Neverworld – Midnights Abyss – OUT NOW

Neverworld Release Limited CD Single; ‘Midnights Abyss’

Metallers Neverworld return their symphonic-tinged brand of heavy metal to the forefront of the UK underground with their new limited single release ‘Midnight Abyss’. 

Following a brief period of rejuvenation, the band have resurged with a new line-up and new music – ‘Midnight Abyss’ is the band’s first formal release featuring vocalist Frankie Arnold and guitarist Jonny Lang.

As ever, production of both the recorded music and accompanying video has been handled by the band via their imprint Dreamdemon Recordings; affording Neverworld the control to make their creative vision an exact reality.

‘Midnights Abyss’ will be released as a limited edition CD, featuring stunning three-panel artwork feature by story artist Andy Foster alongside several exclusive bonus tracks. ‘My Monster And I’ is an original track exclusive to the release, themed around the story of Jeckyll & Hyde. Meanwhile, opener ‘The Other Side Of Midnight’ serves as the first single from the band’s as-yet-untitled third album, set for release in Spring 2022 – ‘Call To The Fallen (Acoustic)’ and ‘Into The Abyss (Orchestral Edit)’ offer glimpses into the LP with alternate versions of upcoming tracks.

The ‘Midnights Abyss’ limited single releases 22nd November 2021 – you can order the exclusive physical CD at the band’s official store:

Midnights Abyss Track Listing

1. The Other Side Of Midnight

2. My Monster And I

3. Call To The Fallen (Acoustic)

4. Into The Abyss (Orchestral Edit)

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Helgrind – Insurrection OUT NOW!

Thrash legends Helgrind return with their fifth LP, ‘Insurrection’

Celebrating their 20th year of mayhem, thrash legends Helgrind unleash their fifth LP, ‘Insurrection’ – a testament to their iron will.

The nine-track album represents a perfect mix of all the band’s influences – with diverse melodic undertows and an aggressive vocal sound, the record carries the ethos of the band to higher statures; charging Helgrind with the determination and brutality that stems from its very roots.

‘Insurrection’ sees the first writing collaboration between [vocalist, bassist] Paula Nelson and [guitarist] Si Ellis – with 2008’s ‘Religious Persecution’ as a starting point; the new foundation and chemistry between the two saw fresh ideas coming thick and fast, catalyzing a rebirth and reinvigoration of the signature Helgrind sound.
“Insurrection feels like a re-visit to the Religious Persecution style for the band but more mature in the composition of the tracks” explains Nelson.
“We set our stall out with those previous releases and needed to come back with something that reflects the band’s attitude and the ferociousness of our live show. Insurrection isn’t just about fast music and aggression, we have added thought out parts and harmonies – and for the old school fans we added Helgrind, the live set finisher.”

The album serves as a demonstration of the band member’s production expertise, with recording of guitars, bass and vocals as well as mixing and mastering of the album occuring at the band’s own home facilities. Drums were recorded in Portugal by Arlindo Cardoso.

The ‘Insurrection’ album artwork was created by Indonesian artist Five Miligrams (illustrator for Possessed, Shadows Fall, Napalm Death), who brought Paula Nelson’s concept to life – a demon sitting in the mercy seat, being worshipped by fallen angels; with disciples impaled on spikes and Christ burning on an inverted cross.
“You will face this Insurrection” rolled off the tongue once the artwork was created, and the album title was born.

‘Insurrection’ (which features singles ‘Massacre The Suffering’ and ‘Bitter End’) is for fans of Kreator, Overkill, Sepultura, Exodus, Sodom and Death – out October 22nd via Metal Rocka Recordings, Cargo Records and One Eyed Toad Records.

Vesicarum – Through The Darkest Days – Lyric Video OUT NOW

Kent, UK’s Vesicarum deliver their latest single, ‘Through The Darkest Days’; taken from their debut album ‘Place Of Anarchy’.

With this track the band have opted to deviate from their signature death metal style, making use of strings, clean guitars and sung vocals.

“When [guitarist] Martin [Shipton] showed me the song I knew I had to do clean vocals,” states vocalist Glynn Neve. “Then I decided a scream would sound better over the chorus.”

In line with the rest of the album; ‘Through The Darkest Days’ deals with deeply personal subject matter. Neve comments:
“Being a single parent wasn’t always joyful, it was the hardest and some of the most lonely and depressing times of my life. Nonetheless it was worth all the struggles in the end and I wouldn’t change a thing, as I got to watch my children grow up.”

‘Through The Darkest Days’ is taken from Vesicarum’s debut full length album; ‘Place Of Anarchy’ – out now via One Eyed Toad Records.

1. Rightfully Mine (feat. Richard Kane)
2. My Inner Ghost
3. The Pain I Feel (feat. Joe Lyndon)
4. Place Of Anarchy
5. Mental Stupidity
6. Sense Of Shame
7. Great Decay (feat. James Dawson)
8. Through The Darkest Days
9. Am I To Blame (feat. Demonstealer)

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One Eyed Toad Presents: Apollo Stands – Shitty Zombies

Apollo Stands Premiere Video For New Track ‘Shitty Zombies’

Norwich, UK’s Apollo Stands demonstrate their unique brand of metalcore on politically-charged new track ‘Shitty Zombies’.

‘The song is not about the much loved George A. Romero’s brain-eating, living dead zombies,’ states vocalist Ry Haze. ‘No, it’s about the brain dead hoard that ‘run’ the world. They feast on the poor and vulnerable, they attack the ones who stand against them and they cast out the ones who could bring them down.’ 

‘This isn’t a song about infecting a person, this is a song about infecting a nation.’

Shitty Zombies was recorded in the band’s own custom studio and was mixed and mastered by producer Tom Joy – you can check out the video below.

Apollo Stands represent a fresh take on heavy music, combining metalcore stylings and old-school heavy metal influences with touches of modern drum and bass, 90s synthesizers and epic, orchestral styles.
Hailing from Norwich, UK, the band’s formation in 2016 was swiftly followed by the release of debut full-length ‘Join Us’ – earning them a second place at the E.A.M.T Awards and a nomination for Album Of The Year by Dr John’s Rock Surgery.
Following years saw a slew of high profile support and festival slots; including performances as main support to Megalomatic, Setraline, Eveline’s Dust and Fingers Crossed; and appearances at Rockstock Festival, Trick Bag Festival, Volume 19 Festival and Thrashersaurus Festival – topped off by a sellout show at The Waterfront, Norwich and second place at the local Bloodstock Metal 2 The Masses tournament.
2020 sees the release of Apollo Stand’s EP, Minds – featuring lead single, Psyparadar.

Apollo Stands are:
Ry Hase – Lead Vocals
Alexei Swatman – Guitar/Vocals Olly Smith – Lead Guitar
Matt Hayward – Bass
Edgar Taljaard – Drums

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