Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams

Roxy Music: Sirens

Roxy Music was a band I had read about and seen pictures of in the various rock magazines I used to learn so much from in my youth. Roxy Music were this mythological elegant glam rock band from England; sophisticated and ultra-hip.

When they released Siren in 1975, the lead off single (titled Love Is The Drug) got some decent air time on radio and I finally heard what I had been missing.

Brian Ferry’s suave lounge lizard persona was similar in style and substance to David Bowie’s, but Ferry had his own thing going, and I really like it. I didn’t hear the rest of the album (and indeed the rest of their excellent catalog of work) until much later, but Roxy Music definitely lived up to what I had perceived them to be.

They carved out a little niche of their own in a time when individuality was recognized as a prized quality. Their album covers were artful creations, too.

Siren’s model was Jerry Hall, who was dating Ferry at the time, and went on to be Mick Jagger’s other half for a longer time than any other woman. She certainly looked stunning in the role of the siren on the rocks.

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