Launching Underground Kvlt Records, the new subsidiary of renowned black metal label, Odium Records, are Likheim– a chilling distillation of the essence of harsh, atmospheric Norwegian black metal – with their debut EP, Alt Skal Svinne Hen…, meaning ‘all shall disappear’. With Underground Kvlt being created to help unearth the dark treasures of the black metal underground, there couldn’t be a more fitting first release than Alt Skal Svinne Hen… with its ice storm of unrelenting riffs and enthralling atmosphere of isolation and solitude.

Originally formed by vocalist Gretn, who still shapes the band’s vision to this day, Likheim summon the mesmerising intensity of black metal’s frozen heart. Assisted by guitarist Umarlak(Eradication) and bassist Gamle Erik(Carpathian ForestSvarttjern) Gretn has brought his dreams to life and made Alt Skal Svinne Hen… a formidable, elemental force of nature’s cruellest aspects. The experience begins with the sky-borne charge of the title track, rampaging through portentous storm clouds, on into the raw wickedness of ‘Smerte’ and the cold embrace of ‘Taakens Kall’ before the overwhelming magnificence of ‘Stormen’ provides the perfect climactic conclusion. Equal parts harsh, skin-flaying ferocity and haunting, all encompassing atmosphere Alt Skal Svinne Hen… is a staggering start for both band and label.

Underground Kvlt will unleash the tempest of Alt Skal Svinne Hen… on May 30th, bringing a new and endless winter to the world. Likheim will thunder across the frozen landscape, a bone-shattering howl of triumph and vengeance echoing in their wake. And already they plot to plunge the world into even deeper darkness, as a full length album and new label are stirring in the shadows. There is no end in sight…

Hear the title track of Alt Skal Svinne Hen… now at the Odium Records YouTube channel…

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Likheim unleash their debut EP of fierce, atmospheric Norwegian black metal – Alt Skal Svinne Hen… – through Underground Kvlt Records

The release of the demonic split release from Black Altar and Vulture Lord gets ever closer, but before the appointed hour on February 15th Vulture Lord have revealed another track from Deathiah Manifesto. ‘Hark! The Hymns Of War‘ is a serrated blade of pure darkness and evil that will tear through the ranks of the light, a cavalcade of poisonous riffs and sinister intent. Today you can experience this bestial battle cry at the Odium Records YouTube channel. Expect no mercy if you enter the field of conflict!

Swathed in the magnificent artwork of Jengiot Hitam (AbigailImpietyBattle Dagorath etc), Deathiah Manifesto will be unleashed on February 15th by Odium Records, on eleven panel, inverted cross digi-pack,black vinyl and limited die hard editions. One of Vulture Lord’s contributions to this momentous work features the original vocal tracks laid down by original band member Trondr Nefas, who returned to the shadows in 2012.

Be prepared for the black storm!

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Vulture Lord unleash savage new song from their Deathiah Manifesto split with Black Altar – ‘Hark! The Hymns Of War’