Written By Braddon S. Williams

Neurosis: Through Silver in Blood

Through Silver In Blood (1996) by Neurosis is a haunting, claustrophobic nightmare of an album, and a total masterpiece in my humble opinion.

This is not easy music to listen to, and it is certainly not background music.

Neurosis absorbs you into their paranoid vision, shifting in and out of a variety of genres seemingly effortlessly, creating tension and dissonance through repetition and industrial precision.

Heavy isn’t only a musical designation, in the case of Through Silver In Blood, heaviness is also an emotion, pervasively bearing down upon the listener, and yet the end result is a kind of euphoria at having experienced such a catharsis by music. Through Silver In Blood is a cleansing of sorts…draining you and refilling you through the power of art.

This isn’t music for the masses, but for those brave enough to test the waters.

Neurosis is one of the most powerful forces in modern music.

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