Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Monster Magnet: Dopes To Infinity

Monster Magnet is an American rock band. They have been variously categorized as Stoner Rock, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Hardcore Punk, and Psychedelic Rock.

None of this really matters because what they are, is great! Their most excellent Dopes To Infinity album came out in 1995 and served as my introduction to this New Jersey based band of badasses.

The single from the album was called Negasonic Teenage Warhead, and the video for said song caught my ears and eyes, and I have been a fan ever since.

Band leader and vocalist/guitarist Dave Wyndorf has a really cool singing voice and just looks like an ultimate rocker dude. He also understands the importance of language, producing such awesome song titles as Look To Your Orb For The Warning, Dead Christmas, Dopes To Infinity, Blow ‘Em Off, and Ego, The Living Planet.

Monster Magnet opened for Aerosmith one year and I was one of maybe 14 people in the entire crowd showing them some love.

I was pretty disappointed in the closed minded attitude of Aerosmith’s fans, because Monster Magnet seemed to be a perfect balance to the Aero force.

I stand by my choices, and I’m glad I chose to be a fan of Monster Magnet.

They are named after a toy from the ’60’s, (that also happens to be part of the name of a song by Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention), and if that isn’t cool, I don’t know if we can see eye to eye about music!

On This Day in History

On this date in history, 9/21/1998, I saw Aerosmith and Monster Magnet at Deer Creek. This was my 6th time seeing Aerosmith and they delivered an incredible performance like they did every time I saw them.

Monster Magnet were amazing, too…however, they were treated so rudely by the crowd, many of them so closed minded and stuck in their comfortable little box where the only music that matters is what they hear on the radio.

Consequently, I was in the minority as someone cheering as loudly as I could for Dave Wyndorf and his awesome band.  I wish people listened with their ears instead of their preconceived notions. I certainly don’t blame Aerosmith.

I saw Deftones open for KIss one time and Kiss’s audience were just obnoxiously mean to Deftones…damn it, people…the headliner will play when the opening acts are done! Give ’em a break…they’re trying really hard to give you something to accentuate your concert experience! Rant over…but try to keep an open mind. You never know what cool bands you will discover when you least expect it…everyone starts somewhere!

Written By Braddon S. Williams aka The Concert Critic

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