Written By Braddon S. Williams

Over The Years And Through The Woods (2005) is a live DVD/CD by Queens Of The Stone Age.

I only have the CD portion (which kind of works out well for the purpose of this review) and it captures a band on a mission. Recorded at London’s Brixton Academy, band leader Josh Homme makes several references to a “curse” and past failed attempts to play there.

Queens Of The Stone Age obliterate that curse with a vengeance, playing with tightness and authority a collection of their best stuff.

Josh Homme verbally lacerates a guy who was throwing things at him after Monsters In The Parasol in one particularly hilarious bit of stage dialogue.

Nothing funny about the music, however. Everything the Queens do so well is represented on this killer live album. I saw a version of the band at Ozzfest a few years before this was recorded and they were every bit as amazing as this documented performance.

Queens Of The Stone Age are one awesome hard rocking machine that have their own little niche in the musical landscape.


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