The Cult Release New Music ‘A Cut Inside’

Ian Astbury of The Cult. Credit: Mariano Regidor/Redferns

The Cult share new single “A Cut Inside” which follows the recently released debut single “Give Me Mercy,” from their new album Under The Midnight Sun.

Its been six years since The Cult put out anything new. Their latest work titled ‘Under The Midnight Sun. The album is set to be released October 7 tbrough Black Hill Records. Pre-order Under The Midnight Sun here. News of the album came out with the release of the single, ‘Give Me Mercy’, which guitarist Billy Duffy said in a press release “has all the hallmarks of the new classic Cult to my ears”.

Ian Astbury said: “I was absolutely enamoured with this piece of music Billy had written, and it perfectly fit these thoughts I’d been having about our culture’s need to move past assumptions of duality. We need new language because words can’t express where we’re going.”

Astbury recalls: “It’s three in the morning in Finland, the sun’s up, and there’s all these beautiful people in this halcyon moment. People are laying on the grass, making out, drinking, smoking. There were rows of flowers at the front of the stage from the performances earlier that evening. It was an incredible moment.

“When the world stopped, I had this moment to write in real time, to calculate. I was compelled by this vision, this anomaly, this memory, of being under the midnight sun.”

Track Listing:

1. Mirror
2. A Cut Inside
3. Vendetta X
4. Give Me Mercy
5. Outer Heaven
6. Knife Through Butterfly Heart
7. Impermanence
8. Under the Midnight Sun

Stay tuned for more from The Cult and this album — and catch the band on the road in the coming weeks:

July 8 – Palace Theatre – St Paul, MN
July 9 – Cellular Stage at Summerfest- Milwaukee, WI
July 10 – The Factory at The District – Chesterfield, MO
July 12 – Riviera Theatre – Chicago, IL
July 14 – PNC at Riverbend – Cincinnati, OH
July 15 – Rose Music Center at The Heights – Dayton, OH
July 16 – Stage AE – Pittsburgh, PA
July 19 – The Anthem – Washington, DC
July 20 – The Rooftop at Pier 17 – New York, NY
July 22 – Metropolitan Opera House – Philadelphia, PA
July 23 – Leader Bank Pavillion – Boston, MA
July 24 – College Street Music Hall – New Haven, CT
July 26 – Crouse Hinds Theater – Syracuse, NY
July 27 – Meadowbrook Amphitheater – Detroit, MI
July 29 – Hogs for Hospice Charity Event at Seacliff Park – Leamington, ON
July 30 – Casino Rama – Orilla, ON

Influences And Recollections of a Musical Mind

Written By Braddon S. Williams

The Cult: Electric

Rick Rubin was brought onboard to produce The Cult’s 3rd album, Electric (1987), and it made all the difference in the world.

I love when rock music hits like a battering ram, and Electric is a sonic knockout punch, complete with kick drums knocking you off your feet, snare drums that crack like gunshots, and guitars that crunch in that perfect way that lets every note ring out and still smacks you like your momma did when you were really bad. Ian Astbury’s distinctive vocals ride comfortably atop all this delicious musical power and compliment Billy Duffy’s riffs with lyrical fire of their own.

My favorite tunes on this killer disc include Lil’ Devil, Peace Dog, Love Removal Machine (first song I ever heard by The Cult…love at first listen!), a swampy, slowed down cover of Born To Be Wild, and my personal top pick, the supremely cool King Contrary Man.

I have had discussions (or debates) with other Cult fans as to whether Electric or the follow up Sonic Temple is better. Well, Bob Rock produced Sonic Temple, and although it has great songs and performances, too…I will take Rick Rubin for the win. Rubin produced Slayer and Rock produced Metallica, so it is no surprise to me which producer captured the best sound for my ears.

Either way, you can’t go wrong with The Cult. Listen up and crank ’em LOUD!

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