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Rush In Concert

On this date in history, 8/9/2002, I saw Rush for the last time at Deer Creek in Noblesville, IN. Rush were touring in support of the Vapor Trails album and had no opening act.

By this time in their career, Rush had a nearly bottomless well of quality songs to choose from. They played 2 full sets with an intermission, and to no-one’s surprise, they played majestically. Rush truly had no weak spots instrumentally. The only criticism I have ever heard from anyone is the occasional complaint about Geddy Lee’s voice. I’ve always liked his voice, so I have remained a fan since I first heard “Working Man” about a thousand years ago.

One thing I was thrilled with at this show was Alex Lifeson’s guitar sound. For a time in the ’80’s I felt that Alex got away from sounding like a guitar hero and had drifted a little too far into the guitar synthesizer realm. During this show he sounded more manly than ever before, with the tone of the gods.

Speaking of gods, Neil Peart demonstrated repeatedly why he is on the Mt. Rushmore of rock drummers, delivering flawless playing throughout the show. His drum solo was so epic that at the conclusion of it he played along with a rear screen projection of a black and white film of a big band jazz orchestra. Neil revealed his ‘swing’ chops to staggering effect.


Directly after the drum solo feature, Geddy and Alex sat down with acoustic guitars and played a stripped down version of “Resist” that was hard to resist! Really cool to hear some unplugged Rush.

After the set break, another excellent screen projection featured a gigantic dragon gradually flying across a desert landscape and making a thunderous landing in the foreground of the rocky terrain. The dragon pulled out a cigar and lit it with its fiery breath, simultaneously setting off huge pyro fire blasts on the stage and kicking off the 2nd set with “One Little Victory”, a killer track from Vapor Trails.

The crowd were amused and curious about 3 clothes dryers on the stage and at one point during the second half of the show we were rewarded to find that they contained Rush t-shirts that were then launched into the crowd.

This tour eventually found its way to South America, where a show was filmed in a Brazilian soccer stadium in front of an ecstatic crowd of around 60,000 Rush fanatics. The DVD is called Rush In Rio, and basically is the same show as the one that my friend and I saw in Nobleseville. I highly recommend it, and I’m thrilled to have such an awesome souvenir of my final time seeing a band that has been part of the soundtrack of my rocking life!

Written By Braddon S. Williams aka The Concert Critic

Rush In Rio




The New Music That Comes Out Today March 31, 2017


Emperor of Sand (Reprise)
On a playlist with: Baroness, Crowbar, Devin Townshend Project
Listen “Sultan’s Curse” (here)

I’ll admit that I’ve never been a raging Mastodon fan, but every album they put out always has at least a few songs on it that I can jam to. For example, “Blood and Thunder” will always have a special place in my heart because of the clown pit in the music video (and because I murdered gnomes to it back in my World of Warcraft days), and “Divinations” is a killer song too. This time around, Mastodon slightly broke away from their normal mold of music and the results are something that should please any fan of the band new or old, even if the record itself isn’t quite perfect.



Body Count
Bloodlust (Century Media)
On a playlist with: Hatebreed, Suicidal Tendencies, Biohazard
Listen “No Lives Matter” (here)

If political hardcore music isn’t your thing, then you should stay far, far away from this album. However, if you’re not a sheltered fuckhead who can handle a message about the shitty state of our country, then this album will be quite the fun listen. Ice-T’s lyrics here center around the themes of racism, police brutality, class warfare and the like as the always have. Although it’s shitty that he’s been making music about these things for more than twenty years, this album is easily the band’s best in quite some time.


Woe to the Vanquished (Napalm)
On a playlist with: Havok, Slayer, Exodus
Listen Full album stream (here) Review (here)

The fifth album from the Los Angeles thrash outfit is much more refined than their previous effort, IV: Empires Collapse. This album cuts out all the bullshit and gets straight to the point, which is to whip your ears into a maniacal frenzy of double kicks, fast riffs and shouted vocals. As our very own Maximus put it, “in an era of overly-serious and excessively-performed metal music, Warbringer are one of the most refreshing bands we have.”


demonhunteroutlive1-150x150Demon Hunter
Outlive (Solid State)
On a playlist with: Killswitch Engage, Trivium, All That Remains
Listen “Cold Winter Sun” (here)

Everyone needs a little bit of metalcore in their life, right? Now if you’re one of the few people who didn’t just skip to the next album after reading the word metalcore, then props to you for being a trooper. Although I wouldn’t really call myself a Demon Hunter fan, they’ve never really put out a bad album and considering this one is their eighth, that’s quite the achievement. I do have to say though, I’m not really sure what was going through their heads when the line “We are come undone” was written.


diabolicalmessiah-150x150Diabolical Messiah
Weapons Against the Sacred (Dark Descent)
On a playlist with: Death, Behemoth, Belphegor
Listen “Unmerciful Campaign of Hate” (here)

How great is that album artwork? Nothing says Satan quite like rampaging demons murdering angels with huge tits. On the likely chance that you’ve never heard of Diabolical Messiah, they’re a Chilean blackened death metal act who last released an album in 2010 called Satan Tottendemon Victory!!! (yes, with three exclamation points). Weapons Against the Sacred has the recording quality that black metal elitists will love and the death metal heaviness to bury the weak-minded who stumble upon it.


The Elysian Fields Adelain (Vinyl) (Nuclear War Now) listen
Agatus The Eternalist (Hell’s Headbangers) listen
Autopsy Severed Survival (Picture Disc) (Peaceville) listen
Astral Doors Black Eyed Children (Metalville) listen
BackWordz Veracity (Stay Sick Recordings) listen
Bereft Lands (Prosthetic) listen
Bestial Warlust Blood & Valour (Hell’s Headbangers) listen
Bolt Thrower Realm Of Chaos (Full Dynamic Range) (Vinyl) (Earache Records) listen
Chevelle Wonder What’s Next (Vinyl) (srcvinyl) listen
Darkthrone A Blaze In The Northern Sky (Picture Disc) (Peaceville) listen
Darkthrone Dark Thrones And Black Flags (Peaceville) listen
Darkthrone The Underground Resistance (Peaceville) listen
Death Human (Remastered Reissue) (Vinyl) (Relapse) listen
Falls Of Rauros Vigilance Perennial (Bindrune/Nordvis) listen
Gruesome Fragments Of Psyche (Relapse) listen
Imminence This Is Goodbye (SharpTone Records) listen
Invidia As The Sun Sleeps (SPV) listen
Nightrage The Venomous (Despotz Records) listen
One Last Shot The Death Of A Poet & All Of His Friends (N/A) listen
Saturn Beyond Spectra (Rise Above) listen
Sinner Tequila Suicide (AFM) listen
The Artificials Heart (Tragic Hero Records) listen
The Moth Gatherer The Comfortable Low (Agonia Records) listen
The Royal Seven (Long Branch) listen
Troubled Horse Revolution on Repeat (Rise Above) listen
Windswept The Great Cold Steppe (Season Of Mist) listen

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