The Colony premiere their new video for anthemic track ‘Here We Stand’ at Distorted Sound and reveal the identity of their new guitarist.

Today Scottish metal troupe The Colony have unveiled their brand new video exclusively at Distorted Sound Magazine. The video is for the anthemic track ‘Here We Stand‘, taken from their incredible new album Smoke And Mirrors, which will be released on September 28th.

To coincide with this video premiere The Colony have also revealed the identity of their new guitarist – Tristan Dales. The band have issued the following statement:

“So the time has come to finally announce that we have found our new guitarist!
Tristan has been working with us over the last few years making music videos, videoing gigs and taking pictures of all our antics. It’s now time for him to join in on the antics.
Good luck dude you’re going to need it!”

Meanwhile the reviews have started to roll in for the forthcoming album from The Colony, Smoke And Mirrors and the press are suitably impressed… “One of the best albums I’ve heard this year if not the top one so far. Absolutely full marks. All day. Every day. What a cracker!” 10/10INDEPENDENT MUSIC SHOWCASE “…passion and emotion mixed with crushing riffs and melodic hooks…” – MUSIPEDIA OF METAL

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The Colony premiere their new video, ‘Here We Stand’ with Distorted Sound Magazine and announce new guitarist!

On September 28th The Colony will release their new album of crushingly heavy, exhiliratingly melodic modern metal – Smoke And Mirrors.

With so many bands constantly clamouring for your attention, with barely time to take a breath between the arrival of each ‘next big thing’, it’s a wonderful feeling to discover a band whose songs seem to be speaking only to you. Since they first began, more than a decade ago, The Colony have been working to make things personal again. Each live show is an experience that involves every member of the audience and each song looks you in the eye and never turns away. The Colony are talking to you and what they have to say has never been more vital, energising and faith affirming than on new album Smoke And Mirrors.

Smoke And Mirrors is a tour de force of modern metal that combines exemplary musicianship, outstanding song writing, effervescent, tireless adrenaline and – most importantly – sweat-drenched, bleeding from the heart passion and dedication. When The Colony play you know they mean it; every word, every note. Armed with riffs that can punch through walls, aggression that can incinerate your frustrations and rage, melodies that flow like liquid fire through your veins and solos that spiral into the heavens – this band have everything they need to take on the world. Songs like ‘Here We Stand’, with its glorious, adamantine defiance will not soon be forgotten and when the super-charged ‘Sands Of Time’ brings down the curtain on Smoke And Mirrors you’ll be left breathless but fiercely alive.

When the world shakes and the dam cracks and falls on 28 September, make sure you are ready to ride the waves. Wherever you think your musical boundaries stand, break them and find your way through the smoke, beyond the mirrors, to The Colony. It’s time to roar! .

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The Colony release their stunning new album of modern, melodic metal Smoke And Mirrors on September 28th