In the boundless kingdom of hell there are featureless corridors that run from sunrise to sunset, lined with doorways beyond counting. Each corridor is the same and each doorway identical, but those indistinguishable doors all open upon endlessly unique expressions of torment; myriad agonies beyond comprehension and eternal punishments to baffle the mind. Behind the obsidian gates lurk atrocities beyond the wildest dreams of evil men; the limitless exploration of the possibilities of pain, the numberless ways to dissect, reconstruct and tear apart… the eternal refinement of the art of excruciating extermination!

The debut album from Horrific Demise, Excruciating Extermination, has been long years in the making. The band has lived in the mind of guitarist/vocalist Matt Bishop since 2005, squirming and fermenting in the charnel pits of his subconscious, hunting and feeding in the labyrinth of his fantasies. While Horrific Demise grew in the darkness Matt made his name in the brutal death metal scene, spending ten years carving out the blood-soaked riffs for Lividity. But Horrific Demise could not be kept constrained forever… A meeting with guitarist Tony Tipton (Necrotic Disgorgement, Regurgitation) in 2013 breathed new life into the beast and the first Horrific Demise songs began to form. Over the next five years more darkly creative souls were drawn into the shadowy world of Horrific Demise: drummer Kyle Christman (Gorgasm, Sarcophagy) and bassist Phil Good (Necrotic Disgorgement, Created To Kill etc) adding their considerable talents. The search for the perfect voice to articulate the horrors of the band’s songs proved harder though, with several brutal vocalists trying out for the position, but somehow not capturing that perfect nightmarish vibe. Then, when Anthony Voight (Gorgasm, Sarcophagy) grabbed the mic and unleashed his inhuman roar the elite team was instantly complete. Now their work is done and the time has come for Excruciating Extermination to be unleashed! From the breathtaking initial attack of ‘Born From Brutality’ Excruciating Extermination carries you on a wild ride through Hell’s chambers of despair. Riff is piled upon monstrous riff and razor-wire solos slice, gleaming, through the crimson filth. This is not just another album of brutality; this is the stunning product of years of experience and musical aptitude, the realisation of dark dreams and long held ambition. 

“If anyone can say they’ve done their Reign In Blood, this is mine. If I didn’t do one more album after this, I’d be cool with that.” – Matt Bishop on the Murder Metal Mayhem Podcast

With the power of Comatose Music behind them Horrific Demise will spread their tales of Excruciating Extermination to every corner of the metal world. This album, this band, this label – they are all undeniable. Nothing will stand in their way. Prepare to be exterminated!

Matt Bishop – Guitars
Anthony Voight – Vocals
Tony Tipton – Guitars
Kyle Christman – Drums
Phil Good – Bass

Genre: Death Metal
For fans of: Incantation | Immolation | Suffocation | Lividity

Further Information: https://www.facebook.com/HorrificDemise| https://www.comatosemusic.com

Horrific Demise – Excruciating Extermination raging death metal on Comatose Music

If you’ve been missing the heavier side of Opeth‘s music (sans the growls) from albums like Pale Communion and Heritage, then you’re absolutely going to love the band’s new song “Heart In Hand”. Sure, the song takes tons of progressive cues from the band’s more recent output, but there’s tons of sinister, twisting riffs in there that haven’t shown up in quite some time now. Also, yes – this is the song you heard part of in Opeth’s recent tour trailer.

In Cauda Venenum is out September 27, and will be released in both Swedish and English language versions. Pre-order all of ’em here.



Here are the Opeth’s upcoming tour dates.

12.07. PL Warsaw – Prog In Park
06.07. TK Istanbul, Rock Off Fest
27.07. RO Sibiu – ArtMania Festival
02.08. D Wacken – Wacken Open Air
03.08. S Öland – Borgholm Brinner
09.08. B Kortrijk – Alcatraz Metal Festival
11.08. NL Leeuwarden – Into the Grave
18.08. USA Las Vegas, NV – Psycho Las Vegas

02.11. UK Leeds – Damnation Festival

27.10. UK Norwich – UEA
29.10. UK London – Palladium
31.10. UK Glasgow – SWG3
01.11. IRL Dublin – Olympia Theatre
02.11. UK Leeds – Damnation Festival
03.11. UK Bristol – O2 Academy
06.11. B Brussels – Ancienne Belgique
08.11. D Munich – Backstage (Werk)
09.11. I Milan – Alcatraz
10.11. CH Zurich – Volkshaus
11.11. F Paris – L‘Olympia
13.11. D Cologne – E-Werk
14.11. D Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
15.11. D Nuremberg – Meistersingerhalle
16.11. D Berlin – Huxleys Neue Welt
17.11. DK Copenhagen – Det Kgl. Teater SOLD OUT

10.12. AUS Adelaide – Thebarton Theatre
11.12. AUS Perth – Astor Theatre
13.12. AUS Melbourne – Palais Theatre
14.12. AUS Sydney – State Theatre
15.12. AUS Brisbane – The Tivoli

OPETH’s New Song “Heart In Hand” Brings Out Heavier Sound


There is no creature like man; no species that has devoted such careful thought, such ingenuity to the development of methods of inflicting agony. Over the ages we have birthed countless monstrous machines and hellish contraptions, all with the sole purpose of causing pain. Mankind can shame the demonic denizens of hell when it comes to the fine art of cruelty. The screams of the tortured have echoed through the centuries, endless music to the ears of the perverted and demented.

The ghosts of those broken upon the rack, the spirits of those who have cried for mercy, bound in chains…their desperate pleas dance a twisted waltz to the devilish arias of agony unveiled upon the altar of Strappado’s Exigit Sincerae Devotionis Affectus. Born from a ghoulish fascination with the inhumanity of man, Strappado celebrate the unconscionable, the brutality that lurks beyond the shadowy borders of the imagination. ‘The Rack’, ‘Death By Sawing’, ‘Dislocated By The Rope’; each Frankenstein’s monster of riffs and blast beats, sewn together with vicious precision, is a glorification of the most base depravity. The bestial roars will transport you to cold dungeons, the bone-breaking drum battery will pin you to the table of torture, the intricate riffs will methodically dissect your fear wracked body and the murderous bottom end will bludgeon your remains into paste.

When word of these practitioners of perversity reached the stronghold of Comatose Music dark agents were swiftly on the wing, searching out the monsters of Strappado and bringing them safely back to the cells. Now the final preparations are complete and Exigit Sincerae… is gnawing at the bars. The torturer’s tools are laid out in readiness…it is time to begin.

From the stygian gloom of the darkest recesses of the underground to the forefront of your nightmares – Strappado have arrived with an album overflowing with complex cruelties and twisted terrors. Exigit Sincerae Devotionis Affectus is an outpouring of Strappado’s unending obsession with the sordid ground where mankind’s ingenuity and perversity meet, a celebration of the sickening arts of torture that will haunt you to the grave.

Every song of dank, rancid brutality on this album of unrelenting death metal was spawned in the pool of gore that is the collective consciousness of Strappado. From the thundering roar of ‘The Rack’ to the pulverising assault of ‘Dislocated by The Rope’ and serrated savagery of ‘Death By Sawing’, this is a merciless release. Taking all the basic tools of brutal death metal – inhuman vocals from the pit, devilish riffs that dissect and destroy, bone-breaking drum battery and a bottom end to collapse the chambers of your heart – Strappado have carved out wicked creations of cunning, cruel invention. This is a one way trip into the heart of darkness that other bands only dare toy with. Songs for the sick, music for the mad, lullabies for the deranged.

There was only one label that could ever have contained the fiendish minds that lurk behind the Strappado name – and Comatose Musicwere quick to clasp this new breed of monsters to their heart. Now there can be no more holding back. The restraints are failing and the bars beginning to bend. The torturer’s tools are laid out in readiness…it is time to begin.

Oscar – Guitars
Disjorge – Bass
Fran – Drums
Carlos – Vocals

Genre: Brutal Torture Death Metal
For fans of: Devourment | Gorgasm | Prostitute Disfigurement | Lividity

For your first taste of torture head to Slam Worldwide for an exclusive video premiere of the wicked ‘Death By Sawing’

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STRAPPADO bring the torture with their brutal Comatose Music debut, Exigit Sincerae Devotionis Affectus

Randy Blythe has blasted metal fans “sitting behind a computer screen and judging people”.

The Lamb Of God singer took aim at “the lynch mob mentality” of the internet generation.

“In today’s world, there’s a culture of outrage,” Blythe told Kerrang!. “If anybody does anything that people don’t agree with, immediately there’s a lynch-mob mentality, where people will pile in on someone. But I don’t give a fuck! I grew up before the Internet, and I’ve done things that have pissed people off and I’m still here.

“I don’t want to be in the mindless fucking herd or the hive-mind. I want to think for myself. That’s what I found in the underground music scene and that’s why I first got involved, because I was a fucking freak in high school. If you’re sitting behind a computer screen and judging people, that goes against everything this music stands for.”

Lamb Of God have started work on their new album, the follow-up to 2015’s VII: Sturm Und Drang. However, it’s unclear whether drummer Chris Adler will play on it.

Adler was forced to sit out a tour in 2018 due to a motorcycle injury, but has not returned since. Blythe recently said he was unsure of the drummer’s status within the band.

“It’s hard to say what’s going to happen with Chris Adler,” said the singer. “I have no comment on him.”

“Sitting behind a computer screen and judging people goes against metal,” says Lamb Of God frontman

On July 21st, presented by Born Again Concerts and Total Rock under the banner A Symphonic Prog Storm, Pythia will perform a special headline show in the intimate environs of The Lexington, on London‘s Pentonville Road. The band will be joined by very special guests Scardust, who will be hot-footing it to the capital from their Ramblin’ Man festival performance the previous evening. Opening the event will be YouTube Hurdy-Gurdy star, singer songwriter Patty Gurdy

Speaking about this unique night of live music, Pythia’s guitarist Ross White said,
“We can’t wait for this show! Our first headline show since the release of our new album The Solace Of Ancient Earth! We have assembled a very cool lineup which should make for an amazing and memorable evening. Grab your tickets and we shall see you there!”

This remarkable show will be the first oppportunity for London metal fans to hear songs from Pythia’s critically acclaimed, most recent album of masterful, melodic metal, The Solace Of Ancient Earth, live on stage. Reviews for the album, released in May on Golden Axe Records, have been superb.

an absolute gem” 10/10  Independent Music Showcase
“a wonderful work of art”
 9/10  Rock Out Stand Out
“a symphonic metal gem”
 9/10  Ever Metal
“theatrical bombasity” 8.5/10 –
 Ave Noctum
“a huge talent”
 8/10  Metal Temple

For full details of of A Symphonic Prog Strom head to the Facebook event page:

Tickets are available now from Ticketweb:

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Today the band are delighted to confirm that Barry French is now the permanent drummer for Final Coil. Barry, who first made his name playing for death metallers Sarpanitum, performed in a session capacity on Final Coil’s most recent album, The World We Left Behind For Others. In the wake of those successful sessions the decision was made to offer Barry the position on a permanent basis and the in-demand sticksman has now accepted.

Speaking of the band’s decision to offer Barry a permanent role in Final Coil, front man Phil Stiles explained

It was very clear from the audition alone, where Barry played through the bulk of

For his part, Barry is equally thrilled to have formalised a long term position within Final Coil.

“After my very first conversation with Phil about trying out, I knew that we would be a perfect fit for each other. To realise my musical ambitions with Final Coil is a massive honour.

During the recording of The World We Left Behind For Others, in Italy at Real Sound Studios, the band captured a large amount of candid film footage, detailing the whole process. This footage has now been edited and put together into a short film that opens a window for fans into the world of Final Coil in the studio. This is the story of how The World We Left Behind For Others became a reality and can be watched on the band’s youtube channel now.

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Final Coil announce their new drummer and release mini-documentary video – The Making Of The World We Left Behind For Others