Neverworld – Midnights Abyss – OUT NOW

Neverworld Release Limited CD Single; ‘Midnights Abyss’

Metallers Neverworld return their symphonic-tinged brand of heavy metal to the forefront of the UK underground with their new limited single release ‘Midnight Abyss’. 

Following a brief period of rejuvenation, the band have resurged with a new line-up and new music – ‘Midnight Abyss’ is the band’s first formal release featuring vocalist Frankie Arnold and guitarist Jonny Lang.

As ever, production of both the recorded music and accompanying video has been handled by the band via their imprint Dreamdemon Recordings; affording Neverworld the control to make their creative vision an exact reality.

‘Midnights Abyss’ will be released as a limited edition CD, featuring stunning three-panel artwork feature by story artist Andy Foster alongside several exclusive bonus tracks. ‘My Monster And I’ is an original track exclusive to the release, themed around the story of Jeckyll & Hyde. Meanwhile, opener ‘The Other Side Of Midnight’ serves as the first single from the band’s as-yet-untitled third album, set for release in Spring 2022 – ‘Call To The Fallen (Acoustic)’ and ‘Into The Abyss (Orchestral Edit)’ offer glimpses into the LP with alternate versions of upcoming tracks.

The ‘Midnights Abyss’ limited single releases 22nd November 2021 – you can order the exclusive physical CD at the band’s official store:

Midnights Abyss Track Listing

1. The Other Side Of Midnight

2. My Monster And I

3. Call To The Fallen (Acoustic)

4. Into The Abyss (Orchestral Edit)

Find Neverworld here:

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