Written By Braddon S. Williams

Peter Frampton: Frampton Comes Alive!

I have a confession to make…I wasn’t always a fan of Peter Frampton.

When Frampton Comes Alive! was released in 1976, it became one of the best selling albums in history and was literally unavoidable for the longest time.

I hated it! But as time went on and my musical palette gained seasoning (and sense), I became more tolerant, eventually seeing Mr. Frampton in concert and realizing the error of my ways.

I also watched an appearance of the British singer/guitarist on Soundstage and totally became a fan of his entire persona.

He made fun of himself in regards to losing his once impressive mane of golden hair that had endeared him to so many women. Even without the hair, Peter Frampton comes across as a charming and likeable guy (one who can certainly play some amazing guitar).

I found myself discovering how great his songwriting was, too. Frampton Comes Alive! was packed with great tunes, the obvious hits and the deeper cuts as well.

I am proud to admit I was wrong and glad Peter Frampton could “Show Me The Way!”


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