Kevin Paradis is the drummer for Agressor, Benighted and Mithridatic and has also performed with the likes of Svart Crown, Melechesh and Shining. Known for his technical ability, incredible velocity and sheer power Kevin is hugely respected within the drumming community. This year he lent his talents to symphonic black metallers Formicarius, for the recording of their stunning second album, Rending The Veil Of Flesh, which will be released by Schwarzdorn Production on Friday 13th September. Today Kevin has released a drum play through video for the track 'Beyond The Veil Of Flesh', which demonstrates his fantastic work for Formicarius.
Kevin was joined on Rending The Veil Of Flesh by fellow guests Sakis Tolis of Rotting Christ and Nicholas Miller of Aklash who also helped to make Formicarius' new album the incredible piece of work that it is. Mixed and mastered at Parlour Studios (Dimmu Borgir, Venomous Concept, Samael etc) Rending The Veil Of Flesh is a true masterpiece of dark musical magic.
Look out for more exciting video releases to come from Formicarius and prepare for the release of Rending The Veil Of Flesh on September 13th...but for now, sit back and enjoy this master class in drumming from Kevin Paradis!

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Kevin Paradis (Benighted) releases a new drum play through video of his work with Formicarius on their forthcoming album, Rending the Veil Of Flesh

Beneath the gaze of the beast all things are possible. Reflected in those eyes, bleeding liquid malice, all is inverted, all is perverted, all is deconstructed; from your morals to your dreams to your flesh. The world becomes a crimson tableau of a broken natural order, where art is found in the tearing of flesh and the breaking of bones and love becomes defilement, debasement and destruction. Brutality so extreme it is alien to even the most warped of human consciousness runs in thick, congealing streams where once there was the milk of human kindness…and sweet music becomes the sound of hideous, unending slaughter; an eardrum-rupturing torrent of filth…

Formed by members of Bookakee, Soiled By Blood and The Outborn, NecroticGoreBeast have erupted from Quebec’s savage underground music scene. Combining an absolutely staggering drum onslaught, guitars that circle, biting at your flesh like a frenzied shoal of blood-crazed piranhas, bass that delivers concussive blows like a sledgehammer and monstrous vocals, utterly inhuman in their ferocity, this band are the next level in remorseless, relentless aggression. Lyrically crafting nightmares of nauseating barbarity, dioramas of depravity that will haunt your every waking moment, NecroticGoreBeast are an assault on the senses. Their self titled debut album, housed in the dark, visionary artwork of Andreas Christanetoff (Putrified J, Aborted Fetus etc) features guest appearances from Jack Christensen (Kraanium), Alex-Antoine Chamberland (Soiled By Blood) and Diogo Santana (Analepsy) and represents the ultimate in brutal, slamming death metal. It simply doesn’t get any heavier than this. 

Despite only forming a mere two years ago, NecroticGoreBeast have created an album that destroys most of the competitors in their field, sweeping them aside with casual ease. The Canadians have, of course, found their home at Comatose Music and on October 11th the world’s premiere brutal death metal label will release this staggering debut album that absolutely epitomises the genre. Prepare to have your understanding of brutality redefined. NecroticGoreBeast are coming…and you’re on their list.

John Mayer – Vocals
Michael Chamberland – Guitar
JP Bouchard – Drums
Alexandre Brochu – Bass
Also featuring guest vocals from: 
Jack Christensen
Alex-Antoine Chamberlain
Diogo Santana

Further Information:

Genre: Brutal Death Metal
For fans of: Devourment | Skinless | Internal Bleeding | Putrid Pile

Comatose Music unleash the devastating onslaught on NECROTICGOREBEAST’s self titled debut album on October 11th

Wacken Open Air is one of the world’s biggest heavy metal festivals. What started as a village music festival 30 years ago meanwhile draws metalheads from all over the world. Here is what makes W:O:A so unique.

Party time in the village 

Every first weekend in August the “population” of the tranquil town of Wacken explodes: Its 2,000 residents take on some 80,000 metalheads. During the three-day event, the festival goers turn the village into the third-largest city in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. The organizers provide the necessary infrastructure, including a tent city, showers, toilets, signposts and utility poles.

Mecca for metalheads

More than 150 acts on nine stages — Wacken Open Air is one of the biggest metal festivals in the world, along with France’s Hellfest and the Belgian Graspop Metal Meeting. The visitors and the bands are international. Top act in 2019 is US thrash metal band Slayer. After more than three decades on stage, the band is retiring, so this is their final festival show in Germany.

How it all began

In 1990, two metal musicians from Wacken had the idea to stage a festival dedicated to their favorite music in the village gravel pit. The pit was already tried and tested for mass events, as a local motorcycle club also met there; in the early days, the club members even provided the security at Wacken. The first festival welcomed 800 visitors, today the event draws 80,000.

Pilgrimage to the ‘holy land’

The W:O:A festival area is huge, spread out over an area bigger than 330 football fields and surrounded by 45 kilometers of fencing. The heart of it all is the “Infield” (photo) stage area, affectionately called “Holy Land” by the metal-loving crowds. It is not just a simple field, either: drainage systems, gravel and compactors help make sure visitors don’t fall into holes or sink into the mud.

Faster, harder, louder 

The village welcomes the who-is-who of the metal scene. They rock one of the nine festival stages — with the three main ones named “Faster,” “Harder” and “Louder.” Motörhead and Iron Maiden are regular festival guests, alongside other metal legends such as Alice Cooper, Judas Priest or Deep Purple. The Rammstein concert shown above is from 2013.

Orderly metalhead tent city

Metalheads at Wacken have demonstrated they aren’t particularly violent. Even though festival goers consume some 10,000 liters of beer per hour, only 20 bodily injuries were reported in 2016, and that number went down to 12 in 2017. Perhaps headbanging helps people get rid of potentially aggressive feelings.

Defying the weather is a tradition

Wacken is a summer festival, but in northern Germany that is not necessarily a guarantee for sunshine. On the contrary, W:O:A is rained on regularly. Mud battles are legendary and reliably provide spectacular photos. This year’s weather forecast adds hail and squalls to heavy rain — a truly hardcore gift from the heavens for the 30th festival anniversary.

Parallel worlds I: Wasteland

Don’t these metalheads look like warriors from the “Mad Max” movies? Welcome to Wasteland, another part of the festival, an area designed in post-Apocalyptic style by the Wasteland Warriors artist collective. The costumes are always homemade and coordinated, and they add to the eerily beautiful end-of-time mood.

Parallel worlds II: Wackinger Village

From an Apocalyptic future to the past: Wackinger Village is built to resemble a medieval market and has developed into an independent medieval event. There are bagpipes and fire-eaters, medieval rock on stage and honey wine at the bar, while knights in shining armor tackle each other on the battlefield.

Endless beer supplies

Germans are known for their beer, and for being thorough. Wacken Open Air offers an amazing alliance of the two, namely the legendary beer pipeline. In the past, trucks hauled in beer in huge quantities, which made for even muddier grounds. Thanks to miles of pipeline, that’s history. Quick tapping systems ensure the constant flow of beer.

Hallelujah, Wacken!

Most of the village’s residents look forward to the festival despite all the noise and garbage. Many help with the construction, tapping beer and showing visitors where to pitch their tents. The local shops love the crowds. A veritable “Metal Church,” the village church is part of the festival program, with folk and medieval music and metal services.

30 years of Wacken: How a village became a heavy metal mecca

Breaking stereotypes, and showing that you are never too old to rock and roll, a group of senior citizens is attending the world’s biggest heavy metal festival in northern Germany. 

Wacken Open Air, the biggest heavy metal festival in the world, starts this week in the fields outside a rural German village north of Hamburg.

The frequent wind, rain and mud, along with the hard rock and 70,000 metalheads, mean the festival is not for the faint of heart. But don’t tell that to 13 senior citizens who have taken a bus from a local nursing home to join in the revelry.

On board the party bus is 92-year-old Ilse Schaefer, who sticks her fingers out like horns in the ubiquitous heavy metal sign, and cries out “Wackeeen” as the 12 other elderly metalheads follow her lead. The oldest person in the group is 95 years old.

It is the 6th time the “Haus am Park” (house on the park) nursing home in the nearby town of Heide has organized a trip to Wacken. Visiting the festival has become a highlight of the year. 

It is Schaefer’s third trip to the festival. She said she was skeptical of the music at first, but was taken in by the atmosphere of the festival. She enthusiastically greets astonished younger festival goers with her best heavy metal sign. 

The trips to Wacken began six years ago after a 59-year-old AC/DC fan at the nursing home suffering from multiple sclerosis told manager Susann Kroos that he’d always wanted to attend Wacken. Kroos organized the first trip as a surprise birthday present for the man. 

Most of the seniors at the nursing home are familiar with the festival, as they come from the area and have children and grandchildren who often attend. Kroos said that by attending Wacken, the residents of the nursing home learned how friendly metal fans can be.

Wacken Open Air, running until Sunday, is celebrating its 30th birthday in 2019 and 75,000 fans are expected to attend.

Local senior citizens rock out at Wacken Open Air heavy metal festival

Lacuna Coil have slowly been teasing the details to their new album, Black Anima, and now fans can hear the first single, “Layers of Time.”

Growler Andrea Ferro draws first blood on the pounding track, which writhes with crunching modern groove, evolving the Lacuna Coil sound even further. Relieving some of the aggression is the siren call of Cristina Scabbia with symphonic elements to drive the atmospheric refrain.

Listen to “Layers of Time” below.

Black Anima, the Italian group’s ninth album, is set for an Oct. 11 release through Century Media. Pre-order your copy here and look below for the album artwork and track listing.

Catch Lacuna Coil in North America this Fall on a co-headlining tour with All That Remains. See all the dates beneath the album details at the bottom of the page to see if they’re playing at a city near you.

Lacuna Coil, Black Anima Album Art + Track Listing

01. “Anima Nera”
02. “Sword Of Anger”
03. “Reckless”
04. “Layers Of Time”
05. “Apocalypse”
06. “Now Or Never”
07. “Under The Surface”
08. “Veneficium”
09. “The End Is All I Can See”
10. “Save Me”
11. “Black Anima”
12. “Black Feathers” (deluxe edition only)
13. “Through The Flames” (deluxe edition only)
14. “Black Dried Up Heart” (deluxe edition only)

All That Remains + Lacuna Coil 2019 North American Tour Dates
With Bad Omens, Toothgrinder, and Uncured

Sept. 15 – New York, N.Y. @ Webster Hall
Sept. 17 – Greenville S.C. @ The Firmament
Sept. 18 – Knoxville, Tenn. @ Jackson Terminal
Sept. 19 – Atlanta, Ga. @ Masquerade
Sept. 20 – Dothan, Ala. @ The Plant
Sept. 21 – Mobile, Ala. @ Soul Kitchen
Sept. 23 – Dallas, Texas @ Gas Monkey Live
Sept. 24 – Houston, Texas @ White Oak Music
Sept. 27 – Phoenix, Ariz. @ The Pressroom
Sept. 28 – Las Vegas, Nev. @ Hard Rock Live*
Sept. 30 – San Diego, Calif. @ House of Blues*
Oct. 01 – Los Angeles, Calif. @ The Regent Theater*
Oct. 02 – Berkley, Calif. @ The UC Theatre
Oct. 03 – Sacramento, Calif. @ Ace Of Spades
Oct. 05 – Spokane, Wash. @ The Knitting Factory*
Oct. 06 – Calgary, Alberta @ Palace Theatre
Oct. 07 – Edmonton, Alberta @ Starlite Room
Oct. 09 – Winnipeg, Manitoba @ Park Theatre
Oct. 10 – Minot, N.D. @ The ‘O’ Riginal Bar

With Bad Omens, Eximious, and Uncured
Oct. 11 – Minneapolis, Minn. @ The Cabooze
Oct. 12 – Columbia, Mo. @ The Blue Note
Oct. 13 – Milwaukee, Wis. @ The Rave II
Oct. 15 – Cincinnati, Ohio @ Riverfront Live
Oct. 16 – Chicago, Ill. @ House Of Blues*
Oct. 17 – Cleveland, Ohio @ House Of Blues
Oct. 18 – Toronto, Ontario @ Opera House
Oct. 19 – Baltimore, Md. Ram’s Head Live
*no Bad Omens

Lacuna Coil Debut New Song “Layers of Time” ANNOUNCE ‘BLACK ANIMA’ ALBUM DETAILS


In the boundless kingdom of hell there are featureless corridors that run from sunrise to sunset, lined with doorways beyond counting. Each corridor is the same and each doorway identical, but those indistinguishable doors all open upon endlessly unique expressions of torment; myriad agonies beyond comprehension and eternal punishments to baffle the mind. Behind the obsidian gates lurk atrocities beyond the wildest dreams of evil men; the limitless exploration of the possibilities of pain, the numberless ways to dissect, reconstruct and tear apart… the eternal refinement of the art of excruciating extermination!

The debut album from Horrific Demise, Excruciating Extermination, has been long years in the making. The band has lived in the mind of guitarist/vocalist Matt Bishop since 2005, squirming and fermenting in the charnel pits of his subconscious, hunting and feeding in the labyrinth of his fantasies. While Horrific Demise grew in the darkness Matt made his name in the brutal death metal scene, spending ten years carving out the blood-soaked riffs for Lividity. But Horrific Demise could not be kept constrained forever… A meeting with guitarist Tony Tipton (Necrotic Disgorgement, Regurgitation) in 2013 breathed new life into the beast and the first Horrific Demise songs began to form. Over the next five years more darkly creative souls were drawn into the shadowy world of Horrific Demise: drummer Kyle Christman (Gorgasm, Sarcophagy) and bassist Phil Good (Necrotic Disgorgement, Created To Kill etc) adding their considerable talents. The search for the perfect voice to articulate the horrors of the band’s songs proved harder though, with several brutal vocalists trying out for the position, but somehow not capturing that perfect nightmarish vibe. Then, when Anthony Voight (Gorgasm, Sarcophagy) grabbed the mic and unleashed his inhuman roar the elite team was instantly complete. Now their work is done and the time has come for Excruciating Extermination to be unleashed! From the breathtaking initial attack of ‘Born From Brutality’ Excruciating Extermination carries you on a wild ride through Hell’s chambers of despair. Riff is piled upon monstrous riff and razor-wire solos slice, gleaming, through the crimson filth. This is not just another album of brutality; this is the stunning product of years of experience and musical aptitude, the realisation of dark dreams and long held ambition. 

“If anyone can say they’ve done their Reign In Blood, this is mine. If I didn’t do one more album after this, I’d be cool with that.” – Matt Bishop on the Murder Metal Mayhem Podcast

With the power of Comatose Music behind them Horrific Demise will spread their tales of Excruciating Extermination to every corner of the metal world. This album, this band, this label – they are all undeniable. Nothing will stand in their way. Prepare to be exterminated!

Matt Bishop – Guitars
Anthony Voight – Vocals
Tony Tipton – Guitars
Kyle Christman – Drums
Phil Good – Bass

Genre: Death Metal
For fans of: Incantation | Immolation | Suffocation | Lividity

Further Information:|

Horrific Demise – Excruciating Extermination raging death metal on Comatose Music

If you’ve been missing the heavier side of Opeth‘s music (sans the growls) from albums like Pale Communion and Heritage, then you’re absolutely going to love the band’s new song “Heart In Hand”. Sure, the song takes tons of progressive cues from the band’s more recent output, but there’s tons of sinister, twisting riffs in there that haven’t shown up in quite some time now. Also, yes – this is the song you heard part of in Opeth’s recent tour trailer.

In Cauda Venenum is out September 27, and will be released in both Swedish and English language versions. Pre-order all of ’em here.

Here are the Opeth’s upcoming tour dates.

12.07. PL Warsaw – Prog In Park
06.07. TK Istanbul, Rock Off Fest
27.07. RO Sibiu – ArtMania Festival
02.08. D Wacken – Wacken Open Air
03.08. S Öland – Borgholm Brinner
09.08. B Kortrijk – Alcatraz Metal Festival
11.08. NL Leeuwarden – Into the Grave
18.08. USA Las Vegas, NV – Psycho Las Vegas

02.11. UK Leeds – Damnation Festival

27.10. UK Norwich – UEA
29.10. UK London – Palladium
31.10. UK Glasgow – SWG3
01.11. IRL Dublin – Olympia Theatre
02.11. UK Leeds – Damnation Festival
03.11. UK Bristol – O2 Academy
06.11. B Brussels – Ancienne Belgique
08.11. D Munich – Backstage (Werk)
09.11. I Milan – Alcatraz
10.11. CH Zurich – Volkshaus
11.11. F Paris – L‘Olympia
13.11. D Cologne – E-Werk
14.11. D Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
15.11. D Nuremberg – Meistersingerhalle
16.11. D Berlin – Huxleys Neue Welt
17.11. DK Copenhagen – Det Kgl. Teater SOLD OUT

10.12. AUS Adelaide – Thebarton Theatre
11.12. AUS Perth – Astor Theatre
13.12. AUS Melbourne – Palais Theatre
14.12. AUS Sydney – State Theatre
15.12. AUS Brisbane – The Tivoli

OPETH’s New Song “Heart In Hand” Brings Out Heavier Sound