See Eddie Munson, a metalhead character on ‘STRANGER THINGS’ Fight Demons With METALLICA’S “MASTER OF PUPPETS”

Popular streaming service Netflix’s most popular show ”Stranger Things” season 4 part 2 has landed with our favorite monster hunters. Eddie Munson played by Joseph Quinn who was introduced in the beginning of season 4 as the ringleader of The Hellfire Club, Hawkins High’s premiere Dungeons & Dragons society. Eddie is an intense character who soon finds himself involved in the latest chaos from the Upside Down.

Eddie is an avid guitarist and heavy metal enthusiast in the series garnering a large following in the metal community.

Netflix teased: “Hated by those who don’t understand him — and beloved by those who do — Eddie will find himself at the terrifying epicentre of this season’s mystery.”

In this clip Eddie plays Metallica’s Master of Puppets to fight demons. Even if you dont like Stranger Things or haven’t seen it you’ll want to see this.

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