Opeth’s next album is called In Cauda Venenum and today they released a 30 second video of their up-coming European tour and score, theres 39 seconds of new music to hear!

Here are the Opeth tour dates by the way. Hopefully get to hear a new song soon.

12.07. PL Warsaw – Prog In Park
06.07. TK Istanbul, Rock Off Fest
27.07. RO Sibiu – ArtMania Festival
02.08. D Wacken – Wacken Open Air
03.08. S Öland – Borgholm Brinner
09.08. B Kortrijk – Alcatraz Metal Festival
11.08. NL Leeuwarden – Into the Grave
18.08. USA Las Vegas, NV – Psycho Las Vegas

02.11. UK Leeds – Damnation Festival

27.10. UK Norwich – UEA
29.10. UK London – Palladium
31.10. UK Glasgow – SWG3
01.11. IRL Dublin – Olympia Theatre
02.11. UK Leeds – Damnation Festival
03.11. UK Bristol – O2 Academy
06.11. B Brussels – Ancienne Belgique
08.11. D Munich – Backstage (Werk)
09.11. I Milan – Alcatraz
10.11. CH Zurich – Volkshaus
11.11. F Paris – L‘Olympia
13.11. D Cologne – E-Werk
14.11. D Wiesbaden – Schlachthof
15.11. D Nuremberg – Meistersingerhalle
16.11. D Berlin – Huxleys Neue Welt
17.11. DK Copenhagen – Det Kgl. Teater SOLD OUT

10.12. AUS Adelaide – Thebarton Theatre
11.12. AUS Perth – Astor Theatre
13.12. AUS Melbourne – Palais Theatre
14.12. AUS Sydney – State Theatre
15.12. AUS Brisbane – The Tivoli

Opeth Tease A 30 Second Snippet Off Their New Album

Consecration reveal live shows, exclusive bundles for new album Fragilium and news of a full album premiere with label, Solitude Productions

Consecration have announced two UK shows with their friends in Godthrymm – one in London and one in Nottingham

July 27th – The Unicorn, Camden, London – w/Godthrymm and Elder Seer
Full details

August 31st  Metal In The Foundry – The Tap ‘N’ Tumbler, Nottingham – w/Battalions, Godthrymm, Sin Theta, Sour Tusk and At Dawn We Attack
Full details

Meanwhile the band have unveiled a range of exclusive album and merch bundles at their bandcamp shop:
The ‘Loss‘ bundle, including Fragilium CD and T-shirt
The ‘Grief‘ bundle, including Fragilium CD and T-shirt, logo patch and Purity Through Pain guitar plectrum
The limited edition ‘Despair‘ mega-bundle, including Fragilium CD and T-shirt, logo patch and Purity Through Pain guitar plectrum, artwork sticker, artwork cards, signed band photo and a download code for the band’s digital compilation, Remembrance.
*the artwork stickers, cards and signed band phots are available exclusively with the ‘Despair’ mega-bundle and will not be sold seperately*

For more information on Consecration click here
Visit Consecration on Facebook
Visit the Consecration Bandcamp store

Consecration reveal live shows

Listen to the brand new song You’ll Never Find Me, taken from Korn’s 13th album The Nothing

Korn’s new album ” The Nothing” is due out on September 13 via Roadrunner/Elektra. It is the follow up to 2016’s The Serenity Of Suffering and is available to pre-order now.

The nu metal band have also released a brand new single, You’ll Never Fine Me.

Singer Jonathan Davis says of the album: “Deep, within our Earth lives an extraordinary force. Very few are aware of the magnitude and significance of this place where good/evil, dark/light, bliss/torment, loss/gain and hope/despair all exist as one – pulling at us every moment of our lives.

“It’s not something we can choose to navigate, but rather an awareness of this ‘presence’ that surrounds us with every breath, as if we are being watched at every moment.

“It’s the place where black and white energies attach themselves to our souls, and shape our emotion, choices, perspective and ultimately our very existence. There is a miraculous and small realm within this vortex and it’s the only place where balance between these dynamic and polarising forces exists – where the soul finds its refuge. Welcome to… The Nothing.”

As well as You’ll Never Find Me, The Nothing also features the tracks Cold, The Darkness Is Revealing and Idiosyncrasy.

Korn – The Nothing full tracklisting

1. The End Begins 
2. Cold
3. You’ll Never Find Me
4. The Darkness is Revealing
5. Idiosyncrasy
6. The Seduction Of Indulgence 
7. Finally Free
8. Can You Hear Me
9. The Ringmaster
10. Gravity Of Discomfort
11. H@rd3r
12. This Loss
13. Surrender To Failure 

Korn Announce New Album And Release New Single


If you walk into the fenlands at sunset, leaving the last house at your back, you will follow a road that slowly dwindles to a footpath as the sky darkens and the shadows lengthen. With a cutting wind always in your face, bringing tears to your eyes, you’ll reach a place where the path finally peters out to nothing. There is no light but the stars and the horizon is as empty and distant as it was many cold miles ago. The only discernible features of this desolate landscape are the gnarled, stunted, wind sculpted trees that skulk like warped spiders, poised to attack when you turn your back. It’s a place with no name but loneliness, where all the sorrows in the world gather to cry their laments to the endless sky; and the sound of their song is the sound of Consecration…

Blending the decaying grandeur of epic doom, with the visceral power of primal death and the taste of memories so sharply poignant they draw blood and tears in equal measure, Consecration have summoned into being Fragilium – a towering album that stands like a pitch black monolith against the night sky, casting shadows so deep they swallow the darkness. The currents of aching melancholy that sweep through these songs are so deeply powerful that they threaten to consume the unwary listener. The guitar melodies sing like sirens to the lost while the obsidian riffs devastate all that stand in the path of their inexorable, measured progress. Mastered to perfection by Markus Stock of The Vision Bleakand Empyrium, whose deft touch has polished the twilight sounds of Ahab, Winterfylleth and Secrets Of The Moon, Fragilium walks paths of unprecedented musical and emotional depth. 

Respected guardians of doom, Solitude Productions, whose hallowed halls also provide shelter to the brooding mourners of HellLight, Ea and Doomed, will draw back the veil and reveal this masterpiece of misery on June 28th, bringing black clouds to the summer skies. While debut album Ephemerality and recent gargantuan compilation Remembrance offered glimpses of the potent power of Consecration, nothing could adequately prepare you for the soul crushing magic of Fragilium…the path to loneliness will soon be revealed to all who would walk its solitary way into the darkness…

Daniel Bollans – Vocals 
Shane Amies – Bass
Liam Houseago – Lead, Rhythm and Acoustic Guitars
Jorge Figueiredo- Drums and Percussion
Additional guitars by Jordan Grant

Genre: Doom/Death Metal
For fans of: My Dying Bride | Novembers Doom | Evoken | My Silent Wake

Further Information: https://www.facebook.com/Consecration666 | https://solitude-prod.com/?sl=en

“…slow, powerful, bleak, desolate…” – METAL TEMPLE

Consecration sign to Solitude Productions and unveil their new doom/death masterpiece, Fragilium

Civilisation lies in ruins; everything our desperately vain species has valued and striven for is in flames. The streets seethe with the monsters we have become and only one thought, beautiful in its simplicity, occupies those once busy, troubled minds – kill. Kill endlessly, kill ruthlessly, kill savagely until there is nothing left to kill. All those centuries of evolution only to topple from our lofty thrones in total and utter regression…stripped of pride and pretence mankind has only one core desire, to destroy utterly and completely. Our destiny is madness, bloodlust and death.

With their new EP, The Deep End Of Horror, Putrified J bring you the perfect soundtrack to our ultimate demise. These songs encapsulate that pure, undisguised lust for violence. Never has a release been more aptly named…there is no dipping your toe tentatively into the bloody water here, just immediate immersion in the deep end of horror! The title track drags you beneath the surface with a spoken promise of ‘absolute destruction’ and then ‘Sickening Decapitation’ sucks you into a maelstrom of murderousness. One gasp of air and then ‘Relentless’ attacks – surely one of the most intensely brutal tracks you will ever experience. There is no respite from the assault as The Deep End Of Horror progresses, no hidden, deeper meaning, no moments of tranquil reflection – nothing but death. 

Originally created by Jason Lambert in 2009 and still steered by his hand to this day, Putrified J has used up and consumed plenty of collaborators on its decade-long, gruesome journey. However, with Death Blood Destroyer guitarist Hervé Dieudonné joining the crusade of carnage Putrified J have perfected their repugnant chemistry. This band have never sounded more dangerously depraved, never come closer to defining the essence of brutality and celebrate their 10th anniversary with their finest release to date. 

When Comatose Music unleash this beast be warned, this is for die-hard death maniacs only. This is the sound of the end of the world. 

Jason Lambert – Vocals, Drum Programming
Hervé Dieudonné – Guitars

Genre: Brutal Death Metal
For fans of: Devourment | Guttural Secrete | Brain Drill | Terrordrome

Further Information: https://www.facebook.com/PutrifiedJ | https://www.comatosemusic.com/

“…perfect blend of sickness!” – BUSUK WEBZINE 

Putrified J – The Deep End Of Horror

BIG NEWS! Opeth are pleased to present you with the title and tracklisting for their awaited 13th observation!

“In Cauda Venenum”, is due out this fall on Moderbolaget Records / Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

Recorded last year at Stockholm’s Park Studios, In Cauda Venenum will be released in two versions, in both Swedish and English languages. Various physical and digital formats will be available and additional details will be announced in the coming months.

In anticipation of the impending release, OPETH will be performing shows around the world through the end of the year. Dates are and ticketing info can be found here: http://www.opeth.com/tour-dates or on the “Dates, Tickets’ tab on this Facebook page. Additional touring will be announced soon.

In Cauda Venenum Tracklisting:

1. Livet’s Trädgård / Garden Of Earthly Delights (Intro)

2. Svekets Prins / Dignity

3. Hjärtat Vet Vad Handen Gör / Heart In Hand

4. De Närmast Sörjande / Next Of Kin

5. Minnets Yta / Lovelorn Crime

6. Charlatan

7. Ingen Sanning Är Allas / Universal Truth

8. Banemannen / The Garroter

9. Kontinuerlig Drift / Continuum

10. Allting Tar Slut / All Things Will Pass

The artwork was once more created by the very delicate hands of Seempieces – The Art of Travis Smith

Opeth Working On new Album & New Tour Dates