Written By Braddon S. Williams

Rush: Moving Pictures

Moving Pictures (1981) was the album where Rush’s songwriting skills finally matched the band’s instrumental prowess, resulting in massive sales and several signature songs from the Canadian power trio.

Tom Sawyer is the biggest hit, and rightfully so, but my personal favorite is Red Barchetta. That song paints a vivid movie in my mind every time I hear it.

The instrumental, YYZ, is a thrilling demonstration of how to make a song memorable without any vocals.

Rush knew that chops were great to have, but those skills needed to serve a well constructed piece of music in order to reach a wider audience.

Limelight was a reflection by lyricist/drummer extraordinaire Neal Peart on the effect that fame had on his personal life, yet another superbly written Rush composition.

I think Moving Pictures was where Rush found their perfect balance between their hard rock past and the more keyboard heavy direction they were headed towards. Moving Pictures is Rush at their finest.


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