Written By Rich Deckard

Wolves in The Throne Room: Thrice Woven

Wolves In The Throne Room have one of the coolest names in modern metal. Theyre also, I think, the best American Black Metal band.

Now, before all the kvlt, trve guys who wear corpsepaint even when they shop at Wal Mart cry “POSER!!!” and throw flaming bibles at me, let me explain…

Black Metal truly started, not with Venom, but in the grim, frostbitten Scandanavian snowscapes with bands like Bathory, Mayhem, Darkthrone, etc…and their music FELT like it was grim and frostbitten….So it is with Wolves, but from their geographical perspective.

Wolves sounds like an interminable rainy day; a day of grayness, damp, with smoky fires fighting the wet to call out to ancient forest gods long forgotten. Its a feeling, which Black Metal is, instead of mere rhythm and lyrics.

And so it is with their latest record, Thrice Woven. There are guitars, and blast beats and harsh vocals, of course. But there are slow moods, beautiful female vocals and all the ingredients that make them a band thats genuinely unique in this subgenre.

The Pacific Northwest is not the ice and snow of Norway. And the forest there does not call out to Odin….

It calls out to something Other…

This is a great record….and its been raining all day as I post this.

How fitting.

Quick Cuts

Written By Rich Deckard


This record is awesome in many, many ways…

Lets start with the cover: love the art, which, given the title of this album ( which I also love lol ), Ive always interpreted as Lucifer. Look close and youll see the Priest symbol around his neck. Great stuff.

Moving on…the opening track is Victim of Changes. Victim of fricking Changes! Who opens an album with that?? There are many great bands whod give anything to have written a song that amazing…and Priest opens with this future, hall-of-fame classic.

Dreamer Deciever is most assuredly NOT a metal song, but who fuckin cares. It has some of the best vocals Rob has ever done. And Deceiver could be the grandfather of speed metal.

The Ripper and Genocide became live favs, fleshing out this stacked album; Priest’s second. One of the best sophomore efforts ever.

Yeah, I could’ve taken the easy route with British Steel, or Screaming For Vengence, but Sad Wings, with its beautiful dry, honest, 70s production and diverse collection of songs, is pound for pound my favorite Priest record.

Take that, Whiskey Woman!

Quick Cuts