Written By Braddon S. Williams


AC/DC was at their best in the Bon Scott era. I’m not open for debate on this, and no disrespect to Brian Johnson, because I love his work with the band quite deeply.

But let’s face it, Bon was put on this planet to sing hard partying rock ‘n’ roll, and Powerage(1978) contains some of his best stuff.

Sin City, Riff Raff, Kicked In The Teeth, Gimme A Bullet, What’s Next To The Moon?, Up To My Neck In You, Rock ‘n’ Roll Damnation, and the absolutely magnificent Down Payment Blues are all just prime AC/DC classics.

Scott’s streetwise lyrical style, coupled with that blowtorch whisky drenched voice just fit perfectly over the top of the gloriously crunchy guitar riffs and manic leadwork of the Young brothers (Malcolm on rhythm and Angus on lead).

New bass player Cliff Williams laid down the simple yet essential bottom end anchored to Phil Rudd’s airtight drumming, and another AC/DC album added to the ongoing legacy that was taking the Australian terrors to the very peak of rock royalty. Plug into some Powerage and experience the jolt of a band in total control.

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