With the flames of their Black Mass Ritual now glimmering embers at the foot of the stake – the witch’s spirit embraced by her master, her body ashes in the wind – they step once more from the shadows, bringing devilment and wickedness… Formicarius have returned. The new nobility of British black metal have delved deeper into the darkness, scouring history’s blackest pages for tales of blood and terror. They have stared into the void between the stars and gazed into the abyss within us all, tasting the horrors that bestride the dimensions and those that crawl along the corridors of our minds. Raging at the hypocrisy of those who deem themselves pious and righteous, they have come to rend the veil of flesh!

“Having therefore, brethren, boldness to enter into the holiest by the blood of Jesus,
By a new and living way, which he hath consecrated for us, through the veil, that is to say, his flesh;” 
– Hebrews 10:19-25

Rending The Veil Of Flesh sees Formicarius cutting deep into the bloody centuries of Christianity and as they have spread their demon wings lyrically, so has their music become richer and darker, painted in a thousand layers, the many hued colours of twilight. To perfect their musical visions Formicarius have called upon fellow dwellers in perdition. The inversion of the divine that is ‘Early Will I Seek Thee’ is bookended by a dread invocation from Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) and the plaintive violin playing of Nicholas Miller of Aklash. Throughout the album the mighty drumming of Kevin Paradis (Benighted) propels each grand and glorious track forward like machines of war. To set the final seal upon this new tome of defiance, Formicarius turned to Parlour Studios (Dimmu Borgir, Samael, Venomous Concept etc) for the final mix and mastering. 

“O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;”
– Psalms 63:1

Formicarius’ decimation of David’s cry in the wilderness stands at the heart of Rending The Veil Of Flesh; ‘Early Will I Seek Thee’ epitomises the new found strength and confidence that the band have gathered since their debut album. All they have learnt through their experiences of playing with the likes of Hate, Hecate Enthroned, Noctem and Negura Bunget, through the success of their single ‘Lake Of The Dead’ which was featured by Sony on their Speed Kills VII compilation and their debut album Black Mass Ritual, released by Schwarzdorn Production in 2017, that propelled them from the shadows to the spotlight…it has all come to magnificent fruition here, on Rending The Veil Of Flesh.

Do not close your eyes in anticipation of blessed slumber, for they come to deliver a new truth, to right the wrongs of this dying world. The demons are on the wing and your flesh is but a veil for the rending.

Lord Saunders – Vocals/Guitar
Nazarkardeh – Lead Guitar
Hægtesse – Bass/Vocals
Morath – Keyboards
Drums on this album performed by – Kevin Paradis (Benighted)
Special guest appearances by Sakis Tolis (Rotting Christ) and Nicholas Miller (Aklash)

Genre: Black Metal
For fans of: Emperor | Cradle Of Filth | Dimmu Borgir | Immortal

Further Information: |

“…grandiose black metal of the highest order.” – POWERPLAY ROCK & METAL MAGAZINE

FORMICARIUS return from the darkness with their new album of epic black metal mastery for Schwarzdorn Production featuring Sakis of Rotting Christ – Rending The Veil Of Flesh!


Thrash Metal: a relentless, neck-breaking overdose of adrenaline. It exploded in the early to mid ’80s and dragged the metal scene, high on velocity and violence, into a new, thrilling era. For some thrash metal was a brief, brilliant flame that burned up a decade before fading to cold ashes. To others it was a call to arms that would last a lifetime. When Solitary signed their enlistment papers, they signed in blood and this year they celebrate twenty five years, a quarter of a century, of total thrash dedication. Tastes may change and seasons pass, but Solitary promised to thrash forever and their word holds true to this day.

A twenty fifth anniversary is a milestone that cannot be left unnoticed or allowed to pass uncelebrated, so Solitary hit the studio to re-record three classic songs from their illustrious back catalogue – ‘Requiem’, ‘Within Temptation‘ and ‘Keep Your Enemies Closer’. As well as injecting these much loved monsters with a fresh venom and energy, the band captured two songs from their last London show, at the Camden Underworld with Darkane. ‘Architects Of Shame’ and ‘The Diseased Heart Of Society’ in all their wild, untamed, live glory were added to the mix and together these five recordings, bristling with bullish belligerence and armed to the teeth with speed and savage riffs, form the new Solitary EP – XXV. Returning bassist Gaz Harrop, Solitary’s own prodigal son, has made his mark on these new recordings and you can taste the fire that still burns in the collective heart of this most dedicated band. 

There was only one artist that Solitary wanted to create the imagery that adorns the cover of XXV and they were delighted when they managed to coax the legendary Koot out of retirement. Koot made his name in the ’90s creating instantly recognisable artwork for the likes of Saxon, Girlschool, Slammer, The Almighty, Freak Of Nature and The Exploitedbut had stepped away from his easel some years ago. Solitary are honoured to have been given the opportunity to add their name to his illustrious list of clients. The dramatic coat of arms that Koot has created for XXV is the perfect distillation of Solitary’s total dedication to the thrash cause; a powerful depiction of their unbreakable pledge of allegiance.

With appearances at Aggressive Music Fest and Bloodstock Open Air on the horizon and a new full length album being prepared for a 2020 release Solitary are stronger, harder, faster than ever. Stand beside them or fall by the wayside.

Rich Sherrington – Vocals & Guitar
Andy Mellor – Lead Guitars
Gaz Harrop – Bass
Roy Miller – Drums

Genre: Thrash Metal
For fans of: Testament | Slayer | Xentrix | Sacred Reich

“…finely honed weapon of thrash destruction.” – ZERO TOLERANCE MAGAZINE

Solitary celebrate 25 years of thrash with a new neck-breaking EP – XXV!


On July 21st, presented by Born Again Concerts and Total Rock under the banner A Symphonic Prog Storm, Pythia will perform a special headline show in the intimate environs of The Lexington, on London‘s Pentonville Road. The band will be joined by very special guests Scardust, who will be hot-footing it to the capital from their Ramblin’ Man festival performance the previous evening. Opening the event will be YouTube Hurdy-Gurdy star, singer songwriter Patty Gurdy

Speaking about this unique night of live music, Pythia’s guitarist Ross White said,
“We can’t wait for this show! Our first headline show since the release of our new album The Solace Of Ancient Earth! We have assembled a very cool lineup which should make for an amazing and memorable evening. Grab your tickets and we shall see you there!”

This remarkable show will be the first oppportunity for London metal fans to hear songs from Pythia’s critically acclaimed, most recent album of masterful, melodic metal, The Solace Of Ancient Earth, live on stage. Reviews for the album, released in May on Golden Axe Records, have been superb.

an absolute gem” 10/10  Independent Music Showcase
“a wonderful work of art”
 9/10  Rock Out Stand Out
“a symphonic metal gem”
 9/10  Ever Metal
“theatrical bombasity” 8.5/10 –
 Ave Noctum
“a huge talent”
 8/10  Metal Temple

For full details of of A Symphonic Prog Strom head to the Facebook event page:

Tickets are available now from Ticketweb:

For more information on Pythia click here
Visit Pythia on Facebook

Pythia at the Lexington this Sunday

Written By Braddon S Williams aka “The Concert Critic”

On this date in history, 7/12/2019, The Clyde Theatre in Ft. Wayne, IN hosted the triumphant return of Static-X!

When I first heard this tour was being promoted, I have to admit I was more than a little skeptical. Wayne Static passed away in 2014 and presumably took Static-X with him. He was the face and voice of the band, after all. Seeing is believing, and I have seen (and heard) what an incredible job the rest of the remaining members of the band have accomplished.

With the help of a mystery vocalist (announced as “Xero” by the band) who wore an amazing “Wayne” mask, and somehow channeled the very spirit of the late, beloved singer/guitarist, Static-X were suddenly back in all their glory.

This tour not only memorializes the man, but also celebrates the band’s classic debut, 1999’s electrifying Wisconsin Death Trip. Most of the songs in the crushing headlining set were drawn from the album that put Static-X on the map. Bled For Days, I Am, Love Dump, Trance Is The Motion, I’m With Stupid, an absolutely earth shaking Sweat Of The Bud, and the crushing final Push It all literally electrified the rabid audience.

At this point I have to give a bunch of praise to the Clyde Theatre. This was my first time at the venue, and the facility is wonderful. Absolutely state of the art lights and sound contributed to all 4 of the support bands, and made the triumphant return of Static-X a memory I will always treasure. Speaking of support bands; DevilDriver were billed as co-headliners, and Dez Fafara and company brought the fury, never dimming their considerable intensity for a single moment.

The band has undergone a number of personnel and musical changes since I last saw them in 2007’s Ozzfest, but I’m happy to report that the DevilDriver I know and love are still standing tall. They even slipped in a couple of Coal Chamber songs and had the crowd moshing and pumping the horns high and proud throughout.

Dope didn’t fare too well, citing technical difficulties and apologizing profusely. I felt for them, because their stage set up looked fantastic, and as a musician I have been at the mercy of equipment issues. Sometimes it’s just not your night. Hopefully I get a chance to see them again at the same place, but with better results.

Wednesday 13 delivered a delightfully creepy display of metallic shock rock, and aided by the superb lights and sound provided by the Clyde, they came across like confident headliners.

The opening band, Raven Black, show a lot of promise in the same shock rock field, and I have to say that most opening bands in a multiple band showcase don’t get nearly the generous treatment of sound and lights that Raven Black received.

Once again, The Clyde Theatre seems to be doing things the way they should be done. All in all, this was a historic occasion…blending the fierce love and fond memory of a fallen metal icon with the celebration of a different era in metal music. I was fortunate to see Static-X twice in the days when Wayne Static stood out from the pack with that outrageous hair and undeniable talent…and I am thrilled to say that Static-X is back and doing their legacy far beyond proud. Evil Disco is back!

On This Date in History

July 1st 1987 #NapalmDeath released the album “Scum” #YouSuffer #Control #Sacrificed #HumanGarbage #Grindcore

Did you know..:

The song “You Suffer” was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s shortest song; the track is precisely 1.316 seconds long.

July 1st 1996 #PsychoticWaltz released their final studio album “Bleeding” #Faded #Locust #MyGrave #Sleep #ProgressiveMetal

Did you know…

In 2004, Metal Blade Records reissued Bleeding in a box set also containing the band’s second album “Into the Everflow” and a bonus CD.

July 1st 1991 #Massacre released their debut album “From Beyond” #Biohazard #ChamberOfAges #Succubus #DeathMetal

Did you know..

The song “Corpsegrinder” was originally recorded by the band, Death, which all members of Massacre have been a part of in the past.

July 1st 1992 #Immortal released their debut album “Diabolical Fullmoon Mysticism” #TheCallOfTheWintermoon #BlackerThanDarkness #UnholyForcesOfEvil #BlackMetal

Did you know…

It is the only album to feature Armagedda on drums.

July 1st #Centinex released their debut album “Reborn Through Flames” #TheBeautyOfMalice #Molested #Resurrected #DeathMetal

Did you know…

The band did a cover of the Kreator song “Under the Guillotine” on this album.

July 1st 1990 #NapalmDeath released the album “Harmony Corruption” #MaliciousIntent #UnfitEarth #DeathMetal

Did you know…

It is their first album to feature Mark Greenway as the vocalist and Mitch Harris and Jesse Pintado as guitarists, and the last with Mick Harris on drums.

July 1st 1991 #CannibalCorpse released the album “Butchered at Birth” #Gutted #VomitTheSoul #CoveredWithSores #DeathMetal

Did you know….

Even though the album was banned, it was not given a censored re-release or new artwork.

July 2nd 1984 #Dio released the album “The Last In Line” #WeRock #TheLastInLine #Breathless #Mystery #EatYourHeartOut #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The album reached number 24 on the #Billboard chart.

It was the first Dio album to feature keyboardist Claude Schnell.

July 2nd 1993 #DeepPurple released the album “The Battle Rages On” #TimeToKill #LickItUp #Anya #TalkAboutLove #HardRock #ClassicMetal

Did you know…

It was their last album recorded with the classic Mk II line-up.

The album reached number 192 on the #Billboard chart.

July 2nd 1991 #AliceCooper released the album “Hey Stoopid” #LovesALoadedGun #Snakebite #FeedMyFrankenstein #LittleByLittle #HardRock

Did you know…

The album reached number 47 on the #Billboard chart.

July 2nd 1984 #CirithUngol released the album “King Of The Dead” #MasterOfThePit #BlackMachine #DeathOfTheSun #AtomSmasher #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The Cover of Michael Moorcock’s novel “Bane of the Black Sword” acts as the album’s cover.

July 2nd 1986 #Metallica released the single “Master Of Puppets” #ThrashMetal

Did you know…

The single was only released in France.

It was also sent out as a promo single from Elektra to radio stations in the U.S.A.

July 3rd 1990 #SuicidalTendencies released the album “Lights…Camera…Revolution!” #YouCantBringMeDown #Lovely #SendMeYourMoney #Alone #ThrashMetal

Did you know…

The album reached number 101 on the #Billboard chart.

July 3rd 2000 #InFlames released the album “Clayman” #PinballMap #BulletRide #Swim #SquareNothing #MelodicDeathMetal

Did you know….

The album’s cover art is based on Leonardo da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man drawing.

July 3rd 1996 #Cryptopsy released the album “None So Vile” #DeadAndDripping #CrownOfHorns #GravesOfTheFathers #BenedictineConvulsions #TechnicalDeathMetal

Did you know…

It was their first album to feature bassist Eric Langois.

July 3rd 2012 #IcarusWitch released the album “Rise” #TheEnd #Tragedy #SayWhen #NothingIsForever #InTheDark #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The band is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and formed in 2003 by bassist Jason Myers.

July 3rd 2009 #Suffocation released the album “Blood Oath” #DismalDream #ComeHellOrHighPriest #Undeserving #TechnicalDeathMetal

Did you know…

It was the band’s last album to feature original drummer Mike Smith in full.

The album debuted at number 135 on the #Billboard chart.

July 4th 1986 #FlotsamAndJetsam released their debut album “Doomsday For The Deceiver” #Metalshock #Hammerhead #IronTears #Desecrator #SheTookAnAxe #ThrashMetal

Did you know…

It was their only album with Jason Newsted before his departure for Metallica.

July 4th 1988 #DefLeppard released the single “Love Bites” #HardRock

Did you know…

It was the band’s only number 1 single on the #Billboard 💯 chart.

It also reached number 11 on the #OfficialCharts

July 5th 1988 #Slayer released the GREAT album “South Of Heaven” #GhostsOfWar #SpillTheBlood #ThrashMetal @TheDaveLombardo

Did you know…

The album reached number 57 on the #Billboard chart.

The band did a cover of the Judas Priest song “Dissident Aggressor” on this album.

July 5th 1984 #MetalChurch released their debut album “Metal Church” #BeyondTheBlack #GodsOfWrath #InTheBlood #Hitman #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The band did a cover of the Deep Purple song “Highway Star” on this album.

July 5th 1986 #Motorhead released the single “Deaf Forever” #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The song was featured in the soundtrack to the film, Urban Legend.

It reached number 67 on the #OfficialCharts

July 5th 1988 #Overkill released the album “Under The Influence” #HelloFromTheGutter #HeadFirst #NeverSayNever #Brainfade #ThrashMetal

Did you know…

This was Overkill’s first album to feature drummer Sid Falck.

The album reached number 142 on the #Billboard chart.

July 5th 1983 #SuicidalTendencies released their debut album “Suicidal Tendencies” #Institutionalized #Subliminal #Possessed #SuicidalFailure #CrossoverThrash

Did you know…

The re-recorded version of Institutionalized was nominated for the Grammy for Best Metal Performance in 1994.

‪July 5th 2019 #Abbath release NEW album “Outstrider” #LandOfKhem #HarvestPyre #TheArtifex #BlackMetal ‬

‪Did you know…‬

‪The album consists of eight original songs and a cover version of the BATHORY classic “Pace Till Death”.‬

July 6th 1986 #QuietRiot released the album”Quiet Riot III” #DownAndDirty #SlaveToLove #TheWildAndTheYoung #TwilightHotel #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

This was the first Quiet Riot album not to feature any cover songs.

The album reached number 31 on the #Billboard chart.

July 6th 1999 #Ratt released the album “Ratt” #OverTheEdge #Breakout #TugOfWar #AllTheWay #HardRock

Did you know…

This was their first studio album to feature bassist Robbie Crane.

July 7th 1984 #Helix released the GREAT album “Walkin’ The Razor’s Edge” #RockYou #WhenTheHammerFalls #GimmeGimmeGoodLovin #HardRock

Did you know..

The album reached number 69 on the #Billboard chart.

July 7th 1992 #DreamTheater released the album “Images And Words” #PullMeUnder #AnotherDay #TakeTheTime #Surrounded #ProgressiveMetal

Did you know…

It was their first album to feature James LaBrie on vocals.

The album reached number 61 on the #Billboard chart.

July 7th 1987 #FasterPussycat released their debut album “Faster Pussycat” #DontChangeThatSong #BathroomWall #Cathouse #SmashAlley #HardRock

Did you know…

The album reached number 97 on the #Billboard 200 chart.

July 7th 1998 #IcedEarth released the album “Something Wicked This Way Comes” #WatchingOverMe #BurningTimes #Consequences #ReapingStone #PowerMetal

Did you know…

It was the band’s first album to feature bassist James MacDonough and guitarist Larry Tarnowski.

July 7th 1986 #DavidLeeRoth released his debut album “Eat ‘Em And Smile” #YankeeRose #ThatsLife #TobaccoRoad #BigTrouble #HardRock

Did you know…

The album reached number 4 on the #Billboard chart.

July 7th 1987 #Toxik released their debut album “World Circus” #SocialOverload #HeartAttack #HauntedEarth #DoorToHell #SpeedMetal

Did you know…

The band was originally called Tokyo.

The re-release included a cover of the KISS song “Parasite”.

July 7th 1984 #Icon released their debut album “Icon” #OnYourFeet #KillerMachine #ItsUpToYou #UnderMyGun #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The band is from Phoenix, Arizona and formed in 1979.

July 7th 2008 #BlazeBayley released the album “The Man Who Would Not Die” #SmileBackAtDeath #Blackmailer #AtTheEndOfTheDay #Samurai #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The track “Robot” was released as the band’s first single.

July 7th 1995 #Sinister released the album “Hate” #UnseenDarkness #ArtOfTheDamned #TheBloodfeast #DeathMetal

Did you know…

The band is from Schiedam, the Netherlands, and formed in 1988.

July 7th 1998 #Crowbar released the album “Odd Fellows Rest” #NewManBorn #BehindTheBlackHorizon #PlanetsCollide #SludgeMetal

Did you know…

The re-released version contains a cover of the Iron Maiden song “Remember Tomorrow”.

July 7th 1989 #AliceCooper released the single “Poison” #HardRock

Did you know..

The single went to number 4 on the #Billboard hot 💯 singles chart.

“Poison” is one of Alice Cooper’s best known songs.

July 8th 2014 #JudasPriest released the album “Redeemer Of Souls” #MarchOfTheDamned #Dragonaut #DownInFlames #ColdBlooded #HallsOfValhalla #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The album reached number 6 on the #Billboard chart.

July 8th 1994 #Helloween released the album “Masters Of The Ring” #WhereTheRainGrows #SoleSurvivor #StillWeGo #TheGameIsOn #PowerMetal

Did you know…

It was their first album to feature Andi Deris and Uli Kusch.

The album reached number 23 on the German chart.

July 8th 1991 #Anthrax released the single “Bring The Noise” #RapMetal

Did you know…

The song was ranked number 12 on #VH1’s 2006 list of the 40 Greatest Metal Songs.

It is also featured in the video games Die Hard Trilogy and #WWE Wrestlemania 21.

July 9th 1988 #DeathAngel released the album “Frolic Through The Park” #WhyYouDoThis #RoadMutants #OpenUp #Confused #ThrashMetal

Did you know…

The song “Bored” was used in a scene in the 1990 movie Leatherface: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

July 9th 1946 #BonScott Legendary former singer with #ACDC was born!! #HardRock #ClassicRock

Did you know…

In the July 2004 issue of #ClassicRockMag , Scott was rated as number one in a list of the “100 Greatest Frontmen of All Time”.

July 9th 1965 #FrankBello bassist with #Anthrax was born!!! #HappyBirthday #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

Bello was originally a roadie and guitar technician for Anthrax, but later replaced Dan Lilker soon after the release of the band’s 1984 debut album Fistful of Metal.

July 9th 1991 #KIX released the album “Hot Wire” #GirlMoney #TearDownTheWalls #SameJane #ColdChills #HardRock

Did you know…

The album peaked at number 64 on the #Billboard chart.

July 10th 1942 Legendary singer #RonnieJamesDio was born!!! #RIP #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The main stage of Bloodstock Open Air is named after him in tribute after Heaven & Hell pulled out upon his death.

July 10th 2015 #CradleOfFilth released the album “Hammer Of The Witches” #EnshrinedInCrematoria #TheVampyreAtMySide #ExtremeMetal

Did you know…

The album features new guitarists Marek ‘Ashok’ Šmerda and Richard Shaw and new keyboardist and female vocalist Lindsay Schoolcraft.

July 10th 2001 #Kamelot released the album “Karma” #Forever #TemplesOfGold #TheSpell #WingsOfDespair #PowerMetal

Did you know…

The album peaked at number 85 on the German Albums Chart.

July 10th 2001 #Avantasia released their debut album “The Metal Opera” #TheGloryOfRome #BreakingAway #TheTower #SignOfTheCross #SymphonicPowerMetal

Did you know…

The album is followed by the sequel The Metal Opera Part II.

July 11th 1981 #DefLeppard released the album “High ‘N’ Dry” #BringinOnTheHeartbreak #LetItGo #LadyStrange #OnThroughTheNight #HardRock

Did you know…

High ‘n’ Dry was Pete Willis’ last full-time album with Def Leppard.

The album reached number 38 on the #Billboard chart.

July 11th 1995 #Motorhead released the album “Sacrifice” #WarForWar #AllGoneToHell #OverYourShoulder #InAnotherTime #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The title track was used in the movie Tromeo and Juliet, a film in which Lemmy appears.

July 11th 2000 #MotleyCrue released the album “New Tattoo” #HellOnHighHeels #NewTattoo #Fake #HollywoodEnding #DragstripSuperstar #HardRock

Did you know…

This is the only album by the band not to feature drummer Tommy Lee.

The album peaked at number 41 on the #Billboard chart.

July 11th 2014 #GraveDigger released the album “Return Of The Reaper” #HellFuneral #RoadRageKiller #NothingToBelieve #HeavyMetal @ironfinger

Did you know…

This was their final album to feature H.P. Katzenburg on keyboards.

July 11th 2006 #CattleDecapitation released the album “Karma.Bloody.Karma” #TheCarcassDerrick #Bereavement #AloneAtTheLandfill #Deathgrind

Did you know…

It was their ast album to feature drummer Michael Laughlin.

July 12th 1994 #Amorphis released the album “Tales From The Thousand Lakes” #BlackWinterDay #FirstDoom #MagicAndMayhem #TheCastaway #MelodicDeathMetal

Did you know…

The album was an influential release in the development of the melodic death metal and folk metal genres.

July 12th 1996 #Mortician released their debut album “Hacked Up for Barbecue” #FogOfDeath #Annihilation #Cremated #DeathMetal

Did you know…

The album has gone out of print, and has since been reissued as a two-on-one package with the band’s Zombie Apocalypse EP.

July 12th 1996 #DeedsOfFlesh released their debut album “Trading Pieces” #CarnivorousWays #AcidTroops #BrutalDeathMetal

Did you know…

They founded their own label, Unique Leader Records, which has since become home to a number of other death metal bands from around the world.

July 12th 2005 #TheBlackDahliaMurder released the album “Miasma” #AVulgarPicture #StatutoryApe #NoveltyCrosses #SpiteSuicide #MelodicDeathMetal

Did you know…

The album reached number 118 on the #Billboard chart.

It was their last with bassist David Lock.

July 12th 2005 #Obituary released the album “Frozen In Time” #Insane #OnTheFloor #StandAlone #SlowDeath #Blindsided #DeathMetal

Did you know…

It was their last album to feature guitarist Allen West.

July 12th 2011 #Decapitated released the album “Carnival Is Forever” #United #TheKnife #Pest #AViewFromAHole #TechnicalDeathMetal

Did you know…

It’s their first album to feature vocalist Rafał “Rasta” Piotrowski.

July 12th 1994 #AliceCooper released the album “The Last Temptation” #LostInAmerica #BadPlaceAlone #StolenPrayer #ItsMe #HardRock

Did you know…

Chris Cornell wrote the lyrics for “Stolen Prayer” and “Unholy War”.

July 12th 1986 #Destruction released the album “Eternal Devastation” #CurseTheGods #LifeWithoutSense #UnitedByHatred #ThrashMetal

Did you know…

The band was known as “Knight of Demon” from 1982 to 1984.

July 12th 1984 1985 #HallowsEve released their debut album “Tales Of Terror” #MetalMerchants #TheMansion #OuterLimits #PlungingToMegadeath #ThrashMetal

Did you know…

The band was from Atlanta, GA, and formed in 1983.

July 12th 2006 #Riot released the album “Army Of One” #Blinded #Shine #TheMystic #AliveInTheCity #ItAllFallsDown #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

It was the last Riot album to feature long time bassist Pete Perez.

July 12th 1989 #PrettyBoyFloyd released their debut album “Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz” #ToastOfTheTown #WildAngels #TheLastKiss #RockAndRollOutlaws #GlamMetal

Did you know…

The album reached number 130 on the #Billboard chart.

July 12th 1988 #JetBoy released their debut album “Feel The Shake” #Snakebite #FireInMyHeart #HardClimb #LockedInACage #BadDisease #GlamMetal

Did you know…

The album peaked at 135 on #Billboard 200 chart.

July 12th 1967 #JohnPetrucci guitarist with #DreamTheater was born!! #HappyBirthday #ProgressiveMetal

Did you know…

In 2012, Petrucci was ranked the 17th greatest guitarist of all time by a #GuitarWorld magazine reader’s poll.

July 12th 1950 #EricCarr “The Fox” former drummer with #KISS was born. #RIP #KissArmy

Did you know…

On March 21, 2011, a book that explored Carr’s entire life and musical career was released, titled The Eric Carr Story.

July 13th 1984 #GrimReaper released their debut album “See You In Hell” #RunForYourLife #Liar #TheShowMustGoOn #DeadOnArrival #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The album reached number 73 on the #Billboard chart.

July 13th 2010 #HELLYEAH released the album “Stampede” #TheDebtThatAllMenPay #BetterMan #HellOfATime #StandOrWalkAway #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The album debuted at number 8 on the #Billboard 200 chart.

It was their first album to feature bassist Bob Zilla.

July 13th 2004 #Dokken released the album “Hell To Pay” #Escape #Haunted #TheLastGoodbye #CareForYou #HardRock

Did you know..

It was their first studio album to feature lead guitarist Jon Levin.

July 13th, 2004: #Metallica released the single “Some Kind Of Monster” #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The song won “Best Metal Performance” at the 46th Grammy Awards & was also nominated for “Best Rock Video” at the 2003 MTV Video Music Awards!

July 14th 1992 #Megadeth released the GREAT album “Countdown To Extinction” #ForeclosureOfADream #SweatingBullets #SymphonyOfDestruction #CaptiveHonour #HeavyMetal

Did you know…

The album reached number 2 on the #Billboard chart.

July 14th 1992 #ParadiseLost released the album “Shades of God” #DaylightTorn #PityTheSadness #TheWordMadeFlesh #GothicMetal

Did you know…

The band did a cover of the Atomic Rooster song “Death Walks Behind You” for the Japanese edition.

July 14th 1998 #Angra released the album “Fireworks” #Paradise #WingsOfReality #MetalIcarus #ExtremeDream #PowerMetal

Did you know…

It was their last album to feature Andre Matos on vocals and Luís Mariutti on bass.

The Week in Rock & Metal

Written By Braddon S. Williams aka “The Concert Critic”

On this date in history, 7/11/2019, I saw Alice Cooper for the 10th time. The show took place at the prestigious Honeywell Center in Wabash, IN.

It is challenging to do these reviews after seeing some of my favorite artists so many times. Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, and Slayer are all similar situations. On the one hand, I keep going back because these artists are ingrained in my musical consciousness and I have absolute passion for everything they do and all they stand for. A simpler reason is that they continue to play incredible shows.

Alice Cooper hit the stage with a brand new set (a haunted castle…quite amazing to behold) and dug deep into his treasure chest of songs and pulled out some gems I had never heard him perform before. The song My Stars from 1972’s School’s Out album was terrific, as was the title track from 1973’s Muscle Of Love. Not only did these songs bring some new energy to the show, they provided some exciting riffs for Alice’s all-star band to add their magical touches to.

Another deep cut that got a particularly hard rocking makeover was Roses On White Lace from 1987’s Raise Your Fist And Yell, providing a fast metallic riff for the shredding of Nita Strauss, one third of Alice’s assassination squad of lead guitar aces. Each of these three got plenty of space to shine, and each have their own distinctive style that suits different facets of Cooper’s career.

During one early song, Cooper displayed some tasty blues harmonica, accompanied by Wabash native Tommy Henriksen, who played some back and forth lead guitar with the bosses harp licks.

Ryan Roxie, the longest tenured of the trio, played lots of melodic and soaring lead lines from some of the most classic songs.

Once again, drummer Glen Sobel delivered an absolutely jaw dropping drum solo on the capacity crowd, accompanied by bass playing muscle man, Chuck Garric (who has been a mainstay since 2002).

As admittedly superb as the musicians are (and they are the top of the line, each and every one), no Cooper show is based solely on music, and this was no exception. The theatrics were all in place, from the giant Frankenstein monster who made a brief appearance during the opening Feed My Frankenstein, and a full rampage later on Teenage Frankenstein, to a truly spectacular larger than life evil baby (looking a bit like the Stay Puffed Marshmallow Man with Alice Cooper makeup!). This baby took place in the onstage “execution” of Alice by guillotine. Although the guillotine had a malfunction, the old gag still provides a great bit of suspense and entertainment. Alice did his straitjacket appearance while singing Steven from the magnificent Welcome To My Nightmare album (1975), and segued into Dead Babies from Killer (1971).

Cooper’s wife Sheryl played the part of the evil nurse with sadistic glee. So, this was the 10th time for me, but I’m not done yet! Going back for more in November, when Alice brings the show back to the Murat Theatre at The Old National Centre…to be continued!

On This Date in History

If you’ve been missing the heavier side of Opeth‘s music (sans the growls) from albums like Pale Communion and Heritage, then you’re absolutely going to love the band’s new song “Heart In Hand”. Sure, the song takes tons of progressive cues from the band’s more recent output, but there’s tons of sinister, twisting riffs in there that haven’t shown up in quite some time now. Also, yes – this is the song you heard part of in Opeth’s recent tour trailer.

In Cauda Venenum is out September 27, and will be released in both Swedish and English language versions. Pre-order all of ’em here.

Here are the Opeth’s upcoming tour dates.

12.07. PL Warsaw – Prog In Park
06.07. TK Istanbul, Rock Off Fest
27.07. RO Sibiu – ArtMania Festival
02.08. D Wacken – Wacken Open Air
03.08. S Öland – Borgholm Brinner
09.08. B Kortrijk – Alcatraz Metal Festival
11.08. NL Leeuwarden – Into the Grave
18.08. USA Las Vegas, NV – Psycho Las Vegas

02.11. UK Leeds – Damnation Festival

27.10. UK Norwich – UEA
29.10. UK London – Palladium
31.10. UK Glasgow – SWG3
01.11. IRL Dublin – Olympia Theatre
02.11. UK Leeds – Damnation Festival
03.11. UK Bristol – O2 Academy
06.11. B Brussels – Ancienne Belgique
08.11. D Munich – Backstage (Werk)
09.11. I Milan – Alcatraz
10.11. CH Zurich – Volkshaus
11.11. F Paris – L‘Olympia
13.11. D Cologne – E-Werk
14.11. D Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
15.11. D Nuremberg – Meistersingerhalle
16.11. D Berlin – Huxleys Neue Welt
17.11. DK Copenhagen – Det Kgl. Teater SOLD OUT

10.12. AUS Adelaide – Thebarton Theatre
11.12. AUS Perth – Astor Theatre
13.12. AUS Melbourne – Palais Theatre
14.12. AUS Sydney – State Theatre
15.12. AUS Brisbane – The Tivoli

OPETH’s New Song “Heart In Hand” Brings Out Heavier Sound