Simple Wars (4:54)
2. Spite (3:49)
3. Violent Hands (4:11)
4. Details Kill (4:43)
5. FTW (5:18)
6. Seasons (3:49)  
7. With Only Rage (4:44)  
8. Charlatan (4:12)
9. Stay Gold (3:28)
10. Old Stardust, Love, and Chaos (4:50)
Album Length: 44:03  

For more info:

“Juliet Ruin’s sound is comparable to a muddier version of Alexisonfire, with Fleming guiding the songs with her powerful voice while being backed up by Geislinger’s harsh screams and growls…. Juliet Ruin has been gaining more recognition after every concert with its single “Rogue Down” receiving a nomination at the Edmonton Music Awards.” – Vue Weekly (2017)

“Search no further than the Juliet Ruin playbook, it’ll teach you a thing or two. Their hard work and dedication are clearly paying off, and I predict that it won’t be too long until they become a commercial success. Yes, I’m willing to wager on it.” – Ravenkin Photography (2018)

Nominated for Metal Recording of The Year – Ugly Side – Edmonton Music Awards 2018

JULIET RUIN Premiere Full Album Stream “Old Stardust, Love, and Chaos”

Written By Braddon S. Williams aka “The Concert Critic

On this date in history, 8/24/2019, Iron Maiden brought their Legacy Of The Beast Tour to Deer Creek in Noblesville, IN, and what a magnificent show it was!

The Raven Age were the warmup act, and the London based melodic metalcore band seemed to be well received by the early crowd. I didn’t really connect with their style, but have to acknowledge that they had a good mix and professional staging and lights.

I’m sure that one of their guitarists being the son of Iron Maiden’s Steve Harris probably has a lot to do with them being on this prestigious tour. Nonetheless, they played with enthusiasm and youthful energy, and are undoubtedly having the time of their lives on that stage.

After a quick set change, Iron Maiden hit the ground running, unveiling a replica of a World War II Spitfire plane suspended above them as they played a thrilling full throttle aural assault on their classic opener, Aces High.

From the get go, Bruce Dickinson was in perpetual motion, exhorting the capacity crowd of diehard Maiden fans to sing along and share in this larger than life experience.

Dickinson’s voice was a razor edged wonder that night; powerful and still capable of hitting the highest notes of his considerable vocal range.

After Aces High, with the plane being manipulated to appear as if it were in flight and looking at times as if it were about to dive into the crowd, Maiden immediately launched into Where Eagles Dare and then 2 Minutes To Midnight.

Dickinson made a speech and informed us that there would be no new material and that we were basically being treated to a “best of” Maiden set. He said they were originally going to end the show with the plane, but then decided to open with it, and then make everything else better. This drew a roar of approval from the faithful, and it turned out to be a true statement, as the band just kept adding song after song to this incredible display of how to stage an epic heavy metal show.

As a guitarist, I have to say that the triple threat of Dave Murray, Adrian Smith, and Janick Gers were just phenomenal. All three contributed stunning solo work and blended together with harmony lines and the chugging, galloping rhythms that are the hallmark of the Iron Maiden sound.

Steve Harris (bass) and Nicko McBrain (drums) propelled everything with that relentless precision that everything else is built on top of.

Some of the later highlights for me were The Evil That Men Do, Fear Of The Dark, The Number Of The Beast, The Trooper, Flight Of Icarus,and Hallowed Be Thy Name.

Honestly, there wasn’t a weak moment in Maiden’s entire time on stage.

Kudos to the sound man for keeping Dickinson’s voice on top of everything else, for spotlighting each guitarist and making the solos stand out, and for keeping the bottom end full and bright at the same time.

The lights, staging, props, and of course Eddie, were all fantastic as well. All that is left to say is “Up The Irons!”

On This Date in History

Three years on from Spiritus In Terra, an album of intoxicating sounds and colours that Terrorizer magazine branded “an absolute delight”, Arx Atrata have returned. The window onto wonder has been flung open once more and we are invited to gaze again upon the ancient cliff tops, the endless sea, the woods at sunset and the shadowed tor. In our world, where our dreams walk in chains, choked in dirt, Arx Atrata offer us a vision of freedom, a glimpse of the path untravelled…

The music of Arx Atrata captures an atmosphere like no other and with new album The Path Untravelled, that atmosphere is more powerful than ever before. You can almost taste the sea salt on the wind, feel the rocks beneath your feet and the sun upon your skin. The torrent of riffs sweeps you up and carries you from one breathtaking vista to another and the threads of melody illuminate a world of hope and possibilities, where your dreams can shake off the shackles of everyday life. Songs like ‘To Be Reborn’ and ‘An Undying Verse’ take the grandeur of epic, atmospheric black metal and imbue it with the intensity and intimacy of personal experience, expanding its horizons to encompass the uplifting, golden light of the first rays of the morning sun as well as the secrets of midnight. Ben Sizer, the man behind the Arx Atrata name, has dug deeper, reached further and dreamed in even more vibrant colours to create something truly special.

The Path Untravelled will be revealed on October 11th, a fire to light our way through the darkness of winter. Follow it, embrace it, allow your dreams to breathe and discover all the sights that lie behind the obscuring clouds of our reality.

For more information on Arx Atrata click here
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ARX ATRATA to release their third album of captivating, atmospheric black metal, The Path Untravelled, on October 11th


After battling the elements to win over the crowds with a savage set at Bloodstock Open Air last weekend, Tom Reynolds has announced that his Foul Body Autopsy one man death machine will be appearing at the Uprising festival in Leicester on September 14th. After the rain and wind made Bloodstock such a challenging – if still superb – event, this is a chance to see Tom bring The Unquiet Dead EP to life in warmer, drier conditions. Uprising is held over the three days of September 13th – 15th at the Firebug and O2 Academy in Leicester, with Foul Body Autopsy appearing on the second stage at the Academy on Saturday the 14th.

There are already a host of other top bands joining Foul Body Autopsy at Uprising, including headliners Napalm Death, Memoriam and Acid Reign, along with NWOBHM legends Vardis, the magical Alunah and many more. For full details of the line-up head to the Uprising Facebook event page – here

Tickets for Uprising are available NOW from Gigantic

“… a musician hell bent on creating an ever-evolving sound…” 9/10  METAL TEMPLE

“…riffing tornado…” 8/10 – POWERPLAY ROCK AND METAL MAGAZINE

“… will gnaw its way into my top 5 by the end of the year.” 5/5 RICK EAGLESTONE

“… intricately thrashed melodeath…” 4/5 GRIZZLY BUTTS

Don’t miss The Unquiet Dead and don’t miss out on Uprising IV!

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Foul Body Autopsy join the Uprising Festival bill with Napalm Death, Memoriam and Acid Reign!

On September 28th The Colony will release their new album of crushingly heavy, exhiliratingly melodic modern metal – Smoke And Mirrors.

With so many bands constantly clamouring for your attention, with barely time to take a breath between the arrival of each ‘next big thing’, it’s a wonderful feeling to discover a band whose songs seem to be speaking only to you. Since they first began, more than a decade ago, The Colony have been working to make things personal again. Each live show is an experience that involves every member of the audience and each song looks you in the eye and never turns away. The Colony are talking to you and what they have to say has never been more vital, energising and faith affirming than on new album Smoke And Mirrors.

Smoke And Mirrors is a tour de force of modern metal that combines exemplary musicianship, outstanding song writing, effervescent, tireless adrenaline and – most importantly – sweat-drenched, bleeding from the heart passion and dedication. When The Colony play you know they mean it; every word, every note. Armed with riffs that can punch through walls, aggression that can incinerate your frustrations and rage, melodies that flow like liquid fire through your veins and solos that spiral into the heavens – this band have everything they need to take on the world. Songs like ‘Here We Stand’, with its glorious, adamantine defiance will not soon be forgotten and when the super-charged ‘Sands Of Time’ brings down the curtain on Smoke And Mirrors you’ll be left breathless but fiercely alive.

When the world shakes and the dam cracks and falls on 28 September, make sure you are ready to ride the waves. Wherever you think your musical boundaries stand, break them and find your way through the smoke, beyond the mirrors, to The Colony. It’s time to roar! .

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The Colony release their stunning new album of modern, melodic metal Smoke And Mirrors on September 28th