Written By Braddon S. Williams

Steve Stevens: Atomic Playboys

Featuring one of my all time favorite album covers (artwork by H.R. Giger), Atomic Playboys (1989) by Steve Stevens was a perfect chance for Billy Idol’s lead guitarist to show just how much he contributed to the platinum punk’s success.

Stevens put out a great blend of hard rockin’ songs with excellent hooks and melodies, and plenty of spots to let rip with his thrilling lead work.

Although nowhere near as well known as Idol’s work, Atomic Playboys is every bit as enjoyable to me.

I love the title song more than anything Billy ever released, and other stellar tracks include Power Of Suggestion, Soul On Ice, Pet The Hot Kitty, Desperate Heart, Woman Of 1,000 Years, a killer instrumental called Run Across Desert Sands, and an incredible cover of Action by Sweet.

Stevens just nailed it in every aspect of his solo debut, from production to backing musicians, to song selection and sequencing.

Atomic Playboys is the real deal and deserves a listen even now.

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